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Insider’s Report for 2004 #27
Editor: Dennis Crenshaw

"Unraveling the Secrets" is a free weekly Research Report from:

   Special Issue: The Best of The Original Hollow Earth Insider 
Quote of the week:
“The exact contrary of what is generally believed is often the truth.”
                                                          … Jean De La 
Bruyere (1645-1696).
The Hollow Sun
By Norma Cox

Scientific Report Confirms Interior Lands
The Hollow Earth Theory VS The Accepted Theory:
Using “Their” Data
By Dennis Crenshaw

Hidden Co-Planetarians
By TAL LaVesque

Part 3 of The Human-Reptilian Connection
By John Rhodes


This week I FINALLY sent the LAST re-write of the completed manuscript 
(including all drawings, photos and lay-out) of my up-coming book, “The 
Secrets of Dellschau: The Sonora Aero Club & The Flying Machines of the 
1850s” to our editor, Bob Gunner.  The completed book will end up being 
about 350 pages long with approximately 200 photos and detailed 
drawings. The book, which so far has been in the works (literally) for over a 
hundred years, is now BOB’S baby.  I felt so good about reaching this 
7-year goal that I decided to make this week’s THEI Report a very 
special issue.  

The only problem with putting out this weekly report as opposed to the 
old “approximately” bi-monthly report is that you really don’t have 
time to do deep research and write extensive reports.  So, I’m going to 
deviate from the usual weekly “new news” format of the Hollow Earth 
Insider Report and, as someone once said, “Return to those days of 
yesteryear” …  

This issue features reprints of some of the most popular in-depth 
reports from the old, original THEI hard-copy magazine.  Please let me know 
if you like this issue.  If I get a good respond, I’ll do it again in 
the near future. 

Your ‘Hollow Headed’ friend,
Dennis Crenshaw

Keep up to date on UFO and related news …
From CBS News:
Blimps Against Terror
ST. MARY'S COUNTY, Md., July 7, 2004

(CBS) On its first test flight near Washington D.C., there were 2,000 
reported UFO sightings. 
  As CBS News Correspondent Mark Strassmann reports, it's actually a 
helium air ship, a low-cost, low-hanging satellite and quite possibly, 
America's next weapon for national defense. …

From “Misty3” comes the following report:

Meteor on June 3 2004? 
By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingston
June 11, 2004 

Whatever fell from the sky on June 3 2004 at 2:40 am, north of Seattle, 
was not a meteor. It was not traveling at 50 miles per second as one 
report indicated. A Seattle taxi driver saw it for at least ten seconds. 
The fireball stage lasted about three seconds on security cameras and 
shadows cast on parking lots showed an angular movement of 20 to 30 
degrees in those three seconds. During that time the ground was brightly 
lit. About ten seconds after the last glowing piece faded, the taxi 
driver heard a double sonic boom. The speed of sound travels at 1100 feet 
per second and if the supersonic event happened at most twenty second 
earlier the "meteor" was within four miles of the taxi driver! Meteors 
burn out in less than a second at more than sixty miles altitude.

The fireball was seen from Vancouver Island to northern Oregon and to 
Spokane. One observer saw the flash falling towards Centralia Washington 
south of Olympia….

Insider “Johndel” filed this Report:
Archaeo News no.79 (3 July 2004) ******

Prehistoric blades as cutting-edge find

On a hillside by the Savannah River (South Carolina, USA) an 
and a graduate student had reason to think they were in the presence of 
breathtaking discovery. Or at the least, they were on to something more 
20,000 years old that would throw American archaeology into further 
over its most contentious issue: When did people first reach America, 
who were they? The sandy soil of a trench walls was flecked with pieces 
chert, the source of flint coveted by ancient toolmakers. Some of the 
flakes appeared to be unfinished discards. Others had the sharp-edged 
of more fully realized blades, chisels and scrapers. Long ago, it 
Stone Age hunter-gatherers had frequently stopped here, and, perhaps, 
toolmakers were among the first Americans.
The archaeologist, Albert Goodyear of the University of South
Carolina, excised a chunk of chert. Its sides, he said, had all the 
marks of
flint-knappers' work. They had presumably smashed one cobble against
another, leaving fracture lines through the rock, and then recovered 
slices for making sharp tools. "This is not a natural occurrence," 
said, "Too many blows have been struck." If he is right, American 
is being extended deeper in time at this remote dig site near Barnwell.
Judging by the depth of sediments, the site may have been a tool-making
center at least 7,000 years earlier than the arrival of the Clovis 
Once thought to be the earliest Americans, Clovis hunters left their 
worked fluted projectile points across the United States over five
centuries, beginning 13,000 years ago.
Robson Bonnichsen, who is director of the Center for the Study of the
First Americans in College Station, Texas, and has examined some of the
possible artifacts, said, "If the preliminary findings hold, this is a
tremendous discovery." But he cautioned, "A lot of hard research needs
to be done to really test this thing thoroughly." A hurdle, scientists 
may be to establish that the stone pieces are indeed human-made tools. 
a presumed pre-Clovis site has failed to gain scholarly acceptance over 
question of whether stone pieces that look like tools were the work of 
humans or of nature.
Bonnichsen said much of the 16,000-year-old chert material previously
excavated "looks really good" and might well be tools. But it is too 
he added, to render a nature-versus-culture verdict on the stone pieces 
the greater depths and earlier ages at the site excavated by Goodyear. 
experimental work is required to understand how the chert could have 
modified into tools.
Goodyear said he planned a wider and more intensive search next year.
Sarah Sherwood, an anthropologist at the University of Tennessee, is to
visit the site to investigate for signs of bone and plant remains, 
evidence for cooking fires, and to determine whether the remains are 
from a fireplace and are not an accumulation of ash deposited by river
"If this is 25,000 years old, and I think it is," said Goodyear, "Then
scientists will come here from all over the world to see for 
themselves, and
they will argue about it for another 10 years."
Sources: International Herald Tribune, The New York Times (1 July 2004)

One of the largest archaeological cases ever investigated involved a
five-member ring convicted of stealing more than 11,000 artifacts 
in southern Nevada from 1997 to 2001. Its ringleader was sentenced to 
years in federal prison in December - the longest term ever for a 
offender of the Archaeological Resources Protection Act. Among 
taken by looters were the bodies of a young boy and girl, and
10,000-year-old sandals that possibly were the oldest footwear found on
Earth. Recently, two men were tried in federal court in Reno and 
of stealing government property after two boulders bearing petroglyphs 
found used as landscape ornaments in one of the men's front
yards..... Archaeologists praised prosecutors and judges for 
pursuing cases against looters, saying they sent a strong message that 
won't be tolerated. "This is a crime against history," said Fred 
Frampton, a
U.S. Forest Service archaeologist. "It's like tearing the pages out of 
history book not yet written."
Sources: Associated Press, MSNBC News, Yahoo! News (22 June 2004)
By Norma Cox
Originally Published in The Hollow Earth Insider Volume II Number 2
March-April 1993

Because it is what we are told, we believe the Sun to be a ball of 
combustible gases with a nearly molten core.  But, what if that isn’t so; 
and if not, what is the truth of the sun?

