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If you have already recieved this Report, excuse the duplicate. Some people didn't get my first posting. Thanks. Dennis

Insider’s Report for 2004 #12 www.thehollowearthinsider.com March/27/2004 Editor: Dennis Crenshaw



This issue is dedicated to the memory of Gerry Forster who passed away February 16, 2004. Gerry and I had many enjoyable discussions by e-mail and all who knew him will miss him. He will live on in the work he left behind. Visit his web page and read the work of a man who truly enjoyed what he was doing. Be sure and read his Hollow earth novel, Under Down Under.

Gerry … may your future travels be as enlightened as those you had here on earth. You will be remembered always through your enjoyable style of writing and you superb work.

Visit the World of Gerry Forster at:
And download his novel, “Under Down Under.” It‘s free:


On our CURRENT NEWS site at 7:33 PM EST 3?27?04

Heaven's Gate Mass Suicide Discovered 7 Years Ago
Members Believed Hale-Bopp Comet Was Heaven-Bound Spaceship


UFOs, the Hollow Earth, the New Word Order and The Hollow Earth Insider
Dennis Crenshaw

Well, here I am working on the 12th issue of this first e-edition of The Hollow Earth Insider.
It’s funny. Back in 1995 when I started the original hard-copy fan zine I worried that I wouldn’t have enough new material to publish THEI every couple of months or so. Once I started I found that the problem wasn’t getting my hands on enough new stuff … the big problem was what to pass over! And where to find the time to research and write all that I wanted to include in the reports.

Believe it or not, I had the same fear when I decided to publish this e-edition of THEI. I knew that a weekly schedule is almost a must for what I had in mind. As fast as information is passed around on todays wave lengths most information would be old news if I held it any longer than a week. But could I get enough good material to fill out a weekly report? Well, the initial results are proving to be the same as before. Not the problem of getting enough stuff to report, but what do I leave out? And, of course, I still seem to have the same lack of time to get everything written. That’s an acceptable given.

Another thing that worried me about starting a weekly e-edition of THEI was the fear that our readers would be expecting only reports and stories directly connected to the Hollow
Earth/Subterranean studies. I feared a large turnover of readers at first. But we have only had 3 people request to be dropped from the list and we’ve had many, many more than that join since we started the e-reports. Those three will not even be missed. I can breath easier. The mass exodus from our list that I was prepared for didn’t happen. I’m glad that the readers of this report realize there is much more to the Hollow Earth/ Subterranean Worlds conspiracy than just holes-at-the-pole and reptilians.

Up until I started The Hollow Earth Insider (excepting for the by then no-longer-published Hollow Hassle) no one had ever concentrated on anything except two aspects of the Hollow Earth Theory. The “what” and ‘where” of the story.

Except for a small and ever dwindling group of hard-core Hollow Earthers, the few people who knew anything at all about the subject at the time were getting most of their information from Raymond Bernard’s book, “The Hollow Earth.”

By 1995 when I started The Hollow Earth Insider, the only information being passed around about the subject was re-cycled Ray Palmer and Raymond Bernard material and dog-eared copies of The Hollow Hassle newsletter. And there was getting to be less and less of that available. In my opinion the subject was being pushed out, soon to be lost. (Of course I didn‘t dream of what was going to happen with computers). Le Poer Trench’s Secret of the Ages was almost impossible to find with rumors going around that the US government had suppressed it. Few even knew of its existence.

[A fact. Every Hollow Earth book published in the past 100 years that has reached any popularity at all except for Secret of The Ages has NEVER been out of print … somewhere in the world. And yet you hardly ever find Hollow Earth books for sale in used bookstores. And you NEVER find Trench’s book in one.
A second fact: If your local library has any Hollow Earth books they can be found by using the Dewey decimal system number 551.11 --- which designates a non-fiction Earth Sciences book. You will find them shelved right beside the establishment’s books on the geology of the earth. After all, when all is said and done one theory is equal to another].

I seem to have gotten side tracked … anyway, when I started the old zine I decided, not to do what most had done in the past and only be concerned with the “what” and “where” of the subject. I felt too many people spent all their time searching for evidence and trying to convince people that the Earth was Hollow without results. I read somewhere once that the definition of a fool was someone who “kept trying the same old thing over and over, always getting the same results. Never trying new methods.” I felt this had become the case with the study of the Hollow Earth. After all, it had been drummed into my head by one and all while studying the craft of writing … there are many parts to a story, not only the “what” and “where”. But… “Who,” “when,” “how,” and most important of all… “Why?”

I decided to assume that the Earth is positively hollow for this exercise while never losing fact of the truth. No one knows for sure about the makeup of the interior of our planet or any earthly body.

So, the direction I decided to delve into was … taking for fact that the earth is hollow … and realizing that if it were, then it is being kept a big secret. The questions then become; “Who” is keeping the secret; “When” did they start keeping it a secret. “How” were they keeping it secret and most importantly, “why” did they think they had to keep it secret?
The Hollow Earth Insider was designed to investigate and cover all of those questions and to follow the trail wherever the research lead. Along the way I was dedicated to expose that which is not true. The truth will never be known until we weed out the untruths.

