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Insiderís Report for 2004 #26

Editor: Dennis Crenshaw


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In this Issue: The Human-Reptilian Connection
Part 2
By John Rhodes

A Real Metal Super-Hero?
By Dennis Crenshaw

And an Update on the Hollow Earth Expedition

EDITORIAL: Freedom Remembered
by Dennis Crenshaw

The 4th of July. OUR Independence Day. Picnics, watermelon, patriotic speeches from our glorious leaders and of course Ö fire works!!! The celebration of FREEDOM!!!! LONG LIVE LIBERTY!!! America, the land of the free!

Quote: Thereís a sucker born every minute." Ö B. T. Barnum.




From National Geographic:
Dinosaur Tooth Found in Flying Reptile's Spine
John Pickrell
for National Geographic News
June 30, 2004

A hundred-million-year-old Brazilian fossil may offer rare evidence of an ancient encounter between a dinosaur predator and a flying reptile.
Massive carnivorous dinosaurs known as spinosaurs had snouts and jaws similar to modern fish-eating crocodiles. The similarity led many experts to believe that they were specialized hunters of fish.
Now a newly described fossil of a flying reptile called a pterosaur has been found to have a spinosaur tooth stuck in its spine. The discovery adds to the evidence that spinosaurs may have feasted on a wider variety of prey.
Full Report with photo:

Fifth Update

To All Interested Scientists, Explorers and Tourists of our Voyage to Our Hollow Earth Expedition Cruise.

RE: Our upcoming Voyage to Our Hollow Earth Expedition Cruise, scheduled for June 26 - July 19, 2006.

Steve Currey, our expedition organizer, has just returned from a successful conference organized by our expedition recruiter in South America, Prof. Marcelo Martorelli, where several more voyagers have signed up for Our Hollow Earth Expedition Cruise.
While there, Steve also appeared on the TV program "Infinito" with 6 million Latin American viewers. He says his Spanish was pushed to the limit in describing to interested voyagers our offer to take 108 scientists, explorers and/or tourists in an attempt to locate the North Polar Opening and enter therein on a friendly visit to Inner Earth.

Our advertising apparently has struck a cord in the professional establishment. We have received several emails from professors, engineers and scientists asserting that we are a bunch of Morons, Hollow Heads, Stupid, and some other epithets I won't mention. Of course, what they lack in proof of their side of the debate is made up in throwing out hideous name calling in an effort to intimidate us. They have NO proof that the earth is not hollow and name calling is their only recourse when they have no evidence of their FALSE solid/liquid interior earth theory.

Gravity and Our Hollow Earth

One question brought up by these brain washed (and well paid) Learned Heads is how does a hollow earth account for gravity. They claim that the earth would not have enough matter in it to produce the gravity we experience on its surface.

Establishment science teaches that everywhere inside a hollow planet there would be ZERO gravity. If there were any interior earth inhabitants, they would be floating around in zero gravity.
Inevitably, questions such as these arise when considering the hollow earth theory. Questions arise, such as, how could there exist a hole in the Arctic Ocean that leads to a hollow in the earth? Wouldn't all the ocean water drain down such a big hole and empty the Arctic Ocean? Wouldn't any inner earth inhabitants that supposedly live on the inner surface "fall" into the Inner Sun?
So, if you may have had any such questions, I will attempt to describe how gravity can work in a hollow earth.

First of all, could enough matter exist in a hollow earth to provide us the surface gravity acceleration we observe on the outside of the earth?

I originally thought that perhaps there may have been a miscalculation in the gravitation constant which scientists have used to determine the strength of gravity exerted by a certain measured amount of matter. On first thought, also, it would seem that if the earth were hollow, that it would have less matter. After an extensive review of the theory behind the gravitation constant, I was unable to find any error in it and it's use in determining the acceleration of gravity exerted by mass.

So I decided to apply the Newtonian gravity to a hollow earth to see if it could contain the mass calculated to exist in the earth. According to the Inner Earth Guide in ETIDORPHA, the earth has an earth shell thickness of 800 miles. So one half the total volume of the earth is contained in its shell. Since the Inner Sun is relatively small, and is most likely a hollow crystal itself, most of the earth's mass would be located in the earth's shell. I have calculated that 99.99% of the earth's mass is located in the earth's shell. The Density of Shell = Mass of Earth/Volume of Shell, so the density of the shell would be:
5.978541732 x 10^27 gms/5.342261531 x 10^26 cc
= 11.19 gm/cc

As you can see, Newtonian physics would require an average shell density almost as dense as lead (11.3). And since surface rocks are 2.7, then the interior of the shell would have to be greater than the average density.

The interior density using the Newtonian mass of the earth requires than the interior of the shell would have a density of 2 * 11.19 - 2.7 = 19.68, which is denser than gold (19.3). Platinum is 21.4, so an inner shell density of 19.68 is not beyond the realm of possibility. In fact, if the earth is hollow as we maintain, the inner shell would necessarily need to be of a greater density to give the hollow planet enough strength to keep its hollow shape.

