There are millions who believe that the Universe as we know it came into existance as the result of the Divine Intervention of a Supreme Intelligence who is infinite and perfect, beyond human comprehension, and whose Authority, Wisdom and Grace is well beyond what our little meager finite minds can comprehend.
Many believe that this infinite Initiator of all things left a 'record' in this world, in the form of a volume of unsurpassed (although tragically misunderstood in many cases) wisdom, written by 'human pens' and brought together into a single 'book', complete in itself in spite of endless attempts by dozens of men --- and their numerous man-made 'religions' --- to 'add to' this holy volume; in many cases out of a vain desire to get these believers to worship and put faith in themselves (these so-called religious 'leaders' and 'pontiffs'), rather than in Almighty God himself.
There are those who claim that they possess 'the only true addition' to the Holy Scriptures in the form of 'revelations' given to them... these so-called 'prophets', or leaders, of "Churchianity" (as opposed to "Christianity"), who are no doubt being mislead by decieving spirits.  It is obvious that many of them are decieved, since a child could figure out that 1001 different religions, each claiming to be the 'only true' one, can't ALL be right. 
Someone, somewhere is pulling our leg, and there are those who would go so far as to say that scriptorial revelation states that anyone who claims to have new revelation other than the Bible will eventually be proven to be a fraud, and a liar, as God SAID IT ALL through the Old Testament Prophets and the New Testament Apostles - and also through the 'Bible Codes'.  The only 'additions' which can be made, they claim, are the expositions and extrapolations of a scripture or scriptures which already exist.  And in fact the numerous works of this sort which illuminate the Bible, yet at the same time honor it as the sole 'Word' of the Creator, can fill many libraries.  The books written on end-times prophecy alone can fill a large library, and more such books are being written every day. 
Here are some of those who believe that the Creator has spoken to us through ancient prophets... and their reasons for believing so...
******* ******* *******
Bible scholar Paul E. Little has allegedly identified over 25,000 archeological sites showing a direct connection to a Biblical reference (and that's only for the Old Testament.  New Testament Archaeology is apparently just as productive concerning archaeological sites mentioned in scripture).
The Jewish Archeological scholar Nelson Gleuk has says: "It may be stated categorically that no archeological discovery has ever controverted a Biblical reference."
S. Maxwell Codier and George F. Howe in their book, 'THE BIBLE, SCIENCE AND CREATION' (Moody Press, Chicago), state: "The Bible is the only ancient book that is accurate in ALL scientific details.  Other ancient 'holy' books from the East include legends and errors too childish for consideration.  Even comparatively modern books like the KORAN abound in historical and chronological blunders." (Note: Any 'spiritual revelation' MUST be willing to be examined in the light of common sense, and objective reasoning.  A perfect Creator could only convey ABSOLUTE TRUTH to His creation, and therefore ALL 'revelations' should be carefully weighed and examined by the historical and scientific accuracy of their claims.  Judeo-Christian scripture instructs us to 'prove all things' and to take hold of that which is 'good', or essentially that which stands the trial by fire).
Peter W. Stonier, M.S. states in his book 'SCIENCE SPEAKS', that 13 things mentioned in Genesis in the creation account are in the exact same order in which geology finds them, which he claims would be possible only in 1 in 311,351,000,040!  Dr. Stonier claims that: "Any man who rejects Christ as THE Son of God is rejecting a fact proved perhaps more absolutely than any other fact in the whole world."
The Holy Bible in the Old Testament gave 333 prophecies concerning the coming Messiah, most of them were written several centuries before His appearance in the flesh. Someone has taken the trouble to calculate the possibility of these 333 prophecies being fulfilled in one person by sheer chance. The figure they came up with was 1 in over 84 to the 123 power (that's 84 followed by 123 zeros), or 84 to the 23rd power of 1 percent!
Australian evangelist Winkie Pratney has made some interesting comments on these ancient prophecies. He says:
"If there's one thing the Bible dares to do, that no other book in the world does, it's to accurately predict the future. God can arrange the situations and circumstances of history to bring about patterns laid down before the foundation of the world. The outline of many of these patterns is revealed in the Bible.