The original series of Hollow Earth Insider hard copy Reports were designed from an idea used by Ray Palmer with the Hidden World series. The idea was to present a complete book in installments. The Hidden World series contains the complete Shaver story, yet each volume stands alone as a completely readable zine.

My idea was to write a series of reports presented in such a way that a person with no knowledge of the Hollow Earth/Subterranean World could start with Volume 1 Issue #1 of The Hollow Earth Insider Research Reports and as they read through them they would be gaining more and more knowledge about this hard-to-explain subject in a fun and enjoyable way. But at the same time if someone read any issue it would stand alone and still understandable and enjoyable. And those that read the complete series would be able to answer most of the questions asked by those curious about the subject in a precise rational way. And also be able to counter any debate from skeptics with facts from unarguably solid establishment sources on the subject. I didn’t want to only look into the “what” and “where”, but also the other 3 Ws. And it worked. During its day The Hollow Earth Insider became a very popular zine. It’s popularly spread very quickly, mainly by word of mouth.

Before I quit publishing, The Hard Copy THEI was being shipped to every state in the USA including Alaska and Hawaii. We also went International. Insiders in 36 other countries including such diverse places as the Isle of Man, Hong Kong and Sweden received THEI.

This e-edition is a continuation of the old magazine. To go back and start with Hollow Earth 101 was impossible. I was in a dilemma. I couldn’t start the new Edition slow, teaching the basics with the first 6 issues or so as I’d done with the hard copy THEI. This would of course serve to bring the new-bees up to par first. Once they were up to par, then we would get into the less logical stuff But then that wouldn’t be fair to my loyal old time readers and those in the other Hollow Earth groups who receive our Insider‘s Report. They shouldn’t have to go through grade school again. (There are many on our list that were subscribers to the old hard copy THEI including at least two who were there from the first issue). So I decided that with the e-edition we’d dive right in with the hardball stuff …

Now, I’m sure some of you didn’t see right away the connections to some of the stuff I have been reporting. For instance… what does the present USA Presidential Election have to do with the study of the Hollow Earth? The obvious answer becomes clear once you learn of their membership in Skull and Bones. As my research report on the subject, “Who Controls Knowledge” points out there is a direct link between the Illuminati, Skull and Bones and the control of knowledge … particularly scientific and historical knowledge. This would also include the control of the any knowledge of the true makeup of our earth.
If you haven’t read “Who Controls Knowledge”, or would like to refresh your memory go to:

And if you missed the link to the Bush/Kerry secret society in the last Issue here it is again. This is the link where both admit, thought uncomfortably, membership in the society:

Here’s an interesting report on the current front page of the excellent and time proven Parascope.com site:


Actually what I’ve found in my research … I started with research into the mystery of UFOs by-the-way … is the fact the we could actually be living on a Hollow Earth is only a very small part of a much larger problem. I believe that it is a very important piece of the overall conspiracy to lead us into a New World Order. I believe that if the Earth is Hollow then it is being kept a secret because of the fear of a mass exodus into the interior lands just before they hammer the last rivet into humankind’s shackles. Were people relocate inside in any number, the elitists control and their view of what the New World Order should be would be lost to them forever. But we’ll never know the full story until we work together to Unravel ALL the Secrets. That’s my quest and The Hollow Earth Insiders goal.

Anyway … I want to thank you all for sticking with me during these first critical issues while we found our voice. I enjoy doing this and I want people to enjoy reading and researching along with me. I truly believe that “everyone knows something.” All we‘ve got to do is share our knowledge. That’s the only way we’ll win and be able to keep our freedoms … even if it’s only the freedom to explore the possibility of discovering another world within our world

Quote of the Week

"I can't tell you how much that hurts, they're looking for radio stations in space, and we've got extraterrestrials already on the planet."
Stephen Bassett, founder of the Extraterrestrial Phenomenon Political Action Committee and organizer of next month's national "X-Conference" near Washington.


From DailyHerald.com:

World news is uplifting - if you focus on the other worlds
Posted Tuesday, March 23, 2004
By Burt Constable

"The truth is coming," predicts Stephen Bassett, founder of the Extraterrestrial Phenomenon Political Action Committee and organizer of next month's national "X-Conference" near Washington. (Visit www.x-conference.com for details.) Speakers there will demand that our government "disclose" proof on UFOs and alien visits to Earth.
"This truth is the big one," Bassett says. "It's the mother of all truths. It's the biggest secular event in human history."
Bassett is so convinced "Project Disclosure" is about to succeed that he's advanced the metaphorical "Paradigm Clock" to 11:58:45 - just one minute and 15 seconds before "formal disclosure by world governments of the ongoing presence of extraterrestrial life forms in our world now. …"
The complete article:

And from UFOcity.com:

The failure to properly report and investigate
extraterrestrial-related phenomena and the politics of disclosure and
cover-up was the greatest failure of journalism in the 20th Century. One of
the goals of the X-Conference scheduled for the weekend of April 16-18 at
the Hilton Gaithersburg is to help correct that deficiency...
full story

X Conference official site:



Finally a void has been filled. Thanks to Johnny Truthseeker, we’ll finally have a shot at getting to the bottom of the real story of mysterious Mt. Shasta. While I have read everything I could get my hands on about this famous important and mysterious mountain, I have written little about it. Mainly because of the fact for many years Mt. Shasta has been the center of a bunch of fakers and con-people who have used the mountain (combined with the hollow earth/subterranean knowledge) as their alter and centerpiece to spread bull-hockey “information” for their own personal benefit and profit. Now finally it appears that Johnny is going to do something about this sorry state of affairs. I applaud him for taking on this long-needed task and will watch his efforts with great interest. And of course report on his progress in these pages.

In describing his group and their goals, Johnny Truthseeker wrote:

The ALL NEW Mt Shasta yahoo forum

Greetings to all those who may be interested. I've just put together
an ALL NEW Mt Shasta UFO, spiritual and art research community forum.
The purpose being for all those people who really want to know the
truth about Mt Shasta and its UFOs. Since the 1930s and possibly even
before that, local legends go into detail about how people from
within the mountain of Shasta have come out to visit the neighboring
towns to trade gold for items and the like. Unfortunately from these
stories, religious cults and other new age sensationalists sprang
forth which soon over ran the entire Mt Shasta area. One of these
urban legends relates to the story of Guy Ballard and his meeting
with Saint Germain on the mountain when latter he called
himself, "Godfrey Ray King" as an alias to publish a series of books
called the "I AM" discourses". Others like him were soon to follow as
over time people were building their own stories on top of other
peoples stories and books. Over time more people were writing more
books from yet more books when eventually a woman from Utah back in
the late 1970s by the name of "Bonnie Condey" decided to call
herself "Princess Sharula" and also claiming that she was from the
city within the Shasta Mountain itself that she called "Telos". It
was found later that "Princess Sharula" was actually a name of a main
character in a romance novel from 1978 titled SUNRISE OF SPLENDOR, by
Joyce Verrette and just as "Telos" was a yet another name from yet
another book called "Sacred Places of the Lion", by George Hunt
Williamson in 1958 which had nothing to do with Mt Shasta. Later
Bonnie claims to channel her father from within the mountain itself
calling him "Adama", a name of a space commander from a Sci-fi TV
series called "Battle Star Galactica", also from 1978 and played by
former actor Lorne Green. Not a very creative woman really when it
comes to names! Unfortunately, she continues to gain yet more support
from yet more new age sensationalistic people.

Finally I decided to set the record straight by creating my own Mt
Shasta truth-seekers research and art community team at which I just
started at:

Sure there are real UFO contactees and there is a real spirituality
found in what is called "creation" based upon careful observations of
the many laws of nature. Aside from actual ETs themselves, about the
best people to observe such laws of nature and creation, I found so
far are the Theravada Buddhists and Dzogchen Tibetans, along with
various groups of native Shamans. From there other various
philosophies will begin to show distortions until these become cults
or religions. The goal of the Mt Shasta truths-seekers is to
recognize a very simple spirituality found only in the laws of nature
and creation from ones own observations, and then research and
discover on their own the real overall truths and to realize that
love, logic, wisdom and truth are all universal. Everyone must now
learn to think on their own and discover truths for themselves in
their own self-explorations and investigations. Good intentions are
also a requirement if you intend on actually meeting the ETs from
within the mountain with us should they agree to show themselves.
Final truth being, sure people can channel what they want to believe,
but rest assured, belief and faith will not grant you a ride on one
of the UFOs along with an actual in person contact and belief and
faith are not the paths to truth. If you agree and if this interest
you, then learn more at our group, take part in some of the up coming
expeditions to the mountain and join in our search for truth.
Peace in wisdom,
James Truthseeker

James… thanks for the invite to join your group. I just signed on. … Dennis


Back with a completely updated web page the folks at uforia Research posted the following message.

On October 1st, 2003, UFOria Research disappeared into the mythical Cauldron of Change, seeking metamorphosis from a Website devoted solely to the study of human/extraterrestrial contact into a powerful 21st Century engine of change promoting the advancement of human spiritual and cultural evolution, and working to positively transform our world (remember the 10/1/03 " Cauldron of Change " e-mail?). More than five months later, the initial stage of that transformation is finally complete! The all-new and improved, wholly redesigned, expanded and expansive UFOria Research is - at last! - Live and on-line at www.uforia-research.com !

Great job guys!!! Your new site is also our Site of The week for March 28- April 4th. Way to go.



From the Saint Paul Pioneer Press’ Web page

Posted on Mon, Mar. 15, 2004

Ancient map at core of new debate

A University of Minnesota library treasure is cited as evidence that Chinese explorers reached the Americas first.


Pioneer Press

Carol Urness stood over the 580-year-old map and pondered an ancient mystery.