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Lastest News!

01-22-06 yeah i know i should update this site often ;)

11-10-05 Shadow Battlecrabs!

11-10-05 Added new section Battle Reports!

10-18-05 Now working on a new shipset (called the Harvesters so far) for the MOD.

09-25-05 Everything should be working fine, still working on the next version of Wonders MOD.

09-21-05 Having some problems with the web site files, it will be fixed soon.

08-15-05 Ok... another update, now some planet should have the ancient ruins with the new techs.

08-07-05 Some minors modification to Wonders MOD, new download!!!! (Notes)

08-03-05 Wonders Mod PRE ALPHA released!!!! (read this first Notes)

03-25-05 Wonders Mod almost ready for release!

03-25-05 SE4 Compatibilizer Released!

03-25-05 Program to edit SE4 data files no longer available

03-25-05 DR Mod no longer available

11-18-04 Program to edit SE4 data files being programmed

11-18-04 DRMod underway

08-08-04 Space Empires IV Gold Tutorial (Spanish!!!, see Downloads)

04-06-04 Hidiour Empire Ship-Set Updated!!!

Hidiour Empire Ships ready! (See the Ships link!)

Ship section finished! You can now see some of the Hidiour ships before downloading.

Download Hidiour Empire Ship-set (See Empires Section)

Thanks to Malfador Machinations for creating the amazings Space Empires III, IV, IV Gold.

Any suggestions? Mail me!

You help to better the site!

If you have any Ship-Sets, Maps, Empires, Scenarios or any other download about SE4 you can send it to the following mail and I'll add it for download, as soon as I can. or

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