So we can say that a shell density of 11.19 gm/cc could be in the realm of possibility. After all, the earth DOES ring like a bell after a rather large earthquake. A bell is hollow and is made of metal, just as a hollow earth may be. So amazingly, we find that Newtonian gravity IS consistent with a hollow earth. A hollow earth COULD feasibly contain all the earth's estimated mass and thus be able to exert the surface acceleration of gravity we observe on the earth's outer surface.
Second, where would the center of gravity be located in a hollow earth and what do impirical experiments indicate in regards to this? In other words, would the water of the Arctic Ocean drain down into a polar opening and would inner earth inhabitants be drawn into the central sun?
These are interesting questions, and the answers may surprise you.

In a hollow earth with a central sun, there exists two centers of gravity. One in the central sun, and the other is actually a sphere located between the inner and outer surfaces of the shell, closer to the inner surface than the other, as reported by the Inner Earth Guide in ETIDORPHA, who said it is located at a 700 mile depth in the 800 mile thick shell. The fact that earthquakes occur no deeper than 450 miles indicates that beyond that point, the shell density increases causing the central sphere of gravity to be located closer to the inner surface than the outer.
The center of gravity in the inner sun has very little if any effect on us because the inner sun is so small, estimated to be about 600 miles in diameter. I have estimated that 99.99% of the earth's total mass is located in the earth's 800 mile thick shell. So gravity of the shell is what affects us the most by far.

The central sphere of gravity located in the shell is supported by a couple of experiments I have located.

The first experiment was carried out in the early 1900's, as reported in Scientific American.
In a solid earth, the center of gravity would be located in the center of the earth. So the experiment was to measure the distance apart that two plumb bobs suspended a mile into the earth would be closer at the bottom than the top, which if the earth were solid, the plumb bobs would be closer at the bottom than at the top because the plumb lines would be expected to point to the center of the earth.

What they found was exactly the opposite. The plumb bobs were measured at the bottom of the mine shafts and found to be farther apart at the bottom of the mine shaft than at the top. In fact, they were exactly the distance farther apart at the bottom than at the top that would be expected if the center of gravity were 4000 miles out in space! The experimenters were unable to explain this so they just wiped the whole thing from their minds.

Some hollow earth theorists took this as evidence that we are living on the inside of a hollow planet.

Obviously, this is not the case. We are living on the outside of a hollow planet. We routinely send satellites into orbit about the earth and to other planets. We obviously are living on the outside surface of the planet. Pictures of the earth taken by our satellites show our earth to appear as a ball as observed from the outside of it.

So what does this experiment mean? What it means is that the center of gravity is NOT in the center of the earth -- at least for us living on the outer surface of the planet. Another thing this experiment indicates is that gravity is not what we all thought it was, assumed to be an attraction of matter. What it does indicate is that gravity is something else.

My study indicates that gravity consists of a flow of an etheric gas that fills the universe into the nucleus of all atoms. It appears that all atoms are hollow, with an electron shell and interior nuclear radiation generator. My theory of gravity requires that the particles in the nucleus of atoms concentrate the ether of space down into spinning balls of ether which become the smallest particle of matter, and are ejected by the nucleus out the south polar opening of the atom and become what we know as the electromagnetic field of the atom. These gyroscopic particles are met by incoming ether which causes the gyroscopic particles to curve around the atom towards the north pole, traveling between layers of electrons orbiting more or less at right angles to the magnetic field lines. The inflow of the ether into the nucleus also keeps the electrons in orbit about the nucleus.

The concentration of the ether of space down into spinning balls of matter creates a vacuum in the nucleus in the ether. The ether gas surrounding the atom, then rushes in to fill that vacuum. As it accelerates into the nucleus it exerts a pressure force on all particles of matter it passes pushing them towards the central nucleus. The effect we feel as the ether gas passes through us into the matter of the earth is the weight we feel of our bodies pressing onto the surface of the planet. This ether gas accelerates into the earth and then spreads out in all directions at the central sphere of gravity 700 miles down. The spreading out of the ether gas as it enters the earth's shell and approaches the central sphere of gravity is what caused the plumb bobs to be farther apart at the bottom of the mine shaft than at the top. The plumb bobs actually point to the SOURCE of gravity, which is the ether of space that accelerates into the earth.

The discovery that gravity consists of a flow of ether gas has lead to the discovery of gravity control, popularly called anti-gravity. With electrostatic forces using specially shaped capacitors, gravity control has been achieved and is what flying saucers use for propulsion and control. Our government has succeeded in using high powered radar beams to knock some flying saucers out of the sky and have been able to back engineer their gravity control technology. The alien saucers actually are not extraterrestrial, but come from inner earth, where exists a civilization a couple of thousand years more advanced than we are. Their study of the inner sun led them to the discovery of gravity control.

A icehole gravity experiment in Greenland reported in the February 27, 1989 Physical Review Letters journal discovered that the acceleration of gravity decreases faster than if the center of gravity were in the center of the earth, which would be the case if the earth is instead hollow.

A gravity meter lowered toward the central sphere of gravity located in the shell of a hollow earth would require a much more rapid decrease in the acceleration of gravity (red in the chart - actual measurement) than the much more gradual decrease in acceleration (purple in chart - calculated) that would be required to reach zero acceleration in the 4,000 miles to the center of a liquid-solid earth.

