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Empyrion (Revived!!)


       About Empyrion...

      This is a fun RTS!

     This game, however, is not an original game of Arcadia. This is like a free version of "Command and Conquer". (I have never played/seen it) so... If you do have it..... ahem... go play them.
     But if you don't have one, You will Like Empyrion!!!!

    What to do to Begin

     To begin Empyrion, you will obviously need the toy, and some friends to play with. (If you are a lucky person, who could find a veteran player to teach you, you don't have to read this. YAY)


     Practice in Solo mode is strongly recommended.

     First of all, Load and Run Empyrion. You will find a screen like this.

     This window lets you choose some rules for the game. In the game, one of the player is the master. A master will choose the map and special rule. Of course, since only you are playing, you are the master. (Like it says in the picture)

     Fog of War-Enable/disable the "fog". If you check the square, it means you enabled the fog. A "fog" will make the world blind (dark), and you won't be able to see through the fog. You will only be able to see the area with your units, so if you walk your units (described below) you can clear out some fog. This is called a recon.

     OK to Make Allies-allows you to make allies with each other. This enables the allying, or team up with other player. To make an alliance with other players, right click on their names ON THE SERVER PLAYER LIST and check "ally". This tells the game not to attack allied player (but if your alliance did not ally you back they can still attack you!)

     To begin the game, first you click on the map. (Only if you are the master.) In this tutorial, I will use "Large Map" as an example. It doesn't have any obstacles, so it's easy to play.

     Then, choose the flag to join the game. You are allowed to skip the game, though, even if you're the master.
There are some useful features for the player list.

     Lock Player List (for master only)-Locks player list. In other words, if this is checked, no other players can join the game. This is when the master wants to have a duel with certain friends. If you are on the list but if the master doesn't want you to play, you will mostly end up being kicked. (as a side note, right click on player-name and choose kick to kick player when you are the master)

     Remove-Removes your name from the list. You will be withdrawing from the game, and unless you join yourself again, you will be spectating that game.

     Once you have joined the game, you either have to remove, or choose an empire. An empire is a set of units, and first you only have Geezers. Any player start off with Geezers empire. Geezers, is the most basic and easiest empire, and is also used in official games. (A game with players who uses their individual empires won't sound fair)

     Okay, if all the players have chosen the empire (or withdrawn from the game), you can go ahead and start game! Only the master has the right to begin the game.

     To be the master of the game, in multiplayer games, you should be the first one to join the game. The earliest player will be the master. Though you can make someone else the master. Right click on a player's name, and choose "Make blah the master!".
     If the master seems to be AFK forever, then throw him out. Challenge for the Master! If the current master doesn't take any action for 30 secs or longer, you will be able to click "challenge master!" button. Click on it, and you will wait for a minute until the master takes any kind of action, and if he comes back and does something (click on the empire, change color, map, etc) he remains the master. Otherwise, you will be the new master!

GAME STARTS---------NOW!!!!!!!

     Here is an explanatory image of the game. (I know its such a bad base, its not a very good example of a base, but that's not important right now)

     Although it's not a very good one, your base will look like this.

     Construction Yard: This is the HQ (Headquarter) of your base. This base will let you build stuffs for your base. Be sure not to lose this, or you will be in a BIG, BIG trouble!

     Power Plants: This facility generates power for all other factories/facilities. All the buildings consume power, so you will need to build these to generate power for them. If the power runs low, all your inventory graph runs one tenth the speed of normal. (Makes you build units very slow) So build lots of them earlier in the game.

     Ore Refineries & Filters: These facilities produce money for your base. The base without these... well, goodbye. Ore refinery will load $850 every one minute. Ore filter costs less, but it loads $500 every two minutes. You also need to build lots of these.

     Barrack: Most likely the first factory you will get in the game. They will build you troops, which are pretty cheap. Try to mass produce them, and it's a threat to other players.

