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Unraveling The Secrets: Year 2
January 15, 2005                                                                
Volume II Number 3
   “Don’t rock the boat …  instead kick a damn hole in its rotten 
                                         Editor: Dennis Crenshaw

Also in this Issue:

Do New Findings Add Support To Marshall B. Gardner’s Nebula Theory? 


How to Build a UFO

& Selected Short Subjects
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Or you might be disappointed… Dennis
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Source: Popular Mechanics


The Central Intelligence Agency says it has finally come clean about 
UFOs. To absolutely no one's surprise, it knew more than it ever let on. 
Posted by:  burlingtonnews
Source:  New Scientist Print Edition…. Issue 2482
15 January 2005 

Large mammals once dined on dinosaurs
Jeff Hecht 

Two stunning new fossils from China have overturned this 
preconception. Not only did large mammals live alongside their giant 
reptilian cousins, but some were big and bold enough to go dinosaur 

Named Repenomamus giganticus and Repenomamus robustus, the sturdily 
built mammals lived in China about 130 million years ago, around 65 
million years before we thought their kind inherited the Earth. At 1 
metre long, R. giganticus was big enough to hunt small dinosaurs, 
and a newly discovered fossil of its smaller cousin, R. robustus, 
died with its belly full of young dinosaur…
Complete story in the current edition of New Scientist magazine. 
(Subscribe and get 4 issues FREE).
Posted by:  apometron
Published: January 14, 2005, 12:35 PM PST

Tsunami moves North Pole, shortens daytime
By Michael Kanellos 
Staff Writer, CNET

The massive force unleashed by an earthquake off the coast of Indonesia 
altered the shape of Earth in a number of minute yet significant ways, 
NASA scientists have determined. 

In data released this week, NASA determined that the Dec. 26 earthquake 
moved the North Pole, which constantly jiggles slightly, 2.5 
centimeters--about an inch--in an eastward shift that is part of a long-term 
seismic shift. 

Earth also became slightly more round, as the planet's oblateness, the 
quality of being flattish on top and bulging at the equator, decreased 
by a small amount….
Complete Report:,+shortens+daytime/2100-1008_3-5536983.html

Something quite odd is making multiple appearances under European 
skies, taking on the looks of a hovering Unidentified Flying Object, or UFO. 
Matter Rides Black Hole's Space-Time Wave

Armed with cosmic speed guns and other high-tech devices, astronomers 
have witnessed amazing speeds around one black hole and an exotic wave 
in space-time careening around another. …
ET Visitors: Scientists See High Likelihood 
By Leonard David
Senior Space Writer
posted: 14 January 2005
06:47 am ET

Decades ago, it was physicist Enrico Fermi who pondered the issue of 
extraterrestrial civilizations with fellow theorists over lunch, 
generating the famous quip: "Where are they?" That question later became 
central to debates about the cosmological census count of other star folk and 
possible extraterrestrial (ET) visitors from afar.
Fermi’s brooding on the topic was later labeled "Fermi’s paradox". It 
is a well-traveled tale from the 1950’s when the scientist broached the 
subject in discussions with colleagues in Los Alamos, New Mexico. 
Thoughts regarding the probability of earthlike planets, the rise of highly 
advanced civilizations "out there", and interstellar travel -- these 
remain fodder for trying to respond to Fermi’s paradox even today.
Now a team of American scientists note that recent astrophysical 
discoveries suggest that we should find ourselves in the midst of one or more 
extraterrestrial civilizations. Moreover, they argue it is a mistake to 
reject all UFO reports since some evidence for the 
theoretically-predicted extraterrestrial visitors might just be found there.


Singing Sand Dunes: The Mystery of Desert Music
By Michael Schirber
LiveScience Staff Writer
posted: 11 January, 2005
9:00 a.m. ET

If you've never heard a sand dune rumble, listen up. Marco Polo in the 
13th Century said the singing sands -- which he ascribed to evil desert 
spirits -- "at times fill the air with the sounds of all kinds of 
musical instruments, and also of drums and the clash of arms." 

Yes, certain sand dunes will occasionally let out a loud, low-pitch 
rumble that lasts up to 15 minutes and can be heard up to 6 miles (10 
kilometers) away. Some dunes are known to do it regularly, even daily. But 

To try and uncover the underlying nature of these mysterious sounds, 
Bruno Andreotti from the University of Paris-7 took equipment out to the 
Atlantic Sahara in Morocco, one of only 35 known places where the 
mysterious natural music can be heard. …
Posted by:
Source:  The Economic Times

REUTERS[ MONDAY, JANUARY 10, 2005 12:41:55 AM]

MELBOURNE: Two weeks on, the earth is still vibrating from the massive 
undersea earthquake off Indonesia that triggered the tsunami, 
Australian researchers said on Sunday. 

The Australian National University (ANU) said the reverberations were 
similar in form to the ringing of a bell, though without the sound, and 
were picked up by gravity monitoring instruments. …
Complete Report:

[For information regarding other times the earth has rung like a bell 
and the Hollow Earth implications of this activity read my article, 
Theory into Fact: Gravity, Magnetic Poles & Ringing Bells at: … Dennis].
Posted by:  misty3

Authorities Investigating Mutilated Cattle

SANDIA - Authorities are investigating a case of livestock mutilation. 
An Orange Grove man made the discovery. He said from the looks of it 
the two cows died under some bizarre circumstances. 
Cattle deaths are like those of any other animal, but every once in 
awhile cattle carcasses are found with strange cuts and all their organs 
removed. Cattle mutilation is a worldwide mystery.

India may be the first country to explain to the world about 
extra-terrestrial and UFO contacts – the secret debate is on

Source: India Daily
Staff Reporter
January 06, 2005 

New Delhi is in the middle of a big secret internal debate. On one side 
the largest democracy of the world is eager to explain to its citizens 
and to the world about the ongoing contacts with the UFOs and 
extra-terrestrials. On the other hand there are invisible untold international 
protocols that prohibit doing anything that may cause worldwide fear and 

It is well accepted between the UFO and extra-terrestrial experts that 
all the five nuclear powers are in contact with the beings from other 
stars for quite some time. Recently India has seen enormous news on UFO 
contacts and secret UFO bases in Himalayas near the Chinese bases. In 
Ladak, for example the locals clearly point out the everyday phenomenon 
of large triangular spacecrafts coming out below the ground and Indian 
security forces protecting them. … Continue at:

Black Sheep Muse writes:
I was wondering if you have any info on the authenticity of UFO reports 
on == I suspect there is probably some truth, 
fattened up with rumor and opinion = doe this sound about right?  Or do they 
just have the best sources [for UFO news]? 
Actually I’ve been wondering that myself.  I’ve been trying to find 
other backup sources for their reports.  So far I haven’t found any.  It’s 
my personal belief that India Daily may be that counties equivalent of 
the USA’s National Inquirer or Russia‘s Pravda.  But them again it 
might not be.  And many true stories do come out of both Pravda and the 
Inquirer from time to time.  

Lets face it, the truth concerning UFOS and their Controllers has to 
come out someday. … Is the India Daily going to be the media vehicle used 
to achieve those ends?  I have no idea.

My editorial decision is to continue to pass the info reported by India 
Today along in these reports with the understanding that our readers 
will read the posts from this source, along with many other articles we 
present as possible true components with their saltshaker handy. You 
never know when you might need a grain or two … Dennis

UFO passes over Chinese city, explodes in the suburbs: report
Posted by:  deandddd
AFP: 1/11/2005

BEIJING, Dec 13 (AFP) - An unidentified flying object, or UFO, passed 
across the large northwestern Chinese city of Lanzhou and apparently 
exploded in the suburbs, state media said Monday. 
The unusual sighting of two bright trails of light, reported by several 
witnesses, took place Saturday shortly before midnight, the China Times 
Police, working on the theory that it was a meteorite, went to 
investigate the matter, but as of early Monday they had found no evidence of 
what caused the nightly phenomenon, an officer told AFP by telephone. …

UFO's over Washington, ET's on Earth - Conspiracy or Fact?

Our article takes a closer look at the squadrons of UFO's that were 
seen over the White House, Capitol Building and Pentagon on the 19th and 
26th of July 1952.
These sightings were real and witnessed by numerous people, including 
US Air Force personnel. Photograph's of the UFO's appeared on the front 
pages of Newspapers and this was no hoax!
The UFO's were tracked on radar and although they maintained an average 
speed of around 100 mph, they were capable of speeds of 7,200 mph.
Unlike many other sightings, the authorities found it difficult to 
explain these away as weather balloons or other natural occurrences (some 
tried), but in the end, most had to accept that these "objects" in the 
sky could only be described as "unidentifiable".
But why should a UFO sighting that happened more than 50 years ago, 
even one as important as this, be of interest now? …
Complete Report:

Posted by:

---------------------------- Original Message 
Subject: MUFON E-News - January 1005
From: "MUFON" <>
Date: Sun, January 9, 2005 11:55 pm
To: "List Member" <>
Happy New Year from MUFON!

A study of the past is a good tool for understanding how to deal with
events in the present and the future. This is a tool used by Futurists 
planning and influencing events for the future. It also works well in
dealing with unidentified flying objects because we tend to forget that
this mystery is not new and is well rooted in the past. Many 
well-documented UFO incidents were well enough documented at the time that the
reports fit all of the criteria necessary to be used as evidence in any
court of law. The following brief reports were extracted from
documentation that is now 45 years old. Nevertheless, they still 
just a small amount of the thousands of pages of documentation that is
available for study.
The December 15, 1960 issue of The New York Times claimed that a 
Institution report said Earth's civilization might topple if faced by a
race of superior beings. Perhaps that report helped to shape to 
policy of denial and cover-up of sightings of unconventional flying

The following is a direct quotation from The New York Times. "Discovery 
life on other worlds could cause the earth's civilization to collapse, 
Federal report said today (December 14, 1960). This warning was 
in a research report given to the National Aeronautics and Space
Administration with the recommendation that the world prepare itself
mentally for the eventuality. The report, prepared by the Brookings
Institution, said 'while the discovery of intelligent life in other 
of the universe is not likely in the immediate future, it could
nevertheless happen at time.' Discovery of intelligent beings on other
planets could lead to an all-out effort by earth to contact them, or it
could lead to sweeping changes or even the downfall of civilization, 
report said. Even on earth, it added, 'societies sure of their own 
have disintegrated when confronted by a superior society, and other 
survived even though changed."

NASA paid Brookings $96,000 to prepare the report. The authors, headed 
Donald N. Michael, also recommended further study of other space
activities including the diplomatic and propaganda effects…. The 
went on to say that if contact was made in the next twenty years it 
probably be through radio communications.

The cover-up has gone on so long and has involved so many politicians 
any immediate release is highly unlikely. The most likely scenario of
disclosure, other than an outright alien invasion, will be some leaks 
through the groups trying to use radio telescopes to pick up signals,
because an announcement that a signal had been received from a body
located as a safe distance from earth, would have very little effect on
the peoples of earth. Then the process of releasing more and more
information over a period of years would ensure that no one would get 
trouble for their past misdeeds.