In an article that appeared in “Borderland Sciences” and later in 
Armand Laprades’ “Would You Believe” newsletter, the writer, Tom Brown 

“While [the book] a NEW SUN has many solar photos taken from space in 
various sections of the spectrum both above and below visible light, 
H-alpha photos (not visible light, but an absorption line within), and 
white light photos from the ground, there are no white light photos of the 
sun taken from space available to the public.  It seems as though there 
is still a mystery as to what the sun looks like to the human eye in 
EITHER.  Seems to me that a priority of space research would be to see what 
the sun looks like above the atmosphere.  Another curious aspect 
presented in the book (A New Sun) is the x-ray photos of the sun.  The corona 
can be seen in the x-ray range.  These photos show a large GAP at the 
poles and a new phenomenon was discovered during the Skylab experiments 
- corona holes, large GAPS in the corona. What ever segment of the 
spectrum is being viewed, it is apparent that THE SUN IS HOLLOW.” !
 (End Quote).

We are told that the sun is a ball of combustible gasses with a nearly 
molten core.  But what if the sun is a shell of barren rock, dirt and 
dust, with a cool hollow interior?  All planets, including suns, have to 
be buoyant, and thereby hollow, in order to have the energy necessary 
to repel and attract simultaneously.  Maintaining a perfect balance and 
correct orbit, via this gravity producing magnetism, the planets of our 
solar system, and planets everywhere stay in fixed positions and on 
course … a phenomenon that will continue for as long as the sun remains 
constant in the energy or expands.  But what if something goes wrong, and 
the light and heat elements of the sun cease to function?  Were such a 
calamity to take place, beyond doubt, Earth and other nearby planets 
would lose their balance and tumble about.

It is believed by some researchers that UFOs are housed in the center 
of the sun and that the gaseous outer-surface … if such is the case … is 
fueled by way of tunnels from a source of propulsion near the center of 
the sun … Ships have been seen crossing the face of the sun.  Skylab 
experiments show that there are large gaps (tunnel openings?) in the 
sun’s corona.  And there are researchers who believe that not only is the 
sun hollow, but inhabited as well.  That the sun’s functions are 
artificially created is not a new theory.  If Prophesy is proven correct and 
the life-giver turns black when the heaven that protects us from its 
dangerous rays is ripped away, the hypothesis will be pretty well 
established as fact, the fact being that the orb is not a ball of fire but a 
hull of a planet made barren and black by the production and distribution 
of the light and heat, which, as near as I can tell, is shed only upon 
the earth and it’s atmosphere.”
Newest Sun Photos:
Part 3
By John Rhodes
Originally published in The Hollow Earth Insider Volume III Number 5
Nov-Dec 1995

As Above, so Below

As reported in the beginning of this discussion, reptilians have 
coexisted on this planet with us since history began.  And as alluded to in 
the Biblical Genesis, divisions of the reptilians remained behind in the 
cavernous regions on the Earth whilst the creators ventured outside 
across the face of the deep waters of space.

Legends from different parts of the globe all tell of an underworld 
inhabited by mystical beings of various forms.  I believe that the 
reptilian race, comprised of both benevolent and evil beings, still reside to 
this day underground.  Hidden away in the dark crevices of the Earth 
and in the depths of the oceans.  The evidence supporting this 
proclamation is also available through recent reports and historical 

First and most important is our understanding that our own United 
States government has duped us to believe that the wonders of the universe 
lie beyond our reach.  That our progress to understanding who and what 
we are as intelligent life forms rest solely on the efforts of the inept 
workings of NASA, JPL and a myriad of other money sucking aerospace 
corporations.  Almost fifty years [60 years now … Dennis] of continued rat 
experiments outside the envelope of our planet and we are to believe 
that this is the ultimate pace of human exploration!  This is absolutely 
not the case.  Publicly viewed space exploration is nothing more than a 
magic show and, as most people realize, when the magician says to look 
at his right hand, his left is doing all the work.  Such is the case 
with exploration.  If you really want to understand the “big picture”, 
don’t look above your head, look below your feet!

Investigation into the interior of the Earth began with map surveyors 
and the explorers venturing out into the unknown territory in order to 
chart the wilderness.  Once in a while, they’d come across a cave or 
cavern and then descend into the depths to hopefully find treasures or 
artifacts.  Once these hollowed out recesses of the Earth along the 
coastlines were discovered, their location was kept secret and certain groups 
of individuals purchased the properties.  They used and still use their 
subterranean chambers for illegal activities, social gatherings or 
modes of concealed travel for reasons of their own.  Some say that 
Washington D.C. was purposely established above a huge catacomb, so certain 
Freemasonic fraternities and the like could utilize their hidden corridors 
while governing the nation.  I believe that may have been the case.

Geological explorations using modernized seismic technology and 
financed by large oil interests began to happen at an ever-increasing pace.  
Due to this wave of subsurface exploration, more and more artifacts were 
discovered that defied mainstream historical and archeological 
explanation.  As USGS and Smithsonian Institution employees collected these 
artifacts, they were concealed from the public, carefully studied by 
unknown entities within and outside the Federal administration and them 
mysteriously lost.

As the years wore on, more and more mystifying archaeological 
discoveries were made. Those who studied these artifacts were well aware of the 
fact that things were not as they appeared to be, so it must have been 
of little surprise to these scientists and archaeologists when Kenneth 
Arnold spotted his first UFO or flying DINO-saucer vehicle while flying 
his private airplane over Washington state June 24th, 1947.

It was also around this time that our government began to build a vast 
web bunker system connected by tube shuttles.  After all, they were now 
dealing with a highly advanced species that could wipe out a surface 
structure with no problem as well as a cold war threat from the former 
Soviet Union.  Ensuring governmental survival was a high priority.  It 
was also around this time in history that underground nuclear testing was 
being performed for military and peaceful purposes.  One such series of 
tests was called project Plowshare.

Dulce Base-Alternate Perceptions

In the early 1960s, a subterranean nuclear blast occurred about 30 
miles southwest of Dulce, New Mexico right off US 64.  This nuclear blast 
was conducted under the umbrella project Plowshare, and was named 
project Gassbuggy.  It has recently been alleged that this particular 
subsurface nuclear blast was used to create a hollowed out chute or chimney 
for development of a super secret tunnel system attached to an 
underground black book project base known as Dulce base.

[For scientific information on “blasting out a cavern” underground to 
create “a mole hole” as “big as a ten story building” along with 
photographs of just such a government project see, “Digging for Stars”…THEI 
Volume II Number 2].

According to the infamous Thomas Castello, a former Dulce base security 
technician, this particular under-world city is a highly secret base 
operated by humans as well as reptilian aliens and their worker class, 
the commonly encountered grays.  It is here, apparently, that a multitude 
of experimentation projects are carried out.  Primarily genetic 
experiments or kidnapped men, women and children.

Here are a myriad of other specialty science projects taking place at 
Dulce base including, but not limited to, Atomic manipulation, cloning, 
studies of the human aura, advanced mind control applications, 
animal/human crossbreeding, visual and audio wiretapping, the list goes on.

