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2.4. The "spacing pulse" of body and the special speeds of the motion.
In the division of 1.2. previous chapters we criticized determination (1.1 Minkowski's
"four-speed", in whom real part with V > C/ *2 took values, the high speed of light of C.
                                                              (* root)
This came out because the values of distances l and time , in this case they took from the different frame of references, which is incorrect.
But precisely so for the crews of space spacecraft in the future will be good to express and measure "our own speed" of the ship:
Vo = l/│ = CB(beta )/ y  ( 2.21 )
Indeed distances l to one or other star or another are indicated in the atlases on the
terrestrial measures and the flight time of ship │ to crew to more conveniently measure
on their own hours "his own speed" it can prove to be more than the speed of light C,
although for the terrestrial observer of speed Vo will correspond speed V = Vou,
it is always less than the speed of light C.
But calculating the pulse of its ship, its crew will simply multiply the rest mass of ship
mo by "its own speed":
P= moVo = moCB (beta)/Y  ( 2.22 )
However, and in fact, not to recount each time the mass of ship according to relativistic formula (2.3) of relativistic mass equation!
For the cosmonaut the mass of his ship as the mass of his own body, does not depend on the speed of ship, but in all it is presented to it to the equal rest mass mo, which in T-o-R is counted the invariant with the conversions of Lorenz, so, as proper time is considered invariant.
The obtained on (2.22) value of pulse corresponds to the relativistic pulse of ship,
computed by terrestrial observer from the formula P = mV, in which m = m0/y the relativistic mass of ship.
By analogy with that existing in T-o-R __expression "rest energy" of body let us name value :
Po = moC  ( 2.23 )
by spacing pulse "body".
It, certainly, is equal to the examined in division 2.1 momentum in time (2.2) of the body, which is rested in the space and invariant with the conversions of Lorenz.
In formulas ( 2.21 ) and ( 2.22 ) appeared curious cofactor - relation B/y .
This is the relation of the dimensionless its own speed of the body:
Fi = Vo/C = B/y  ( 2.24 )
Indeed the graphs of familiar in T-o-R the dependences of relativistic pulse P and total
(relativistic) energy of the body on dimensionless speed B (beta) motion of this body
in the space ( see Fig. 2.1 A )
do not have singular points.
The curve of the dependence of the pulse of body P given here on the speed in the motion of this body in the time has the greatest importance for us, certainly.
Einstein assertion about the equality of rights of all speeds assumed the absence of singular points on the graph of the dependences of energy and pulse of body on its speed.
But no one it occurred to construct the graph of the dependences of values from some
"factor Of lorentsa", surmising, that it indicates the speed of the motion of body in the time.

 One should agree that the speed vacuum C - also special speed, can be said, the most special, most world horse following after it on the importance - special speed, which is named the "orbital velocity of the universe" in the proposal, that with similar it is fast are moving the most distant from us galaxies, and that precisely with similar it is fast it moves relatively the "center of the masses of the universe" each of its bodies.
With this speed B = y in and therefore is achieved the equipartition of kinetic energies
in the space .
Calling the indicated speeds of motions by special, we, it would seem, are swung back to the fact that still recently was counted holy of holies of contemporary physicists - Einstein's postulates.
But indeed the obtained points of inflection and extrema exist!
This fact to no longer brush off, as also the presence in the Universe the apportionment (of absolute) frame of reference, connected with the relict emission.
There remains only to explain, in what processes these special speeds are manifested.
By the way, with the special speed C/ V*2 ( *-root ) we deal daily:
t the minimum speed of the propagation of light (electromagnetic waves)
Indeed water stores in itself so many secrets and it possesses the such surprising anomalous properties, which distinguish it from other substances.
But agreements to nature rarely are normal.  
2.5. What are of the inertial force?
They appear with the acceleration of bodies and counteract to external with that causing the acceleration of body.
Along its value the inertial force to the always accurately accelerating force and is always directed opposite to it.
Fu = -mV  ( 2.25 )  ( over  F i V  should vector to be )
where V means G-vector, which appears under the action of the external force F .
This formula is written on the basis of third Newton's law: action to opposition.
But in the reference books you will hardly find it.
Let us explain why.
In this case the inertial force counteracts the external force of F, which causes
the acceleration of body in the space, described by second Newton's law:
V = F/m1  ( 2.26 )  ( over F i V  should be )
But here why taking opposition, as appear these counteracting forces, it is, force no one to the present answer could-on the basis of formula (2.26) - in no way be obtained minus.
