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  Blessings from Dr. Mikao Usui

Welcome! Blessings! Namaste!

Who am I?

I am I, a Miracle.

Who are You?

You are You, a Miracle.

Who are We?

We are WE,

Many Miracles, sent one to the other.

Ergo, I love I.

Ergo, I love You.

Ergo, I love We.

Channeled from Quan Yin, Chinese Goddess of Compassion and Mercy, through Diane Ruth shewmaker, 1984

I come from ALL LOVE


I allow ALL LOVE to lfow through me



Channeled Prayer from the source through Debra Ann White Burch 1999

Site Contents:

Page 1. What is Reiki? An Interview with Founder Dr. Mikao Usui

Page 2.The Story of How Reiki was Rediscovered

Page 3. Come and Meet a Reiki Master Now!

Page 4. Sign a Contract with the Lord Jesus Christ!

Page 5. An excerpt from Ending the Illusion

Page 6. Receive FREE Reiki Healing Energy right now!

Page 7. Some Important Links for You to Visit

Page 8. The 15 Tests of the Spiritual Path

Page 9. "A Formula For Faith" FREE Ebook. Get it now!

Page 10. Soul Mates, Do they exist and how do you find yours?

Page 11. Living Reiki-Being Reiki, written for the Reiki Master

Page 12. Good Vibes/ Bad Vibes, Energetic Clearing for your Home or Business

Page 13. Magnoliaz Art Gallery, The Most Beautiful Works of Art!

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