If it is true that this base existed long before human occupation, then 
its construction and layout may possibly tell us something about its 
original occupants, the reptilians.  We know this because the sacred 
teachings of ancient metaphysics relate that imagery created by ritualistic 
and intelligent beings often contain information occulted in symbolism.  
Thomas Castello illustrated the Dulce base floor plan as per the 
originals and I released at almost two years ago during a lecture in Las 
Vegas Nevada.  Its layout, when inspected carefully, appears to be 
extremely strategically planned. [Read “A Dulce Base Security Officer Speaks 
Out” From The Dulce Book Chapter 11 by BRANTON…. Dennis].

From a vertical viewpoint, it resembles a wheel with a center hub and 
corridors radiating outwards like spokes.  This “hub” is the focal point 
of the entire base.  It is surrounded by central security and extends 
through all levels of the base.

I believe this core to be the Achilles heel of the entire facility.  It 
probably contains fiber optic communications and power lines.  This 
would justify its highly guarded and central location as well as explain 
its vertical continuation through all levels.  With all communication 
lines and power lines focused towards the hub.  It is possible that any 
one level could be completely “locked down” by its own security or the 
security hubs from either above or below its own level.  This would 
provide maximum control over the entire facility.

The “spokes” or corridors radiating away from the central hub, lead to 
numerous other labs in five different directions.  Connect the spokes 
and a pentagon is revealed in its design.  From above, this base 
resembles the layout of the Pentagon in Washington, D.C., complete with halls, 
walls and military insignias!  Since we do not have the exact heading 
of its corridors, magnetic alignments are impossible to determine.

When viewed laterally, its appearance takes on the look of a tree with 
a trunk at its center and its floors expending outwards like the 
branches.  If this is a facility of science, then one can easily say that its 
lateral appearance is like that of the tree of knowledge.  Was this 
purposely designed this way or does it just happen to be a coincidence?

The overall design of this facility remains one of a multi stacked 
subterranean Hopi Indian kiva.  Although I believe that it’s somewhat of a 
disservice to the Hopi to even be spoken of in association with a cave 
of horrors like Dulce base, its similarity in design should not be 

As cultures around the world tend to bring their own styles of 
architecture with them during periods of migration, so perhaps did the advanced 
civilization that originally built Dulce base.   If the reptilian 
influence over man is as great as archaic documentation and myth would have 
one believe, then there have to be other subterranean dwellings similar 
to this in other locations.

If we locate another subsurface habitation similar in appearance to the 
Dulce base and linked to a reptilian or snake legend, we will have 
obtained supporting evidence as to the reality of the Dulce facility and 
our reptilian overlords.  In my personal quest to investigate and 
discover these connections, my journey took me to the mystical land of the 
North American Indians … the Four Corners of the World.

Hopi-The Reptilian Example of Spirituality?

In the southwestern region of the United States, specifically the four 
corners area of Utah, Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico, one can find 
remnants of the most ancient of all American cultures.  That of the Hopi 
Indian tribe.  The Hopi live out their fairly non-progressive and 
ritualistic lives atop mesas on a reservation located in the northeastern 
portion of Arizona.  They originated from the eastern part of the Grand 
Canyon and slowly migrated eastward to where they reside today.  
Surrounded by the progressive and formerly nomadic Navaho nation, they lay in 
wait of the upcoming Purification or, as many people call it, the day 
of Revelation.

The religion and myth of the Hopi Indian is based upon the worship of 
the snake.  Their legend of Genesis also recounts how reptilians, or 
Snake People, played an important part in their ancestry.  Today, the 
ancestors of the Hopi tribes are referred to as their Snake Brothers or 
EL-DER brothers and their reverence towards their reptilian ancestors is 
evident throughout all ceremonies of the Hopi Indians.  When their most 
sacred of all underground kivi rituals are preformed, that of the Snake 
Dance, rattlesnakes are present to hear their prayers.  These snakes 
are then later released into the wilderness so that they can return to 
the Gods of the Underworld with the tribe’s prayers.

According to Hopi oral history, they used to live in a great 
subterranean underworld alongside a race of beings called the Ant People.  These 
Ant People, which might by today’s standards, be considered gray 
aliens, helped feed and cloth the Hopi during their lives underground.  One 
day, under the direction of their matriarchal Goddess Spider Woman, they 
ascended to the surface by way of a hollowed bamboo shoot which sprang 
forth through an opening in the ceiling of their cave called a 

They say that soon after their arrival on the surface, a mocking bird 
came along and confused the language of the Hopi, the results of which 
encouraged them to break up into small clans of different languages.  
One day soon after, an exceedingly bright star, or star ship, appeared 
above them in the sky and told them to follow it.  They did so until it 
stopped in one place.  When it stopped, some of the Hopi remained and 
settled.  When the star appeared later, again the Hopi traveled with it 
until it stopped again.  This is their description of the original 
planting of their race.

This “myth” of the Hopi Genesis would be considered, as others, based 
upon fantasy and imagination if it wasn’t for one solitary discovery 
that was made by a man traveling down the Colorado River aboard a skiff in 
the Grand Canyon almost a hundred years ago.  This mans name was 
Kincaid and his discovery was that of the Hopi underworld of the Sipapuni.

The Greatest Story Ever Attempted To Be Told

On March 12th, 1909, a small article appeared in the “Arizona Gazette” 
newspaper announcing the arrival of a man by the name of G. E. Kincaid, 
who had just completed a Colorado River rafting trip from Green River, 
Wyoming.  He stated that he had enjoyed his trip and planned on 
returning the following winter for another run at the Colorado River.  He also 
mentioned his discovery of some “interesting artifacts” which he had 
mailing to the Smithsonian Institution.

Three weeks, three days later on April 5th  1909, a front page article 
appeared in the “Arizona Gazette” in which Kincaid is interviewed in 
detail about his archaeological find.  This discovery of Kincaid, as 
notably remarked in the article, was to be considered the most significant 
archaeological find in the world through out all history.

As the article is quite long and detailed, I will only briefly repeat 
the most important facts concerning this discovery that will help us 
throw light upon our search.

Mr. Kincaid had apparently discovered a massive underground city that 
was cut into a wall of the Grand Canyon with the precision equaled only 
to that of the Great Pyramid.  The highly advanced civilization that 
inhabited this subterranean city was of unknown origin, although several 
different artifacts were found, such as a Buddha, mummies and 
hieroglyphics that were of Oriental, Egyptian and Central American.

A Smithsonian Institution archaeological team was sent in.  As the 
professional group, headed by a Professor S. A. Jordan, conducted 
explorations into the depths of this underground city, they discovered hundreds 
of rooms.  Some as small as the average living room and others as large 
as several hundred feet in length and breadth.  It was estimated that 
the area explored so far by the team could have comfortably housed fifty 
thousand people!

The location of this discovery was veiled in secrecy because as Mr. 
Kincaid put it “They don’t want to be disturbed.”  His only clues were 
that it was about 42 miles north of Crystal Creek.  After the completion 
of his interview and the printing of this story the next day in the 
“Arizona Gazette” newspaper not a single thing was ever mentioned about it 
again publicly until the original article resurfaced once again three 
years ago.  So spin the wheels of secrecy and conspiracy.

[We featured the story of Kincaid’s Underground City in The Hollow 
Earth Insider Report #7 (2004).  I highly recommend you re-read this report 
that also contains links to the complete “Arizona Gazette” article John 
quoted above, as well as the official Website of one of the groups of 
seekers of this documented mysterious underground city. … Dennis].

