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Insider’s Report for 2004 #25
Editor: Dennis Crenshaw

"Unraveling the Secrets" is a free weekly Research Report from:


In this Issue: 

Part 1 of a Very Special 3 Part Series:
The Human-Reptilian Connection 
By John Rhodes


In The TAL Zone
Famous Reptilians Thru The Ages -- An Overview


Links to Reptilian reports from BRANTON.


"We've been conditioned to look above our heads, to some far 
outstretched finger when we think of "Aliens" and "E. T's", when we should 
actually be looking under our very feet and intensifying our Earth based 
search for non-catalogued, intelligent life forms to answer our age old 
question of ARE WE ALONE?". 
The introduction to the web-site of:       
John Rhodes
Cryptozoologist - Subsurface Investigator



From Si-Fi Wire
Roswell Diary Lands
SCI FI Declassified: The Roswell Dig Diaries will be the first title 
published under a three-book deal between the SCI FI Channel and Pocket 
Books for projects spun off from the network's original documentary 
specials, SCI FI announced. The Roswell Dig Diaries, which is due July 6, 
is based on SCI FI's highest-rated original special, The Roswell Crash: 
Startling New Evidence, which dealt with the archaeological excavation 
of the supposed crash site of a UFO in Roswell, N.M. The Dig Diaries is 
being released near the anniversary of the supposed crash in July 1947.

SCI FI Declassified: The Roswell Dig Diaries will reveal 
never-before-seen information about the 1947 incident at Roswell and will contain the 
first public release of the final archaeological report on the landmark 
dig. …
The rest of the story:


Texas Hit by Asteroid 58 Million Years Ago
By Associated Press
posted: 09:30 am ET
22 June 2004

MARQUEZ, Texas (AP) _ Quiet pasture land in this east Central Texas 
community holds clues to the planet's violent past, geologists say.
They say the site known as the Marquez Dome was once thought to be a 
salt dome by prospectors looking for oil along the Texas Gulf coast.
However, scientists now say the site about 60 miles southeast of Waco 
holds the remnants of a huge crater formed from an asteroid's impact 
about 58 million years ago.
Complete report:


From “Jeff”:
A Home Test for Parallel Universes
by Sam Sachdev 
March, 2004 

When you think of a parallel universe, do you think of a universe, or a 
world, similar to ours but different in some fundamental quality. Bill 
Clinton, for instance, is a happily celibate priest. Or George W. Bush 
delights his fellow Mensa members, at parties, with his verbal games. 
Or, perhaps, you only have a science-fiction quality vagueness to what 
you think of a parallel universe: pointed ears, warp-drive through worm 
holes, and form fitting Lycra body suits on a thin, well-groomed crew. 
A parallel universe, it may surprise you to learn, is actually 
detectable in your own home, office, or almost anywhere indoors. All that’s 
required is a red laser pointer, a pin, and a piece of paper. 
With the aid of David Deutsch, a physicist at Oxford University and his 
excellent book “The Fabric of Reality”, the experiment, in a 
step-by-step process, is going to be set-up and, then, it’s going to be explained 
why this magic-like result from this experiment is indeed proof of a 
parallel universe.


The Loveland Frog 
Some rumors are dispelled years after the news of this famous 
cryptozoological enigma became widespread.
by Davy Russell
POSTED: 1 March 2001

The Loveland, Ohio Creature, also known as the Loveland Frog, was 
sighted several times near the town of Loveland, Ohio. It has become a 
famous cryptozoological phenomenon due to the widely publicized account of 
two Loveland, Ohio police officers that claimed to have seen the 
mysterious creature in March of 1972. The common telling of this story goes 
something like this:

On 3 March 1972, an anonymous police officer was driving on Riverside 
Road at around 1 AM, when he saw what looked like a dog on the icy road. 
He pulled over, and shone his headlights on it. It suddenly stood up, 
jumped over the guardrail, and went down the embankment into the Miami 
River. The officer described the creature as being 3-4 feet tall, about 
50-75 pounds, with leathery skin, and a frog or lizard-like face. He 
called the dispatcher and returned to the station. He and another officer 
returned to the scene later that night, where they saw scrape marks on 
the hill going into the river. No official report was filed.

The second sighting occurred two weeks later. Another police officer 
was driving into Loveland, when he saw an animal in the road. …
For the complete report:



If the earth is not hollow but solid, then why has there never been an 
debate on the subject, where hollow-earthers could be thoroughly 
Because they can't! 

We are told aliens/UFO's involve a huge cover-up, yet they get constant 
media sci-fi exposure, but the hollow earth theory is not even 
mentioned in ridicule. The unearthly silence on this topic is deafening, 
revealing and frustrating. 



Thanks so much for Insider Report #25(?), should not it be #24? If it 
correct. I would like to have #24, too. Again many thanks.