"There are about 3,856 versus directly or indirectly concerned with prophecy in Scripture - about one verse in six tells of future events! God's challenge to the world is "PROVE ME NOW... I AM THE LORD... I WILL SPEAK, AND THE WORD THAT I SPEAK SHALL COME TO PASS." (See: Jer. 28:9; Ezek. 12:25, 24:14). Buddhists, Confucianists, and Muslims have their own 'sacred' writings, but in them the element of prophecy is obviously absent. The destruction of Tyre, the Invasion of Jerusalem, the fall of Babylon and Rome - each were accurately predicted in the Bible and fulfilled to the smallest details.
"In the brief life of Jesus alone we see over 300 fulfilled prophecies. The odds that these would ALL coincide by accident in ONE person are laughable. By the laws of chance, the CONSERVATIVE odds of even just 48 of these prophecies being fulfilled by one man are one in 10 to the 157th power (That's 1 followed by 157 zeros!!!). Let me try to give you an idea of how immense this number is.
"We'll take a very small object, let's say an electron (Electrons are so small that if you lined them up, it would take 2 1/2 QUADRILLION of them to equal one inch). Now let's go back to our figure of 10 to the 157th power. If you tried to put this many electrons into a big pile, it would be 10,000,000,000 times larger than the universe as we know it - which scientists calculate to be 6,000,000,000 light-years across (A light-year is the distance that light will travel IN ONE YEAR, moving at a speed of 186,000 miles PER SECOND).
"Now, take just ONE electron out and color it red. Stir it back into this pile for a hundred thousand years with all the others. Then blindfold a man and send him to pick it out - FIRST TIME! Impossible? These would be the same odds that one man would live and die according to ONLY 48 of the (Old Testament or Torah) prophecies about the Messiah, if it were only an accident. The Scriptures specifically predict events and happenings that are as modern as tomorrow's news release." (see: LAST DAYS Magazine., Vol. 8., No. 1., L.D.M., Box 40., Lindale, TX 75771-0040)
Here are some other facts:
__The Bible states in Genesis that the world began with an ocean covering the entire planet. Formerly rejected by science, this has now been confirmed by them.
__Job 9:9 and 38:32 ('Job' is the oldest book in the Bible) declares that the star systems in this region of the galaxy [us included] revolve around the central star of the Pleiades 'open star cluster.' This fact was not discovered by scientists on earth until the 20th century, but it had been in the Bible for thousands of years.
__Dr. Hugh Ross is a scientist who believed there must be a God over creation. He set out to discover any messages that this God may have transmitted to His creation. He assumed that if there was a perfect, infinite Creator-God He would HAVE to relay truth. He studied books from several different religions, and discarded them when he found errors in them. He claims the Bible is the only book he discovered claiming to be God's Word, without a single error. He states that Scriptorial revelation states that the stars are as numerous as the grains of sand in the ocean. What Dr. Ross found incredible was that "...there are just as many grains of sand in the ocean as there are stars in the Universe. Right on the money, to within a factor of 10, we can't count them too well, but to within a factor of 10 that number agrees."
Genesis 1:1 states: "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth." THE ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL, the foremost publication in the Astrophysics field (published by four non-Christian scientists at Cal-Tech) contains some interesting information. The lead article in this Journal for Dec. 15, 1974 presents six PROOFS that the Universe was 'initiated' and did not 'just happen'. In keeping with their scientific nature, they chose to use the term 'initiated' rather than 'created'. Their findings prove that there is a supreme 'initiator' great enough to create at will a universe containing hundreds of billions of galaxies (each averaging about 100 billion or more stars) and of such a nature that He is intimately involved in controlling and influencing the affairs of that creation. Even though so vast, scientists have discovered that the universe is still finite, not infinite.
If you took a model of the sun the size of a Softball, our planet 'Earth' in relation would be the size of a pinhead, 60 feet away. The next nearest star would in relation to this be 34 hundred miles away! But there are over 10 trillion galaxies (each containing about 100,000,000,000 stars) in the universe. And since we read in 3 Chronicles that "the heaven and heaven of heavens" (i.e. the Atmospheric-Solar '1st' heaven; the Stellar-Galactic '2nd' heaven; and the Paradisiacal '3rd' heaven) cannot contain His infinite Spirit, we cannot even begin to imagine just how Great the Creator is.