It could be, also, that the earth's inner sun has a reverse gravity flow together with its solar wind and electromagnetic radiation which allows it to repel the inner surface and helps to keep the inner sun centrally suspended in the hollow. This may also contribute to a healthy inner surface gravity as reported by those explorers who have been there -- that the the inner earth inhabitants have their feet planted just as firmly on the inner surface as we do on the outer. They certainly are not floating around in zero gravity as the science books say would be the case in a hollow planet. Gravity ether flowing into the inner surface towards the central sphere of gravity in the shell also would help to provide an inner surface gravity, although it is suspected to be less than our outer surface gravity.

I have also recalculated the densities of all the planets, and if they are hollow with shell thicknesses about 10% of their diameter, they would all have solid surfaces, except Saturn. It would have to have a thicker shell to have a solid surface. Even the sun I have calculated would have a solid surface at a density of 2.9. It is known that the surface of the sun is cooler than it's atmosphere. My study indicates that the sun is a hollow crystal ball. Solar radiation generating cells were discovered by Skylab to be stationary, indicating it has a solid surface. Gravity ether flowing into the sun is converted by these solar magnetic cells into electromagnetic radiation and solar wind particles.

The sun has an electromagnetic field caused by the rotation of its crystal shell about its inner sun. If the sun were a gaseous planet, it could not produce an electromagnetic field. From an article in the Scientific American comes this significant confession: "In 1934, Thomas G. Cowling of the University of Leeds in England proved that single, symmetrical fluid flows cannot generate magnetic fields...Astronomers cannot explain the galaxies or solar magnetic fields." (Mystery of the Missing Dynamo, Scientific American, p. 24, January 1995)

Because astronomers believe stars are gaseous and planets have liquid interiors they cannot explain the observed magnetic fields in suns or planets. Scientists today teach that the sun and stars are composed entirely of gases. But Skylab photography revealed that the nuclear reactions on the sun emanate from permanent stationary "nuclear cells." Such permanency strongly indicates that the surface of the sun is solid, not liquid nor gaseous. In fact, the surface of the sun is relatively quite cool compared to its upper atmosphere. If the sun has a shell that is perhaps 10% of the planet's diameter, I have calculated that it's shell would be solid having a density of 2.86 gm/cc, which is a little denser than glass. As such, the sun could easily be a giant crystal globe! In fact, Skylab discovered that the sun has permanent coronal holes at its poles taken in X-ray and ultra violet images that could indicate it has polar openings also.
My study of gravity indicates that our earth as well as all planets are actually hollow. The sun and the supposedly gaseous planets all have strong magnetic fields. They could not have magnetic fields if they are completely gaseous, or if the planets have liquid interiors. This indicates that they have solid shells that rotate at different speeds than their inner suns. By recalculating the planets and sun's masses assuming that the greatest portion of their mass is in the shell, all would have solid surfaces -- thus making it possible that these planets can generate the magnetic fields they have been observed to have.
All the outer planets were found by the Voyager spacecraft to emit more energy than they receive from the sun. Radiation is emited from their polar openings from their inner suns to light up auroras over their poles just like our inner sun does here on earth.
So how does gravity work in a polar opening? The answer is that since by far the greatest portion of the earth's mass is located in its shell, then that is where gravity accelerates towards. Therefore, as one advances through the polar opening, the water and the ship is not accelerated towards the center of the earth, but towards the central sphere of gravity located in its shell. As such the water of the ocean adheres to the side of the polar opening, just as the earth's oceans adhere to the sides of its outer surface. More than likely, however, one would weigh less at the neck of the polar opening than further outside of it because of the mass of the earth that would at that point be directly above one's head. Admiral Byrd was amazed when he flew through the south polar opening and saw what appeared to be a continent hanging in the sky above his head. As Olaf Jansen sailed through the north polar opening in 1829, he saw the sun reflecting off the ocean on the opposite side!
of the polar opening and said it appeared to be a very bright star he could see for several days as they were sailing through an open sea after they passed the ice. He did not know what star it was or what caused it, but was surprised to see a star in the bright sunlight of day. Of course, it was not a star, but the sun being reflected off the surface of the ocean on the opposite side of the opening as they sailed through it. Olaf reported it being quite warm as they passed through the polar opening. The sun was circling high up in the sky and then almost down to the horizon as they passed through the opening. At noon, the sun was observed to be directly overhead as if they were at the equator. This could only happen if they were actually passing through a quite large polar opening, where at one point on the curvature into the interior, our outer sun would shine down directly from above.

We will observe this when we go on our expedition to the inner earth. We will use the ship's radar to bounce radio waves off the opposite side of the opening and so determine the exact shape and size of the north polar opening. Once on the interior, we will also use the radar to determine the distance to the inner sun and the opposite side of the hollow, and thus confirm the thickness of the earth's shell. We will take a weight scale with us and use it to determine the gravity difference going through the polar opening and on the earth's interior as compared to the outside surface of the planet. We will document all of this and our scientific observations will be shatter the inner earth science taught in our schools today. These professors and scientists who call us Morons and Hollow Heads and claim to know so much about our earth's interior will have to eat their own words.