I know.  THIS is issue #25.  Last Week’s was #24.  At least I know you 
guys are not nodding off on me!   Sorry one and all.

NOTE:  If you “save” these reports in a folder by Issue # you’d better 
make sure you get the numbers right before you lose one in the shuffle.  
It’s perfectly obvious to me that I was in a time-warp last week at the 
moment of posting the report.


“Mountain man” writes:

Thoroughly enjoy reading THEI. 

Question: " What's up with the article re. Gila monster spit treating 
diabetes?" What's that got to do with THEI? While somewhat interesting, 
if I wanted health news, I would subscribe to a health newsletter. 
Still though, keep up the good work on reporting. 

For some reason I didn't receive issue #24. Please forward #24 as well 
as #'s 1-5 so I can start catching up on some of your earlier writings. 
Thanks in advance and keep up the good work.

Howdy Mountain man!

Sorry about the 24, 25 mix-up …. #‘s 1-5 … on the way.

You wrote:  “What's up with the article re. Gila monster spit treating 
diabetes?" What's that got to do with THEI? While somewhat interesting, 
if I wanted health news, I would subscribe to a health newsletter….” 

TAL included the report in question [Lizard Spit Drug Treats Type 2 
Diabetes, Issue # 2004-23] in his column, The TAL Zone,  because it is 
recent findings that adds support to one of his pet research projects, the 
Human-Reptilian Connection. For many years TAL has worked along with 
Bruce Walton/BRANTON, John Rhodes and others researching reptilian 
connections to the subterranean world/hollow earth mysteries.  In the early 
years these three, along with a group of deep underground investigators 
[Pun intended] worked on assembling reptilian data in secret.  

Now that so many “experts” have jumped into the reptilian information 
field and it has become everyday knowledge … and now that the “spin 
doctors” have had their hands on it for a few years … passing along info 
about the reptilians and their pals is not as dangerous as it was 20 to 
10 years ago. Back then  I even hesitated to feature it in THEI, 
although I finally did. Were it not for these three men and their contacts 
working behind the scenes during these early, dangerous days there would 
be hardly anything know about the Reptilian race today.  

The latest TAL report in question -- the fact that a drug made of a 
reptile's spit can be ingested into a human’s body and, not only will the 
body not reject the reptilian body-fluid -- but it can benefit from the 
Gila’s  spit --  is a strong piece of information supporting the 
Human-Reptilian Connection theory. 

Thanks to your e-mail and question, Mountain man, I decided that  this 
weeks “Unraveling …” report HAD to be a special Reptilian Issue.  See 
the power of communicating with your editor.

This weeks feature report is the first of a Special three part series, 
"The-Human Reptilian Connection" by Reptilian expert 
Researcher/Lecturer and long time THEI contributor John Rhodes.  Although this is one of 
his earliest series of reports on the Reptilian race … the information 
still stands up today.   I‘d even bet that this series of  reports will 
contain new information for most of our readers while being a good 
refresher course for more advanced Insiders..  As for the TAL report 
concerning Gila monster spit … that came from good establishment research 
ending in solid undisputable evidence supporting the human-reptilian 
hypothesis.  And we’re be compiling more and more information on the subject 
as this weeks TAL Zone will illustrate.


From The Hollow Earth Insider Research Report
Volume III Issue 3 - May-June, 1995

The Human-Reptilian Connection
By Researcher/Lecturer- John Rhodes
Part 1


This series of reports will provide you with compelling evidence, 
gathered over many years of research, as to our genealogical connections 
with the overlord reptilian alien race and the occulted historical 
archeology that clearly demonstrated that these reptilian beings have 
coexisted on this planet earth with us for thousands of years prior to our 
current era.

I place an emphasis on archeology and metaphysics in the approach to my 
research because, in my opinion, they are the key elements to unlocking 
the secrets of the UFO phenomenon that surrounds us.  And, as you will 
see, this has enabled me to acquire some sublties and nuance hidden 
within the cracks of historical records found in religious works as well 
as physical documentation, such as sculptures, relief art and legends 
from around the world.

The results of the research that I am about to provide you was not 
compiled by myself alone.  These are the findings of individuals like 
myself, that have endured immense difficulties and danger in order to unveil 
that which has been hidden from the public for many years.  These 
individuals remain unknown at present due to reasons of survival, however, 
it is not only our duty, but it is time to unveil this information for 
all to hear, see and contemplate upon, for we are about to shift our 
shared reality.

Today, we are witnessing simultaneous deterioration of geopolitical and 
geological stability, increase of UFO abduction phenomenon, and a 
rapidly changing climatological    
Environment.  The psychological pressure associated with these shifts 
in reality is compounded by the fact that many believe that what we are 
experiencing is the unfolding of prophecies handed down to us by 
generations passed.