The Dulce-Sipapuni-Reptilian Connection

Upon reviewing the article in detail, I was able to discern three 
immensely important clues to who the occupants and their rulers may have 

First has to do with its builders or masons.  The striking similarity 
in advanced architecture between the Pyramids and this subterranean 
citadel cannot be ignored.  As Kincaid reported, this was built in the same 
era previous to the Christian era.  Could it have been built in the 
same era by the same architects and builders of the Pyramids?

This question becomes even more intriguing when one realizes another 
absolutely fantastic “coincidence.”  It has been seriously speculated by 
many well-known researchers and archaeologists that the original great 
Pyramid may have been built under the direction if the Sumerian 
“reptilian” Gods and by the labor of the first Mediterranean and world 
travelers called the Phoenicians.  Is it just another coincidence that not far 
from this area of Arizona lays the great city of Phoenix and the 
inhabitants refer to themselves as Phoenicians?  Did those who know mend this 
some strange chance or a small morsel of truth into our lives?

Secondly, is the fact that our search for another similar floor plan to 
that of the Dulce base has been discovered?  For it is in Kincaid’s own 
words he describe the floor plan of the Hopi Sipapuni as;

“… another mammoth chamber from which radiates scores of passageways, 
like the spokes of a wheel.”

Again we have the combinations of three important elements that are 
apparently shared by both underground facilities and cities.  They share a 
similar floor plan design, they are both huge subterranean cities and 
they both have been associated with the reptilian overlords.  I am 
seriously beginning to believe in the existence of Dulce base.

And thirdly and most importantly, after three years of intense research 
and field explorations into the Grand Canyon area, I have finally 
located the Hopi Sipapuni underworld that G. E. Kincaid initially discovered 
in 1909.  I have not only acquired physical evidence supporting its 
existence, but have visited the same site upon which Kincaid once stood in 
awe.  This cave appears to have been left mostly undisturbed since its 
discovery.  This false appearance is most likely due to the fact that 
when the original discovery was investigated by the USGS, the 
Smithsonian Institute and other elitists shadow groups, it was probably decided 
that in lieu of the fact that this is a sacred Hopi Indian ancestral 
home and the possible place of human genesis, a certain portion of it was 
to be left intact and unoccupied.  Most likely not out of respect for 
the Hopi, but because it is probably used as a museum for the elitists.

What has never been reported to the public, until this announcement, is 
that this cave has lower levels that are currently being used by super 
secret black book operations.  The lower levels are only accessible by 
passing through a stainless steel door at the bottom of the stairwell.  
A very lonely soldier staring into the darkness guards this door.  He 
is dressed in a white jumpsuit and armed with only an M16 assault rifle 
to ward off his imagination.  Needless to say, what’s behind the door 
he so diligently guards is unknown.

Evidence of this recent discovery has been relayed to several key 
people across the United States and numerous copies have been relocated to 
several undisclosed sites for security purposes.  A more detailed report 
of this discovery is forthcoming.


In summation, we have heard various pieces of evidence which 
accumulatively indicates a strong relationship between humans and reptilian 
species.  Myths retrieved from ancient base relief’s, legends, cuneiform 
tables and a multitude of religious works, as well as physical reptilian 
evidence in the human brain appear to have one common thread.  That 
thread is a genetic and spiritually strong chain that undeniably links 
together reptilian and human God beings.

I end this presentation with one last thing for you to think about and 
that is as we begin our journey into a new millennium several 
prophecies appear to be becoming fulfilled.  The most important one being 
witnessed in Mexico City, which is built upon the ancient Aztec capitol 
Tenochtitlan.  It is here that during the solar eclipses of 1991, a 
gradually escalating wave of UFO sightings began and continues to this day.  
Could this signal, as once promised long ago, the return of the plumed 
feathered serpent God Quetzalcoatl?  Time will tell.

Visit John Rhodes in his Den:

Read  “An ongoing investigation: "The Dulce Base" by Jason Bishop III 
(BRANTON).  Note the map drawn by our own TAL LaVesque in 1990 at the 
beginning of this article.
BRANTON’S Dulce Base Terminal

By Dennis Crenshaw
Originally Published in The Hollow Earth Insider, Volume II Number 5.
Nov.-Dec. 1993

It seems the scientific community wants to make sure that the public is 
suddenly aware of the real makeup of the interior of our planet.  In 
the last issue we reported on the subterranean continent “found” by the 
Chinese. [See, Subterranean Continent Found. Vol. 1 #4 Page 2].

Thanks to a report from Raymond Jeanloz and Thorne Lay published in the 
May 1993 issue of the highly respected “Scientific American,” we find 
that this is not an isolated irregularity.  In fact the whole “D” layer 
… the area that the Hollow Earth Theory calls “the inner lands” … is 
reported by these world renowned geologists to be made up of (get this) 
“continents, mountains and valleys.”   No news to us Insiders, but 
unknown by the general public.

Doctors Jeanloz and Lay’s feature article, “The Core-Mantle Boundary” 
is required reading for anyone interested in our earth’s interior.  The 
many multi-colored diagrams, cut-a-ways and graphs are worth the price 
of the magazine. In fact … the cover drawing of the Earth with the 
Inner Sun shining out of a slice in the globe and the headline “Inner Earth 
Exposed: Iron winds & upside-down mountains” is worth MORE than it 
cost.  [I have a copy framed and hanging on my “Hollow Earth” wall. … 
Dennis added 7/9/04].   
If you missed it go to your library.  But, check it out!

Dr. Jeanloz is a professor of geology and geophysics at the University 
of California, Berkley.  Lay is professor of Earth Sciences at the 
University of California, Santa Cruz, California.

Using “technological breakthroughs of the eighties” scientists were 
able “for the fist time to collect and process enough data to derive three 
dimensional images of the earth’s interior.”

Their conclusions; “the core-mantle region [the “D” layer] may actually 
be the most geologically active zone of the earth … in fact, the 
physical changes across the interface between the core and the mantle are 
more pronounced than are those across the planetary surface separating air 
from rock.”

In other words they are seeing, through their expensive equipment, the 
same mountains and valleys making up the interior continents that 
Admiral Richard E. Byrd might have seen with his own two eyes.  
Unfortunately, research points towards the fact that the Admiral was ordered not to 
divulge what he saw.

It makes you wonder why the establishment has decided to release this 
information at this time.  As we know timing is everything.  We could 
understand if this was startling new evidence … but …

In “Inner Earth: A Search For Anomalies (A Catalog of Geological 
Anomalies) (1991) compiled by William R. Corliss we find on page 41 under 
EQUA5-Mysterious Structures at the Core-Mantle Boundary the following:

“XI.  Seismic topography & core-mantle topography.  In 1986, O. 
Gudmundson et al, presented their seismic tomograph of the core-mantle 
boundary at a meeting of the American Geophysical Union … the gist of their 
presentation is found in a paragraph from the December 18, 1986, “New 

“The geophysicists found that the core boundary is drawn upwards to 
form ‘mountains’ under eastern Australia, the central North Atlantic, 
northeast Pacific Central America and south Central Asia.  The boundary is 
pushed downwards into ‘valleys’ beneath the southwest Pacific, the East 
Indies, Europe and Mexico.  These features are as high or deep as 10 

As we see science has, once again, added support to the hollow earth 

But the establishment scientists had a problem. These findings wouldn’t 
work with a planet makeup as explained in their “layered” theory.  Mr. 
Corliss explains;

“But studies by Hager and the University of Colorado scientist John 
Eahr showed Everest-sized mountains and valleys at the core-mantle 
boundary would cause 10 times more variation in day length than actually 

“So Hager CONCLUDED molten rock-and-iron oceans above the core’s 
molten-iron mountains would smooth out the roughness of the core-mantle 
boundary, reducing friction so the variation in the length of a day matches 
the five-thousandths of a second that actually is observed.”

