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SOVIET TREASURE CAVE - Article in FATE magazine., July 1958., p. 1: The Mata Tash cave in the Kalak-Tash Mountains in the Republic of Kirghizi, within which - according to legend - lies hidden a vast hoard of treasures left by a culture which flourished more than 2,000 years ago.
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   --- THE OCCULT SCIENCE IN ATLANTIS., Rider & Co., London., pp. 87-88: Refers to the cavern of Querti in the island at Elephantine, which is surrounded by much tradition; and arcane traditions of a certain cavern which was the source of all the waters that circulated through the Atlantean dominions. Pp. 110-111: Describes the "Great Labyrinth of Atlantis" with its entrance near the city of Cercenes, Atlantis.
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a thousand years old. Also refers to Dr. Earlyne's expedition to these caves.
Stark, Martha G. - Letter in INNER EARTH ENTRANCES (self-published manuscripts circulated among a limited numbers of 'Inner Earth' researchers, and which became the basis-foundation-inspiration for PROJECT REDBOOK -- https://www.angelfire.com/ut/branton/redbook1.html )., by Bruce Walton., Vol. 5: Refers to an entrance to "Pelleur's Kingdom" near Carlsbad & Lecheguilla Caverns in New Mexico. (Also see: Ballard, Guy - THE MAGIC PRESENCE)
Statler, Gene A. - Letter in SEARCH magazine., Oct. 1961., pp. 76-81: Concerning L. Taylor Hansen's discovery of a "black, polished shaft, leading down into the earth near Death Valley", and of Hansen's later disappearance and return 12 years later, and of his (or her, according to some?) refusal to tell anyone where he/or/she had been during the missing years. (Also see: Hansen, L. Taylor & Oga-Make)
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   --- UNDERGROUND UTILIZATION., (edited by) 8 Vols.
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   --- ADVENTURES WITH THE SPACE TRAVELERS - AND LESSONS TAUGHT… Unpublished manuscript telling of the author’s astral journey’s which he claims to have made as a child, to a subterranean city under Stonehenge, England… and also physical visits to the Earth’s ‘Hollow’ interior via ‘flying disc’, where he claims to have observed its cities, the inner sun, etc.  (Also referred to in an article by the same author which appeared in SHAVERTRON newsletter - < http://www.shavertron.com > - Spring, 1981 issue, titled: DERO’S CON HISTORY)
   --- Letter in SHAVERTRON newsletter… No. 3, p. 5., Steele claims to have learned from Dick Williams, an ex-CIA agent, of the government’s discovery of a cavern containing ancient machines, some of which they had learned to operate, including a ‘time travel’ device “…not at all like we think of H.G. Wells’ time machines… works different.”
   --- MILLION $$ CAVE ENTRANCE REVEALED BY STEELE - NO CHARGE., Letter-article in SHAVERTRON., No. 5: A story an Indian (Native American) man heard as a young child, from his grandmother, about a tunnel on the shore of a certain river in Texas which led far in to the earth, where exists an illuminated subterranean land inhabited by the ‘Old One’ - who occasionally make visits to the surface, but had little if any contact with the local tribes.
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Stevens, Lt. Col. Wendell C. - UFO: CONTACT FROM THE PLEIADES., A PRELIMINARY INVESTIGATIVE REPORT., UFO Photo Archives., Tucson, AZ., 1982., p. 79: Describes the sixth face-to-face contact between Eduard 'Billy' Meier and the extraterrestrial woman 'Semjase', and of the  confirmation that strange people - unknown to us - live in the hollow interiors of certain mountains and in caves beneath the earth's surface. They are of various types, some with blue skin, and others who often come to the surface and blend in with surface inhabitants, unknown as to their true origins.
Stewart, C. Nelson
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STRANGE GREEN VALLEY - Article in FATE magazine., Feb. 1959., pp. 6-7: Two Canadian geologists reported the discovery of a beautiful green valley 10 miles long and two miles wide in the barren frozen lands near Bathurst inlet, at the southern tip of Coronation Gulf, inside the Arctic Circle, and possibly warmed by underground geothermal heat.
STRANGE PHENOMENA., Psychic Australian., Spit Junction., N.S.W., Australia: Contains some info on the inner/hollow earth.
Stranges, Dr. Frank E.
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STRANGE TUNNEL, A., - Article in THE BRIDGEPORT POST., Bridgeport, CT., Sept. 30, 1972: The discovery of an ancient tunnel near Milford, CT., on Edgemont Road near Hubbell Place., and more than 200 feet long and made of stone dry masonry with a brick arch. (Also see: INFO JOURNAL)
Straus, Commander J. - Articles appearing in "O CRUZIERO", a Brazilian magazine: Presents Straus's theories concerning the subterranean origin of many of the 'Flying Saucers'. These articles inspired O.C. Huguenin's book, FROM THE SUBTERRANEAN WORLD TO THE SKY: FLYING SAUCERS.