We have all been told through the prophecies of many religions and 
cultures around the world that our generation will witness the unveiling of 
the “revelation” of the true reality in which we live.  Our species is 
struggling with impending global disaster brought upon us by natural 
and man made causes, thus we find ourselves desperately reaching into the 
shadows for answers.  I believe that this is no more evident than in 
our interest in “new age”. “New Age” is not new at all.  It is ancient 
knowledge which secret brotherhoods within the shadows have drunkenly 
abused and used to empower their own domination over earth’s inhabitants.  
Many of the sacred mysteries that enable one to attain their true 
source of inner power have existed here on the American continent for 
thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of years.  UFOs, alien beings, cosmic 
cycles, atomic manifestation and other “mysterious phenomenon” are all 
explained in the legend, myth and lore of the red race of bein!
gs known as the American Indian.  By studying these stories and those 
of other ancient civilizations, we can translate the truth into modern 
day linguistics and expand our view of the reality on which we belong.  
Archaic wisdom transforms our spiritual link with corporeal matter.  
The words may change and the cryptic way in which brotherhoods have 
passed down secrets may be more difficult to decipher, but “the truth is out 
there” for us to discover…. If you want it.

I do not question whether or not aliens or their craft are here on our 
planet.  After all, historical documentation, video tapes, abduction 
cases, leaked government information, numerous other data and our own 
logic confirm their existence.  This is unless our perceptions are still 
blinded by fear.  The primary question, in my opinion, happens to be 
“Who are the main players?” and “How do we fit into the ‘big plan’?”

Throughout the history of extraterrestrial contact, many different 
types of alien beings have reportedly stated that they are not able to 
interfere to any great extent with human beings or their affairs.  If this 
is true then why are we receiving an increasingly larger number of 
abduction and contactee reports that repeatedly describe two types of 
intelligent life forms, those of the Gray and Reptilian aliens?  Why do they 
have exclusive rights to interfere with our species and other alien 
beings do not?

If interaction between these beings and our species has been occurring 
throughout history, as legend and myth would have us believe, then 
where is the supporting evidence as to their existence?  Where do they 
live?  Where are they from?  And why are they do interested in us?  These 
are some of the questions that I will address in this series of reports.

First lets tackle the question as to who are these beings and where are 
the historical connections relating to their presence?


According to the ancient writings and petroglyphs of the area of our 
earth considered to be the cradle of humanity, namely Mesopotamia and 
Iraq, there existed a god like race that ruled over a region of the 
Tigris-Euphrates river valley known as Sumeria.  This society apparently 
flourished around 3500 B. C. and was remarkably advanced in their culture.  
According to their sand pitted records, their rulers or “gods” were 
humanoid creatures of extraterrestrial origin that descended in magical 
crafts or rocket like ships.

The surviving clay tablets from this area of the world declare that 
before Homo sapiens walked the earth, these “gods” did much of their own 
manual labor.  This extraterrestrial society, for want of more creature 
comforts genetically created a new form of life from a mixture of their 
own DNA encoding and that of the evolutionary mammalian man or “ape 
man”.  This successful breed of worker class was Homo sapiens.

In the beginning, apparently, these gods immensely enjoyed the benefit 
of having their slave race endure the hardships of manual labor.  
Excavation, farming, building and mining operations were the toll of this 
new born race.  This labor, however, was not provided willingly.  It was 
forced through the use of severe and ruthless governorship.  These, not 
so bright, beings suffered greatly under the firm rule of their “Gods” 
and their misery did not go unnoticed by a few of the humanoid 
extraterrestrial masters.  For, according to the Sumerian tablets, inside the 
“God” society brewed a conspiracy to free Homo sapiens from their bonds 
of slavery and teach them the spiritual and scientific knowledge 
necessary to uplift their status to a God-like level.  The name of the 
extraterrestrial leader of this rebellion was written down as Enil or EA.


The Sumerian tablets tell us that the rebel God called EA was the 
extraterrestrial being that controlled genetic creation of Homo sapiens in 
obeyance to the instructions of his superiors.  After his involvement 
with the original genetic experiment, his compassion for the plight of 
the Homo sapien slaves shifted his role as a genetic engineer to that of 
a freedom fighter.  It is also related that Ea’s headquarters was a 
swamp-like area he called “Snake Marsh” because it was also a DEN to many 
reptiles or snakes.  In other words, the first fight for freedom took 
place in an areas known as EA-DEN.