Also, according to Dr. Hugh Ross, if our universe of some trillion times a trillion stars were any smaller, life would be impossible on planet earth. If it were any larger life would also be impossible on planet earth; it is precisely dimensioned! The reason for this is because the mass of the universe determines the mix of elements that we have, which mix is exactly perfect for life. Yet Isaiah 40:12 declares that God - "meted out heaven with the span," long before science discovered that the universe was perfectly measured or meted for the creation of life.
Scientists have also proven that the earth began as a planet covered completely by an ocean, with an opaque atmosphere of ammonia and methane (like on Jupiter) through which no light could penetrate. Genesis 1:2 states that the Spirit of God hovered over the earth and that "darkness was upon the face of the deep", which would be true if the earth was covered with an ammonia-methane cloud. No life could exist without light, and we read in Genesis 1:3 that this was the next miracle God performed, to transform the atmosphere to allow light in. Before animal life can survive, green plants had to be in existence and land on which those green plants could live. The Bible states in Genesis 1:9-11 that God created the land first, then the flora, which are necessary before any other life can survive. Scientists say that if the mass of the earth and it's diameter, the temperature of the individual atmospheric layers of ammonia, methane and water, the temperature of the sun, or the material between the sun and the earth, varied even one or two percent from what they were; then the transformation of the earth's atmosphere from opaque to translucent, breathable air, would not have been made. Thus, no life.
Psalm 136:5 states: "To Him that by WISDOM made the heavens, for His mercy endureth forever." The chance that a planet could have been dimensioned with these parameters which our planet had in it's formation, according to Dr. Ross, would be over 1 in a billion (to be very conservative).
The Book of ISAIAH consists of 66 chapters, the first 39 deal with the 'Old Covenant' while the remaining 27 deal with the 'New Covenant'. The Holy Bible itself consists of 66 books: The first 39 make up the 'Old Testament' while the remaining 27 make up the 'New Testament'. This supports the claim made by the scriptures that all 66 books flow together as 'chapters' in one single and complete volume.
This volume can be divided into the following 9 'categories':
1) THE PENTATEUCH _ Genesis through Deuteronomy
2) HISTORY _ Joshua through Esther
3) POETRY _ Job through Song of Solomon
4) MAJOR PROPHETS _ Isaiah through Daniel
5) MINOR PROPHETS _ Hosea through Malachi
6) NEW TESTAMENT HISTORY (THE 'GOSPELS') _ Matthew through Acts
7) PAULINE EPISTLES _ Romans through Hebrews
8) GENERAL EPISTLES _ James through Jude... and
New Testament scholars claim that the book of Revelation if the 'Key' or 'Corner Stone' of the entire Bible. It is interesting that Many of the passages in Revelation are not understandable in themselves, but when joined with other prophecies in the Old Testament books of Daniel, Isaiah, Ezekiel and in fact every other book of the Bible, the Revelation passages become clear. Like two pieces of a puzzle that must be joined together to be understood, the Book of Revelation is, they claim, the encoded 'Key' for interpreting the Old and New Testament prophecies.
Most Jewish Scholars have overlooked the fact that the Old Testament (Torah) prophecies of a Kingly Messiah (The Lion of Judah) are also accompanied by Old Testament prophecies of a Suffering Messiah (The Lamb of God). Old Testament prophecies indicate that the Messiah would make TWO appearances upon earth, according to Christian theologians. As evidence of this the following are given: O.T. PROPHECIES OF A KINGLY MESSIAH _ PSALMS 2:6-8; 68:18; 118:22; ISAIAH 9:6-7; 32:1-3; 42:1-4; JEREMIAH 23:5; DANIEL 2:44; 7:13-14; MICAH 5:2; ZECHARIAH 6:12-13; 9:9-10; MALACHI 3:1. Also, O.T. PROPHECIES OF A SUFFERING MESSIAH _ PSALMS 69:21; 22:18; ISAIAH 50:6; 52:14; 53:1-10; DANIEL 9:26; ZECHARIAH 11:12; 12:10; 13:7.
