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Some Simple Truths

I know everything about politics, as long as you know nothing about politics.

1) I don't get paid to make this site. Those banners at the top of the screen...? Yeah, just lining the pockets of Lycos.

2) If you type in Free World Forum into Google's search engine, we're number one, baby!

3) If the economy were better, we wouldn't mind the war in Iraq.

4) Free World Forum uses up about one-tenth of one megabyte of information. So don't tell me I'm not working hard.

5) This isn't the only website I program. I also run the Anti-Free World Forum website. (

6) I had to learn HTML programming code to make this site. So that answers your question "Why does it look like this site was designed by a five-year old". Who do you think taught me?

More to come....