It’s an interesting point that, according to Biblical text, a snake or 
‘reptilian’ not only seduced Eve, the first female caretaker of the 
garden, away from the arms of Adam, but also gave them knowledge in a 
beautiful garden called E-DEN.  We are also told that this was done against 
the wishes of his superior and, as punishment for this treasonous act, 
the progressive reptilian and his cohorts were ordered to remain 
underground, within the vast cavern system of the earth.  Along with this 
punishment, it was ruled that the reptilian was to never interfere with 
humans again, and that their generations will not only know of each 
other, but will learn to hate each other.  This last declaration was 
initiated by changing the name of the reptilian from “Lucifer” which literally 
means the bringer of light of knowledge to “Satan” or adversary.  The 
Sumerian text also relate a somewhat similar fate for the reptilian 
being called EA.

The teachings of the reptilian EA, thereafter referred to as the 
“Esoteric Mysticism of the Snake Brotherhood,” caused a major shift in the 
perceptions of reality for the early Homo sapiens.  It is in the assorted 
descriptions of this turning point in human evolution that we get our 
first glimpse as to what these advanced beings actually looked like in 
comparison to our own physical characteristics.


For the sake of mental focus, the following example is taken primarily 
from the Christian Bible’s Book of Genesis.  Its deeply rooted 
symbolism is thought, by some people, to be a compilation of occulted Genesis 
legend or physical beginnings from all spiritual beings around the 

[This is important to remember because one must be aware of the fact 
that I am in no way attempting to push one religion in this 

The historical description of reptilian beings having had a monumental 
influence on mankind’s evolution can be seen in the multi-cultural 
symbolism and myth surrounding the tree of knowledge.  The symbolical tree 
of knowledge, the Palm Tree in EA-DEN is depicted as having a trunk 
around which a half-man half-snake is entwined.  It is from this tree that 
the rebellious reptilian taught the human,  Eve.  As the information 
was absorbed by Eve and hence passed on to Adam, their perceptions of 
awareness and reality quickly shifted, rendering the two in a severe state 
of shock and fear (thus it is said that a person who is totally unaware 
of the reality in which they live, resides in an “Edenic state”).  The 
legend explains that, soon thereafter, they both had their first sexual 
relationship with each other or that they were shy of their nakedness, 
it was because they were suddenly aware  that there was a profound 
physical difference between the Gods and themselves.  The reptilia!
ns had scales covering their bodies as a form of protection from the 
elements and the Homo sapiens suddenly realized that they didn’t.  Until 
this time, the Homo sapiens had no conception that they were in any way 
different.  They had finally leapt from their childlike ignorance of 
the situation into the realization that they were intended, by design, to 
be tillers of the fields and slaves to the other reptilian overlords.

Years later other messengers also arrived upon the scene and, once 
again, attempted to free mankind from the bondage of slavery by teaching 
spiritual and magical knowledge.  They were punished severely by the 
rulers of the population.  One difference was, however, that instead of 
being labeled “Satan’s” or adversaries, one was named Quetzalcoatl or 
“Feathered Snake” and the other the Savior Yasha, or Christ.

The symbolism of the tree of knowledge is not limited to the 
Christians, but it is also represented by the Banyon tree from under whose 
branches the East Indian God Krishna sat upon a coiled serpent and bestowed 
upon man spiritual knowledge.  Another reptilian God whose death upon a 
crucifix was etched into stone was that of Quetzalcoatl, the winged 
serpent God of the great Toltec and Aztec civilizations.  This wooden 
crucifix upon which those that endowed knowledge upon mankind are crucified 
represents, not only the sigil of the supreme God called the Tau or 
Ankh, but the crucifix also represents the tree and branches of the tree 
of knowledge.  For their teachings they were killed.

The remarkable fact is that throughout all ancient and modern 
civilizations, the serpent or dragon bestowing knowledge upon the Human race 
figures prominently in all religions and histories.  The Christian 
reptilian or “fallen angel” Lucifer, the Mayan Serpent God, Quetzqlcoatl, the 
enormous plumed serpent God of the Hopi Indians, Baholinkonga, the East 
Indian mystical human-like reptilians known as NAGAS, the Egyptian 
serpent God Enuph, the Phoenicians Agathodemon and even the Hebrews 
Nakhustan or Brazen Serpent that led Moses and the Israelites through the 
desert by pillar of cloud and fire.  These are but a few of the vast amount 
of records that exist world wide and describe their early Gods as 
having reptilian-human like physical features as well as having descended 
from the heavens and stars.  From within the shadows and crevices of the 
earth their influence upon mankind can be no more evident than when one 
considers the ancient God who was considered “The Dragon-Ruler !
of the World.”  His subjects called him HU -- thus we call ourselves 

To be continued …

Visit John Rhodes in his DEN:


For the research postings regarding Reptilians from another long time 
THEI correspondent and personal friend,  Bruce Walton (BRANTON) go to:


Also read an overview of BRANTON’S years of research as presented in  
“David Icke’s E-Magazine” at:


Is it possible that there is an evil Reptilian or “Winged-Serpent” race 
in control of the ancient maze of tunnels and dark-hidden chambers of 
the Subterranean World which connects the Surface World to the Inner 

2 Pet 2:4.  “ … God spared not the angels that sinned, but cast them 
DOWN TO HELL and delivered them into CHAINS OF DARKNESS, to be reserved 
unto judgment.”