Also here are some Old Testament prophecies concerning the Messiah followed by their New Testament fulfillment as they are given in the 'Thompson Chain Reference Bible':
WOULD BE THE 'SEED OF A WOMAN' _ O.T. Genesis 3:15 and N.T. Galatians 4:4
PROMISED SEED OF ABRAHAM _ O.T. Genesis 18:18 and N.T. Acts 3:25
PROMISED SEED OF ISAAC _ O.T. Genesis 17:19 and N.T. Matthew 1:2
PROMISED SEED OF JACOB _ O.T. Numbers 24:17 and N.T. Luke 3:34
WILL DESCEND FROM THE TRIBE OF JUDAS _ O.T. Genesis 49:10 and N.T Luke 3:33
THE HEIR TO THE THRONE OF DAVID _ O.T. Isaiah 9:7 and N.T. Matthew 1:1
PLACE OF BIRTH _ O.T. Micah 5:2 and N.T. Matthew 2:1
TIME OF BIRTH _ O.T. Daniel 9:25 and N.T. Luke 2:1-2
BORN OF A VIRGIN _ O.T. Isaiah 7:14 and N.T. Matthew 1:18
MASSACRE OF INFANTS _ O.T. Jeremiah 31:15 and N.T. Matthew 2:16
FLIGHT INTO EGYPT _ O.T. Hosea 11:1 and N.T. Matthew 2:14
MINISTRY IN GALILEE _ O.T. Isaiah 9:1-2 and N.T. Matthew 4:12-16
AS A PROPHET _ O.T. Deuteronomy 18:15 and N.T. John 6:14
AS A PRIEST LIKE MELCHIZEDEK _ O.T. Psalm 110:4 and N.T. Hebrews 6:20
HIS REJECTION BY JEWS _ O.T. Isaiah 53:3 and N.T. John 1:11
SOME OF HIS CHARACTERISTICS _ O.T. Isaiah 11:2 and N.T. Luke 2:52
HIS TRIUMPHANT ENTRY _ O.T. Zechariah 9:9 and N.T. John 12:13-14
BETRAYED BY A FRIEND _ O.T. Psalm 41:9 and N.T. Mark 14:10
SOLD FOR THIRTY PIECES OF SILVER _ O.T. Zechariah 11:12 and N.T. Matthew 26:15
MONEY TO BE RETURNED FOR A POTTER'S FIELD _ O.T. Zechariah 11:13 and N.T. Matthew 27:6-7
JUDAS' OFFICE TO BE TAKEN BY ANOTHER _ O.T. Psalm 109:7_8 and Acts 1:18-20
FALSE WITNESSES ACCUSE HIM _ O.T. Psalm 27:12 and N.T. Matthew 26:60-61
SILENT WHEN ACCUSED _ O.T. Isaiah 53:7 and N.T. Matthew 26:62-63
SMITTEN AND SPAT UPON _ O.T. Isaiah and N.T. Mark 14:65
WAS HATED WITHOUT A CAUSE _ O.T. Psalm 69:4 and N.Y. John 15:23-25
SUFFERED VICARIOUSLY _ O.T. Isaiah 53:4-5 and N.T. Matthew 6:16-17
CRUCIFIED WITH SINNERS _ O.T. Isaiah 53:12 and N.T. Matthew 27:38
HANDS AND FEET PIERCED _ O.T. Psalm 22:16 and N.T. John 20:27
MOCKED AND INSULTED _ O.T. Psalm 22:6-8 and N.T. Matthew 27:39-40
GIVEN GALL AND VINEGAR _ O.T. Psalm 69:21 and N.T. John 19:29
PRAYS FOR HIS ENEMIES _ O.T. Psalm 109:4 and N.T. Luke 23:34
HIS SIDE PIERCED _ O.T. Zechariah 12:10 and N.T. John 19:34
SOLDIERS CAST LOTS FOR HIS COAT _ O.T. Psalm 22:18 and N.T. Mark 15:24
NOT A BONE TO BE BROKEN _ O.T. Psalm 34:20 and N.T. John 19:33
TO BE BURIED WITH THE RICH _ O.T. Isaiah 53:9 and N.T. Matthew 27:57-60
HIS RESURRECTION _ O.T. Psalm 16:10 and N.T. 28:9
HIS ASCENSION _ O.T. Psalm 68:18 and N.T. Luke 24:50-51
One thing that Judeo-Christian thought teaches is that there is ONE initiator of all things... or an infinite three-in-one entity: the SPEAKER OF THE WORD - the Father; the ESSENCE OF THE WORD - Jesus; and the SPIRIT OF THE WORD - the Divine and 'Holy' Spirit... yet these three also also ONE being... and we, being created in the 'image' of God are also three-in-one 'trinitarian' beings with a spirit body, a soul body, and a physical body which collectively compose one complete 'being'.
