Making Up

Willow sat staring aimlessley into her coffee. Since Tara left, everything has been crazy. Dawn blew up at me then went after Tara before running off to Spike. Xander had to go and drag her back because Buffy didn't want to go to, and everyone knew she wouldn't go anyway.

She put her hand to her cheek where a tear was begining to fall. She sniffed, placed her money on and the counter and left the coffee shop to visit Anya and Giles at The Magic Box.

Anya was standing behind the counter anxiously watching two young women as they browsed the shelves,"It's unamerican not to buy anything you know!" she stated. Xander came to her side and comforted her. "So Wil, how's it going?"

"As good as it can be, I mean she did leave me Xander."

"I know, I'm trying to make yuo feel better, we're friends, that's what we do for eachother."

"Well stop, it's pathetic."

Dawn dragged the blonde Tara into the living room,"C'mon, you havn't spent anytime with me since the whole Willow breakup thing. It's time that you started coming over again." she finished pushing Tara onto the couch.

The bewildered Tara sighed,"But this is ok right. I mean, if Willow comes in, she won't freak because I'm here."

"No, don't worry about it, let's have fun. Punch?"

Tara took the drink and got comfortable on the couch as Dawn put a movie into the v.c.r. Dawn smiled at Tara as she made her way past the coffee table and by her side on the couch. "This feels just like old times. I love it."

"I'm glad." Tara said shaking her head,"It does feel great."

Willow left The Magic Box in a state of haste. Buffy wasn't there to comfort her in her time of need. She was out patroling again, and no doubt about it, falling for some guy. Tears began to tickle her cheek. With one swipe of her sweatered hand, they were gone and she was running down the street.

She forced the door open and was ready to run up the stairs to be alone when Dawn and Tara both jumped up. Dawn looked guilty, like this was all her idea. "Willow."


"I'll leave the two of you alone." Dawn said walking quickly past Willow who looked like she was ready to pounce.

"Willow, I should leave, this wasn't my idea...I really should go." Tara said stuttering making her way to the door.

Willow did something that surprised them both. She slammed her hand against the wall blocking Tara's way. She gasped as her arm barely missed her face,"It's ok. I've missed you, I really think this is the time that we make up."

"I can't, you are still doing magick, and I can't handle someone who uses it for everyday things."

"I've stopped, I promise I won't use it. I don't need magick, there is only one thing I need and that is you."

Tara looked down and away from Willow. Willow's arm fell to her side. "I have been missing you baby. It's been hard without you there by my side."

"Same here." They moved to the couch where they both were silent again.

"How about we do a date thing tonight, here. Would that be good?" Tara asked in her adorable way.

"That's perfect." They kissed eachother feeling the familar sparks.

Tara was at Willow's door at exactly 8:00. She carried a single red rose. Willow giggled to herself as she handed her a crystal, almost like the one her grandmother gave her, but engraved with their names and a heart inside.Willow led her to the kitchen where the table sat decorated with candles and food. "This is great baby."

Dinner went great, just as she wanted it too. Everything had to be perfect. Willow grabbed her lovers hand and led her into their old bedroom. Willow was just planning on talking, but Tara had something else on her mind. She pushed her lean body against Willow's planting heavy kisses on her soft lips. Willow murmured. "W-we don't have to do this."

"I know, I want to." She leaned into Willow again kissing her lips hard, Willow slightly parted her lips allowing Tara to probe her mouth. Both girls moaned. Tara's hand slid down Willow's body stopping at the first delicate button, then the next, and the next.....

Willow was the first undressed because Tara undertook that achievement by herself. Tara gently pushed on Willow's chest easing her onto the plush bed. The red head watched her lover undress piece by piece getting aroused more and more. Tara eased onto her body gently sliding her soft skin gentle across her fragile skin.

Her lips kissed every nook and cranny of her upper body. She kissed her lips one more time before leaving a trail of kisses down to her cunt. Willow tried not to moan, but she couldn't help it. She was wet, she wanted Tara, to taste her, love her, be at one with her. She moaned again as Tara slid her tongue around in small circles at the top of her cunt.

"Please..." Willow pleaded. Tara couldn't take it anymore. She used her left hand to hold open the lips as her tongue licked from the base to the top of her moist cunt. When she saw the pleasure she was getting from this, she did it again and again before deciding to stop teasing and ease her tongue into her lover's bounty.

Her juices slid right off her tongue as she moved it in and out,. over and over again. Willow was going crazy, moaing, holding Tara's head, legs over her shoulders begging to let her cum. Tara stopped just as she was ready to explode. She pushed her hand under the pillow pulling out a small vibrator turning it on. She used her tongue to lap at her juices while the vibrator fucked her the rest of the way to a great orgasam.

"I hate when you do that to me."Willow said in heavy, deep breaths.

"But if feels good, doesn't it." Tara said frenching her then stopping to suck on her nipples a bit. She bit down and Willow jumped.

"Yes, but I can top that." Willow said throwing Tara onto the bed. She madly kissed her tan lips, using her hands to massage and careess the rest of her body. Tara moaned and wriggled underneath her weight. She let her mouth wander to her nipples. She took each of them in her mouth in turn, sucking, then gently biting them enough to give her a jolt of pleasure. She moaned,"Please baby, don't do that to me, you know what that does." She smiled seductivly and did it a few more times. "Gooooodddd."

When Willow was satisfied with her work (and tired of Tara's begging) she licked down her stomach straight to her wet tasty cunt. Without waisitng time, she used her tongue to get more and more of her juices flowing. She then used the same vibrator that Tara used on her, her tongue and the occasional finger or two. Tara moaned loudly with each thrust. From the sounds of it, she tried to hold out, but it didn't work. Willow's magick was too much for her. She came, and Willow was there to lick it all up.