Job 1.7.  “And the Lord said unto Satan, Whence comest thou?  Then 
Satan answered the Lord, and said, From going to and from IN THE EARTH, and 
from walking up and down IN it.”
The TAL Zone
The Research and Writings of TAL LaVesque

Famous Reptilians Thru the Ages -- an Overview

Tohono O'Odham Nation, 
(Baboquivari Peak, Arizona) 
Possible ancient Hindu visitors to Baboquivari 
See The O'Odham: Native-Americans With Ancestors From India?
By Gene D. Matlock, BA, M.A., and look at a map of the Tohono O'Odham 
Nation for Hindu-like names. - 
Jack Gene Matlock's web site is very informative and extremely 

Excerpts follow : 

The Nagas, also called Nakas and Nahu(a)s, were a highly civilized 
ruling, maritime and mercantile class who once inhabited what is now 
Afghanistan, Tibet, Pakistan, and Northwestern India. The Nag 
("Self-Consuming Serpent") was one of their principal tribal emblems. 
The Nagas dug deep wells in the desert, siphoning water out of the 
ground with long, thick tubes. 

In Kashmiri, Nag means "a snake, esp. a fabulous serpent-demon or 
semi-divine being, having the face of a man and the tail of a serpent, and 
said to inhabit Patala. In Kashmir, they are the deities of springs." 
(Grierson's Dictionary of the Kashmiri Language; p. 624, item 2.) The 
Kashmirians also called these siphons Nag-Beg (Snake-Lords). Patala was 
one of the ancient Indian names for "America." It's real meaning is 

Several Southwestern Indian tribes worship exact replicas of the 
Kashmiri Nag-Beg (siphon) in special religious ceremonies. However, some of 
them call it by other names. Certain O'Odham and other Native-American 
clans in the Southern Arizona and Northern Sonora area also call this 
mythical serpent Corua (KoROOah, with the "R" trilled as in our English 
"City"). It derives from Sanskrit: Krura-Sarpavat (Violent-Serpent); 
Kadruja (Serpent Mother Kadru's equally serpent son). 

Another O'Odham word for "snake," Vah-Mat, is nearly identical to the
Kashmiri/Sanskrit Veh-Mar: "Poisonous-Snake." The O'Odham language 
contains an unusually high number of North Indian words. 

When the Nagas arrived in Arizona, they found a huge stone peak in the 
desert, resembling Kuvera and Shiva's (I-Itsoi's) Kailasa in nearly 
every way except one. The Indian Kailasa, also in a desert, is nearly four 
times higher above sea level than the O'Odhams' holy peak. To honor 
their spritual progenitor, the Nagas named this Arizona peak Babu-Kheever 
("Grandfather" or "Illustrious Indian Immigrant" Kuvera), adhering 
closely to the exact pronunciation of the mineral-rich Kheever (Khyber) 
mountain range of Afghanistan. 

DNA analysis may prove that today's O'Odhams are genetically related to 
the India-Indians. 

The Hopis worship Siva under several of his names, one of which is 
Massawa (Maheswa?). The Hopis are ophiolators (snake worshippers). 
Thousands of years ago, a famous Naga cult called Hophiz lived near Kabul, 
Afghanistan. Orginally, this nation was named Oph (Serpent) + Gana (Group; 
Family) + Stan (Nation). "Afghanistan" evolved from "Oph-gana-stan." 
The Afghan Hophiz snake cult spread to Greece, becoming Ophis. 
The Ophis cult was popular in the ancient world, even among the 
Christian gnostics. 

Ancient America By Blair A. Moffett :

Excerpts follow : 

In the Mahabharata, one of the two Sanskrit epics of ancient India, 
mention is made of the visit of Arjuna, a prince of the Bharatas, to 
Patala, the "antipodes," and of his marriage there to the princess Ulupi, a 
daughter of one Kauravya, the king of the Nagas. Commenting on this, H. 
P. Blavatsky wrote that Pundit Dayanand Saraswati, then the greatest 
Sanskrit and Puranic authority in India, had personally confirmed her 
view that Patala was America, and that the visit of Arjuna to that land 
from what was then India took place 5,000 years ago. (The( Secret 
Doctrine, II, 214.)

The Sanskrit word for serpent is naga and she explained that from time 
immemorial the serpent, as the dragon, has in every part of the world 
signified a "wise man, endowed with extraordinary magic powers." She 
further alluded to the clear relationship between the reference to nagas 
or wise initiates residing in Patala (America), and the nagals, a 
Mexican Indian name for "the (now) sorcerers and medicine men."