You are invited to reserve your place now on our Voyage to Our Hollow Earth Expedition Cruise aboard the Russian nuclear icebreaker, the Yamal! You will not want to miss this chance to journey to Our Hollow Earth via the North Polar Opening and visit the friendly people of Inner Earth! We believe this expedition will be the greatest expedition in all of history. The truths we will return with will be earth shattering to establishment science. It will all be documented in color, surround sound IMAX theater format for all the world to witness. A copy of the expedition video will be given to each voyager upon our return.

Join us today on our Voyage to Our Hollow Earth!
Next Year In Eden,
Rodney M. Cluff, author
World Top Secret: Our Earth Is Hollow!
Steve C. Currey, President
Steve Currey's Expedition Company

To reserve your place on the Voyage to Our Hollow Earth expedition cruise, call Steve Currey toll free at 1-800-937-7238, or fill out and mail in the reservation form on his website at:
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to call Steve or write him at

By Dennis Crenshaw

Last week a neighbor caught me at my front door as I returned from work. He explained that he didnít have access to a computer and asked me if I would check out a couple of web sites for him. Of course I invited him in.

Once we were settled in front of the computer he handed me a small 37 page booklet. The title was "Men of Metal" by Rowland Samuel. As I started to scan through the booklet I first thought, "this is a great piece of science fiction." Then as I read further I became more and more intrigued. I turned back to the cover and read it more closely. To my surprise and delight I read the subtitle for the first time: "Eyewitness Accounts of Humanoid Robots". The author, as I had learned by now, was a reporter and this booklet was actually an excerpt of his book of the same name.

In the excerpt Mr. Samuel was looking into a number of strange reports of what seems to be a giant metal man or robot saving people from having horrible and deadly automobile accidents in and near Oxford England.

Then he presents powerful evidence of the possible source of this metal superhero. By the time my neighbor and I were looking at his on-line supporting evidence I was hooked! Then I went to the publisherís web site to order my copy of the complete book, "Men of Metal" and there I ran into a problem. The message reads "New information has recently come to light regarding the sightings in Oxford. Due to these developments, the publishing of Men of Metal has been delayed." Cover-up? Was the information in our hands accidentally "leaked" and now were the powers-that-be surpressing any more information on this intriguing information?

The publisherís page:

Read the excerpts of "Men of Metal" yourself at:

Then take a look at the "documentation" at:

However, being the complete skeptic that I am I decided to dig deeper. So with another search I found another twist to "The Men of Metal." For instance one of the articles I found was:

The Art of The Lie: Disinformation in Advertising

"During decades of the Cold War, disinformation was used on both sides of the Iron Curtain to ferment public opinion and to confuse and demoralize the enemy. Although much of what was done by both Eastern and Western intelligence agencies still remains highly classified today, the few efforts that have come to light indicate that such efforts may have played a pivotal role in the ultimate outcome of that war.

"For those unfamiliar with the term, "disinformation" means the deliberate fabrication of information for public consumption. An example of disinformation occurred during the mid-1970ís when Popular Science magazine published a story about Howard Hughesís effort to explore the depth of the Pacific Ocean in search of energy rich minerals. Only later did we find out that Hughesís expedition, which involved his ship, the Glomar Explorer, was actually a CIA operation attempting to recover a sunken Soviet submarine. The article in Popular Science was an example of "disinformation". Planted by the CIA to provide a cover for their actual operation, it used the good name and reputation of the magazine to legitimize the story and throw curious reporters and soviet spies off the scent.

" ÖMost recently, American magazines have been delivered to subscribers with an innocent looking, 42-page insert attached inside, which purports to be an excerpt from an upcoming book entitled: "Men of Metal". The excerpt reads like a work of investigative reporting. In fact, the supposed author, Rowland Samuel, identifies himself as a freelance journalist in England. The excerpt purports to be an expose uncovering a secret project to develop humanoid robots. In the excerpt, the "reporterís" trail eventually leads him to a Dr. Colin Mayhew and a secret laboratory where Mini Cooper automobile parts are being used to create massive robots. The tip off that what I was reading was in-fact disinformation, was in the authorís persistence in pointing out that the Mini Cooper was "over-engineered". Ostensibly, this over-engineering had been cleverly and secretly designed into the automobile solely to provide the good Doctor with the power and parts needed to further his "mad creatio!
Nowhere in either magazine I was reading (Esquire), nor in the excerpt itself was there a disclaimer warning the reader that what they were actually reading was an advertisement for the Mini Cooper. The excerpt itself looked very genuine and contained eight pages of alleged photographic evidence provided by the author. It also provided several other interesting clues such as a cryptic Internet web address ( ), where, if one explores, you can actually see the robot in operation. Purportedly published by Casson Publishing Company in the U.K., I found the "publisherís" site on the Internet at . Their website lists a number of books for sale, but attempts to purchase them or download them leads to "file not found" warnings. You can, of course, download the excerpt from "Men of Metal".
So in the end, my own little bit of investigation led me to deduce that this excerpt is classic disinformation. Ö

Read the complete and very informative article at:

More information can be found at the web pages below.

