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Marketing At Your Service!

Let Me do Your Marketing

You are a busy business owner and so am I.

You have taken the time to create a beautiful website.

You realize that promoting your business on the internet is important to your success.

But who is going to get your website out where people can see it?

Without ongoing internet marketing, your website is just another book on the shelf.

My mission is to promote your website using all the resources I have found on the web. There are many places to put ads, banners, links and logos and it is my job to know where they are and get your website recognized and visited by thousands of potential customers.

Leave the work to me!

Be listed and relisted on search engines monthly!

Get your banner or logo out where customers interested in your products or services can see it!

Have ads placed in newsletters and magazines related to your field each week!

Make your website work for you without having to spend your day in front of your computer trying to do it yourself.

This service is a mission of mine for small and micro businesses involved in alternative healing, counseling and teaching healing arts as well as other specially selected clients. I realize that your time should be spent doing what you are here to do and not trying to find places to market your business on the internet. As a healer and successful advertising campaign manager for 8 years, I wish to offer my ability to market websites for you! I charge $10 per hour and you can buy 10 hours each month or 100 hours each month so it is affordable to everyone. There is no other charge involved and all marketing results will be emailed to you including every single place I have advertised your website.

Have you ever tried to get your website listed with search engines? It takes a lot of time doesn’t it! And you need to do it over and over again!

Have you ever placed an ad? Its hard to know where to put your ad so that it will be seen by people who are interested in your business.

My clients realize the immense amount of time that is needed to do marketing successfully and feel that I am giving away my efforts too cheaply. But I want to bless all the healthcare workers, healers, counselors and teachers who are in the same bind that I was when I first began my website.

Some of my clients are:

Reiki Blessings

SunLandTek, Ltd.

Austin Berens, EFT

Magnoliaz, Ltd


Contact me by email or CLICK HERE with your website address and the number of hours you would like me to market your website per month. Payments by check or paypal are acceptable at the end of each month. 10% discount if paid yearly.


Refer a friend and get 5 hours FREE!

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Twice as many visitors Guaranteed!

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