This brings us to Professor Gordon's research in the Aztecan and Mayan 
(and also South American Indian) tradition that it was a white, bearded 
personage who brought the arts of civilization to America, arriving 
from the east by boat. Both the Aztecan and Mayan titles for this 
personage, Quetzalcoatl and Kukulcan respectively, mean "Plumed Serpent." 
Additional testimony to the ubiquity and central religious importance among 
early American peoples of the snake or serpent need hardly be given, 
but we can briefly refer to the Snake Tribes among the North American 
Indians, the gigantic Serpent Mound over 700 feet in length that was 
constructed by the mound-building peoples of ancient Ohio, and the use of 
the feathered serpent (often dragonlike in appearance) in the magnificent 
pre-Columbian stone structures throughout Central America.

What Dr. Gordon has done is to provide evidence that:
The classical Old World has something to say about bearded white men 
who are at the same time plumed serpents. A pediment from the Athenian 
acropolis portrays on one side three plumed serpents, each with the head 
of a bearded man. This embodies the essential traits -- at two levels 
-- of the American iconography. There are too many details involved to 
be attributed to accident. (Before Columbus, pp. 51-53.)

Dr. Gordon has included in his book a photograph of this pediment of an 
archaic temple on the Acropolis.

Another very interesting corroboration of Old World links with the 
Plumed Serpent tradition, not mentioned by Professor Gordon, is offered by 
the Scots antiquary, Dorothea Chaplin, who, writing in 1938, 
(Mythological Bonds Between East and West, pp. 35-36.) discusses linguistic 
evidences for prehistoric links between the Celtic hero Cuchulinn (or Kukil 
Can) and the Mayan Kukulcan, noting that both of these figures were 
characterized as the Feathered Serpent.


 From the Greek 'Keltoi'....
...the CELTS called an Arch Druid (Shaman ) a "DRAGON" (or WISE 
SERPENT). They could control the "Dragon" or "Serpent" Power that is inherit 
in the Land. In Celtic mythology, the dragon symbolised the whole of 
creation, in the might of the earth and in the bending of the rivers. It 
also represented a guardian. 

* You can read more about the symbolism of serpents and dragons here :

The parallels between Celt and Vedic religion are remarkable.

The intellectual and spiritual pinnacle of the Celt society were the 
druids, the secretive, mysterious order of wisdom seekers that enchanted 
the Greeks and Romans and enthrall us today. In the Celt universe, 
everything in body, nature, mind, stellar space, time and 
otherworlds-either friend or fiend-was interconnected by a web of spiritual force and 
purpose. The druids were guides, invokers and protectors on the web. 
Druids are a unique spiritual phenomenon, their only counterparts are the 
rishi seers and brahmins of ancient India. 

The woolen cowled cloaks were an insignia of druidship-though not 
always white-as were triple-ended staffs and other talismans embossed with 
chariot wheel, swastika or triple-swirl symbols. The white robes may 
have been reserved for the most sagely, psychic druids, called uates.

All About Nagas : 
In Hindu mythology, 
the Nagas are snake-shaped beings who live in the underworlds 
and are the keepers of mighty powers of consciousness. 

India Once Ruled the Americans 
Q. India Was the Founder of Atlantis ! 

India was "TAL" or Tala ("The Surface"...Top) while its opposite, 
"ATAL" or Atala, was 
"Under the Surface". 

The people on "The Surface" were known as TALAN ("Surface 
People"..."The People of TAL" ), while those "down below" were Atalan. The myths of 
the Meso-Americans (Nahuatl-speaking peoples like the Aztecs, the 
Mayas, and the original settlers, the Olmecs) all claim that they came from 
a land called Tollan or Tlan, which is none other than India: "Surface 
People" or Talan. Back in India, Mesoamerica was known as Atalandesha; 
to the Greeks and Middle Easterners as Atlantis. The Mesoamericans 
themselves thought of themselves as Atlanteca ("Underworld People"). The 
Central Asian Phoenicians called their land in the Atlantic, Al-Atlantis. 
For that reason, names having Atlan roots are found all over Mexico: 
Autlán; Atlán; Mazatlán; Zihuatlán; Cuautitlán; etc. Aztatlán, on 
Mexico's West Coast in Nayarit (Nairitti) state, means in Sanskrit, "Where the 
Moon sets in Atala)" or the westernmost border of Atlantis. 
Sanskrit NAGA ("serpent"), in Hindu and Buddhist mythology, a member of 
a class of semidivine beings, half human and half serpentine. They are 
considered to be a strong, handsome race who can assume either human or 
wholly serpentine form. They are regarded as being potentially 
dangerous but in some ways are superior to humans. They live in an underground 
kingdom called Naga-loka, or Patala-loka, which is filled with 
resplendent palaces, beautifully ornamented with precious gems. They are also 
associated with waters--rivers, lakes, seas, and wells--and are 
generally regarded as guardians of treasure… 