Hereís the web address for Mr. Rowland Samuel

So, from a visit from a neighbor who doesnít have access to a computer I have fallen into an intriguing story. Is "The Men of Metal" nothing more than a cleverly designed automobile-selling gimmick Ö or is the "disinformation" information presented the actual disinformation itself?

My head is spinning Ö Iím out of here Ö whereís the party?


Speaking of Robotics, Insider "Jeff" sends us the following:

Robotic legs could produce an army of super troopers
By Michelle Locke, Associated Press
Posted 3/10/2004 5:05 PM

BERKELEY, Calif. ó Move over Bionic Man and make room for BLEEX ó the Berkeley Lower Extremities Exoskeleton, with strap-on robotic legs designed to turn an ordinary human into a super strider.


Part 2
By Researcher-Lecturer - John Rhodes
Reprinted from
The Hollow Earth Insider Research Report Volume III Number 4
May-June 1995


One might ask that if these reptilians once openly roamed the earth with Homo sapiens, why arenít there any pieces of art that clearly depict them as bipedal snake gods? The answer to that may lie within one common religious law that most of these ancient cultures adhere to, either by their own ignorance or the reptilianís physical appearance or out of pure obedience, and that is the law that forbidden one to make idols of drawings of anything that is in heaven.

The Hopi Indians to this day refuse to recreate the images of their reptilian ancestors because they fear an instant death. The closest imagery that was ever allowed to remain was cryptically tucked away in the Hebrew or Christian works of the Books of Genesis and the Exodus.

As we have already gone over the symbolism of the reptilian in the cradle of humanity or Garden of Eden, it can only be said that we must remember that Lucifer was considered an angel who fell from the heavens. Yet we are told at the same time that he is a snake. And although Moses declared that his God said not to make idols or images to false Gods, he placed a snake upon his staff and proclaimed to his people that he who looks upon this image will be healed. This is the origination of the physiciansí caduceus. Could it be that late one evening, during a solitary walk outside the Israelites encampment. Moses had an encounter with one of these reptilian beings that were flying in a pillar of smoke and fire? Could this have been the reason he considered this snake upon his staff a real image of God and not a false one? It makes one wonder.

Obviously, if these snake people or reptilians really did once openly live amongst the Homo sapiens population, they have gone to extreme extent not to be revealed since they went into hiding. Could it be that the Revelation that we are all warned of is unclogging or revealing their presence on Earth?


We are now aware that numerous societies record, as the Sumerians did, that the reptilian half-man half-snake empowered Hu-mans with the knowledge necessary to be free from
The grips of their slave masters. But, what happened to the spiritually powerful knowledge that was given to us "gardeners of the planet" by the original reptilian EA, as his cohorts? After all, his plans were to free us from slavery, right? Well, some would say that we are still enslaved, but within a carefully constructed illusion. I would tend to agree. So what happened? What has kept us from reaching our fullest potential?

Many of the individuals, in the course of written history, who have given the masses powerful information, whether itís political or spiritual, have had either their credibility destroyed or their bodies destroyed. Most of the times itís both. If the information has taken root before it can be erased, then history has demonstrated that newly founded "insurgence" groups or movements are quickly infiltrated by the opposition and allowed to flourish under the guidance of their own secret shadows. This is not only a premise by which groups struggle for control in affairs of war, secret societies and politics, but also the struggle of balance of power in religion. This was the case with the mystical knowledge given to man by the snake brotherhood. Thousands of years of encryption and secrecy created by mystical secret societies and used to empower their own kind over their slaves.

This highly advanced race of beings known as reptilians have displayed both benevolent and evil characteristics at different times in history. They have taught peace, love, spirituality, healing and knowledge of the sciences as well as rained down destruction upon the Earth in the name of God as the Delaware Indians describe in their ancestral mythology. This is why various cultures recognize the reptilian image as effigies of the balance of nature. In other words Ö good, evil, negative, positive. It is perhaps, not too far from fantasy to imagine that somewhere in time or space, the human figure symbolizes both aspects of good and evil also!

The symbolism and resemblance of each of these and other so-called Gods are too similar to have simply imaginary deities from totally unconnected parts of the world. So how can this be?

There are three explanations which could answer this puzzling question. One, highly advanced spiritual beings, similar in appearance, assimilated themselves into various social structures in order to influence the trend of spiritual progression. Two, the primitive settlements of cave dwellers, that subsequently evolved into civilizations, had a common heritage themselves. Or three, all of the ancient civilizations had both a primitive common denominator AND reptilian beings influencing their spiritual evolution. I believe, wholeheartedly, this later scenario to be the case and I will expand on and prove my theory in just a few moments.

It is this researchers opinion that these records, when carefully and open mindedly studied, reflect a historical foundation upon which all modern day extraterrestrial contacts or abductions can be based. We have evolved as a species and our progression has been carefully monitored by the elusive reptilian race that lives within the cavernous Earth itself.

If it is true that we genetically descended from a mixture of ape man and a bipedal, intelligent reptilian species, then what evidence, other than legends and historical documentation suppers our theory? Where lies the personal connection, the physical proof? To answer these questions it is important to address a little know fact regarding the formation of the human embryo in the womb.