     War Factory: One of the most important building in the game. They build tanks, which are fast and is protective. It also builds "Construction Vehicle", it's the one you had in the beginning. Don't forget to get it!

     Aircraft Factory (referred as airport on the picture): This also is very important. It consumes a lot of power, so get ready for it. This will build you aircrafts, which I guess is the strongest unit. However, you need to build several, not just one.

     Laboratories: They don't build anything by themselves. However, they will help you build more units. Research Institute will allow you to build Genome Lab, Ore Filter, Airport, and Recon Center. Genome Lab will allow you to make Centaurjar, Minotaurjar, and Commando.

     Recon Center: They are very critical, if got it in the right time. They will clear out large amount of fog, allowing you to see neighborhood base. NOTE: Don't build one if "Fog of War" is unchecked. It doesn't do any good, except clear out fog.

This is before I get a Recon Center.

This is after I built a Recon Center. Large amount of fog is cleared out.

     Well, by the time game just began, you don't have all these units. All you have is just a tiny force of unit.

     Go ahead and try clicking on some units. To move a unit, click on it (a green bar will appear on top of its head) and then click the destination. The green bar is the HP bar, and if you chosen a unit you will always see the HP bar with white box around it.

     Anyway, you will need to build a base. You can do this by choosing the Construction Vehicle (the black track) and then clicking on it. It will change into a nice Construction Yard. This is called a click-morph system. (Made by Dan!)

     If you have a Construction Yard, you will be able to build some buildings. You will need to build some power plants first. Three is enough for now, but you will need to build more later on. Ore refineries are important. Try to build at least two. As you need soldiers to fight and win in this game, (of course, you can't win doing nothing, unless opponents resign.) you will need to build factories. You will most likely to build the barrack first. A barrack will build troops, and they are cheap. If you have enough money, you can mass produce them. (So does some people do it.) But I recommend you not to, you may build better units.

     Next, begin building 2 things: War Factory and Research Institute. War Factory will build you tanks, which are slightly stronger than troops. However, they cost you a purse. Research Institute, is not a factory, so it does not build you anything. However, it will allow you to build some more buildings.

     When a Research Institute is built, you will have more buildings in your BLDG inventory: Ore Filter, Genome Lab, Recon Center and Aircraft Factory. An ore filter is confused with refineries, but the differences are that filters take longer to load and is less loading. Though they are useful, since they cost cheaper than refineries.

     A Genome Lab will add three units into your inventory: Centaurjar, Minotaurjar, and Commando. Centaurjar is like a Mass production of Gun Buggy. Minotaurjars have cannons, which are pretty good to attack vehicles. Similar to Bazookers, who have missiles, but they cannot attack air. (Though Minotaurjars are more powerful) Commandos, the most expensive fighting units, have long range against ground. They will kill troops in one or two shots!

     Aircraft Factory will build aircrafts. Though just having itself you can only build Light Recon Jet and Anti-Tank Jet. If you have an aircraft factory, a new building Air-Support Pad will be added into your BLDG inventory. Build this and you will be able to build Fighter Jet. Fighter Jet is the most effective units against air, but has no damage against air. Having air-support pad will add another building called Air Control Tower. By building this, you will be able to build Jet Bomber, which is perfect to destroy buildings. (Let Anti-air Jets kill tanks and Fighter Jet kill air though.)

     Recon Center.... Um, look above. I explained it already.

     Now you have all units. GO FOR IT!

    Attacking Enemy Units

     When you encounter enemy units, combat will begin.

     What you will have to do is... Well nothing. Your Units will fire weapons automatically when in range. If you are looking for something to do, there is something: support. If your units are nearly eradicated, go ahead and add some.

     Your goal is to kill all other units, so if you do have enough units, attack. DESTROY, DESTROY, DESTROY! But be nice to newbies.

     One VERY evil strategy! Try to destroy power plants rather than anything else. The power will go really, really low, that would make your opponent build VERY slow. Once they have no power at all, they are forced to build power plants. (might cancel all the other units too) This will be effective, if your opponents have many buildings. Try to leave power-consuming units, such as labs and aircraft factory.