Hu/Khu was a North Indian or Phoenician word for "Serpent." 
In Arizona, the O'odham name for "rattlesnake" is Koh or Ko'owi. The 
Zuñi term is Ko-lowi'zi. The most common term for "rattlesnake" 
throughout Northern Mexico and Arizona is Co-rua. The Mayans call it Kuh; Gu 
among the Incas. Two other O'odham words for "snake" hail from North 
India, also: Nah-Big, which in Northern India is Nag-Beg. Another North 
Indian word for "snake," Veh-Mar, barely changed in the O'odham language: 

An ancient Sanskrit word for "Buddha" is Put. A "Put" or "Buddha" is a 
god, demi-god, or saint who is reborn in human form, in order to 
continue the moral purification of mankind. In the state of reincarnation, a 
Put in human form becomes a Putara (Messiah). The Nahua-speaking 
peoples also called Quetzalcoatl by the exact name: Ishi-Putala/Ptla. 
This article was contributed to by Gene D.


Why Not Look for A-Tlan-Tis in Mexico? 

Jason and The Argonauts  [ ] went to 
Pâtâla..... in reality the Americas. 


As a kid, one of my most favorite animals was the platypus. 
'Duck-billed Platypus' or Ornithorynchus anatinus 

The platypus is one of the world's most remarkable animals. The 
Platypus is probably most famous for the fact that it was initially thought to 
be a hoax. They have a life span of 10-17 years. Platypus live in 
burrows and spend much of their time in freshwater ponds and streams. The 
platypus is the only Australian mammal known to be venomous. Adult males 
have a pointed spur (about 15 millimetres long) located just above the 
heel of each hind leg, which can be used to inject poison produced by a 
gland in the thigh (the crural gland). Venom is only secreted by mature 
males. Platypus venom is not considered to be life-threatening to a 
healthy human. 
The Australian Platypus Conservancy is working hard to unlock some of 
the key scientific mysteries which still surround the species. SEE : 

The Platypus Bill 
The bill of the platypus is one of the MOST SENSITIVE organs known. It 
is used in place of eyes when he hunts for food. As the platypus dives 
into the water, he draws a layer of skin over both eyes and ears. In 
the water, a platypus swings his bill from right to left. Apparently, he 
is able to find small water dwellers by their vibrations. Coupled with 
this is a magnificent sense of touch. The platypus also seems to have 
an astounding awareness of cavities in the earth ahead. He can avoid 
breaking into rat holes, other platypus tunnels and even rabbit holes. All 
this is done deep within the earth where the platypus eyes are of no 
value. The platypus can sense all this with his BILL. Truly, the platypus 
bill is one of the most remarkable pieces of radar on earth. 

Mammals From Reptiles? 
There are around three thousand, two hundred totally different species 
of mammals, varying in size from the two fifths of an ounce shrew to 
the 130-ton whale! 
Zoologists, taxonomists, biologists, and a host of other specialists, 
believe mammals developed from reptiles. 
"The reptilian characteristics of the platypus led scientists to 
conclude that it is descended from a link between the reptiles and mammals of 
over 150 million years ago. 
"At any rate, it is a highly specialized survivor of an ancient time." 
(Evolution, LIFE NATURE LIBRARY, p. 61.) 

Another publication echoes the same idea: 
"The monotremes, including the duck-billed platypus ... are 
TRANSITIONAL creatures with both reptilian and mammalian characteristics." (The 
Wonders of Life on Earth, Editors of Life, p. 167.) 

A third book tells us the same thing: 
"They [the platypuses] are not so close to the birds as they are to the 
reptiles, from which they are DESCENDED. We consider them the most 
primitive of living mammals ... all in all, they are strangely fashioned 
creatures, living symbols of the old and the new in the animal kingdom." 
(The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Animal Life, Vol. 1, Frederick 
Drimmer, Editor-in-Chief, p. 25.) 
The idea is advanced that a platypus is a TRANSITIONAL creature. Why is 
it considered so? Because, supposedly, it has both reptilian and 
mammalian features. 

In other words, the less a mammal supposedly looks like a reptile, the 
MORE it has evolved. Since the platypus is considered to have MANY 
reptilian features, scientists say, "WE CONSIDER THEM primitive creatures!" 
The platypus is a living creature which has NO LIVING COUNTERPARTS, and 
NO CLOSE RELATIVES in the fossil record. Therefore, science calls this 
little creature a "living fossil."

And in a different vein, here’s a useful map I found:

U.S. Map Showing Locations of Possible Pre-Colombian Contact, 
Ancient Megalithic and Mysterious Sites

TAL Report End

The Lacerta File I
by Ole K. 