Deep within the information pool of the gene, instructions are given to the forming cells to repeat the major evolutionary steps that link us to the non primate mammals, reptiles and fish before we finally reach the recognizable form of the human being. At one point our primordial genetic information even creates gills for the embryo. Those of course disappear as development continues. In the forth week, the human embryo is remarkably similar to the embryos of birds, pigs, sheep and remains that way until the eighth week, then it takes in dissimilar physical characteristics.

Human Embryonic Stages:

In some cases of evolutionary throwback, as according to the Oxford Monographs on Medical Genetics No. 27, the genetic chain of command sometimes forgets to continue onwards in their evolutionary reenactment, leaving dome babies with actual tails. These "caudal appendages", as they are called, form at the lower lumbar area and are generally hairless. Although most of these cases are immediately attended to by surgeons in order to protect the families from adverse ridicule, in some third world countries where surgery is unavailable, the children quickly adapt to their tails and live out normal lives. It is interesting to note that in some of these cases the tail wags during moments of excitation.

[For the scientific proof of a human tail go to: Ö added to original article by the editor].

Now that we have covered the fact that passing glimpses into our evolutionary heritage can be witnesses during the formation of our fetuses, we can proceed to discover which part of this reenactment was so pronounced that it permanently formed within us and provided our strongest primordial link.

One late evening I happened to be watching a television interview with Carl Sagan in which the audience members were asking him questions. When asked what he thought of the crop circle phenomenon, he replied, and Iíll paraphrase here, "donít you know that it has been proven that all those, so called crop circles, are hoaxes created by two gentlemen in England. Theyíve admitted it". He went on to say that the media loves a ufo angle and that they purposely ignored the confessions of the two older gentlemen in order to sensationalize. When I heard this, I thought that thereís no way that a man as intelligent as he claims to be could be so blatantly ignorant, that is unless he is the mouth piece of the federal government. If that was the case, then it is only human nature to wonder Ö whatís in it for him?

It is my opinion that the information about our genetic heritage and relationship with the reptilian alien beings that lived on our planet was shared with Mr. Sagan as a gift for his expected continued secrecy and servitude to certain authorities within the federal government. Accompanying this "gift" of truth. I believe, was a promise of increased fame and fortune in return for his performing the duties of disinformation in regards to saucer phenomenon. This is why he has continually ridiculed anything that even hints of extraterrestrial contact. As long as he plays "their" game of information management, he will be allowed to release certain information in a very unobtrusive and cryptic fashion. All under the watchful eyes of his superiors, of course. Evidence of a portion of this "leak" is written within the pages of his book, "The Dragons of Eden" in which he "speculates" upon the evolution of human intelligence.


In Mr. Saganís aptly named book, "The Dragons of Eden", it is emphasized that in our search for the evolution of human intelligence, it is extremely important that we do not ignore the most ancient part of the human brain upon which all other segments are but additions. According to the neuroanatomist Paul MacLean, the ancient area of the "triune" brain, is driven by another prehistoric region that some neuroanatomist call the R-Complex. The R standing for reptilian. It is referred to as the R-Complex because we share it with reptiles.

[See "Your Three Brains in One Brain" . Added to the original article by the editor].

Mr. Sagan carefully points out the fact that the human brain develops from the inside out, in evolutionary sequence. First the neutral cassis, which regulates the heart, blood and respiration, then secondly and most importantly, the R-Complex, which is the primordial evidence of intelligence. The limpid system and neocordex are later additions to this central core.

MacLean also states that the R-Complex plays an important role in the aggressive behavior, territoriality, ritualism and establishment of social hierarchies. (Which, by the way, are behavioral and social qualities that are frequently expressed by reptilian beings during abductions and contacts). Most of our behavior as human beings is ruled by this archaic region of the brain, and as Mr. Sagan himself so eloquently phrases it Ö "it does no good whatsoever to ignore the reptilian component of human nature, particularly our ritualistic and hierarchical behavior. On the contrary, the model may help us understand what human beings are all about".

Throughout "Dragons of Eden", one can find other subtle hints as to his true knowledge of our genetic connection with the reptilian beings that have played an important role in our species existence. He mentions how much of our behavior is even expressed in reptilian terms, such as "cold-blooded" killer and that the common human sounds commanding silence or attracting attention being that of hissing snakes. Those and other clues pervade his book right down to the M. C. Escher illustration of two zís floating within a three dimensional Star of David in space.

Along with the fact the pheromone of women and female iguanas are a chemical match
(Omni, May Ď94, [And most recently: the TAL LaVesque report of the use of Gila monster spit to fight type 2 diabetes Ö Dennis], here is the reasons why the reptilian aliens are so interested in our genetic evolution. We are more physically and mentally connected to reptiles than previously understood, so their interest in us is justified when one realizes that we may be, as myth and legends are related, actually reptilian offspring. This connection may allow one to understand why the abductions and clinical experimentation on human beings are being carried out by the elusive reptilian race. It may also be because some things never change, even since the days of Eden.

