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Welcome to the smallest collection of useless stuff on the internet.

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There comes a time in your life when you just have to get up and change.  And yes, God Stand and myself has done just that.  There are many things in my life I have to be doing, and won't have much time for God Stand so I'm putting it in the hands of my super computer, REN and the Silver Angel himself.  I have added to the site a bi-monthly column by a friend of mine, entitled "nothing in particular".  Also, I am trying to get this sight off of Angelfire, and hopefully to it's own dot com.  But to do that, I will need all of your support.  So if you want to see God Stand prosper, with for FBI, another, much more frequent web-comic called "The Adventures of Minok", and many other goodies, please contribute, anything is fine.  But until then....



Finally, a chance to unwind.  I am the Silver Angel, Malachy and my duty on this website is all the spiritual enlightenment.  As in the previous incarnation of God Stand, I will handle the Book of Malachy. 

-Malachy...Follow the Light


It is an honor to be given the task of monitoring God Stand.  From this point on, all the technical aspects of the website will be up to me.  I believe LGF mentioned donations earlier above, well I am also in charge of that.   If you donate any amount of money, the bonus material will be sent to your email.  The bonus material for this month is an origins episode of "The Adventure of Minok"   I am also in charge of a new addition to God Stand, the God Stand Message Board.  If you have any questions or gripes, or just wish to talk with fellow humans the Message Board forum is free to use. 

-REN, signing off