(Thanks to Loren Gross for supplying the New York Times newspaper
According to the August 6, 1960 issue of the Washington Daily News, The
U.S. Senate Preparedness sub-committee was under standing orders from
Democratic leader Lyndon B. Johnson to keep "a close watch" on any new
developments related to unidentified flying objects. "Senator Johnson,
Democratic vice presidential candidate, also has directed the 
staff to report to him any 'significant' sightings of saucers along 
an analysis of the Air Force investigation of them." Further, it said:
"Congressional sources later confirmed that the subcommittee has been
keeping the check for some time."

In a letter to Major Donald Keyhoe, Executive Director of NICAP, 
Johnson said the following: "I have referred your interesting material 
the staff of the Preparedness Investigating Subcommittee, which at my
direction you know, is keeping a close watch over new developments in 
field with standing instructions to report to me any recent significant
sightings of unidentified flying objects along with an analysis of the
conduct and conclusions of the Air Force investigation of any such

Perhaps it is time for a FOIA request for the records of the Senate
Preparedness Investigating Subcommittee under Johnson, the previous
president and the following three presidents. That might give us an 
whether or not the government is truly prepared. 
Typical of what was being reported at the time was a report from the
Berkeley, Missouri, Police Department and investigated by the St. Louis
Detachment of the Military Transport Service at Scott Air Force Base in
Illinois. An official Department of the Air Force letter written in 
1960 by William Cook, Lt. Colonel, USAF, Commander, documents the 

Police Sergeant Bryon Schrismer observed three UFOs from the south side 
the Lambert Field airport. He was a former Navy Air Force pilot and had
experience in reporting UFOs during his military service. The incident 
verified by Officer Bobby Eades in a patrol car some distance away.

Three round objects about 9 feet in diameter flew directly over
Schrismer's patrol car. Looking up, he could see that they were round 
a flat bottom. For about two seconds a bright light illuminated the 
airport area. The objects were going northeast at 5-10,000 feet 
The duration of the observation was about 6 seconds. Immediately
afterwards Eades contacted Schrismer via radio and verified they had 
seen the over flight of three objects.

During the follow-up investigation, a check of the control tower logs 
Clark Tucker, Radar Watch Supervisor at Lambert Field revealed no 
of the event. And a McDonnell Aircraft representative said he knew 
of the event. The official Air Force report said "The identity of the
objects can not be determined by this HQ, but it is believed that it 
be some form of unusual weather phenomena." Case closed!
During the same period of time hundreds of other UFO reports were
documented. One such report was made public by an article in the July 
issue of the MUFON UFO Journal. It is reproduced below as it was 
by the pilot.

In the interest of getting this account on paper, the following is a
description of events as I remember them. The actual date and time can 
obtained from my flight records. In 1960 I was an Instructor Pilot, 1st
Lt, in F-89J's stationed at James Connelly AFB in Waco, TX. The 
Radar Observer I was teamed with was 1st Lt. Joe E. Meyer.

In late 1959 or early 1960 Gen. Curtis E. LeMay conducted an exercise 
test his bombers' capability to penetrate our air defenses, and we, as 
fighter squadron, were ordered to stand down from training RO's (Radar
Observers) and to participate in the air defense exercise.

At about 10 pm I was scrambled from hot alert and turned over to the
controlling radar site at Ft. Hood. A 'bogey" had been detected in West
Texas, and I was assigned to intercept it. I ran in the afterburner 
than anticipated, and made a successful intercept of a B-47 at 42,000 
somewhere near Midland, TX. My exact location was not a concern as I 
under radar control. After the intercept I swung around and headed back
towards Waco.

As I said, I was getting low on fuel, so I pulled the throttles back a
little and went into a gradual powered descent. There was a thin 
below us at about 10,000 feet. The night was crystal clear with 
unlimited. The starlight and moonlight were bright enough to see the 
undercast below us as I descended for an approach into James Connelly.

At this point we were still under radar control from Ft. Hood. I 
just north and west of Waco at 22,000 feet and could see the base 
some breaks in the clouds. The lights of Waco lit up the clouds to my
right below, adding to my orientation. At this time I broke off radar
control as I had the field in sight and intended to make a VFR approach 
there was no other traffic on the radio.

I swung to the right towards Waco, and out of force of habit looked 
my shoulder to be certain I wasn't turning into another aircraft. In so
doing I noticed a light way out to my right and level with us, over 
I pointed this out to Joe, and he also saw the light.

I continued my turn while watching the pinpoint of light. It didn't 
as I swung into it. I added power, leveled off, and put the object on 
nose. At 12 miles Joe told me he had picked up the object and would
lock-on if he could. In a moment he had lock-on, and my pilot's scope 
up to show a collision course to fly for firing our 2.75 rockets.

Although unarmed, the attack radar presented information as if we were
armed. Joe gave me course and overtake information and, as we 
I could see that the object had 4 extremely bright blue-white round 
of light on the side that I could observe. I checked my true airspeed
against the ovetake ring on my scope, as by now were were down to 10
seconds to fire.

Our overtake and true airspeed were identical, meaning that the object 
standing still. I was reading 275 TAS. I tried to measure the width of 
object against my wingspan and came up with something around 25-30 
Joe and I estimated the height as 8-9 feet. By now we were down to 5
seconds to fire and on a collision course with the object. I wondered 
the hell I was going to do.

We were both talking, and Joe could see over my helmet. We concluded it
was a UFO. I remember that the technique of ramming, which was taught 
as a
last resort, came into my mind. Instantly the dot on my scope flew up 
I heard the radar antenna hit the stops. I had been looking at the 
I looked up to see the object climbing straight up at an incredible 

Within a few seconds we were directly below where the object had been, 
Joe and I looked straight up into its belly, which was round and, 
again, a
brilliant blue-white, a white, white. When I flew directly below the 
where the object had been, I anticipated hitting the "wash" from the
downward thrust of whatever engine was powering the craft. But to our
surprise there was none. No bump as we expected. No downward thrust as
from a propeller or rocket engine.

As we watched, the vehicle rapidly became smaller and smaller until it 
like a star in the sky, then it went out of sight. Joe and I estimated 
lost sight of it in excess of 90,000 feet. We were extremely shaken up 
the event and swore each other to secrecy, as we knew if we mentioned 
had just happened we would have been branded as nuts and not believed 
probably grounded. I completed the letdown and landing, and Joe and I
never spoke of the incident again. I was transferred later that year 
have not seen or spoken to Joe since that time.

The foregoing is a true account, and the first time I have put it in
writing. I have told a few people of the encounter in recent years 
I feel it now should be known that these encounters are factual, can be
documented and witnessed, and that the object was solid and would 
a radar pulse.
On June 8, 1954, Msgr. Emile Verhille, the Roman Catholic apostolic 
of Fort Rousset in the French Middle Congo territory saw a flying 
for over 15 minutes during a pastoral tour through the brush country of
his vicariate.

The vicar was having dinner at the mission of Leketi when a houseboy 
in to alert them to the events going on outside. The bishop and his
companions went out to have a look and they saw a tall luminous globe
coming swiftly from the north, but stopping suddenly in midair and
quivering. The object then bounced up and down, but did not move
horizontally. The bishop went back into the house and fetched his field
glasses. Looking through the field glasses he described what he saw as
follows: "Through the glasses I clearly saw the globe was not luminous
everywhere. In the center there was a darker mass and from it rays of
different lengths were shooting out. Everybody observed the phenomenon
easily. It lasted for over 15 minutes, which seemed very long to us. No
star, no meteor, no plane behaves like the luminous globe." Finally, 
object moved swiftly away to the north following a horizontal path.


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The Mutual UFO Network, Inc.
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Filer's Files #3 – 2005, 
Skywatch Investigations 
George A. Filer, Director MUFON Eastern
Vice President of Skywatch International 
January 12, 2005, Web:

Miniature UFOs 
The purpose of these files is to report the UFO eyewitness and 
photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world and in space 
as reported each week. Many people claim it is impossible for UFOs to 
visit Earth, I ask you only to keep an open mind and watch the evidence 
we accumulate each week. These Files make the assumption that 
extraterrestrial intelligent life exists and my hypothesis is that of the over 
one hundred UFOs reported each week many represent a factual UFO 
sighting in our skies and even in our homes. 

Mars Global Surveyor spots Pine Trees on Mars. UFOs were seen over 
Alabama, California, Indiana, New Hampshire, New Jersey, North Carolina, 
Ohio, Oregon, Texas, and Washington. Sightings were also reported in 
Argentina, Australia, Canada, Chili, Mexico, and Iran. New Extasolar Planet 
Found and Mars has Green Vegetation.

New Extasolar Planet Found
" has reports that a Hubble Space Telescope photo confirms 
with a very high degree of confidence that a picture taken by the European 
Space Observatory shows an extrasolar planet. The ESO and Hubble images 
represent the first and second times that planets outside our solar 
system have been directly detected. The planet is about five times as 
massive as Jupiter and orbits a brown dwarf." Thanks to
Mars – Images Show Green Vegetation
Norman Bryden writes, "Here is an example of an image and data from 
Mars by the European Space Agency showing a blue river, green valley and 
large scale geometrical structured land forms. This appears to be strong 
evidence of liquid water and possible green vegetation on Mars. Thanks 
to the European Space Agency Mars Express satellite image of Valles 
Marineris in bloom and Norman Bryden.

Alabama - Strange Object Caught On Film
CREOLA -- My wife and I were headed south on I-65 bridge when I decided 
to stop and take a photo of the span. I’ve included the photo below. I 
have a 3.2 mp digital camera with a 10x optical zoom. Photo sizes are 
2048x1536.I was coming home from work on the afternoon of December 27, 
2004, down I-65 at around 6 PM, when an object in the sky caught my eye. 
I quickly grabbed my camera from the back seat and managed to get one 
shot of a disk shaped object before it disappeared. The sky that day was 
clear without a single cloud. I can't say what it was or what it 
appeared to be. Its forward speed was slow, if any. One-second it was 
there....the next it was gone. After taking this photo, I returned to my car 
and proceeded down the bridge. I spotted the object that did not appear 
as normal air traffic as it did not move much if any. I pointed the 
object out to my wife, zoomed in, acquired focus and snapped a shot off. 
After lowering the camera and looking back to where it was.... i!
t was no more...gone...vanished. Total sighting time was no more than 
30 seconds.
Thanks to Brian Vike Photos can be found at:

California – Man Shoots UFO 
ANZA -- Jack writes, In 1956 my parents bought a small piece of desert 
property near California. At the time the area was a real hot spot for 
UFO’s. I did a lot of hunting for rabbits and other varmints while we 
owned the property. I was going along a river bed looking for something 
to shoot with my .22 auto rifle when I heard a noise. Looking in the 
direction of the sound, I saw a disk in the Manzanita brush just hovering 
about a foot off the ground. It scarred the hell out of me at first and 
I shot at it with my 22 rifle... (probably not the thing to do). There 
was no effect and I fell on my butt trying to get back away from it. 
When I fell I was only three feet from the disk; so, I know what I was 
looking at. I saw no aliens and within a few seconds it rose up to about 
twenty feet and shot away at tremendous speed. It was only about 8 feet 
across and 3.5 feet high, kind of small. It was the color of those 
Ruger guns that they call target gray. I did not see any insignia o!
n the craft. I took off back to the cabin and told my parents what had 
happened. The only reason that they believed my story, I was shaking 
like a leaf in a wind storm. Later my step father and I went back to the 
spot and found some small prints about 4 inches in length, and a 
Manzanita branch that was burned on one end. I never went back to that spot 
again and did not report it to anybody else, I did not want to sound 
like some of the locals that reported men from Mars. I was 13 at the time 
and remember it like it was yesterday. It did convince me that UFO's 
were real Thanks to Jack in Reno, Nevada.

