**** V ****
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**** W ****
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Walton, Bruce (aka 'Branton')
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   --- THE DREAM MINE STORY., Unpublished article about an ancient gold mine in central Utah, now sealed, and which reportedly led to nine ancient large caverns containing a fabulous golden treasure trove and huge veins of gold, mined by an ancient pre-Indian civilization... as well as priceless records containing the lost history of this forgotten culture, including a prophecy that the mine will be re-opened and activated at a time of economic collapse to help bring 'relief' to the people at the time. (Also see: Newell, Neil K.)
   --- WAS WILLIAM MORGAN 'THE MAN'? Article in THE HOLLOW HASSLE newsletter., Aug. 1982: Evidence that William Morgan, a famous former Mason and author of a Masonic expose titled ILLUSTRATIONS OF MASONRY (Chicago, 1827) -- and who according to history disappeared without a trace and was assumed to have been assassinated by angry Masons -- was also the actual author of the book ETIDORHPA (APHRODITE spelled backwards), which was allegedly delivered to John Uri Lloyd by this man who went by the name of 'I Am the Man'). The book describes how 'The Man' was taken by an inner earth being to a cave in Livingston county, Kentucky, and through a labyrinth which eventually led them to the 'hollow' or geoconcavitic interior surface of the earth, some 800-1000 miles below the outer surface. (Also see: Lloyd, John Uri)
Ward, Jimmy - Letter in GRAY BARKER'S NEWSLETTER., Aug. 1982., No. 16: An announcement made by the "Canadian National Research Council" in 1942 of plans for the construction of a vast underground complex to be built by AVRO, which was to cover an area approximately 75 square miles, between British Columbia and Alberta, and bordering on the state of Washington on the south, and the Peace River district on the north. No further word of the project has been released.
Warren, Martha - MANDAN-HIDATSA MYTHS AND CEREMONIES., p. 10: The Mandan tribal belief that their ancestors in ancient times emerged from a subterranean land through a cave at the foot of a high cliff-bank on the north side of the Missouri River, near where the river meets the ocean, or at least where it did so in ancient times.
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   1. 'LOST WORLD' SOUGHT IN 650-FT. HOLE., Feb. 4, 1974.
   2. 'LOST WORLD' MEN GO BACK., Feb. 17., 1974.
(Also see: Charroux, Robert - MYSTERIES OF THE ANDES)
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Wight, George D. & Charles Marcoux - I LIVE WITH THE TEROS., Two-part article in THE HOLLOW HASSLE newsletter., Aug. & Oct. 1982: Reports of an entrance to a strange cavern between Batesville and Cushman, Arkansas, known as "Blowing Cave", and which reportedly contains a hidden route down into a "cavernous world" filled with strange creatures, including reptilians and giant 'snakes' which are in conflict with a race of peaceful yet strong human beings. A group of cave explorers, including George Wight himself, explored these caverns and befriended the humans who lived in this subterranean world, and decided to remain below.
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   --- MYSTERIES OF ANCIENT SOUTH AMERICA., Reprinted by Citadel Press., New York, NY., 216 pp., illus.,: Stories and legends relating to ancient 'Atlantean' tunnels beneath the surface of South America, and of underground cities of a vanished race, which are known to exist deep beneath the surface of the South  American jungles.
   --- SECRET CITIES OF OLD SOUTH AMERICA., Rider & Co., London, England, n.d.: Generally theorizes that parts of South America contain the remains of ancient Atlantis, thrust upward during great upheavals in ancient times. This work refers to other underground tunnels and stories of underground civilizations. This book was reportedly originally  suppressed in the U.S., however it is now available in certain libraries.
   --- STRANGE MYSTERIES OF TIME AND SPACE., London, England., 1958., Reprinted by Citadel Press., New York, NY., 1959., pp. 149-150: Stories of strange disappearances of people and explorers within caverns.
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Willoughby, Cosette
   --- THE WEE ONES., Article in THE NEW ATLANTEAN JOURNAL., Fall 1979: The writers numerous encounters with a race of "little people" who live in underground caverns beneath the deserts near Fairacres, NM.
  --- Letter in INNER EARTH ENTRANCES., Vol. 4., by Bruce Walton: Refers to entrances northwest of Silver City, NM., north of 'Truth or Consequences', NM; and an underground city entered through a cave in the Don Anna Mountains of New Mexico, found by a couple who lived in the subterranean city for several years before returning to the surface.