By the way, I find it somewhat bewildering that someone who understands the reptilian part of the brain so well is named Sagan, because his name spelled backwards is that of the mystical east Indian reptilian God Ö the NAGAS.

Continuing in the next issue Part 3: "As Below, So Above".

Further reading on our genetic makeup:

By Dennis Crenshaw

According to Dr. Dale Russell, "It is quite legitimate to assume that on other planets dinosaurs lived on to become humanoid beings with the high intelligence necessary for interplanetary travel." Now this isnít some kook who read a couple of books and the bible and then devised a "world-shattering" theory speaking here. Dr. Russell is undeniably one of the worldís top experts on dinosaurs and the chief paleontology at the National Museum of natural Sciences in Ottawa, Canada. Yet, Dr. Russell is anything but your normal elitist yes man using the rhetoric that we usually get from the PhD crowd.

[The dinosaur] " Ö was one of the smartest creatures on earth at the time and had the same evolutionary capacity that led to mankind. I feel that inevitably evolution would have led it to take a near- human form."

One of the finds that Dr. Russell bases his theory on was a discovery in Alberta of the skull of one of the smaller dinosaurs that had a brain seven times larger than other dinosaurs.

"Here we have an animal that stands upright on the same evolutionary path that led to human beings. Astonishing though it may seem, I believe that it would have been forced by the evolutionary process to take human form had it been left to develop."

Could that have happened? Could a small, smart species of dinosaur have escaped into the crevices and caverns of Earth and hidden there to evolve into a humanoid-reptilian race?

Dr. Russell created a model of what such a creature would look like after the millions of years of evolution.

Check it out:
Dinoman Ö The Smartest Dinosaur Ever

An interview with Dr. Dale Russell:

A Dinosaur Tour with Dr. Russell:


From Hollow Earth researcher, Jan Lamprecht (Hollow Planets 1998)

From: WWW.AfricanCrisis.Org
[Now this is an incredible story. Note too how calmly the blacks were
going to mutilate this black woman for Witchcraft purposes. Itís a very
sick African tradition, which refuses to die. "Muti" is "medicine" for
Witchcraft purposes. Jan]

Giyani - A mamba came to the rescue of a young woman who was about to be
cut up so her body parts could be sold for muti.

Just as 21-year-old Beauty Mashimbye's eyes were about to be gouged out
on Saturday afternoon, the snake bit her attacker's leg.

"I knew very well that I was about to die, but God just heard my prayers
and sent a snake to bite one of my attackers," she said.

Mashimbye had been attacked while walking home in Hluvula Baji Section of
Tiyani village near Giyani about 17:00.

"I heard people talking behind me and when I turned around, I saw a man
and woman wearing black gowns, like traditional mourning gear," she

She said she was still thinking how strange it was that a man would wear
such a gown, when the couple grabbed her by the arms and dragged her into
the veld next to the road.

A black car pulled up and two men got out and helped the couple load her
into the boot.

She was driven to bushes in the mountainous Manaxi area near Thohoyandou
where she was made to sit with her back to a tree, with her hands tied
behind her back and her legs apart.

"The woman made a phone call to someone she called 'boss'. She spoke
Tshi-Venda and said: 'We've got the prey, what are the instructions?'"

The cell phoneís speaker was on, and Mashimbye heard a man on the other
side instruct the woman to cut off her body parts while she was alive, so
that the muti would be strong.

"He said they must cut off my private parts, nipples, lower lip, tongue
and hair," she said.

The woman then offered to let her use the phone for a final farewell to a

She phoned her boyfriend but could only say "please take care of our baby
boy, I'm about to be?" before the woman snatched the phone away.

Snake appeared

The woman sharpened a knife on a rock and was about to remove Beauty's
eyes, when the snake appeared.

"The woman jumped up and shouted 'snake, snake!'".

She'd been bitten, so one of the men took the rope from Mashimbye's hands
to make a tourniquet and stop the venom from spreading.

He then carried her to the car, possibly to take her to hospital, while
Mashimbye leapt up and ran away.

She spent the night in the bush and found her way home on Sunday and
reported the case to the police.

Provincial police spokesperson Senior Superintendent Motlafela Mojapelo
confirmed that a case of attempted murder had been opened.

He said three women had been admitted to Elim hospital near Makhado for
snakebites on Saturday, but all had died.

HE said police would investigate if any of them was linked to the attack
on Mashimbye.

Malamulele pastor, Dr Elijah Mtileni, said God could use anything to save
people's lives, including snakes.