CHINO -- On New Years Eve, several friends, my family members and I saw 
a weird red light moving slowly in the sky a little after midnight. 
When I saw the light it wasn't moving in a straight line but was curving 
around a little. I thought it might be a VERY high helicopter, but it 
seemed to be too big and red to be a helicopter at that height moving the 
way it was. Then it suddenly disappeared. About 30 seconds later it 
appeared again in a different location (but in the same general part of 
the sky), and continued moving in a seemingly random pattern. My brother 
described it as "a ball of fire in the sky." 
My brother said his girlfriend was at work at Subway Sandwiches Monday 
and on her break she was in the parking lot and 3 or 4 people were 
looking and pointing up in the sky at a weird red light.

LOS ANGELES -- On December 19, 2004, in the middle of the day I was 
looking at the moon through a Meade 90 mm Telescope when I saw what I can 
describe only as a bright red laser light coming out of the dark side 
of the moon, I followed it for about 30 seconds and then it just started 
bouncing all over the place and I lost it. I swung the telescope back 
around to the moon just in time to catch 2 asteroids passing between the 
earth and the satellites. I found a link to the Asteroids but nothing 
on the light. Thanks to Brian Vike 

SAN FRANCISCO -- On January 1, 2005, at AM, two witnesses spotted seven 
umbrella shaped objects above buildings on top of Telegraph Hill and 
Lombard Street. They came from the West and moved along the top of the 
buildings in the sky. The sky was dark and light at the same time. The 
clouds seemed dark black with white surrounding them and were moving in 
large clusters, scattered throughout the sky. The 7 objects were moving 
in a cluster with several more above the rest. Sort of like a flock of 
birds, all moving at the exact same speed. They did not increase or 
decrease their speed as they moved from the West to the East. It couldn't 
have been more than 15 seconds and then they were gone. Thanks to Brian 

Florida – Disk

MIAMI -- The incident occurred between 8:51 and 8:53 PM on Friday, 
January 7, 2005, and was observed by a Doctor who is a retired clinical 
psychologist and amateur astronomer, while the second witness is a teacher 
with a degree in education. They were observing the comet Machholz, 
through his telescope. The object moved from East to West at a very high 
rate of speed, covering about 90 degrees of arc in about ten seconds, 
when it was lost in the sky glow of the city to our west. Its speed was 
constant but it clearly and distinctly changed directions (perhaps 30 
degrees) two different times. There was absolutely no sound associated 
with the object. 
There were no aircraft in the vicinity at the time. The object’s 
angular size was very small, subtending only about 3 minutes of arc. It was 
clearly NOT an astronomical object since the amateur astronomer and 
accustomed to looking at meteors, comets, nebulae, galaxies. The teacher 
described it as having a "color" of dull orange-red. It was only modestly 
luminous, similar to perhaps a 3-4th magnitude star, but was clearly 
larger than a point-source like a star. It had a definite shape like a 
circle with a line through it (perhaps a saucer shape). It moved at a 
right angle to the "line" through the dot. The Dr. was not certain whether 
it emitted a dim light of its own or merely reflected light from the 
city below, but it was clearly NOT as bright as some of the brightest 
stars. The observers **strongly agree that it was not a conventional 
aircraft, a meteor, or any natural phenomenon. Thanks to Peter Davenport 

New Hampshire – UFO Video
Paul Spera writes, "On December 17th my girlfriend and I where sky 
watching through our glass sliding doors." We had several sightings over 
the weekend and were just getting restless when I noticed a large cluster 
of lights flying over our back yard. It was traveling southwest and was 
at an altitude of approximately 1000 to 2000 feet. I had filmed the 
same object the night before but this time it was closer. 
It appeared to have one large light surrounded by smaller lights which 
were all bright white forming the shape of a ramp. It had no strobes 
and was completely silent. I had my camera so I went on the deck and 
taped the object as it slowly flew between the gap of trees in my back 
yard. It continued west and can clearly be seen flying behind the trees in 
the video. Frame by frame analysis shows that the lights independently 
changed from white to several different colors quite rapidly. More 
images can be seen at my website. Paul Spera, New 
Hampshire UFO Hunter Website

New Jersey – Man Charged Shining Laser at Pilots
By Alan Levin, USA TODAY -- A New Jersey man was charged Tuesday under 
federal antiterrorism laws with shining a laser beam at a charter jet 
flying over his home, temporarily distracting the pilots. David Banach, 
38, is the first person charged in a rash of recent incidents in which 
lasers were aimed at aircraft around the country. Justice Department 
officials said they do not suspect terrorism in any of the cases, but 
said Banach's arrest shows how seriously they take the matter. "We need to 
send a clear message to the public that there is no harmless mischief 
when it comes to airplanes," said Christopher Christie, the U.S. 
attorney for New Jersey. 
Banach made an initial appearance in court Tuesday and was released on 
$100,000 bond. He was charged with interfering with a flight crew under 
the USA Patriot Act. He also was charged with lying to federal 
officers. The charges carry a maximum jail sentence of 25 years. Unrelated 
incidents of laser beams hitting planes have been reported in Medford, 
Ore.; Colorado Springs; Cleveland; Houston and Washington. 

New Jersey – Miniature UFO

MOUNT HOLLY – Jane reports, “I was sleeping next to my husband and 
awakened about 3 AM on December 11, 2004, seeing two red basketball size 
lights floating in the corner of the bedroom. I watched their movement as 
they generally floated or hovered in the corner. A third red plasma 
like disk entered the room and flew towards the bed and hovered over my 
husband. The red ball with red lights shining down stayed over him for 
about a minute and then flew outside through the wall. The disk was about 
one foot in diameter. 
On January 6, 2005, two red plasma like basketballs again appeared 
about 2 AM, and Jane was wide awake. Then a miniature disk shaped UFO 
appeared from the left wall and slowly flew across the room to above my 
husband's head. The disk hovered and eventually flew through the wall. The 
disk was gray and white and appeared to have windows around its center 
and a second set circling the bottom of the craft. It was two feet in 
diameter and one foot high and was perfect in detail. Once the craft 
left the other red balls departed with it. My husband's health remains 
good except for a cold. Thanks to Jane for her drawings.
Editor's Note: We have many similar reports of miniature UFOs. Some 
reports indicate the UFOs an ability to enlarge and miniaturize when 

Indiana - Flashing UFO

BLOOMINGTON – In early January, 2004, between 2 and 4 AM, John Tosti, 
Ted Roberts, Alice Evans and I, were coming home from a sky watch at a 
location that had a huge sighting a couple days before. John and I 
noticed a flashing object north of our location over a wildlife reserve. We 
told Ted to stop the van, and we went to turn on our cameras and the 
object winked out. We waited and nothing, we turned the cameras off, 
started the van and it came back on in the same spot. This occurred a few 
times. John broke out a spotlight and flashed it with the light 3 times. 
The object flashed back 3 times then stopped, John repeated this in 
different numbers of flashes, the object repeated the same number back 
each time all the while hovering and moving around slowly side to side and 
up and down. I began taping when the object started flashing back. This 
was all interesting, but the most interesting thing that tweaked my 
love for this sighting was that John decided to flash the light in!
 a sequence, Morris code if you like... short bursts and then long 
bursts of flashes, the object answered by repeating the exact same sequence 
of flashes. This lasted for about 10-15 minutes. Our thoughts were that 
this object wanted us to follow it, and from previous exp. we thought 
better of the idea. Thanks to Brian Vike Photo can be viewed at:

Ohio – Bird and UFO Video

FOSTORIA – George Ritter almost daily shoots video with his RCA VHS 
video camera when weather permits. Several readers have suggested he is 
actually shooting birds or insects that are moving at high speed. The 
camera has excellent high speed automatic focus. The close up image of a 
Robin compared with the distant UFO shows examples of the instantaneous 
focus capability. 
Birds and insects are usually portrayed in thirty or so frames of the 
video, while a UFO moving at thousands of miles an hour is in only one 
or two frames. US military aircraft can also reach speeds of thousands 
of miles an hour and close up would appear as a blur.
Thanks to George Ritter. Notice the similar blurred image in the 
Argentina article below. 

Oregon – Flashing Lights Sparks Fall From Cigar

PORTLAND – The witness saw the flashing blue and yellow lights at 9:30 
PM, on January 03, 2005, in the ESE sky over Portland. I do not have a 
telescope, but it was definitely moving very slowly which makes me 
think it is not an airplane and it looks to be too high to be a helicopter.