“ … Hager CONCLUDED.“  As usual, new findings are made to fit old 
beliefs no matter what the cost. 

 For God’s sake … at least they could peek over the rim of the box!  
What I find remarkable is that if the Hollow Earth Theory were used in 
conjunction with the findings that the underside of the earth’s mantle is 
“like an upside-down image of continents and oceans on the planets 
surface” there would be no need for an “adjustment” to the theory.

Core-Mantle Boundary of Earth
R. Jeanloz

Seismology of the lower mantle and core-mantle boundary 
Thorne Lay

William R. Corless’ “Sourcebook Project”

William R. Corless’s “Catalog of Anomalies” (Subjects)


The Hollow Earth Theory VS The Accepted Theory:
Using “Their” Data
By Dennis Crenshaw
Originally published in The Hollow Earth Insider Volume III Number 3
May-June 1995

“Eighteen hundred miles below the surface, at the base of the mantle 
lays one of the Earth’s most extraordinary terrains.  Geophysicists 
envision that, contrary to the idea that the Earth’s layers lie neatly on 
top of one another, a rugged landscape lies in its depths.  They speak of 
anti-mountains clinging to the underside of the mantle the way 
stalactites hang from the ceiling of a cave and of anti-valleys standing 
between them.  Some researchers believe the topography may even approach a 
Himalayan scale spanning several miles from peak to trough … “

The first paragraph of a new science fiction thriller?  Nope.  The 
introduction to a of a fanatical Hollow Earther’s lecture before a 
room-full of close-minded skeptics?  Not hardly.

The above quote is from an article entitled “Anti-Matters” which 
appeared in the August 1995 issue of the respected geological magazine, 
“Earth” and was excerpted from “Naked Earth: The New Geophysics” (copyright 
1995) by Shawna Voger and is based on the findings of seismologist 
Thorne Lay, who not only has received the coveted Macelwane Medal awarded 
to top young researchers in earth science, but has had a feature of the 
core-mantle boundary named after him.  The article goes on to tell us, 
as I reported in THEI Volume II [“Mystery at Earth’s Core]:  “Lay 
himself deserves much of the credit for awakening geophysicists to the 
wondrous terrain half-way to the center of the earth.”

[“Naked Earth: The New Geophysics:].

Actually according to the article, and my own personal research as 
reported in previous issues of this ‘zine, this information has been around 
for twenty years, but until Lay started to evaluate the information the 
others seemed to ignore it.

As Ms Voger tells us;  “Ley’s fresh approach to the seismic data give a 
tangible shape to previous vague ideas about how the core-mantle 
boundary layer looks.  As a result of his efforts, a majority of 
geophysicists are now believers.  Not all of then have lined up behind Lay’s idea 
of anti-continents, but most researchers would argue that there is some 
sort of terrain down there begging for further scrutiny.”

She further states:  “some researchers believe that the anti-continents 
are not only parallel to the surface but might actually be made of the 
same stuff …”

The continents on the underside of the mantle may actually be made of 
“the same stuff” as surface continents!  What a revelation.  Du.

  If all of this sounds familiar, it should.  After all hollow earthers 
have been saying the exact same thing for years.  If we had an 
uncontrolled scientific community, with this new data, the scientists would be 
looking at the possibility of inner lands themselves. Nowhere in their 
theory is there any room for upside-down mountains, valleys, islands 
and continents, be they “anti” or otherwise.  In fact, I contend that 
these new findings regarding the make-up of the underside of earth’s 
mantle tips the weight the scales of knowledge in favor of the Hollow Earth 
Theory as apposed to the accepted theory.  Lets separate “known fact” 
from speculation and theory.

You can run, but you can’t hide … the facts. …

As I’ve already shown time after time in this series of reports, as 
technology improves and new findings about our earth’s interior have been 
brought fourth, establishment scientists have had to tweak their theory 
to make it fit known facts.  However, with ever-new change to the 
accepted theory, just as with these new findings, the Hollow Earth Theory 
does not have to be “re-adjusted” one little bit.

But this doesn’t worry the keepers of the secrets, I’m sure, because 
with their control of science, they’ve hedged their bet, so to speak. [ 
See: Who Controls Knowledge?].
By teaching their theory as unquestionable fact, instead of letting 
people examine any other possibility, everyone accepts their weak, 
scientifically unsupported ‘solid ball’ theory as fact without a backward 
look.  Even though, with these new findings concerning the terrain at the 
core-mantle boundary, there is actually only one remaining difference 
between their theory and the Hollow Earth Theory.  Just as planned the 
controlled school system has filled, and continues to fill, the students 
minds (this includes all of us) with false beliefs.  Let’s attack some 
of these falsehoods disguised as hard fact concerning the make-up of 
our planet right now

The accepted theory claims that between the upside-down mountains, 
valleys and continents on the underside of the mantle and the center core 
(inner sun) exists an area they call the ‘outer core’, which they claim 
is made up of hot molten iron.  

On the other hand the Hollow Earth Theory claims there is an atmosphere 
filled void in this area.  First off, the one thing that we’ll admit, 
but that the establishment plays down as best they can, is the fact that 
nether one of these theories has been proven. … They are both only 

However, while the Hollow Earth Theory has always maintained that this 
atmosphere exists between the inner sun and the mantle, until twenty 
years ago or so the establishment theory said nothing about the so-called 
“outer core” they now claim to be in this spot. [See “Who Controls 
Knowledge linked above].  Where did this part of their theory come from?

It’s actually based on the false belief that the deeper into the earth 
you go, the hotter it gets.  While this has been the case in many 
deeply drilled bore holes, this has not been the case with all of them.  

This is actually a moot point when talking about the area below the 
mantle. But it’s one of the establishments most used arguments against an 
inner inhabitable world.  The problem is that our deepest penetration 
into the earth, which took place in Kola Russia, has only reached 40,230 
feet (about 8 miles). .   With an outer crust of between 50 and 80 
miles, we haven’t even scratched the surface of the crust, much less the 
interior mantle and core. However, for arguments sake lets look at these 
“the deeper you go the hotter it gets” claims.