This infinite and pure Creator contains absolutely no darkness within... and can NOT allow anything within His Kingdom that would corrupt it, otherwise this Kingdom would become corrupt.  After all, it takes only one seemingly insignificant 'spark' to burn down a whole forest... "hell" is a place of separation from the giver of the "waters of life" - and lacking this life it contains only the "fires of death" - HOWEVER in His infinite love and mercy, the Almighty sent the Logos-Christ-Son to earth in order to offer to us the divine life-blood-transfusion so that we might become part of the "body of Christ" and live with Him in His Kingdom in joy eternal... however this life-blood transfusion cannot be bought, but only recieved, with humility as the "gift of God"...
Jehovah-Eloheim is an infinite personage who was able to 'create' all matter from absolutely nothing, and who seemingly - contrary to the laws of physics - is able to hold atomic nuclei together in spite of their diverse polarities, whereas all other personages in the Universe are only capable of 're-creating' or re-structuring what ALREADY exists. Both Jews and Christians refer to Almighty God and his 'Son' - who is an eternal emanation of the divine essence of the 'Father'.
Jews often refer to Jehovah as a singular God whereas Christians hold that the Almighty and his Messiah are two distinct personages yet share the same 'soul' and holy 'Spirit' in a way that no two humans on earth can do, and thus the Spirit of Christ IS the Spirit of the Father, with the 'Spirit' itself being a distinct personage. Although many find the 'Trinitarian' concept difficult to conceive, Christians point to scripture, and to the 'trinitarian' makeup of nature to support this belief.
Winkey Pratney, in addition to the above, relates some remarkable discoveries made by a mathematical genius born in Russia:
"In 1882, a young Russian immigrant by the name of Ivan Panin was in the process of graduating from Harvard. He later had a conversion to Christ, and began sharing his faith with others, and this after he had traveled extensively as an agnostic who often lectured on atheism! Panin was a brilliant mathematician, multi-lingual scholar and literary figure, who had begun to study the Scriptures extensively as a new Christian. Knowing Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek, he began to read them in the original languages. Now both Hebrew and Greek are unique in that they do not have a number system. In other words, they do not use special symbols for their numbers (like our Arabic numerals 1, 2, 3, etc.) but instead the letters of the alphabets to represent numbers. For instance, the Hebrew alphabet contains 22 'letters' which are also used for their 'numerical' value. Translated into numbers, this alphabet would read as follows: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 200, 300, 400. The Greek alphabet, containing 24 numerals, would appear as follows when translated into their numerical values: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700, 800 (note that the numbers 6 and 90 are excluded).
"Aware of the numerical values of the Greek and Hebrew alphabets, Panin one day experimented by replacing the letters with their corresponding numbers in Scripture. Here then is Panin... a mathematical genius, a Hebrew and Greek scholar, and he loves playing with numbers. Suddenly and to his surprise, his trained mind observes a mathematical pattern! As he continued to study more intensely, his excitement grew. A few short hours of work had him utterly amazed. The verses he had studied bore unmistakable evidence of an elaborate mathematical pattern, far beyond random chance, and from that time until his death in 1942, he devoted his entire life to the study of Bible numerics.
"He showed, first of all, that the Bible, in it's original language, is a skillfully designed and calculated product of a mathematical mastermind - far beyond any human possibility to deliberate structuring. Some time later he supplied a representative of the Nobel Research Foundation with over 41,000 sheets of his studies accompanied by his statement that this was his evidence that the Bible was the Word of God. Their reply was, 'As far as our investigation has proceeded... we find the evidence overwhelmingly in favor of such a statement.' He then issued a challenge throughout leading newspapers of the world to offer a 'natural explanation' or refute the facts; not a single person was able to do so.