DALLAS – On January 5, 2005, four witnesses saw an object was shooting 
sparks from the bottom as it hovered and moved one way then the other 
at 7 PM. The first witness saw a bright light that would beam up to the 
sky and sparks and balls of light that was coming from the bottom of 
the craft! This WAS NO SHOOTING STAR! This was a UFO! It was moving south 
then just shot away fast. It was amazing! Witness 2: saw an orange 
sphere/cigar standing up then sideways... going back and forth very bright 
! Shooting sparks from the bottom, then about 15 minutes later 
helicopters! This is something VERY UNUSUAL! Witness 3: stated, “I saw lights 
one above the other...cigar shaped for two or three minutes of watching 
this bright object moving.” Witness 4: saw shooting sparks that where 
falling to the ground. Big object but totally silent. Then there where 
helicopters flying around looking for something. We tried to video tape 
it but couldn’t get it! It was amazing. We are all working people!
 and NOT CRAZY we saw a UFO! Thanks to Peter Davenport Director 

Texas - Saucer

DALLAS -- My 12 year old daughter and I were walking west bound on 
Linden Lane in North Dallas area about 11:53 to 11:55 PM on January 8, 
2005, and we saw a sudden bright white light in the sky. We looked was circular but not flat like a "flying saucer, almost 
slightly oval in shape. It made a sound like part of it was twirling, it had 
some goldish lights, some looked slightly tinted with red, but most 
were appeared to almost have tailights or lights in the back of 
it...the sky was cloudless and very dark making visibility very seemed to pass into the earths atmosphere and then disappear, 
perhaps leaving the earth's atmosphere. It was visible for about 4 -5 
seconds heading north northwest. I could probably draw an illustration of 
what we saw, it was that clear and visible. Thanks to Peter Davenport 

Washington -- Multi Colored Object, Splits 

BELLEVUE -- Around 6:45 PM, on January 10, 2005, a licensed commercial 
pilot and his wife were outside on their porch looking into the western 
sky towards Seattle and noticed an unusual light moving in a southeast 
direction at a very slow speed. The pilot states, “I could see with my 
naked eye, several different colors flashing, that did not appear to be 
moving at a steady rate of speed. and suddenly it split into three 
different and distinct lights. I called for my wife to bring out the 
binoculars and by the time I got them adjusted, the three lights became only 
one, with the same blinking. We watched this 'thing' for the next 15 or 
so minutes, me looking through the binoculars and my wife with only her 
eyes, it suddenly split into two distinct lights, one white light 
shooting straight into the atmosphere, the other white light shooting in a 
northerly direction. The rate of speed could not be calculated, but it 
was only a matter of maybe a couple of seconds before the objec!
ts were both out of sight. No noise was heard, and they were flying 
above 18,000 feet. . I've been flying since 1975, hold a commercial 
license with single engine, multi engine, seaplane, and CFI-II ratings. I 
know what we observed was not any known aircraft. Thanks to Peter 
Davenport Director

Canada - Triangular Shaped Objects

MONTREAL, QUEBEC -- It was quite early in the morning of Sunday, 
January 2, 2005, at about 2:30 AM, when my girlfriend and I were looking out 
our downtown window and noticed an extremely bright flickering light in 
the sky. The sky was slightly overcast and no other lights were 
visible. The object was lighting up the clouds and moved closer to us, which 
is when I got my binoculars. After focusing my binoculars the object 
looked triangular shaped with red lights surrounding it on the bottom. 
After remaining relatively stationary for some time, it began to move 
horizontally and vertically so quickly. I couldn't keep the binoculars 
steady because I started shaking. It appeared to emit a colored beam for 
the bottom of the triangle. It stayed in the sky for about and hour or 
so, then eventually traveled. Thanks to Brian Vike 

GROUSE MOUNTAIN, VANCOUVER -- Last night was again cold and clear, so I 
aimed my camera over Grouse Mountain. The video tape runs for 113 
minutes and right off the bat, something large and leaving a white streak 
passed through the view finder heading east to west that only took up 
about two frames and appeared to be right over the mountain. I say it must 
have been large as the width of the streak would have covered the 
entire ski run. It was as fast as a bolt of lighting and I counted 25 of 
those flashes of light on the tape. One was the size of Venus and lasted 
several seconds and appeared to be flickering. I zoomed in and looked at 
it one frame at a time and found the object was an oval shaped white 
thing in one frame, and the next frame there would be two of them side by 
side and then back to one and so on. This would make it appear really 
bright on every second frame, which made it appear to flicker when 
speeded up. I also saw on the same tape, two satellites passand a c!
ommercial jet.

VANCOUVER, B.C. – On January 5, 2005 at 12 PM, the witness noticed a 
triangular cloud slowly moving "against" the wind, headed slowly SE and 
maintaining it's original shape. I live close to the Ocean so most of 
our winds are from the West, especially where I am situated. While riding 
the bus I also began to notice a rectangular shaped cloud with a square 
shape visible inside it, with a long, long white line loosely attached 
to it. Within the two clouds, you could definitely see the sharp line 
of something that was within the white mist. I watched these items move 
slowly, without changing direction or shape for two hours. I have never 
seen a cloud or clouds period, move against the wind, in this direction 
it would have taken quite a bit of power to do so, but then they were 
moving almost slow enough to fall. I'm certain somebody else within the 
city has noticed this. I have been observing quite a few aerial 
anomalies from where I live up high in the Southern part of Vancouver!
 city, only ten minutes from the airport. I fully know the flight times 
and routes. These were not planes, they were for all intents and 
purpose cloud covers for something that did not want to be seen on a clear 
day. These two sightings remind me of the big "jellyfish" cloud but 
triangular and rectangular. My sighting lasted an hour and 43 minutes. 
HOUSTON, B.C. – Brian Vike talked to a witness who is located just 
south of the town, saw an extremely bright light, at 5:45 AM, on January 6, 
2005. She went out to start their truck and saw a stationary low light 
over the tree line just over the top of a local neighbor's field. It 
was cloudy and snowing. It disappeared and seconds later reappeared 
looking brighter than before. Eventually, the object started to move towards 
the west where the witness finally lost sight of it after ten minutes. 
There was no sound. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director 
Phone 250 845 2189 

TORONTO – The witness spotted three yellow lights in a triangle 
formation on January 10, 2005, about a 1000 feet from the ground, it looked to 
be just passing over the skyscrapers. At first glance I thought it was 
just one plane, but one of the lights took off in another direction and 
disappeared into the sky. The remaining two staying in there formation 
and continued flying across the sky. I just couldn't believe the speed 
of the craft that took off from formation, it seemed unreal, but it was 
amazing. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Argentina – UFO Photos
La Arena (newspaper) reports, “On December 18, 2004 at 15:45 hrs, a 
rural contractor managed to photograph a strange flying object in a field 
near Santa Rosa. Roberto Maggio was taking snapshots of the various 
machines working on tasks related to harvesting without ever being aware 
of the UFOs presence. The object was not seen by other persons working 
in the area either. At night, upon downloading the digital photos from 
his camera to the PC, he was startled to detect an object that showed a 
blurry outline. On top and bottom, however, the object was somehow 
sharper, presenting a darker central area. Maggio was also able to detect a 
small, blurry dot in an earlier photo which was supposedly the same 
object, but appearing with a better perspective in the next shot. 
The witness claims not having noticed insects or any other objects 
which could have led to misinterpretation moving in front of his lens, 
prior to taking the photographs. Note similarity to Ohio images. Thanks to 
La Arena 01.08.05 Translation (c) 2004. Scott Corrales, IHU. Special 
thanks to Raul Oscar Chavez 

Australia - Disc Shaped Craft and Burns on Body

URANIA, S.A. -- One night in April 1975 a friend of mine called me and 
asked if I wanted to go spotlighting for foxes, I said yes and traveled 
to his farm 10 miles south of Maitland and arrived there about 21:00. 
After going inside and chatting for a while with my friend Brad, his Mum 
Pam and another friend Michael, I said that I was going outside to get 
things ready to go spotlighting. As I walked out the back door (facing 
east) I noticed what I initially thought was a large shooting star 
coming down from the east and to the south east but, the shooting star 
stopped dead at about 20 degrees above the horizon and began traveling 
across the sky towards the east and flashing blue red and white lights at 
9:15 p.m. I yelled to the others to "Come Out Here NOW! Look At This!" 
They came running out and we all stood in the back yard watching as the 
UFO traversed the horizon. I got my rifle out of my car and began 
watching it through the telescopic sight and was amazed to see it was about 
40 meters across and about 20 meters high. It was disc shaped with 
windows around the edge of the disc and a flashing dome on top. It had a 
polished aluminum top, and it looked so close that I had to move the 
scope to see all of it. Brad went to get his binoculars while Pam, Michael 
and I took turns watching through the rifle scope. After about 5 
minutes Brad came back, he had been watching it through the binoculars and I 
could see from the porch light that he was as white as a ghost. The UFO 
was now around 1000 meters away and traveling towards us. I got scared 
and was going to have a shot at it, but was told off by Pam, so I 
lowered the rifle, as I did the UFO started to retreat and slowly move off 
to the north towards Maitland. We kept watching as it became just!
 a red flashing light until it was over the eastern side of Maitland 
where it hovered. Four other little red lights seemed to enter the 
(Mother ship) UFO and then the UFO took of in a slight arc to the east into 
the sky and disappeared in less that a second. We were on a dirt road 
parallel to the bitumen road so the craft would have been only about 
maybe 50 feet off the ground and pacing us, we were doing about 30 mph. 
Pam, Brad's Mom, said "Oh I've seen them before they'll be back!" Thanks 
to Brian Vike and AUFORN (Australian UFO Network)

COFFS HARBOUR -- On December 31, 2004, eight to ten flying Deep Orange 
glowing lights were observed by four witnesses at the annual New Year’s 
Eve fireworks display. After the fireworks began at 9:20 PM, I noticed 
a bright, deep orange light about 45 degrees in the sky to the right of 
a car . It was slightly larger than a normal star. After a few minutes 
I noticed that it was rising very slowly, I could see this using 
telephone wires as a point of reference. As it got higher in the sky it began 
pulsing on and off in time with each fireworks explosion. That's when 
we all got out of the car to watch it. Every time a firework lit up the 
sky the light would dim right out...then slowly brighten back up. All 
this time it was moving across the sky and getting closer to the 
fireworks area. That's when we could see a faint shape attached to the light. 
It was too far away to see but we could all make it out. The shape was 
about three times the size of the light. It seemed to pass dire!
ctly over the fireworks area and head out towards the sea. After 15 
minutes the fireworks display sent up it's last few starburst rockets. As 
they went off, we saw multiple orange lights maybe 8-10 all flash 
together. This was not part of the fireworks explosion as these lights went 
on and off multiple times in exactly the same position of the sky where 
the first object was headed. My whole family can't stop talking about 
whatever it was....I think they enjoyed the UFO more than the Fireworks. 
Thanks to Brian Vike A 3D recreation of the event is at
Iran -- Increased UFO Activity Noted

"The flights of unidentified objects and phenomena in the skies over 
the country have increased in the recent weeks," according to a news 
report in Iran. Iranian observers are not vexed by the possibility of 
extraterrestrial invasion, but by the more proximate threat of aerial 
reconnaissance and intelligence collection by foreign adversaries. See "An 
increase in the number of unidentified flying objects in the
country's sky," from the daily newspaper E'temad, December 25, 2004, 
(translated by the CIA's Foreign Broadcast Information Service):

Mexico: UFOs Photographed 
Guanajuato -- Inexplicata-the Journal of Hispanic Ufology-reports that 
on December 23, 2004, Messrs. Eduardo Ortega and Salvador Ortega 
videotaped small structures crossing the solar disk at high speed and in 
different directions at 1 PM. 
Upon examining the recorded images in slow-motion and frame by frame, 
the following images (attached) were seen. Consideration was given to 
the possibility that these may be the oft-mentioned "rods," without 
dismissing any other type of known event. 
The very same phenomenon was reported to the "Ojos De La Ciudad" UFO 
Group that same week by Mrs. Vicky Mendez, a well-known photographer of 
UFOs. Thanks to the Journal of Hispanic Ufology.
HERMOSILLO, Sonora Luis Gonzalez reports, “More than half of a hill 
located on the Hermosillo coast apparently "vanished." The event was 
classified by Sonoran scientists as "strange and surprising" According to a 
series of images taken by EL IMPARCIAL which were classified as 
"historically significant," a hill belonging to the Sierra de Cirios range 
near Puerto Libertad ceased to exist in a matter of hours. At 08:54 
minutes on January 10, 2005, a reporter and photographer from this newsroom 
saw what they took to be a UFO as they drove along Route 36 North along 
the coastline. After this sighting there occurred a strange phenomenon 
in which rocky formations changed composition (sic). At 14:08 hours, as 
shown by photographs taken from the site, a considerable part of the 
hill had disappeared. Thanks to Translation (c) 2004. by Scott Corrales, 
Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU). Special thanks to Guillermo 
Gimenez. INEXPLICATA The Journal of Hispanic Ufology January 11, 2005 

Philippines – Mystical Orbs

DAKIT -- Michael Harman writes, “I am an American living in the 
Philippines. I moved here last April and married a local girl. I live in a 
city called Dakit which is part of the larger city of Bogo located on the 
island of Cebu, the northern part of that island is on the ocean. I 
recently built a house here and have been getting lots of pictures of what 
looks like orbs in my photos of the house. In one picture at the 
Christmas party on my property, the entire photo is covered with what looks 
like orbs, each one is different and the patterns do not repeat from 
photo to photo. I have ruled out reflections and dirt on the lenses. I am 
taking these with an Olympus C-750 Digital camera, so no spots on the 
film. Go to my web site and view the orbs at:
Editor' Note: Most of the orb photos seem to be associated with dust or 
electrical energy from vehicles such as cars or planes. Some of this 
can be tested by deliberately manufacturing dust and taking similar 
photos. If you have very little dust or electrical generating equipment, 
then there may be another cause since the camera can pick up things we do 
not see. Ghosts and other anomalies may also produce these orbs. There 
are many strange things going on!