Willoughby-Meade, G. - CHINESE GHOULS AND GOBLINS., Robert Maclehose & Co. Ltd., Glasgow, Scotland., 1962: Records two incidents of encounters with subterranean phenomena in China. A man named Wang was pulled into the earth by a huge 'hand' which rose out pf a fissure which opened in the ground in 765 A.D.  Also, a monk in Hangchow, China, who was pulled into a well by a "long black arm" which emerged from the depths after a flagstone which covered the depths of the well was removed.
Wilson, Don - OUR MYSTERIOUS SPACESHIP MOON., Dell Publishing Co. Inc., New York, NY., pp. 99-107: Records the findings of Apollo 14 and 15's seismic experiments which indicated that the moon vibrates, or "rings" like a bell when struck by meteors. Also the findings which suggest the possibility that the moon is hollow, with a metallic crust 60 miles thick. Some theories as to why this is verge on the extreme, for instance one theory is that the moon is actually an artificial sphere, a vast spaceship that was used in the most ancient times by a pre-Adamic Luciferic 'race' which fled to earth after losing an ancient war in the heavens. (Also see: Snyder, Al; & FATE magazine., July 1962 - "The Earth - A Vast 'Bell'")
Wilson, H. H. (Translated by) - VISHNU PURANA., London, England., 1865., (An ancient manuscript that may date as far back as 2000 B.C.): The Hindu belief that a race of reptiloids, or serpent beings called the 'Nagas', which live in an underground cavern 'world' called 'Patala', with it's infernal capital city-lair of 'Bhogavita'. (Also see: Tomas, Andrew - ON THE SHORES OF ENDLESS WORLDS)
Williamson, George Hunt
   --- ROAD IN THE SKY., Neville Spearman Ltd., London, England., 1959: A belief by some of  the  natives of Africa in a race of humans of a highly advanced nature who inhabit the interior of Mt. Kilimanjaro, Africa's largest mountain.
   --- SECRET PLACES OF THE LION., Neville Spearman Ltd., London, England., 1958: Refers to a secret underground temple under the Sphinx in Egypt, and stories of an ancient spaceship buried under the great pyramid.
Wilstach, Paul - ISLANDS OF THE MEDITERRANEAN: A HOLIDAY., Bobbs-Merrill Co., Indianapolis, IN., 1926., 330 pp.: Unusual catacombs beneath the island of Malta, which are believed to contain an entrance to a vast cavern world. (Also see: Crabb, Riley H.)
Wiseman, Alan - Letter in THE HOLLOW HASSLE newsletter., Aug. 1982: Refers to caverns beneath the Texas Instruments complex next to the LBJ Freeway, near Dallas, TX., below a certain building beginning with an "S". Also reports on a group of 'Shaver Mystery' fans who were allowed to enter the tunnels and caverns to observe the 'little green men and women' who were discovered living in the underground caverns by the explorers.
Wolfe, Louis - THE DEEPEST HOLE IN THE WORLD., a 'Science Explorer Book'., G. P. Putnam & Sons., New York, N.Y., 1964: The story of 'Project Mohole'. Chapters 1 & 2 refer to various Inner Earth beliefs, mentioning theorists such as Leslie, Euler, Halley, Symmes, Teed, ad several others, including inner earth fiction writers. (Also see: Bascom, Willard)
Write, T. - SAINT PATRICK'S PURGATORY: A MEDIEVAL PILGRIMAGE IN IRELAND., Seymour, St. John, Drelincourt, Dundal: W. Tempest., 1918., 107 pp. illus.: Pilgrimages made by medieval knights and saints to a cave on the island of 'St. Patrick's Purgatory'(Station Island, County Donegal), where they made strange journey's into the lower world, encountering many tests that would purge and try their very souls. (Also see: Patch, Howard R.)
**** X ****
X, Michael (pseud.) - The author of several books in the early 1950's, including RAINBOW CITY AND THE INNER EARTH PEOPLE. Gray Barker Books reprinted many of his works. (See: Barton, Michael X.)
**** Y ****
YES, THE EARTH IS REALLY HOLLOW., Article in THE GLOBE., April 20, 1980., p. 27: Examines the views of 'Hollow Earth' researchers Allan Michaels, William Shavers, and Prof. William Jameson.
**** Z ****
Zechariah (Sitchin) - THE STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN., St. Martin's Press., NY., 1980., pp. 21-23 - Describes Alexander the Great's journey into the "caverns of the gods"; pp. 52-57 - Refers to ancient Egyptian writings about the subterranean paradise of 'Seker', often visited by ancient kings and initiates.
Zirkle, Conway - THE THEORY OF CONCENTRIC SPHERES., Article in ISIS magazine., Vol. 37, Nos. 109-110., 1947: A discussion of the 'Symmes Theory' of concentric spheres, and the arguments for and against the possibility of a hollow, concavitic earth, and of its interior inhabitants.