 As Willard Bascom reported in “A Hole at the Bottom of The sea: The 
story of the Mohole Project” (1961):

“ … We come to the question of the actual temperature at various depths 
and at the center of the earth.  Because heat travels slowly and the 
great depths will always be inaccessible, it is possible that man will 
never have a very accurate answer … In the crust, where heat transfer is 
entirely by conduction, it is a relatively simple matter to measure the 
increate in temperature with depth and to extrapolate it downward.  
Either in continents or beneath the oceans the answer is the same; there 
is an increase of 30o C per kilometer of depth IN THE OUTER CRUST.  
However, as the depth becomes greater the rate of increase is smaller.  In 
the outer mantle the thermal gradient DECREASES rapidly to about a 
tenth of that of the crust and as THE DEPTH CONTINUES TO INCREASE THE 

In other words … as you travel further into the earth its very possible 
that the increase will start to decrease as you start towards the 
underside of the mantle.  About now is when I get the invariable question, 
“What about volcanoes?  Don’t they prove that the interior is hot molten 

The answer is no.  Of course not.  Volcanoes sat above hot spots in the 
earth’s crust which scientists admit they know nothing about.  As 
reported by Richard W. Ojakangas, Professor of Geology, and David G. Darby, 
Assistant Professor of Geology, both of the University of Minnesota, 
Duluth in their 1976 book, “The Earth: Past & Present,” which according 
to the introduction is “a book specifically designed for a liberal 
education introduction course in geology“:

“Magma, or molten rock material … forms in isolated pockets at 
relatively shallow depths of a few kilometers to a few tens of kilometers.”  
(Page 26).  No magma has eve been found from deeper than 35 miles, and 
this is a long way from the proposed ’outer core.’  Nowhere is there any 
proof that an ’outer core’ of molten material exists! 

Another falsehood “taught” in our schools as cold hard fact is that 
“the deeper you go the more densely packed the material“, so therefore 
life could not exist deep in the earth.

According to William R. corless in his geological anomalies book “Inner 
Earth: A Search For Anomalies (1991):

“X2.  Unexpected density profiles.  It is generally expected that rock 
density will increase with depth, as pressure rises.

“U.S.S.R.  Early results from the Kola Peninsula indicated that 
densities did indeed increase with depth INITIALLY, but at 14,800 feet the 
drill encountered a sudden decrease in density, presumably due to 
increased porosity. (Page 12).  
So much for that.

Russia’s Minister of Geology, Yevgeny A. Kozlovsky reported, “ … Thus 
the traditional idea that geophysical data obtained from the surface can 
be directly correlated with geological materials in the deep crust must 
be reexamined.” (Page 12)

And as for the ability of life to exist deep in the earth, as I’ve 
already reported … it does.
[Inserted from THEI Volume II Number 2]

On the next page of Mr. Corliss’ book is the clincher.

“X7.  Surprising signs of life deep down.

“Although near-surface waters in caves, fractured rocks, and porous 
strata support bacteria and even higher forms of life, biologists did not 
consider life possible at depths of several kilometers.

“U.S.S.R.  The early Soviet reports from Kola peninsula were on the 
sensational side.  They indicated that life forms and fossils had been 
found kilometers down.  The following quotation from a 1981 article has 
not been elaborated upon to our knowledge.

““According to Yakovlev, however, the evidence of life at great depths 
had not been expected.  He said accumulations of gas, fussure waters, 
and bromine and iodine brines all testified to some biological activity 
as the drill penetrated through alternating layers of igneous rocks 
emanating from the earth’s interior and rocks of marine origin laid down 
during the late Precambrian era some two million years ago.
  “”Providing further details on remains of life at such depths, 
another geologist, B.V. Timofeyev, said microscopic fossils had been found at 
depths of 22,000 feet.  He said that 24 species had been identified 
among the envelopes or coverings of single-cell marine plants known as 
plankton.”” (Pages 13 -14). 

The more I study what is known about the inside of our world, the more 
I wonder … where’s the evidence of a solid, lifeless interior?
 [End of insert from Volume II Number 2].

If there is no proof of an Outer Core of moten metal between the 
upside-down lands at the bottom of the mantle and the Inner sun, or center 
core, where does that information come form?

The “creation” of the outer core fantasy came about when scientists 
began to learn how to use the data they collected from naturally and 
artificially generated earthquakes and underground atomic explosions.  By 
pooling the information collected from seismographic stations all over 
the world they are able to “see” inside the earth.  However, they had a 
problem.  Just as with the ‘mountains’ and ‘continents’ found at the 
core-mantle boundry, the data they were assembling did not fit their 

To understand their problem we must first understand how the seismogram 
is used.  Once again from the geology textbook, “The Earth: Past & 

“The seismogram is marked “P,” “S,” and “L,” designating the different 
types of seismic waves.

“The “L” wave is a long wave or surface wave; these cause the major 
damage during an earthquake.  The “P” and “S” waves are body waves which 
travel through the earth rather than it’s surface … the “P” wave is the 
fastest wave and appears first on the seismograpm.  On the basis of 
many measurements of earthquakes and laboratory experiments, geophysicists 
know how fast the “P” and “S” waves travel, permitting them to draw 
time-travel curves.  Thus, if the “S” wave arrives at a seismograph 5 
minutes later than the “P” wave, it is a simple matter to go to the 
time-travel curves to see how far it is to the epicenter, or point on the 
earth’s surface directly above the focus, or actual spot at which the 
earthquake occurs.” (Page 81).

“The Core.  If an earthquake occurs more than 11,000 kilometers (about 
7000 miles) away from a seismograph station the “S” wave never arrived.  
Why not?  And in a 5000-kilometer-wide zone, or ring, around the earth 
between 11,000 and 16,000 kilometers from an epicenter, neither the “P” 
or “S” waves arive, creating what is called a blind, or shadow, zone.  
Why?  And at distances greater than 16,000 kilometers from an 
epicenter, the “P” waves again arrive, although they arrive “late.”  Why?”

The problem the scientists faced with their “layered” or jawbreaker, 
answer for the makeup of the interior of our earth arose from the fact 
that “S” waves will only move through rigid, or solid, material, wheras 
“P” waves will travel through any material.  This action of the “S” 
waves did not fit the accepted theory of a solid earth no matter what the 
density.  In a solid earth there would be nothing to stop the waves.  
<Houston, they had a problem>.  They had to come up with an answer that 
would fit the accepted theory at all cost.  By applying the 
un-substantiated, but popular belief that, “the further into the earth you go the 
hotter it gets” to these findings the establishment schooled scientists 
came up with a plausible, although shaky answer based on no scientific 
proof whatsoever.

Once again from “The Earth: Past & Present”:

“Geophysicists, utilizing all these data and their model of the earth, 
have an explaination for these incidents … The boundary between the 
mantle and the core is at such a depth that “S” waves traveling their arch 
shaped paths can travel 11,000 kilometers without hitting the core.  
Since they don’t make it beyond 11,000 kilometers, THE LOGICAL 
CONCLUSION, although indirect, is that the core is liquid, completely damping out 
the “S” waves and slowing the “P” waves.  And the amount of tardiness 
of the “P” waves shows that the entire thickness of the core cannot be 
liquid, for if the “P” waves had to travel slowly through all that 
liquid, they would arrive still later than they do.  Thus geophysicists 
THINK that the inner core is solid with a liquid outer core.” (Page 82).

They think?  Logical conclusion?  My question is obvious.  Why is THAT 
the logical conclusion?  Actually the LOGICAL CONCLUSION is that at 
this point in our planet there is no rock.  That’s really all that is in 
the findings.  This area could also, as stated in the Hollow Earth 
Theory, be filled with atmosphere.  That’s what I THINK!