"Life on Mars" UFOs over Mars
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UPDATE: Hollow Earth Theory
Do New Findings Add Support To Marshall B. Gardner’s Nebula Theory? 


Cause of Strange Cosmic Shapes Pinned Down 
By Robert Roy Britt
Senior Science Writer
posted: 10 January, 2004
7:00 a.m. ET

Few objects in the sky have more magnetic personalities than planetary 
nebulas. Astronomers have been drawn to the strange objects since early 
telescopes in the 1700s revealed them as fuzzy patches of light that 
resembled the giant planets of our outer solar system. 
More recently, the Hubble Space Telescope and others have produced 
stunning images of the zoo of bizarre shapes and intense colors these 
objects display.
A new study seems to confirm one crucial aspect of what's behind the 
mysterious shapes, that they are sculpted in large part by the magnetic 
field of the dying star that spawns them. …

Editorial Interruption:

[ Not surprisingly the next sentence in this new report is “Planetary 
nebulas have nothing to do with planets, astronomers eventually 
learned.” …

Of course not!  And nowhere in this sentence does it state that this is 
only theory.  However further in even the authors of this report admit 
the truth. 
“Theorists have assumed that lingering magnetic fields, remains of the 
days when the central star was normal, shape the outflow. Computer 
models show this to be the best explanation. …”

 The key word here is THEORISTS.  But this theory is not one that all 
theorists agree with.   Further into the article we find:

“But these magnetic fields haven't been conclusively detected.” …

Lets take a peak at another theory…. Marshall B. Gardner’s Hollow Earth 

“Briefly our theory is that the original nebula did not break up into a 
solar system but condensed into one planet..  From observations of 
nebulas which are at this moment in various stages of their evolution we 
are forced to the conclusion that the rotating mass of gas, breaking off 
from its central nucleus forms an envelope of a roughly spherical shape 
which afterwards solidifies, leaving the central nucleus still in the 
center to form an inner sun …” (Page 29).  
[From A Journey to the Earth’s Interior: Have the Poles Really Been 
Discovered? (1913-1920) Marshall B. Gardner].

Mr. Gardner believed that centrifugal force  was being ignored by the 
scientists of the time.  He believed that in the nebulas gravity caused 
the heaviest material to be pulled inward to form a center sun.  A fact 
admitted to by scientists several years ago when they found that the 
center core of the earth spins independently of the rest of our planet.  
At the time of discovery they called the core a “planet within a 
planet.”  But it seems to me that with the core being extremely hot, (one of 
their facts) it must give off heat.  And where there’s heat there’s 
light.  Therefore the actual definition of our center core would be “A sun 
within a planet.”  Just as Gardner believed.

Gardner wrote that while the heaviest matter was being pulled ever 
inward… tighter and tighter… the lighter material was being slung outward 
by centrifugal force.  He believed that at the point where the 
centrifugal force throwing the matter outward became equal to the gravitational 
pull of the heavier center core pulling the matter inward there formed 
the outer mantle and crust.

I find this next line from this latest report from the highly respected worth pondering when comparing Gardner‘s Hollow Earth theory 
to the latest findings.

“Meanwhile, alternate theories have clung to textbook pages. Perhaps a 
rotating star generates a centrifugal effect on the outflows. …”

[Perhaps. … Dennis].

Aliens live on Earth, under the ground
09/20/2004 19:43 

“A lot of respectable scientists and writers believed that Earth is 
hollow inside”  

[For the above statement I almost feel like taking all I’ve ever said 
about Pravda being the National Inquirer of Russia back … <;>) …. I said 

However I must admit that this report does contain good background 
information on the Subterranean Worlds Mystery … Dennis].

“Rumors about underground towns appeared for the first time in 1946. 
The person to launch the rumors was Richard Shaver - writer, journalist 
and scientist. His incredible story about contacts with aliens living 
under the ground was published in Amazing Stories Magazine. 
“Shaver said that he had spent several weeks living under the ground 
with demon-looking aliens, whose descriptions can be found in ancient 
legends and fairytales. Almost every nation has a tale of an ancient race, 
which settled in planet Earth long before humans appeared on it. Those 
underground creatures are described as inconceivably talented, 
brilliant and culturally educated - they do not want to have anything in common 
with humans….”

[Remember your saltshaker! … Dennis].
From the Dean of Hollow Earth Studies on the Internet
Posted by: deandddd
His Group:

[Due to all of the current chatter on the internet about UFO 
Underground Bases  I thought it might be a good idea to include some of 
Drama/Dean’s posts concerning the UFO/Hollow Earth connections at this time. … 

UFO’s from Underground Bases

The author of The Hollow Earth writes the following about a hollow 
earth origin for UFOs, at least some of them. The same logic is 
applicable to cavern worlds-

In his book, " They knew Too Much about Flying Saucers, " Barker
speaks of the " Antarctic Mystery " or the unusual number of flying
saucers seen to ascend and descend in the region of the South Pole,
which strongly supports the theory of a polar opening through which
flying saucers emerge from and enter the hollow interior of the
earth. In this book he mentions an Australian and a New Zealand
investigator, named Bender and Jarrold respectively, who believed
that flying saucers originate and are based in the Antarctic and
tried to trace their course, when they were suddenly stopped in their
research by `three men in black,' who were secret government agents
who apparently wished to suppress such research, just as publicity
concerning Admiral Byrd's 2,300 mile flight to the new unknown
territory not found on any map, that lies beyond the South Pole and
inside the opening that leads to the earth's hollow interior, was
suppressed in the press.

Theodore Fitch is another American writer who believes that flying
saucers come from the hollow interior of the earth. In his book, "Our
Paradise Inside the Earth," he writes:
"Writers of books on flying saucers believe that they come from other
planets. But how can that be? They are too far away. Traveling at
terrific speeds it would take a lifetime to make the trip (especially
from planets of other solar systems) ."

Fitch claims, as does Palmer, that the "spacemen" who come to us in
flying saucers, who pose as visitors from other planets, are really
members of an advanced civilization in the hollow interior of the
earth, who have important reasons for keeping their true place of
origin secret, for which reason they purposely foster the false
belief that they come from other planets. On this point, Fitch
writes: " They say that they come from other planets, but we doubt
it." He considers this a whilte lie in order to prevent militaristic
governments from learning that on the opposite side of the Earth's
crust there exists an advanced civilization far surpass our own,
which is reached by the Polar openings.

" They say that they come from other planets, but we doubt it."
Underground Brazil

It is claimed that the earth is honeycombed with a network of tunnels, 
are especially abundant in South America; and that these tunnels lead 
subterranean cities in immense cavities in the earth. Most famous of 
tunnels is the `Roadway of the Incas' which is said to stretch for 
hundreds of miles south of Lima, Peru via Cuzco, Tiahuanaco and the 
Peaks, going on to the Atacama Desert where all traces of it is lost.
Another branch runs to Brazil, where it is connected by tunnels to the
coast. Here the tunnels go under the bottom of the ocean in the 
direction of
the lost Atlantis. In this way Atlantis once had direct connection with 
colonies in Brazil and Peru, through tunnels that run under the 
Ocean and then under Brazil, passing through Parana and Santa Catarina 
Mato Grosso and then on to Peru. They then ran down the Andes to Chile.
Read more at Dean’s Web Page:
Page 205 of UFOs in Brazil, by Antonio Faliero

"One case called our attention in particular. A young man from the 
region* who was hunting one evening around twilight time, saw a 
bluish orb of light come out of the ground, which took off straight 
up into space. 

* Town of Passatempo, State of Minas Gerais, Brazil
Here is the site address of Eric Von Daniken, who wrote Chariots of
the Gods and Gold of the Gods. Those books contain a lot of info on
underground worlds, especially the tunnel systems underneath Peru and
the pyramids in Egypt.

Explore Drama/Dean’s Hollow Earth pages starting here:

I am a relative newcomer to research on reptilian aliens and hollow 
earth theory. Personally, I refuse to believe these things are true. 
However, the more I research these matters in an attempt to disprove them, 
the more plausible they seem to become. 
Once you become aware of reptilian and Masonic symbolism, you see it 
everywhere. To that end, I have launched Reptilian Watch 
(, a small site devoted to this 
seemingly interconnected phenomenon. 

Jason Gortician
2607 Kavanaugh #33
Ruston, Louisiana

Posted by:  TrueTales

Living in a State-Run World
by Murray N. Rothbard

[Republican administrations often pose moral and practical questions 
for libertarians, insofar as many jobs become available in government, 
whether directly employed by the White House, or regulatory agencies, as 
writers and intellectuals. Is it right or wrong to accept such jobs? 
And regardless of who is in power, many free market economists face the 
ongoing dilemma of working in state-funded institutions. Freedom-minded 
citizens, too, face the problem of whether it is proper to work for the 
public sector and in what capacity. In this article from Liberty, 
Volume 1, number 3; December 1987, pp. 23–25, Murray N. Rothbard offers his 

The articles by Messrs., Waters and Wollstein [i] (Liberty, Sept./Oct. 
1987) highlight a vitally important question for libertarians: How can 
we act, and act morally, in a State-controlled and dominated world?
It seems to me that the most important concern is to avoid the twin, 
and equally destructive, traps: of ultra-purist sectarianism, where 
indeed we would not permit ourselves to walk on government-owned streets; 
and sellout opportunism, in which we could become supervisors of 
concentration camps while still claiming we were "libertarians" in some far 
off, ideal world.
Opportunists are people who severely split theory from practice; whose 
ideals are tucked away in some closet or trophy room and have no 
bearing on their daily lives. Sectarians, on the other hand, suffer from what 
the Catholics would call the error of "scrupulosity," and are always in 
danger of boxing themselves in to become hermits and virtual martyrs. 
All well and good; but to avoid both pitfalls, we need some criteria to 
guide us.
Continue at:
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From: Steve Lazarus


JANUARY 6, 2004. 