Edited by Tisha Steyn

Source: News24.Com

The TAL Zone
The Research and Writings of TAL LaVesque


Historical Indications That Crop Circles Are Not "New" :
Although most people think of the crop circles as a modern phenomenon
(and wonder if modern technology may be responsible), there is some
evidence that the circles have been appearing off-and-on for hundreds of years.
Here are a few of the best-documented accounts:
Small semi-transparent spheres, typical of one type of
light anomaly, are frequently seen in and near crop circles.
Often the light phenomena are observed inside, or flying over, crop circles which are present already; they frequently appear to be "inspecting" the formation, weaving back and forth and up and down, sometimes right over the heads of people who are in the field at the time. In one case (which was videotaped by British circle photographer, Steve Alexander) a small, flashing BOL which had been weaving in and out of a formation near Milk Hill in Wiltshire for several minutes in broad daylight, left the circle and began to head across the field toward a farm hand on a tractor at least a quarter-of-a-mile away. As the BOL moved farther away it rose up a few meters above the crop surface, flying quite close to the tractor-driver's head. In Steve's video you can see the driver turn his head to watch the BOL as it disappeared in the distance.
July 1990, Milk Hill, Wiltshire, United Kingdom
This interesting piece of footage was recorded in July 1990 by Crop circle researcher Steve Alexander at a location called Milk Hill in Wiltshire UK. Steve spotted a small ball of light which seemed to be metallic and reflective, playing in a wheat field which was coincidentally, directly next to a crop circle formation.
1991 - Humans created the semi-famous "Talk to us!" formation (Hackpen Farm) that got a first-ever linear reply at Milk Hill....
that one language specialist says means "Oppose Trickery" (hoaxing) in Latin.
1997- Milk Hill farmland - words pressed down - "Where do you live?"
- Result - Milk Hill Koch Fractal Star.
Meaning: "We come from the stars".
Milk Hill Formation - August 8, 1997
Milk Hill, Wiltshire Formation- May 2, 1999
August 2001 :
the Milk Hill formation entitled "Largest and most complex crop circle ever".
Milk Hill, Wiltshire 17th June 2003
NOW : Reported 26th June, 2004
Milk Hill, Wiltshire
SEE IT at :
Latest crop circles :

And finally this week, hereís my contribution for ÖA Bang up 4th of July!
Click on this link

After the sky appears, keep clicking faster and faster for a fantastic show.

The End of The TAL Zone


The Name Game

New York Daily News - Better tell cop your name if asked, Supreme Court sez THE
Monday, June 21st, 2004
WASHINGTON ó The Supreme Court ruled Monday that people do not have a constitutional right to refuse to tell police their names.
The 5-4 decision frees the government to arrest and punish people who wonít cooperate by revealing their identity.
The decision was a defeat for privacy rights advocates who argued that the government could use this power to force people who have done nothing wrong, other than catch the attention of police, to divulge information that may be used for broad data base searches.
Police, meanwhile, had argued that identification requests are a routine part of detective work, including efforts to get information about terrorists.
The justices upheld a Nevada cattle rancherís misdemeanor conviction. He was arrested after he told a deputy that he didnít have to reveal his name or show an ID during an encounter on a rural road in 2000.
Larry "Dudley" Hiibel was prosecuted, based on his silence and fined $250. The Nevada Supreme Court sided with police on a 4-3 vote.
Justices agreed in a unique ruling that addresses just whatís in a name.
The ruling was a follow up to a 1968 decision that said police may briefly detain someone on reasonable suspicion of wrongdoing, without the stronger standard of probable cause, to get more information. Justices said that during such brief detentions, known as Terry stops after the 1968 ruling, people must answer questions about their identities.
Justices had been asked to rule that forcing someone to give police their name violated a personís Fourth Amendment protection from unreasonable searches and the Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination.
Justice Anthony M. Kennedy, writing for the majority, said that that it violated neither.
"Obtaining a suspectís name in the course of a Terry stop serves important government interests," Kennedy wrote.
The ruling left the door open for what Kennedy said would be an unusual case in which revealing a name would be incriminating. But he said generally, disclosing an identity is "so insignificant in the scheme of things." Marc Rotenberg, president of the Electronic Privacy Information Center, said America is different 36 years after the Terry decision.
"In a modern era, when the police get your identification, they are getting an extraordinary look at your private life."
Tim Lynch, an attorney with the libertarian-oriented thinktank Cato Institute, said the court "ruled that the government can turn a personís silence into a criminal offense." "Ordinary Americans will be hopelessly confused about when they can assert their right to íremain silentí without being jailed like Mr. Hiibel," he said.
But Kent Scheidegger, legal director of the Criminal Justice Legal Foundation, noted that police can only demand names of people reasonably suspected of being involved in a crime.
The police encounter with Hiibel happened after someone called police to report arguing between Hiibel and his daughter in a truck. An officer asked him 11 times for his identification or his name.
Over and over again Hiibel refused, at one point saying, "If youíve got something, take me to jail" and "I donít want to talk. Iíve done nothing. Iíve broken no laws." In dissent, Justice John Paul Stevens said that Hiibel "acted well within his rights when he opted to stand mute." Also disagreeing with the decision were Justices David H. Souter, Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Stephen Breyer.
Justices were told that 20 states have similar laws to the Nevada statute upheld by the high court: Alabama, Arkansas, California, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Mexico, New York, North Dakota, Rhode Island, Utah, Vermont, and Wisconsin.


From one of the charter members of THEI, Matt Smith, comes:



From Ananova News:

Toymaker invents dream machine
A Japanese toymaker claims to have invented a gadget that can help people control their dreams.
Tokyo-based Takara Co says its Dream Workshop can be programmed to help sleepers choose who or what to dream Ö
Article Net-Search


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