Stringer, Sparks - Letter in AMAZING STORIES magazine., Nov. 1947., p. 173: Reveals a blueprint-draft of a huge, unexplored cavern system beneath the Kokoweek mountains adjacent to Death Valley, California. (Also see: Gesner, Charles H., & Clark, Howard D.)
Strumbough, Virginia - FAIRIES WERE REAL., Article in FATE magazine., Nov. 1957., pp. 83-90: Evidence that fairies, who are notorious for their subterranean existence, actually existed.
Summers, Montague - WITCHCRAFT AND BLACK MAGIC., Rider & Co., NY., 1946., Later reprints by Arrow Books., pp. 246-247: Describes two so-called "haunted mines" in Saxony, Germany.
Swanson, Virginia Louise - Letter to Bruce Walton referring to Devil's Hole, in the Death Valley National Monument, northeast of Death Valley Junction, CA.  Two boys entered the 'cave' several years ago and were never seen again. Navy scuba divers were lowered on cables and reported seeing a large underground river which roared up from far below. They could not estimate it's width because of a myriad of colonnades of black rock which it flowed through before plunging down an abyss. The cave was sealed shortly following the incident.
Swift, Dr. - (See: Ginner, Al)
Symmes, Americus Vespucious - THE SYMMES THEORY OF CONCENTRIC SPHERES., Bradley & Gilbert., Louisville, KY., 1878: Americus was the sone of John Cleves Symmes, known as one of the first persons of modern times to advance the theory of a hollow, concentrically-sphered, Earth, inhabited within. (Also see: McBride, James)
Symmes, John Cleves - HISTORY OF BUTLER COUNTY., 1852., pp. 171-173: Symmes' beliefs and teachings of an inhabited inner world, concentrically sphered (one hollow sphere within another., 5 in all - however earlier and later theorists, considering the improbable logistics of such a series of concentric spheres, theorized one hollow sphere with a central matter-energy orb' or 'sun' suspended in the center of the 'hollow').  Symmes was one in a series of relatively 'modern' theorists on the Hollow Earth, preceded in order of their appearance and work, by: Cotton Mather, Edmund Halley, Leonard Euler, and Sir John Leslie.  (Also see: McBride, James)
**** T ****
Tarde, Gabriel - UNDERGROUND MAN., Hyperion Press, Inc., Westport, CT., 1905., 196 pp.: Novel based on the premise that mankind will have to escape to the earth's interior to survive a worldwide catastrophe in the future.
TATTLER, THE - by the editors of WEIRD STORIES., Illustrated Newspapers Ltd., London., pp. 54-58: Records the story of a mysterious "haunted cave" in Burma.
Taylor, Douglas - TALES AND LEGENDS OF THE DOMINICA CARIBS., Article in THE JOURNAL OF AMERICAN FOLKLORE., Vol. 65: The tradition of the Bataka tribe (Dominica, West Indies) of people who live in caverns beneath "Pegua Rock" on the Barakua Ridge, and a legend that they will not emerge to the surface until "the end of the world." Also mentions a nearby cave, entered through cliffs down at the ocean, which also plays an part in Baraka traditions.
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Tomas, Andrew
   --- ON THE SHORES OF ENDLESS WORLDS., Contains a chapter about the Inner Earth and ancient tunnel systems beneath Asia. Also describes the underground cavern cities of the "Nagas" beneath India and elsewhere, a very cunning and evil race of "lizard people" apparently descended/mutated from ancient bi-ped saurians like the Veloci-Raptors that lived on the surface ages ago, yet went down underground where they continue their secret war against the human race. (Also see: Wilson, H.H.)
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Tompkins, Peter
   --- MYSTERIES OF THE MEXICAN PYRAMIDS., Harper & Row., NY., 1976: Contains some information on ancient Mexican tunnel systems.
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Triven, Dr. - HOLLOW EARTH CITIZENS., Letter/article in SAGA magazine (date uncertain): A Longview, WA man claims to be a citizen of the 'Hollow Earth', and is able to visit the surface world through a "proton reversal process." He also warns of the dangers of publishing articles on the 'Hollow Earth' such as on in the Feb. 1970 issue, because some of the entities that inhabit the inner earth, especially the cavernous regions, are not at all benevolent. (Also see: LOST CONTINENTS BEYOND THE POLES)
**** U ****
UFO-NACHRICHTEN (Swedish UFO Publication) - July, 1970 issue: Article, HOLE AT THE POLES.
UFO REVIEW (See: Beckley, Timothy Green)
Uhey, Lee - JOURNEY TO THE UNKNOWN., Article in THE HOLLOW HASSLE newsletter., May 1982: The story of one man's frightening encounter with the subterranean world.