THIS IS A BIG ONE. has a link to the site of Congressman John 
Tanner of Tennessee. If you go to Tanner and follow his links, you'll 
finally arrive at some very interesting information about foreign holders of 
US government debt. 

Or you can do this: 

Go to 

Click on "Foreign Holdings of US Debt." 

When you arrive there, click on "Major Foreign Holders of Treasury 

You will find yourself on a page from the US House of Representatives 
site, and you'll read that you're exiting from that page to a US 
Treasury Dept. page. Wait a few seconds. When you arrive at the new page, read 
the document. I've pasted a tiny chunk of it below. 

It indicates that $85 billion of the US debt was bought, in the form of 
purchased US government paper (bonds, securities, etc.), by "Caribbean 
Bank Centers." There is a 2 after that entry. I thought the 2 referred 
to two bank centers, but it's a footnote. The footnote spells out where 
these Caribbean bank centers are located: 

Bahamas, Bermuda, Cayman Islands, Netherlands Antilles, Panama. 

Places that have gathered fame as friends to laundered $$$. 

Is this a coincidence? I would bet against that. I would say that bank 
centers in these places (notice that the exact banks are not named) 
have taken in very large amounts of drug money and then invested some of 
that money in US government paper---which is how the US finances its 

I mean, if you were the head of the DEA or the FBI and you were honest, 
and you found out that $85 billion of the US government debt was being 
bankrolled from such places, wouldn't you smell a rat? Wouldn't you 
investigate? The operative word here is HONEST. 

The absence of such investigations, in the real world, is what you can 
call a clue. A clue that the war on drugs is, at best, a very limited 
and phony enterprise, designed (in part) to protect a favored source of 
revenue for the US government. Such protection involves, among other 
things, terminating major, major drug busts before they happen. A 
necessity, if those big $$$ are going to be successfully fielded by drug 
traffickers, deposited in "bank centers," and then invested in floating part 
of the US government debt. 

A criminal operation of this kind and magnitude is obviously going to 
involve SKIMMING. By that I suggest that certain US government officials 
and certain other insiders are going to grab a significant commission 
along the way. 

In fact, what we are looking at here is a DEAL, a TRADE-OFF. The 
traffickers are permitted to go about their business, with the understanding 
that they will buy up a piece of the US national debt. 

As a partial analogy, the US Treasury document I'm referring to also 
ominously lists China as a very major holder of US government debt. Well, 
where does the government of China get the money to buy its piece of 
the US deficit? Let's see. There is slave labor or close-to-slave-labor 
in factories that turn out products that are sold to US companies. Does 
the US government entertain a flicker of conscience about that ugly 
situation? Of course not. In the same way, the US government does not mind 
at all that billions of its debt are bought by drug traffickers. It's 
just business. It's just money. 

Also note that $85 billion (from drug traffickers) is not really a huge 
piece of the US deficit. That's another clue. A clue that the people 
who are skimming their commissions on this set-up are not in the deal for 
altruistic reasons. Their major concern isn't floating the nati onal 
debt. Their COMMISSIONS are their motivation. Their SELF-PROTECTION is 
gained by making sure that the drug $$ buy up part of the US national 
deficit. A SYMBOLIC tip of the hat that freezes everybody. 

As in, "Hey, you guys can't investigate us. Don't you see? The drug 
money (from which we pull our millions in commissions) is allowing the 
whole federal government to operate. You're going to go up against THAT?" 


(in billions of dollars) 
Caribbean Banking Centers 2 85.2 (billion dollars in 2004)... 

Department of the Treasury/Federal Reserve Board 
December 15, 2004 
1/ Estimated foreign holdings of U.S. Treasury marketable and 
nonmarketable bills, bonds and notes 
are based on Treasury Foreign Portfolio Investment Survey benchmarks 
and on monthly data 
reported under the Treasury International Capital (TIC) reporting 
2/ Includes Bahamas, Bermuda, Cayman Islands, Netherlands Antilles, and 

end of document snip 


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From:  UFO Roundup Number 10 Number 2


"On December 30, 1946, a U.S. Navy patrol plane with a crew of nine, 
mapping the Antarctic coast as part of a military effort called Operation 
High Jump crashed in a snowstorm after its radar failed to detect a 
slope not shown on the charts."
Now the U.S. Navy, piggybacking on scientific explorations of western 
Antarctica, has begun an effort to locate the plane and recover the 
remains of the crew members who died."

"The crew members and their plane were part of what remains to this day 
the largest expedition ever in Antarctica, Operation High Jump, which 
was led by the renowned polar explorer, Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd, 
and consisted of 13 ships, 23 aircraft and 4,700 men."

"According to a 1946 Navy memorandum, the mission's goal was 
'consolidating and extending U.S. sovereignty over Antarctic areas, investigating 
possible base sites and extending scientific knowledge in general."

"With the Cold War turning more frigid by the month, the venture 
unnerved the Soviet Union. The Soviet whaling fleet had just begun plying 
Antarctic waters, and a military publication called Red Fleet warned 
darkly that the operation was proof 'American military circles are seeking 
to subject the Polar Regions to their control.'"

"Argentina and Chile were none too happy, either.  Both countries had 
their own overlapping claims to areas extending from the tip of South 
America. Their fears of an American incursion were heightened when Chile 
asked Washington's permission to send an observer along, but was turned 

In their books, written in the 1970s, Wilhelm Landig and "outcast 
ufologist" Ernst Zundel claimed that Operation High Jump was literally "the 
last battle of World War II." In Secret Nazi Polar Expeditions (1978) 
and Hitler at the South Pole (1979), Zundel claimed that 
Reichsfuehrer-SS Heinrich Himmler had founded an SS colony in Antarctica called 
Neuschwabenland (German for New Swabia--J.T.). The base, known as Point 211, 
eventually became the Antarctic Reich.  Opinion is sharply divided 
about the final fate of Neuschwabenland.  Some argue that the Nazis 
abandoned their Antarctic sanctuary in the 1960s and moved to sites in the 
Andes. Another group claims that the Antarctic Reich still exists and has 
grown into "a civilization under the ice," home to about 3 million 
people of German and Ukrainian descent. It's supposed to be somewhere in 
the Muhlig-Hoffman Mountains, adjacent to the ruins of Kadath, a city 
founded by settlers from the lost continent of Atlantis.
The Redemptionists believe that Adolf Hitler escaped from Berlin in 
April 1945, traveled to southern Argentina in a U-boat, and from there 
traveled to Neuschwabenland in a Nazi flying saucer. Hitler supposedly 
lived in Antarctica until 1952, when he reportedly traveled to the moon 
and met with aliens from space. These aliens took him to Aldebaran, 68 
light-years from Earth. According to the legend, some day Hitler will 
return with an Aldebarani space armada.

On November 27, 2004, the Navy undertook "the initial try 
to locate the wreckage of the George 1," the plane that crashed in 1946. 
The search flight "was a joint one, conducted aboard a Chilean Navy 
Orion P-3 aircraft with a Chilean crew and NASA scientists working 

"'This wasn't just a routine task for us,' said Capt. Christian 
Aldunate, the senior Chilean pilot on the recovery flight. 'It was a challenge 
to find clues that could help locate the plane, even though we knew it 
would be almost impossible to get at it because of the ice and snow 
that had piled up over so many years.'"

"During an 11-hour flight from and back to Punta Arenas, in the extreme 
south of Chile, the search plane dipped as low as 500 feet (150 meters) 
over Thurston Island so scientists could use radar and laser beams to 
try to locate the remains of the U.S. Navy PBM (Martin) Mariner 

"'Even today it's not easy, but we can rely on information from 
satellite photos, GPS systems and wind predictions,' Aldunate said, referring 
to global positioning networks. 'But from the time they took off until 
the time they arrived in the area, they had no idea what to expect.'"

"Though little known in the outside world, the three men who died in 
the (1946) crash--Wendell K. Hendersin, Maxwell Lopez and Frederick 
Williams--are still celebrated in Antarctica as heroes."
"At McMurdo Station, a U.S. research base on the edge of the Ross Ice 
Shelf, there is a plaque to honor the men, the first Americans to die on 
any of Byrd's many expeditions." (See the Duluth, Minn. News-Tribune 
for January 2, 2005, "Navy tries to find plane lost in Antarctica 58 
years ago," page 7A.)
Update:   Mysterious Lake Vostok 

Posted by:  GeorgeBaadenRS 
Source:  70South

Lake Vostok is located almost in the center of the Antarctic. It is 
almost as big as Lake Ontario. Mysterious is absolutely the right word to 
describe this huge body of water. Last summer in the Antarctic SOAR 
(Support Office for Aerogeophysical Research flew 36, 4 hour missions over 
Lake Vostok. Every second instruments in the Twin Otter airplane 
measured gravitational attractions, radar readings, and 10 different measures 
on a magnetometer. They may have found more mysteries than they solved. 
[ed: details of the original story are on the Antarctic Sun.] 
read the Rest at:
Giant ice slabs set for collision 
Posted by:  ourbillofrights
Source: BBC

Two giant slabs of ice are about to hit each other in Antarctica, 
possibly with spectacular results, say Nasa experts. A 160km-long iceberg is 
heading on a collision course with a huge floating glacier in the sea 
near the US McMurdo Research Station.
The B-15A iceberg should collide with the Drygalski Ice Tongue no later 
than 15 January 2005, though it is slowing. 
US space agency scientists are studying the iceberg's progress by 
monitoring satellite images of the region. …
Complete Report: 
The Research and Writings of “TAL’

What's happening in Antarctica? 

According to an inside Aussie news reports, the US has decided to 
evacuate its base at McMurdo in the Antarctic and has requested the Russians 
to also send its icebreaker the 'Krasin' to assist evacuation. 

What is incoming...might be a good question with this story?? 

It is an event so large that the best seat in the house is in space: a 
massive iceberg is on a collision course with a floating glacier near 
the McMurdo Research Station in Antarctica. NASA satellites have 
witnessed the 100-mile-long B-15A iceberg moving steadily towards the 
Drygalski Ice Tongue. Though the iceberg's pace has slowed in recent days, NASA 
scientists expect a collision to occur no later than January 15, 2005. 

"It's a clash of the titans, a radical and uncommon event," says Robert 
Bindshadler, a researcher at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, and if 
the two giant slabs of ice collide, we could see one of the best 
demolition derbies on the planet. "Even a 'tap' from a giant can be powerful. 
It will certainly be a blow far larger than anything else the ice 
tongue has ever experienced," says Bindshadler. 