"'The Words of the Lord are Pure Words; as Silver tried in a Furnace of Earth, Refined 7 Times.' __ Psalm 16:6
"This is what he found: Panin found that patterns of prime numbers, such as 11, 13, 17 and 23, but especially 7, were found in great clusters. He would add up the sum of all the numerical values for different words, sentences, paragraphs, passages, and whole books, and he found the same patterns in each of these forms! He found that the number of words in a vocabulary divides by 7. The number of proper names, both male and female divides by 7, and those letters, those that are vowels and those that are consonants also divide by 7. Words that occurred more than once divide by 7, and also words that appeared only once! The number of nouns is divisible by 7, also the words that are not. Even the number of words beginning with each letter of the alphabet! And on and on... Panin only stayed on a passage long enough to confirm beyond doubt the statistical evidence for supernatural design. But he stated that the longer you stayed on one, it would continue to yield further and further evidences of pattern within patterns until the mind reeled.
"Some examples: Here is an example from the Old Testament. Just the very first sentence in the Bible. 'In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.' (Gen. 1:1). That's the way it comes out in English, yet in the Hebrew it is exactly 7 words. The 7 words have exactly 28 (4x7) letters. There are 3 nouns (God, heavens and earth). Taking the letters of these, substituting their number equivalents and adding them up, you get a combined total of 777 (111x7)! There is one Hebrew verb - 'created'. It's total numerical value is 203 (29x7). The first three words contain the subject with exactly 14 (2x7) letters, likewise the other four are the object of exactly 14 letters. The Hebrew words for the two object (heaven and earth) each have 7 letters. The value for the first, middle, and last letters of the sentence is 133 (19x7). The numerical value of the first and last letters of all the words is 1393 (199x7); the value of the first and last letters of EACH of the words between is 896 (128x7). And so on, and so on... in this verse alone there are 30 different features of 7. I have listed only 11 of them! The chance of this happening accidentally is 1 in 33,000,000,000,000 (33 trillion).
"And now for an example from the New Testament: Matt. 1:1-11. The vocabulary has 49 words (7x7). 28 words begin with the vowel (4x7). The 49 words have 266 letters, 140 are vowels (20x7), 126 are consonants (18x7). Also, of these 49 words, 14 occur only once (2x7), 35 occur more than once (5x7), 42 (6x7) are nouns, 7 are not. These remaining common nouns have exactly 49 letters (7x7). Male names occur, in all, 56 times (8x7). The names of only 3 women appear in the passage, and the Greek letters of their names add up to 14 exactly!
"Panin said it would have taken Matthew several months, working 8 hours a day to construct the genealogy, even if it WERE humanly possible. But the names were chosen BEFORE MATTHEW WAS BORN!
"The whole Bible is like this. I am just taking one small chunk of it and doing it in detail. Every paragraph, passage and book in the Bible can be shown to be constructed in the same marvelous way. What kind of fantastic collaboration between disciples could have produced this structure without computers? How can mere fishermen and tax-collectors produce this kind of incredible structuring and design? What is crazy, is that Mark is a Roman, Luke a Greek, and Matthew a Jew, but they all wrote with the same pattern (Add to this that the Bible was written over a period of several thousand years, by people with widely divergent backgrounds and occupations and personalities, and on three different continents - Branton).
"Each one wrote with their own unique flavor. Mark's STYLE is different, but the PATTERN is the same right through! So who wrote it? One Mind, one Author - one God - many different 'writers' (human "pens"), but one WRITER. Can you imagine what kind of mind would do this and not even care if you ever found out?! What I want you to see is how smart God is! These are not just words, it's an incredible mathematical pattern. It dances with it's own poetry in mathematics. A computer would go into raptures over this! It's like a building where every piece joins perfectly into each other. And what is wild, is you can't pull even ONE word out, without damaging the whole pattern. So the Bible carries within itself a SELF-CHECKING, self-verifying (or as a computer user would say, an 'anti-virus program' to prevent the contents from being 'corrupted' - Branton) protection factor. If a person comes along and says I don't like this one, the whole pattern falls apart. This cannot be found in any other religious 'holy' book in the world. You can put any test that you like on this book and nothing is even in the same category, not even in the same class. It is not a book - it is God who has spoken in history, and that is what He says, 'My Word is quick and powerful and it is sharper than any two-edged sword!'