Here is a list of things to destroy. (Prior means more of this you will need to attack these units as soon as possible.)

Units Prior Comments
Construction Yard ***** Your primary and most important target. Very tough, but if destroy it,
victim won't be able to build any buildings! But take out the war factory
immediately, they can get another convehicle.
Power Plants ***** Take these out before anything!! When they run low on power they
won't catch up the building speed.
Refineries & Filters *** It isn't important when you've destroyed all the power plants, because
they can't build anyway (well, not quickly). But it might help a bit.
Barracks **** Players tend to panic when they are assaulted, and when they do they
mass produce troops. But destroying a barrack probably won't help much,
they can make another one pretty quickly.
War Factory ***** Other than to prevent building tanks, it also prevents them from
building a convehicle. That means, if a player loses the conyard and
war factory without convehicle, then he is over.
Labs * Do not bother destroying labs. They consume a lot of power, and
that means if you take out power plants first there is a higher chance
to make them run out of power.
Aircraft Factory ** Probably not a very good idea to destroy this, because it frees a lot of
power-usage when destroyed. Don't worry, these build very slowly.
Recon Center ** Not a big deal. Destroying it won't recover the fog, but very delicate, so
why not.

          When you attack, try to mix aircrafts, tanks and troops and make it as large squad as possible.

    Base Defense

     As you are trying to destroy opponent base, the opponent are trying to destroy your base! What you will need are the extra soldiers (that won't go to attack) to defense your base.

     If you want defense earlier in the game, you can only build what you can, (good news! You don't need to think about anti-air!)

     However, later in the game you will need to plan your defense. This is more critical, than when YOU're attacking. So, just a mixture of fighting units will not make a good defense. (That's why I'm losing.) In Empyrion, there are only three types of fighting units: Soldiers (troops), Vehicles and Aircrafts. So we should start thinking about defending the unit of each kind. (NOTE: The other types of units are known as following: Buildings, Factories=Building Miner=Soldier      Watercraft, Underwater craft: Vehicles

Types of Units Comments Good Examples of Units
Soldiers Very cheap, hence very weak. Usually, one Infantry will be gone in a
shot or so, so almost 99% of the time they come in a large group. Use
tanks, or intercept them with even larger troops.
Vehicles Tanks and such. They tend to have a long range, but none are anti-air,
so give them justice from above.
Anti-Tank Jet
Aircrafts Fast, powerful, and can fly past walls. Bunched-up Bazookers are their
worst nightmare.
Fighter Jet
Air Control Tower
Buildings (*) Most buildings are tough. Kill them with high-powered units. Mammoth Tank
Jet Bomber

     * There are no moving buildings in Geezers.

    Any Other Things?

Here are some Empyrion tips/manners.

     ---Keep building Infantries/Ore Refineries, as they are very useful later on.

     ---In Fog of War, you cannot see where your opponent is, and you don't know where he/she is. What you will have to do is, to Recon. Use Light Recon Jets or Gun Buggies, and try to see what their base looks like!     Note: You CAN find out where their base is, by looking at map editor.

     ---Do NOT attack TOO early! Wait until the armies/air forces are settled.

     ---Do NOT pick on newbies.

     ---Don't forget to build a Construction Vehicle. This will cure you from enemy raid, but that's not the only way to use it. Building a secondary base close (as possible) to your opponent's base will help a lot. Such as, building a barracks and sending cheap troops!

     ---There is a secret trick of building Con. Vehicle. Build it, but just before it will be ready, right click on it and stop. When your base is at risk. click on it again and you will be able to evacuate instantly. This is safer than just deploying the vehicle outside of the factory!

     Have fun!

     Oh, by the way, all the strategies written on this document is based on Geezers. I do have other empires, but these are for newbies. This may NOT be common to all other empires.