When the iceberg and the ice tongue collide, the impact will likely 
"dent their bumpers," says Bindshadler. The edges could crumple and ice 
could pile or drift into the Ross Sea. But if the B-15A iceberg picks up 
enough speed before the two collide, the results could be more 
spectacular. The Drygalski Ice Tongue could break off. 

The ice tongue is thick ice that grows out over the Ross Sea from a 
land-based glacier on Antarctica's Scott Coast. "Ice tongues do break off 
on occasion," says Bindshadler. "It would only take one thin area on 
the ice tongue to make it break off." There's no guarantee that the 
Drygalski Ice Tongue will break off, but "this is the toughest blow it has 
ever had to deal with." 

"That Ice tongue has no reason for staying intact" says Waleed 
Abdalati, researcher with NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, but Bindshadler 
points out, it may not break up either. The results depend on the 
movement of the B-15A iceberg.
Record high tornadoes reported in the United States in 2004...Mega more 
Side Note : 
Dec. 30, 2004 — The total number of tornadoes reported in the United 
States (1,717) reached a record high during the year 2004, surpassing the 
previous record by almost 300, according to officials at the NOAA Storm 
Prediction Center in Norman, Okla. The previous record of 1,424 
tornadoes in 1998, and the total of 1,368 in 2003. "In 2004, record tornado 
reports were largely the result of an active hurricane season during 
August and September."

Tsunami threats in the U.S. 
There are only two places in the U.S. where an earthquake could cause a 
tsunami on the scale of the one that hit the Far East recently. Studies 
show that at least one of these areas is long overdue for a quake and 
may have one at any time. 

Robin Lloyd writes in that the Cascadia subduction 
zone, running 50 miles up the coast of the Pacific Northwest, has 
experienced four huge earthquakes in the past 1,600 years, and another big one 
is overdue. 

In the past, earthquakes in this zone have come in clusters of up to 
five at one time, with 300 years between quakes. The most recent, quake 
of a 9.0 magnitude, took place in the year 1700. The one before that hit 
in the year 1500. It’s now been 305 years since the last quake, so the 
area is overdue for another one. A quake along the Cascadia fault would 
cause the ocean floor to bounce 20 feet, setting off giant waves close 
to shore that would hit land in half an hour—not enough time to 
evacuate residents.

Offshore = West Coast & Alaska Tsunami Warning Center : 

The Cascadia Subduction Zone : The next catastrophic earthquake ! 
The stresses detected off Washington's coast could generate a huge 
earthquake (magnitude 9 or more). 
Great Subduction Zone earthquakes are the largest earthquakes in the 
world, and can exceed magnitude 9.0. Earthquake size is porportional to 
fault area, and the Cascadia Subduction Zone is a very long sloping 
fault that stretches from mid-Vancouver Island to Northern California. 
Washington Earthquakes, Washington State Military Dept, Emergency 
Management Division. The next great earthquake will have significant impact 
on Washington's population and economy. SEE : 
Due to the increase in population, infrastructure, and construction, we 
can expect the next great earthquake to have significant impact in 
terms of loss of life and to our state's economy. A strong earthquake may 
also generate a destructive tsunami along the coast....
January 10. 2005 - NEW MOON 
by Mitch Battros – ECTV 

I have just received an urgent notice from Adam Rubel of Saq Be’. Adam 
states he has just received word from Carlos Barrios (Mayan Elder), 
that earth changing events are “in motion” to escalate. 
The first thing Adam reminds us “not” do is hit the panic button. What 
is unfolding is in perfect order and the Earth has seen this many times 
This message is not meant to induce fear, but to give warning of 
preparation and remain aware of your surroundings. 
Adam reports this message has been verified and brought forth by 
various Mayan elders in Guatemala, and is meant for distribution to all 
Mitch Battros
Producer - Earth Changes TV

Mayan Elders have put out a specific call for people around the world 
to join in prayer, meditation or whatever method of spirituality one 
engages in to unite on January 18th at the time of their local sunset 
(approx 6:00PM). This date is (9) Keme according to the sacred Mayan 
Cholq'ij calendar available at: has the potential 
for protecting humanity from disaster. 

February 7, 2005 /// Moon at perigee
The point in the Moon's orbit when it is nearest to Earth. (Could 
"trigger" a major Earthquake".) 

February 8, 2005 /// New Moon There will be many major ceremonies in 
the Mayan communities.... An open invitation is extended to humanity that 
wish to join the Mayan people for the Waxa'qib B'atz' ceremonies on 
February 12th in Guatemala. *********************

Comet Machholz (C/2004 Q2 ) Is Here!!! Don Machholz discovered this 
comet, C/2004 Q2, in the early morning of August 27, 2004. It is 
brightening quickly and already visible to the unaided eye. Comet Machholz was 
closest to Earth on the night of Jan. 5-6, 2005 Comet Machholz was near 
the Pleiades star cluster on Jan. 7...SEE : 

The comet will move north of the celestial equator, tracking from 
southern Taurus on up into the constellation Perseus.

January 23, 2005 /// Full Moon
The comet will reach perihelion at around 22 hours G.M.T./5:00 p.m. EST 
on Jan. 24, when it will be 112,019,920 miles from the Sun. 

It will stay in the northern skies for much of 2005, even approaching 
Polaris in early March. 
During February, March and April, Comet Machholz will become circumpolar 
from mid-northern latitudes. Or in other words, during this time frame 
it will always remain above the horizon, appear to neither rise nor 
set. During the second week of March, it will pass within half-dozen 
degrees of Polaris, the North Star. 
* Traveling in a highly elongated orbit, taking it far beyond the known 
limits of our solar system, it could again return to the vicinity of 
the Earth and Sun about 119,000 years from now.

Comet Machholz: The Mabus Death Star?
Quatrain 2.62
Mabus will soon die, then will come
Of people and beasts a horrible destruction:
Then all too suddenly the vengeance is revealed,
A hundred, hand, thirst, hunger, when the comet shall run.

This dire prediction warns that the death of Mabus, when it occurs, 
will ignite a major holocaust somewhere in the world, quite possibly in 
the Middle East and, perhaps, far beyond the region. As the above 
quatrain illustrates, a horrific retaliation will follow in the wake of his 
death, starting an escalating cycle of reprisals, possibly nuclear. 

Could George W. Bush be a candidate for Mabus ? OR is it...Mahmoud 
Abbas who was elected Palestinian Authority president ? Abbas Makes Peace 
Gesture to Israel . If he is this person, Nostradamus says he will die 
"soon," his death triggering or coinciding with a "great destruction of 
people and beasts." Battle upon battle leading to World War III, may 
begin as early as January 2005 with Israeli or US attacks against Iranian 
nuclear facilities.

If this should be the case, 2005 would be the year the wars in the 
Middle East and the Balkans will merge together, making Turkey and Egypt 
major battlegrounds, and wars in the Pacific will commence: China and 
North Korea vs the US and its allies. The next potential vector for such a 
major terrorist attack on the US mainland is August 2005. 

Jan. 12, 2005. Launch of the Deep Impact NASA spacecraft, a scientific 
study of Comet Tempel 1, which will impact it to study it, on July 4 
2005. A similar spacecraft with a nuclear weapon could be an asteroid and 
comet defense.
January 13, 2005 /// Saturn at opposition

Sedna was an Eskimo mythology Goddess...a tragic figure. 
Mysterious Sedna An Alien Planetoid? 
The giant red planet called "Sedna" it the Sacred REPTOID/DRACO 
Planetoid ? "Sedna" will become closer and brighter over the next 72 
years before it begins its 10,500-year trip to the far reaches of the solar 
system and back again. "The last time "Sedna" was this close to the 
Sun, Earth was just coming out of the last ice age.

March 2005. The Red Heifer (cow) born in Israel in March 2002 is 
reaching three years old, the age when its ashes can be used for purifying a 
new Temple in Jerusalem, should Israel decide to build this Temple. But 
the Muslim Dome of the Rock is sitting on the Temple Mount site; will 
something happen to the Dome of the Rock ?
* March 20, 2005 /// Vernal equinox
June 8, 2005 /// Venus 4° south of Moon
June 9, 2005 /// Saturn 5° south of Moon June 16, 2005 /// Jupiter 0.4° 
north of Moon, occultation.  An occultation occurs when one object 
passes in front of a smaller one, temporarily obscuring all or part of the 
background object from view. 
June 19, 2005. A grouping of planets seen in the sky: during the month 
of June's last half, Mercury, Venus, and Saturn are seen close together 
at dusk in the western sky.

June 21, 2005 /// Summer solstice

June 22, 2005 /// Full Moon

June 23, 2005 /// Moon at perigee
The point in the Moon's orbit when it is nearest to Earth.

June 23, 2005 /// Venus 5° south of Pollux
Pollux is the 16th brightest star in the night sky. 

June 24, 2005 /// Mercury 5° 
south of Pollux
Pollux is the 16th brightest star in the night sky. 

June 24, 2005 /// Neptune 5° north of Moon
June 25, 2005 /// Venus 1.3° north of Saturn (Saturn passes within 1 
degree of Venus.) 

June 26, 2005 /// Mercury 1.4° north of Saturn

June 26, 2005 /// Uranus 3° north of Moon

June 27, 2005 /// Mercury 0.08° south of Venus
June 27, Mercury and Venus are within .1 degree after Sunset. This may 
indicate a strong Satanic energy in the world then.July 24, 2005. 
Begins a three week mourning period on the Jewish calendar, ending August 
14, the Ninth of Av (Tisha B'Av), which is associated with disaster since 
twice the Temple in Jerusalem was destroyed on the Ninth of Av, in 586 
B.C. and 70 A.D.. 

June 28, 2005 /// Mars 2° south of Moon 
Aug. 14, 2005. The Ninth of Av on the Jewish calendar, an ominous day 
associated with disaster. Watch events in the world then. 
Oct. 2005. A 666 day interval date, possibly significant for the 
Antichrist and Muslim Terrorism. 
Oct. 3 2005 there is an Annular solar eclipse that passes over the 
Muslim world - Algeria, Tunisia, Libya.

October 17, 2005 /// Full Moon - partial eclipse

October 25, 2005 /// Saturn 4° south of Moon October 29, 2005 /// Mars 
closest approach....Mars closet point to Earth

November 1, 2005 /// New Moon

December 9, 2005 /// Venus at greatest brilliancy (magnitude –4.7)
Venus at its brightest.

June 17, 2006, a close approach in the sky of Mars and Saturn, and 
Aug. 26, 2006, a very close approach of Venus and Saturn. 
Big events in the world: economic crash and war. 
First Tsunami-Making Bomb
Developed In WWII

Top secret wartime experiments were conducted off the New Zealand coast 
perfect a tidal wave bomb believed to be potentially as effective as 
atom bomb, a report said yesterday citing declassified files.

Auckland University professor Thomas Leech set off a series of 
explosions triggering mini-tidal waves at Whangaparaoa, just north of
Auckland, in 1944 and 1945, the New Zealand Herald reported.