[And the “center core” has already been proven to be a small sun. 
Here’s a cut from my article “The Inner Sun: A Scientific Look. (1996)”

I have taken the following report from the San Antonio (Texas) 
Express-News for December 23, 1996 and removed any reference to things that are 
still not known. Thing’s that are only speculation - such as an outer 
core of molten iron.

Earth’s Spinning Core is planet within planet 

Supercomputers try to decipher an independent spin 

By William J. Broad
New York News Service

Remote and poorly known, the inner core is beginning to give up some of 
it’s secrets to scientists listening to faint rumbles in the ground 
with seismic instruments and probing the planet’s inner fury with the 
visualizations of supercomputers. A recent breakthrough is that the inner 
core appears to be virtually a planet within a planet…

Once again “trying” to make the “facts” fit the “findings.”  By 
definition this establishment “planet within a planet” is actually a “sun 
within a planet.”  Again, Gardner is right on.  Is that why the 
“scientists” refuse to state what they found the core to be?
Read the complete article, 
“] … Added 
7/9/04 …Dennis].

Summary and Challenge

The Hollow earth Theory has long been the object of ridicule by those 
who represent the so-called scientific community.  This unscientific, 
close-minded attitude has trickled down to us, the laymen.  Therefore, 
the idea that there exists, inside our planet, a civilization more 
advanced than ours who use energy devices far ahead of our technical ability 
and scientific knowledge such as UFOs has been laughed at by ufologists 
and others studying such phenomena as the Bermuda Triange, Bigfoot, 
Nessid and other unexplained EARTHLY mysteries.  Instead of us looking at 
our planet for the answers to these and other questions we turn our 
eyes upward and … naturally … we see nothing.  But then, that’s just as 
the controllers are planning on and orchestrating us to do.  See nothing.

The Hollow Earth Theory, as presented by Gardner in 1913 requires the 
interior of the earth to be hollow, with an upside-down terrain that 
mirrors that of the surface.  According to his theory in the center of the 
earth is a void containing atmosphere and a central sun.

“Ridiculous,” shouted the scientific community, “The earth is solid.”  
Then they found that it wasn’t solid, but contained a rock free area 
just where Gardner said they would.

“It’s too hot for life, so it must be molten iron in the void,” was 
their answer.  “After all ain’t that where hell is?” 

 Their own research as I have reported does not support the “hot” 
theory.  Now they’ve found mountains, valleys, islands and continents just 
where Symmes, Reed, Gardner and Palmer said they were located. [They’ve 
proven that there is a center sun.  It rotates separate from the rest 
of the earth and it gives off heat, which means it brings forth light.  
Check the dictionary … it’s a small sun, just as the luminaries 
mentioned above envisioned … This was added 7/9/04 … Dennis].  It’ll be fun to 
watch them worm their way through these findings of an upside-down 
terrain after all they work with only one goal in mind.  Any findings MUST 
fit the accepted theory NO MATTER WHAT!

I challenge anyone who has an open mind to disagree and offer proof 
disputing the following statement:

“The chance of the eartgh being as explained in the Hollow Earth Theory 
has just as much validity as the establishment theory.  In fact, the 
direction of real scientific knowledge has actually been heading in the 
direction of the Hollow Earth Theory for years.”

In the “Earth” magazine, which presented these “new,” startling 
findings about the exterior-like terrain on the underside of the mantle the 
last statement by Ms Vogel, might be closer to the truth than she knows, 
or than the keepers-of-the-secrets would like us to realize:

“Like the ancient mapmakers, todays geophysicists are describing the 
routes future explorers will follow.”

Exploring the Earth’s Interior

The TAL Zone
The Research and Writings of TAL LaVesque

Hidden Co-Planetarians
By TAL LaVesque
Originally Published in The Hollow Earth Insider Volume II Number 5
Nov - Dec 1993.

My late friend, Richard Shaver, told me that asking “officialdom” for 
action about UFO data is like a Jew asking Hitler for mercy on the 
grounds that he has a family to care for.  The storm trooper’s reaction is 
to go out and pick up the rest of the family.  Most UFO buffs think that 
their efforts will lead to some sensible attention by the powers that 
be; attention to the broad problem that UFOs present … the problem of 
“are they invaders?”  What do they want on earth?  And all those other 
nagging questions.

They come to Earth for things that surface people don’t know about.  
Earth is on the ancient space trade routes.  They come to bases (cavern 
city complexes) and they mine, manufacture and some do genetic 
manipulations to form various subservient crossbreeds.  For the most part, we 
are dealing with another species, humanoid in shape but reptilian in 
heritage.  Their leader-elete are the “Draco.”  They are cold-blooded and 
have to balance their surrounding environment to maintain body 
temperature.  They are suited especially for space travel, as they have the 
ability to hibernate.  The “reptoids” have scales that protect them from 
losing moisture through their skins.  They have no sweat glands.  The 
scales are larger on their backs, making the skin waterproof.  The scales 
on their face, neck, chect and hands are small and more flexible.  They 
have three fingers, with an opposing thumb.  All have large cat-like 
eyes and twin nose holes at the end of a short, stubby muzzle.  The!
y are mostly meat eaters.  Their mouth is more like a slit, but they 
have teeth differentiated into incisors, canines and molars.  They 
average six to seven feet tall.  These reptilian beings direct the efforts of 
the beings called the GREYS, EBTs , etc. and form the largest category 
likely to be encountered by serface humans.  They are really an order 
of “cross breed” between Homo-sapien and the reptilian species.  There 
are several other lines of “cross breeds” which have been bred for 
various characteristics.  Some even appear more or less human.  Some of the 
reptilians and crossbreeds have sensory pits (near the eyes) that act 
as an extra sense and can “see” heat.  Some have a pineal eye and are 
telepathic.  These beings can operate effectively in the dark.  Their 
eyes are more sensitive to ulta-violet light.  They can control their 
heartbeat.  The Grays have a high metallic content in the skin, as well as 
an unusual cobalt pigmentation.  Many have no external sex organs!
, but some have been bred to have them.

Government authorities; agents disguised as civilians and others seek 
to learn more about these things.  It should be noted that not all the 
cross-breds are hostile.  Ther is an order of small humanoids (2-4 feet 
tall) that work with the beings that resemble humans, except close 
examination will reveal unusually shaped ears.  The most prevalent of these 
have blond hair, large foreheads, and a medium dark or light 
complexion.  The reptilian crossbreeds are potentially dangerous.  One variety 
(working with the “Draco”) has come from a system with a light source 
that subjected them to a high level of radiation.  It is the minds of 
these beings that would be considered most strange by terrestrial 
standards.  They are hive-like (robotic) and demented.  They are considered 
detrimental beings (Deros).  

These beings do not eat (as we know the term).  Some use substances 
that are synthetically produced, mixed with blood from living animals and 
humans.  This is sometimes mixed with hydrogen peroxide, which kills 
the foreign Bacteria in the mixture.  They may also be feeding off the 
“life essence” of these substances.  They also seem to “feed” off nuclear 
energy, and have apparently manipulated humans into developing sources 
of radioactive power.  It appears that there are several groups of 
interlopers active on this planet.  I want to focus on the “Men in Black”.