"Only the 66 books of the Scripture bear this Divine seal. No other work of man in ANY language even faintly resembles the intricate structure and design of the Bible. The fact remains - only an INFINITE MIND could have devised this BOOK OF BOOKS. Now you must take what it says, as just what it is... The WORD of God."
Here is another item which appeared in the International press during the mid-1980's. It reveals yet another aspect of the awesome revelations and treasures which have been discovered by those who have plumbed the unexplored depths hidden beneath the surface and within the heart of this Divine Volume. Quoting the Nov. 28, 1985 issue of 'THE DAILY HERALD' (a Utah newspaper), we learn the following:
"Israeli researchers have recently discovered 'encoded' messages in the Bible, giving additional support to the claim that the books every work is divinely inspired. The researchers claimed that in the book of Esther they found a reference to the hanging of 10 Nazi war criminals on Oct. 16, 1946. In the book of Deuteronomy the word 'HOLOCAUST' was hidden. Dr. Mosha Katz and Fred Weiner, technion biochemics and computer specialists at the Hebrew University, told their computer to skip letters as it scanned the Hebrew language Bible. Often messages leaped out when the computer used every 50th letter and 26th letter. One of the Hebrew names for God is YAH-VEH. When it's hebrew letters are translated into numbers Yah-Veh becomes number 26. Number 50 is 7 times 7 plus 1. Seven is a significant Bible number (there are 7 days in the 'week' of creation, etc.). It is 50 DAYS between Passover and Shavout, or the Christian Holiday Pentacost. Farmers were told to work the land 49 years and rest on the 50TH year. By skipping letters the computer found ELOHEIM (another name for the Creator, or God, which is used by the Hebrews), hidden 147 times among the letters of the book of Genesis. Using the same method they discovered the names of 33 trees which grew in the garden of Eden, hidden within the text of the Adamic account. He said the probability of this happening by chance was about 1 in 2,000,000! Another member of the Hebrew team found the name AARON, the High Priest, hidden among the letters in the first part of Leviticus, 25 times. The probability of this happening is about 1 in 500,000! Esther 9, is the story of Queen Esther's demand for the hanging of the 10 sons of Haman, who were enemies of the Jews (Note: Haman the 'Agagite' sought to exterminate the Jews who had years earlier been carried away captive into Babylon, but Queen Esther - who was a Jew herself - with the help of a relative of hers named Mordecai, exposed Haman's plot. Eventually Haman and his sons were executed on the very gallows they had secretly built to hang Mordecai and his Jewish followers - Branton).
"Hidden among the letters of the names of Haman's sons were the letters of the Hebrew date for 1946, the year the Nazi's were hanged. Newspaper reports of the time quoted Julious Streicher, one of the Nazi's hanged, who shouted just before his hanging: 'Today is Purim, 1946!'. Purim is the Jewish Holiday celebrating Esther's triumph. The date of the hanging of the Nazi's, Oct. 6, 1946, fell on the final day of judgement in the '10 days of awe' between Rosh Hashonna and Yom Kippur. The Lord told Moses in Deut. 31, that his descendants would forsake God and break his laws. Verse 17 states: "Then my anger will be kindled against them, and I will devour them." When the computer read every 50th letter in that section, the Hebrew word for 'HOLOCAUST' emerged. Under the team's theory, if even one letter of the Bible is removed, all of the results collapse.
"Copying standards demanded of the ancient scribes were so exacting that if even one letter turned out wrong while hand-copying an old manuscript to a new parchment, the entire book was rejected. The Dead Sea Scrolls, dating 1000 years earlier, tend to confirm the accuracy of the infallible transfer of the parchments down through the ages.