His work was considered so significant that US defense chiefs said if 
project had been completed before the end of the war it could have 
played a
role as effective as that of the atom bomb.

Details of the tsunami bomb, known as Project Seal, are contained in
53-year-old documents released by the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign
Affairs and Trade.

Papers stamped "top secret" show the US and British military were eager 
Seal to be developed in the post-war years too. They even considered 
Leech to Bikini Atoll to view the US nuclear tests and see if they had 
application to his work.

He did not make the visit, although a member of the US board of 
assessors of
atomic tests, Dr. Karl Compton, was sent to New Zealand.

"Dr. Compton is impressed with Professor Leech's deductions on the Seal
project and is prepared to recommend to the Joint Chiefs of Staff that 
technical data from the test relevant to the Seal project should be 
available to the New Zealand Government for further study by Professor
Leech," said a July 1946 letter from Washington to Wellington.

Leech, who died in his native Australia in 1973, was the university's 
of engineering from 1940 until 1950.

News of his being awarded a CBE in 1947 for research on a weapon led to
speculation in newspapers around the world about what was being 

Though high-ranking New Zealand and US officers spoke out in support of 
research, no details of it were released because the work was on-going.

A former colleague of Leech, Neil Kirton, told the New Zealand Herald 
the experiments involved laying a pattern of explosives underwater to 
a tsunami.

Small-scale explosions were carried out in the Pacific and off 
which at the time was controlled by the army.

It is unclear what happened to Project Seal once the final report was
forwarded to Wellington Defense Headquarters late in the 1940s.

The bomb was never tested full scale, and Kirton doubts the public 
have noticed the trials.

"Whether it could ever be resurrected ... Under some circumstances I 
it could be devastating," he said.

You are now EXITING the ‘TAL’ ZONE

Conspiracy theorists see dark forces behind tsunami disaster 
AFP: 1/11/2005 

HONG KONG, Jan 6 (AFP) - Just 11 days after Asia's tsunami catastrophe, 
conspiracy theorists are out in force, accusing governments of a 
cover-up, blaming the military for testing top-secret eco-weapons or aliens 
trying to correct the Earth's "wobbly" rotation. 
In bars and Internet chatrooms around the world questions are being 
asked, with knowing nods and winks, about who caused the submarine 
earthquake off Sumatra on December 26, and why governments were so slow to act 
in the minutes and hours before tsunamis slammed into their shores, 
killing almost 150,000. 
"There's a lot more to this. Why is the US sending a warship? Why is a 
senior commander who was in Iraq going there?" whispered designer Mark 
Tyler, drinking a pint of beer at a bar in Hong Kong's Wan Chai 

"This happened exactly a year after Bam," said Tyler, referring to the 
earthquake in Iran which killed 30,000 on December 26 last year. "Is 
that a coincidence? And there was no previous seismic activity recorded 
in Sumatra before the quake, which is very strange," he said, nodding 
somberly. …
Complete Report:
Sun's rays to roast Earth as poles flip
Posted by: 121
Source:  The Observer International/Observer

Robin McKie, science editor
Sunday November 10, 2002
The Observer 

Earth's magnetic field - the force that protects us from deadly 
radiation bursts from outer space - is weakening dramatically. 
Scientists have discovered that its strength has dropped precipitously 
over the past two centuries and could disappear over the next 1,000 
The effects could be catastrophic. Powerful radiation bursts, which 
normally never touch the atmosphere, would heat up its upper layers, 
triggering climatic disruption. Navigation and communication satellites, 
Earth's eyes and ears, would be destroyed and migrating animals left 
unable to navigate. 
'Earth's magnetic field has disappeared many times before - as a 
prelude to our magnetic poles flipping over, when north becomes south and 
vice versa,' said Dr Alan Thomson of the British Geological Survey in 
'Reversals happen every 250,000 years or so, and as there has not been 
one for almost a million years, we are due one soon.' …
Complete Report:

Senator plans bill that defines opponents as 'political paranoia'
Posted by:  smilingmoon14 
Source: The Swift Report 
January 05, 2005

...When the 109th Congress convenes in Washington in January, Senator 
Bill Frist, the first practicing physician elected to the Senate since 
plans to file a bill that would define "political paranoia" as a mental
disorder, paving the way for individuals who suffer from paranoid 
delusions regarding voter fraud, political persecution and FBI surveillance 
to receive Medicare reimbursement for any psychiatric treatment they 

Wasnt_2Rick Smith, a spokesman for Senator Frist, says that the measure 
has a good chance of passing—something that can only help a portion of 
the population that is suffering significant distress.

"If you're still convinced that President Bush won the election because
Republicans figured out a way to hack into electronic voting machines,
you've obviously got a problem," says Smith. "If we can figure out a 
way to
ease your suffering by getting you into therapy and onto medication, 
that's something that we hope the entire 109th Congress will support."
Posted by:  teacher

Forbes Magazine | 01-07-05 | Dan Ackman
Posted on 01/08/2005 9:30:30 PM PST by BearWash
World On Brink Of Ruin 

NEW YORK - Alan Greenspan, that Matador of the Money Supply, the 
esteemed Impresario of Interest Rates, has suffered precious few slings or 
arrows over his many years as chairman of the Federal Reserve. Even the 
White House has had to offer its critiques off the record for fear of 
roiling the markets or upsetting the chairman's Elvis-in-Vegas-like 
following. So when the chief economist of one of the world's most 
prestigious banks calls Greenspan a bum, that's a big deal. 
And yesterday it happened. Stephen Roach, the chief economist for 
Morgan Stanley & Co. (nyse: MWD - news - people ), one of the most powerful 
investment banks and one of the 50 largest companies in the world 
Greenspan, has "driven the world to the economic brink." 
Writing in an upcoming issue of Foreign Policy, Roach says that when 
Greenspan steps down as chairman of the Federal Reserve next year, he 
will leave behind a record foreign deficit and a generation of Americans 
with little savings and mountains of debt. Americans, Roach says, are 
far too dependent on the value of their assets, especially their homes, 
rather than on income-based savings; they are running a huge 
current-account deficit; and much of the resulting debt is now held by foreign 
countries, especially in Asia, which permits low interest rates and 
entices Americans into more debt

The "economic brink" line is from the headline of a press release sent 
by Foreign Policy. In an interview this morning, Roach said, "That's a 
little extreme." He does admit the nation has prospered on Greenspan's 
watch. Still, he does not disavow the haymakers he directs at the 
chairman's chin. 
"This is no way to run the global economy," Roach says. So far, the Fed 
has bucked the odds, Roach adds. But the longer the situation exists, 
the more chance there is that it will spell danger for the United States 
and the world. 
Roach lays the blame for the peril at Greenspan's door. But first he 
takes out after his outsized reputation. Greenspan is not responsible for 
defeating inflation in the 1980s; Paul Volcker, his "tough and 
courageous predecessor," deserves more of the credit, Roach says. Greenspan's 
monetary policy deserves some accolades for the 1990s boom, but former 
President Bill Clinton's fiscal policy and other factors were equally 
responsible, Roach says. Greenspan may deserve some praise for softening 
the recession that followed the stock market meltdown, Roach concedes, 
but the chairman's cure may result in "bigger problems down the road" 
and "the biggest bubble of all: residential property." 
Many have credited Greenspan with saving the world following the 
1997-98 Asian financial crisis. Time magazine went so far as to put the gnome 
of Constitution Avenue on its cover, under the headline "Committee to 
Save the World." Though it is the case that the world did not end, "In 
truth, the world weathered the Asian financial storm only to chart 
increasingly dangerous waters in the years that followed," Roach writes. 
"Global economic imbalances have intensified dramatically since 1999." 
A good chunk of the U.S. prosperity is owed to these imbalances, Roach 
says: "Asian countries holding enormous stocks of U.S. dollars recycle 
this cash back into the United States by buying U.S. [Treasury bills]. 
This process effectively subsidizes U.S. interest rates, thus propping 
up U.S. asset markets and enticing American consumers into even more 
debt. Awash in newfound purchasing power, Americans then turn around and 
buy everything from Chinese-made DVD players to Japanese cars." 
While the economist has nothing against DVD players, he does say, "Asia 
and Europe are increasingly dependent on overly indebted U.S. 
consumers, while those consumers are increasingly dependent on Asia's 
interest-rate subsidy. The longer these imbalances persist, the greater the 
likelihood of a sharp adjustment. A safer world? Not on your life." 
Roach even questions Greenspan's political independence. He does not 
claim the chairman is a partisan Republican, but he does fault him for 
being a "cheerleader for policies such as tax cuts...that could make the 
endgame all the more treacherous." 
Greenspan is to central banking what J. Edgar Hoover was to fighting 
crime. He will soon surpass the fondly forgotten William McChesney Martin 
as the longest-serving Fed chairman. But his term as a member of the 
Federal Reserve Board of Governors expires in just over a year from now, 
and America will have to do without. Roach says, "Greenspan will be a 
tough act to follow." But the difficulty may not be living up to the 
chairman's reputation so much as cleaning up his mess.
World On Brink Of Ruin [Greenspan leaves mess for future generations]
Posted by:  civileconomic
Source:  Itar Tass

Henry Kissinger dismissed as CIA adviser
11.01.2005, 12.53

NEW YORK, January 11 (Itar-Tass) - The patriarch of the American 
diplomacy former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and a number of 
other experts have been dismissed from the posts of the Central 
Intelligence Agency (CIA) advisers. …
Complete Report:

How UFOs Work
by Stephanie Watson

On December 9, 1965, hundreds of witnesses saw a strange object crash 
into the woods in Kecksburg, Michigan ... Early in the morning of 
December 27, 1980, two U.S. Air Force security patrolmen saw a glowing 
metallic object hovering above Rendlesham Forest in Suffolk, England ... 
Between 1989 and 1990, hundreds of enormous triangular objects were 
reported in the skies over Belgium ... On January 5, 2000, a business owner 
and several police officers in Illinois saw a huge, brightly lit object 
dart across the sky ... 

Thousands of people around the world have reported occurrences just 
like these -- strange, unidentified flying craft that hover in the air or 
land on the ground. Are these unidentified flying objects -- UFOs, as 
they're called -- alien spaceships visiting us from faraway planets? Or 
are they simply high-tech military craft, weather balloons or other 
easily explainable sightings? 
This article looks into the myths and mysteries surrounding UFOs, 
highlighting the discoveries researchers have made so far and the great 
unknown that still surrounds these strange flying objects.
Now that you understand that it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get 
to work.  So with out further ado, we present:

How to construct a UFO.

Many people think that an UFO is probably propelled by some kind of 
antigravity magnetic motor. I have a totally different thinking. I believe 
that an UFO is propelled by jet engine. UFO's gyroscopic body rotates 
and serves as its wing to keep UFO's body balanced in the air. Hopefully 
everyone knows what a gyroscope is. Below is a gyroscope. (Please wait 
for the picture to move.)

For complete details including animated diagrams go to:
Up-to-the-minute UFO Reports 24-7

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