I certify that the following text is the absolute truth and no work of 
fiction. These are parts of a transcript of an interview I´ve made with 
a non-human and reptilian being in December 1999. This female being was 
already in contact with a friend of mine (whose name is given only with 
the abbreviation E.F. in the text) since some months. Let me declare, 
that I was all my life a sceptic about UFOs, aliens and other weird 
things and I thought that E.F. tells me just dreams or fictionous stories 
when he talked with me about his first contacts with the non-human being 
"Lacerta". I was still a sceptic when I met this being on December 16 
last year in that small warm room in the remote house of my friend near 
to a town in the south of Sweden, despite the fact that I saw now with 
my own eyes that she was not human. She has told and shown me so many 
unbelievable things during that meeting that I can´t deny the reality 
and the truth of her words any longer. This is not another of th!
at wrong UFO papers which claim to tell the truth but tell in fact just 
fiction, I´m convinced that this transcript contains the only truth and 
therefore you should read it. 
I had talked with her for over 3 hours, so the following transcript 
shows you only shortened parts of the interview, because she asked me 
after the interview not to publish everything she had told me already now. 
The order of the questions in this transcript is not always the same 
order in which I had asked them, so it may seem sometimes a little bit 
confusing to you. It was not easy to delete all the important parts she 
had asked me to delete from the transcript, so I apologise for the maybe 
unusual order. I´m in the possession of the entire transcript of the 
interview (49 pages with some of my drawings of her body and her 
equipment) and also of some tapes on which I have the full interview, but I 
will not reveal this before I have permission from her. I will send this 
shortened form of the still fascinating document to four of my reliable 
friends to Finland, Norway, Germany and France and I hope they will 
translate it into their own languages and into other languages and I!
 hope as many people as possible will be able to read and to understand 
the transcript. If you receive it, please send it to all your friends 
via e-mail or make print-outs and copy them. …
Read the complete interview at:




While on the subject of reptilians lets re-visit another report from 
the THEI archives.  This one comes from Volume III Issue #2 of The Hollow 
Earth Insider Research Report, March-April 1995.

From the (Las Vegas, Nevada) Review Journal of Feb. 18, 1995:

“ ‘Reptilian Bastards’ Insult Strikes Nerve”

WASHINGTON - Eighty-two Republican members of the house are calling for 
the immediate resignation of the American Bar Association’s president 
for referring to some members of Congress as “reptilian bastards.” 

In a letter to ABA President George Bushnell, a Detroit lawyer, the GOP 
members called his phrase “a reprehensible and unforgettable insult” to 
House Speaker Newt Gingrich and other republicans.

At the ABA’s national convention in Miami, Bushnell last week labeled 
as “reptilian bastards” those in Congress seeking to slash funding for 
the Legal Services Corp., which helps the poor with some legal problems.

Asked for comment Friday, Bushnell gave no indication that he would 
resign. …
Submitted by TAL LaVesque.

Whoa … wait a minute.  What pissed these guys off?
At first I thought it might be because they felt it an insult to that 
globalist in conservative clothing, Newt Gingrich.  (Quote: I am a PROUD 
MEMBER of the Council of Foreign Relations. End quote).  After all 
Webster’s 21st Century Dictionary defines: a Newt as an “amphibious 
salamander.”  So calling “Newt”  a reptilian would be calling him exactly what 
he is.  Then I noticed that Mr. Bushnell had said “reptilian bastards.”  
Plural.  He was obviously addressing more than one snake under the 

“Eighty-two Republican [Reptilian?] members of the House called for the 
immediate resignation …”  Pretty heavy stuff.  Is this one of the cases 
where the truth hurts?  Their reaction seems even stranger when we 
recall the report having to do with their counterparts, our glorious 
Senators, in the June 7. 1994 issue of the CIA propaganda rag THE WEEKLY 
WORLD NEWS and the reaction to that:

Shocking Confessions rock nation’s capitol
America’s destiny is being shaped by entities who aren’t even human, 
says expert.


Sen. Gramm (R ) Texas said in part, “It’s all true.  we are space 
aliens.  And I’m amazed that its taken you so long to find out …”

Sen. DeConcini, (D) Ariz.  In a prepared statement, he said:  “As 
chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, I am quite distressed.  My 
highest classified cover has been blown.”

One of our favorites, Sen. Rockefeller, (D) W. Va., “I love it here on 
earth, but our health-care system is better at home.”

And the list goes on and on of Senators admitting they are aliens.  Of 
course the WEEKLY WORLD NEWS is “just a tabloid.”  Or is it?  .” [See  
“Tabloid Games” in Report # 24].  You must admit it’s good food for 

 But, back to those “reptilian bastards.”  Could it be that the 
reptilian race has finally infiltrated our government so extensively that they 
are afraid we’ll find out?   Could the Republicans actually be …  “Newt 
& the Reptilian gang?”

  Our research continues …


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