"In the start and end of the first 5 books of the Bible, Hebrew scholars programmed their computer to skip every 50th letter. They discovered the word 'Torah'. In the third book of Leviticus, which is about worship, the name 'Eloheim' is found hidden. In Genesis 12, the Lord promised the land of Canaan, or modern Israel. The Computer found the names of 'Jerusalem' and 'Moresh', the mountain on which the Temple was built hundreds of years later. In Genesis 28, when Jacob awakened out of his dream about the ladder, he said: 'Surely the Lord is in this place.' By counting every 26th letter, the computer found the words 'Temple' and 'Torah.'"
At this point we will identify the basic theological precepts of the 'Evangelical' segment of Christianity. Many denominations agree that the following explanation of Deity and his Plan for humankind is as follows:
Christianity, according to the majority of Evangelical theology, is in essence to believe or trust in Christ the Nazarite as the physically manifested 'Word' or 'Logos' of God. He is the COMMAND of the Almighty who called (commanded) the universe into existence, and He is also a divine personage, who created all life both physical and spiritual at the will of the Almighty Father. He is also the 'only begotten' of the Father, in that he was and is begotten of the divine essence of the Father, an everlasting begetting or emanation from the heart of the Almighty, and therefore the express 'image' of the Almighty (Father).
According to Evangelical theology, one is not saved by works alone, nor by mere mental acknowledgement alone, but by an active abiding within the 'body' of Christ via His divine-life-blood-transfusion, or a 'grafting' into the 'vine', allowing oneself to remain in the 'heart-beat' of 'the body' of Christ by establishing and maintaining a personal relationship with the Messiah Jesus. This Saving and Preserving grace is an absolute free gift and cannot be purchased by human effort. It was already paid for at the cross, since the final word that Jesus spoke on the cross can be translated to mean: "PAID IN FULL"!
True Christianity, according to Evangelicals, believes in a tri-unified Deity who is eternally infinite and perfect in every way... the invisible Father, the visible Son, and the Holy Spirit who can be 'felt' by the spirit of man. The Holy Spirit of God is infinitely pure to the extent that He can only dwell within those who have first been cleansed by the vitalizing and purifying life-blood or life-essence of the Son, Jesus. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of the Father as well as the Spirit of the Son, and therefore all three are one Being, yet three Personages.
Although he created them... the Almighty triune God is not subject to time, space or matter. Being triune, the Divine being can exist without man... because of Gods' triune nature and the fellowship within the Almighty which this offers... yet in his perfect will the Almighty chose to create man as an object to whom He/They can show His/Their love, grace, and mercy. Completely without egotistical motives, the Father seeks always for the glory of the Son and the Holy Spirit, whereas the Son and the Holy Spirit ever seek to glorify the other two members of the infinite Godhead.
Evangelical Christianity teaches that Jesus Christ is Jehovah returned in the flesh, the final fulfillment of the passover Lamb sacrifice which was initiated with Adam and Abel. The Ten Commandments were given not so much to save man, but to reveal the barrier between a sinful world and the heavenly kingdom. The ancient unblemished Lamb sacrifices were the propitiatory victims to whom the punishment for the sinful human was transferred.
The blood-covered cross signifies the four-horned alter before the curtain leading into the Holy of Holies as it existed in the early tabernacle in Israel. The cross, which like the old altars were sanctified by the very blood of the 'Passover' Lambs and sacrifices, is the key to the doorway or veil leading through the separating WALL signified by the LAW which is the barrier between the corrupted physical world and the uncorrupted spiritual world.
The 3rd heaven or the eternal kingdom of God can NOT be corrupted as the 1st (atmospheric) and 2nd (interstellar) heavens have been... and which in the end will experience their own crucifixion and resurrection of newness. And since even a small 'spark' of evil can spread like a fire, causing potentially limitless destruction, the smallest 'sin' cannot be allowed into the eternal kingdom or else it - the last bastian of pure and un-defiled righteousness - would be destroyed as well. Since man is incapable in himself of being perfect, they must by faith receive the righteous and pure life-blood of Christ, the 'New Wine', imputed and transfused into the blood and spirit of the believer, in that His life-blood, which was poured out into the earth, is incorruptible and all powerful... ever flowing out from Calvary like a healing, life-giving heart-beat... and a well-spring of LIFE --- eternal.......



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