From E. Mach's times exists the opinion, that the inertial forces are caused by gravitational interaction of body with all remaining bodies of the universe.
But why then they are manifested instantly?
Indeed to the remaining bodies of the universe so far, and the theory of relativity asserts that interaction cannot be transferred instantly!
Forces of inertia - one of the largest riddles of physics!
Thus, for instance, the existed previously __expression "centrifugal forces" (they appear one of the manifestations of the inertial forces, completely it disappeared from the literature.
Instead of this now they tell about those opposing by centrifugal the centripetal force
of those described by formula (2.26), forgetting that any force is always had that opposing by it.
Was made the assumption that the gravitons are tachyons, and any gravitational interactions can be extended almost instantly to any distances.
This returns us on the position of the principle of the long-range interaction of the forces of gravity, advanced by I. Newton.
Formula (2.25) on the basis of (2.26) is brought out with the aid of the theory of motion in the time, for this was calculated the acceleration of the motion of body in the time
as derivative on dt of y.
Please see: ( 2.27 ) on
But this most interesting that that the acceleration of motion in the time y has a sign,
opposite to the sign of the acceleration of the motion of the same body in space VĚ.
It means to the latter corresponds the slowing of movement of body in the time.
As it follows from formula (2.27), the acceleration of motion in the time depends also on parameter B/y , named by us with the dimensionless its own speed of the motion of body.
This parameter grows with an increase in velocity of V motion of body in spaces.
Consequently, the acceleration of the motion of body in the time must grow in the absolute value with an increase in the velocity of the motion of this body in the space.
The latter fact is completely unusual for the people, which was accustomed to deal concerning the classical mechanics. ( but not economist at all- when we make more circulations of money/goods in time we become always more money..... -DN )
Please see: ( 2.28 ) on
Obtained __expression (2.28), having the required minus sign, is amazingly similar to __expression (2.25) for the inertial forces.
Only difficult to understand is parameter B/y to prevent the complete agreement of formulas.
But when consider parameter B/y constantly equal to one, then formula (2.28) will change into formula (2.25) for the inertial forces!
But perhaps it is possible that the body is accelerated, but the absolute value of the speed of its motion does not change?
It occurs, occurs.
The centripetal acceleration, perpendicular to tangential velocity Vr of the motion of body along the circular path, does not change the absolute value of this speed.
Was made the assumption that the figuring in __expression (2.28) values,they relate not to the local motion of body under the action of its accelerating local external forces,
but to the universal motion of substance into the gravitational of the locked universe
around it the "center of masses", the analogous motion of Earth satellite along the circular orbit.
There remains only to assume that the local accelerations of bodies under the action of various local forces do not change the absolute value of the speed of the "orbital" motion of these bodies relatively the "center of the masses" of the universe, but only changes its direction.
Consequently, upon transfer to the cosmological scales it is necessary to speak no longer about the motion in the space, but about the motion in the space-time, as has long ago he indicated this T-o-R .
It is possible to indicate that the inertial forces actually depend on the motion of the substance of the universe as a whole, but they appear as the acceleration forces of the motion of body in the time.
Conclusions to the chapter .
1. Approach from the positions of dynamics to understanding of motion in the time of body with a mass of m requires the fulfillment of the law of conservation of momentum of body in time my = m0y0 , in which mo - rest mass of body.
From it directly follows the formula for the relativistic mass m = m0/y.
2. Derivation of the remaining basic formulas of the special theory of relativity in the
theory of motion is so simple, visual and intelligible.
3. Rest energy of body, which is called the still internal energy of body, expressed
by Einstein's formula Eo = moC2 (C square), numerically coincides with energy of gravitational binding of this body with all remaining bodies of the Universe.
In this case the square of the speed of light C2 (C square) is equal to the gravitational
potential of the universe,
undertaken with the opposite sign.
4. Drawings of the dependence of the pulse of body on the speed of its motion in the time y it has a point of inflection with y = * 2/3 (* root ) to which corresponds the speed of motion in the space V = C/ *3 (* root ) .
Speed V = C/ *2 (* root )- also special speed of motion.
With it B = y .
5. Inertial force - this of the acceleration force of the motion of body in the time with
retarding of its motion in the space.
With another of sides, force of ineotsion - this of the force of interaction of body with
all bodies of the universe.
Lightning like manifestation of the inertial forces is explained by lightning like transfer in the universe of the carriers of these forces - the gravitons, which are been the variety of tachyons