These elusive figues are a distinct part of the UFO scene.  They are 
based deep underground.  They seem to use extra-sensory or technical 
means to locate and check up on humans who have spotted their flying craft 
or know too much about their activities. They seem to be some kind of 
“security force.”  The pallor of their skin and their sensitivity to 
light suggest that they come from an environment with subdued light.  
Their movements suggest that apparent pain while on the earth’s surface 
suggest that they live in an area with less gravity field density.  
Apparently, they are assigned to cover up the activities and secret 
operations of their civilization.  We must actively resist the “invaders” of our 
Planet, our bodies and our minds.  We must expose the enemy that seeks 
to enslave us.  We have a sacred responsibility … based on truth, 
reality, and HOPE.

The end of The TAL Zone


In a message dated 7/3/2004 5:22:33 PM Eastern Standard Time, “Stevec” 

(In regards to the article posted in THEI #26, “VOYAGE TO OUR HOLLOW 

>>>"Some hollow earth theorists took this as evidence that we are 
living on 
the inside of a hollow planet. 

      >>>>"Obviously, this is not the case. We are living on the 
outside of a 
hollow planet. We routinely send satellites into orbit about the earth 
to other planets. We obviously are living on the outside surface of the 
planet. Pictures of the earth taken by our satellites show our earth to 
appear as a ball as observed from the outside of it. "

Steve further writes: 
>>>>>Your gonna eat these words one day, Dennis. 

Steve my friend,

1) Please note that the first sentence as quoted from the article says 
“Some hollow earth theorists … ” … not “Dennis Crenshaw says…”

2). Now note that this is a report from the Hollow Earth Expedition 
headquarters ... an expedition that I have no involvement in, as I‘ve 
clearly stated numerous times in the pages of these reports..  I'm just 
passing along their press releases as I received them as a service to 
those who might be interested. 
(NOTE:  If you don’t see my byline under an article in these reports 
then I didn’t write it).

(3). And last ... take note of the disclaimer on the last page of every 
issue of this publication: 

"Let it also be noted that the views and reported ideas might not 
always be 
those of the Editor or staff at THEI, but we do believe that everyone 
have a place to offer their own ideas about those matters which we look 
into. We 
want THEI to be that place." 

Now just which “words” do you feel I should eat?

On the other side of the coin, I’d love to publish any opposing ideas 
regarding anything we print.  Just write it up … include any 
documentation, links etc. … Then send it to me with a note telling me you are 
submitting it for the report, and if it’s understandable and to the point 
(you‘d be surprised how much stuff I’ve received over the years that 
isn‘t) … I’ll gladly publish it.  Or, send it in an email.  I always 
publish any well thought out and clearly written thoughts on our subjects in 
the WE GOT MAIL! Column.  

Remember Steve,
 The Hollow Earth Insider Report is YOUR report.  I‘m just the editor. 
Without you there would be no purpose for these reports and I could 
spend my spare time sucking down Budweiser and watching NASCAR races on 
TV. …  Hummm…..

You’re ‘hollow headed’ friend,
Dennis Crenshaw
Insider “micheals” writes: 

About the gravity theories from inside earth, hollow or solid. I 
believe earth is 
hollow with a spiraling vortex of cosmic energy centering in midpoint 
of equator that shifts with cosmic space weather of gravity & radiation 
from our sun, moon & planets in 
Harmonic balancing, until a cosmic geospasm upsets the orbital 
balancing dynamics. 
Big $cience says gravity is mass attraction, but that only is one kind 
of magnetism & gyroscope vortex is the other is often invisible except 
for orbiting bodies. 

Standard physics I learned 2 years in hi-school never asks/answers? S 
about strange 
attractors & the spiraling of flying things in balance; how animals & 
birds feel earth 
Magnetism & hollow earth possibilities. Physical science is prejudiced 
against &or 
fears things they can't see, measure or control: hollow earth, vortex 
Microbes, cosmic energy in natural geometry. I find the toroidosphere 
is spiraling 
Geometry of cosmic energy in macro space: stars, comets, meteors, and 
holes, spiral galaxies; magnetic fields around bodies, i.e. our Van 
Allan 'radiation/magnetic field bands. Zooming into micro-space: DNA, 
fluid dynamics of water & liquids, clouds & smoke, storms & whirlpools, 
geysers & falls flowing currents recorded by DaVinci, Goethe, Steiner & 
Victor Schauberger (1920s) in forest water ecosystems. 
We also find spiraling in fish, worms, snakes, birds & insect paths; 
microbes & colligan in bodies, sperm swimming & hair growing out, endless 
examples of Toroidspirals in nature.  But not in modern physics 
magnetism, or the hollow earth/planets geometry I’ve 
seen. If you wonder/consider magnetic attraction around vortexes, 
tornadoes, cyclones, 
hurricanes, flowing water, in canyons, on peaks & ridges we're 
attracted to feel it or see 
far? Most young kids are curious about how things fall down, not up, 
what causes it? 

But such curiosity is smothered in narrow religion, mass media & 
schools of business 
Science & political history. If we simply open up to magnetism, 
electricity & 
plasma/ether/Chi/Manna/Orgone in space of universe as James 
Now explains, being a radical astrophysics since `70s with most 
coherent theories fitting 
the evidence of comets, weather, planets & sun interacting in "as 
above, 'so below' & 
"as inside, so is outside" Bucky Fuller's Synergetic explaining natural 
cosmic geodesic 
geometry applies to cosmic polyhedrons-solids; planetary, crystalline, 
cellular, carbon 
chemistry & DNA functions. The basic planetary angles of Astrology are 
geodesic: 45o, 
60o, 90o, 120o & 180o. 

Magnetism is secret science in industry, electronics (since Tesla 
coils) military & 
outer space research. A few radicals claim magnetism is "a push, not a 
pull" or surface 
attraction on earth is from air pressure pushing down more as we get 
deeper inside her. 
That reverses our attitude or belief about what causes magnetism & how 
things are 
attracted to solids, sucked into vortexes or repelled by invisible 
centers forces radiating 
fields out. Or attracting energy toward centers of balance, missed by 
most hard 

Most big space $cience ignores spirals except in launching outer space 
probes from 
earth, they call the 'sling shot effect'. The 'top secret' guys use 
magnetism in controlled 
hi-tech devices like: HAARP, weather control, antigravity, levitation, 
floating & lifting 
devices. We need to use our senses & curiosity, intuition & instincts 
to feel what nature 
is doing & how it works in natural geometry of magnetism & radiation 
that co-exist in 
space interpenetrating together in total EMF = in multiple 
|Electromagnetic Field effects. 
I don't believe hollow earth on faith in some old or new expert whose 
ESP, intuition, 
dreams or logic concludes without complete cosmic theory of magnetism & 
waves spiraling around centers of balance, attraction & radiation. 

This year I self published, “Toroidosphere - Cosmic Geometry” zine with 
awesome graphics from many spiraling fractal sources of donut to DNA, 
Tornadoes to 
toilets, etc" from Oness press. 
Gaia loving uspiraling 
Michael sunanda.

Aloha to you Michael .. In fact Aloha to all!
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