**** M ****
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Maxwell, Robert - LEMURIA: FACT OR FICTION? The author claimed that he was taken into the inner cavern colony within Mt. Shasta, California, and was shown a large underground city by one of the 'Lemurians'. (Also see: Smith, Warren - THE HIDDEN SECRETS OF THE HOLLOW EARTH.,  pp. 33-37)
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Messerschmidt, Gottfried - THE MESSERSCHMIDT MANUSCRIPT: A collection of various accounts about the Inner Earth, by a German  researcher. Parts were printed in THE HOLLOW EARTH BULLETIN., May 1967. One of the accounts in the edited version appears in 'THE HOLLOW EARTH', by Warren Smith: The account of a young French woman's frightening encounters with subterranean dwellers, and with the 'Gray Men' - a race of scientists from a distant star system, in tunnels under Paris, France.
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Mohr, Professor (?) - A thesis on Thermometric investigations, title unknown: Marshall B. Gardner refers to Prof. Mohr of Bonn who "has written a very important paper on thermometric investigations of a 4,000 feet boring at Speremberg, and who finds that while there is an increase of temperature, as we go down, the rate of the increase gets less and less all the time, so that it will be nil; that is to say, there will no longer be any increase, and the point at which heat  would cease to increase would be about 13,550 feet." (Also see: Gardner, Marshal B. - A JOURNEY TO THE EARTH'S INTERIOR., p. 357)
Montesinos - MEMORIAS ANTIGUAS (HISTORALES, POLITACAS DEL PERU)., Publishing information not available: Refers to a gigantic subterranean 'road' stretching from Cuzco to Tiahuanaco, Peru, the origin of which remains unknown even to the Incas.
Montgomery, Ruth
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MORE MYSTERIES - Article in FATE magazine, June 1961, pp. 6-7: Statements  attributed to Dr. Gordon J. F. MacDonald of NASA that "studies of satellite orbits indicate that there are some huge unknown lumps inside the earth at depths of a thousand miles or more. At present we don't know where these lumps are; or what they consist of."
Moseley, James W. (See: Cohen, Richard)
MOUNTAIN CAVE HAS MYSTERY, MAYBE MONSTER - Article in the HOUSTON POST, Feb. 19, 1976; Reprinted in THE HOLLOW HASSLE newsletter, Aug. 198: The discovery by scientists of a cave, "the oldest in the world ... with smoothly vaulted roots and level floors..." located inside Mt. Autana in the Orinoco jungle, 400 miles south of Caracas, Venezuela, and believed to be the legendary home of a giant humanoid being.
MOUNT SHASTA HOLDS AURA OF MYSTERY - Article in the ALBUQUERQUE JOURNAL, New Mexico, 1981: Numerous mysteries surrounding this mountain in northern California, including the belief that it is the home of an ancient race of 'Lemurian' survivors.
Murdock, Mildred
   --- THE EAST'S "KING OF THE WORLD" - Article in FATE magazine, May, 1949,pp. 73-74: Mongolian and Tibetan legends of a subterranean land called 'Agharta' as it appears in Ossendowski's writings. (Also see: Ossendowski, Ferdinand - BEASTS, MEN & GODS)
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MYSTERIOUS PATH TO THE UNKNOWN WORLD, THE - Author unknown, but reportedly published in Egypt: Describes a "third tunnel" near the Great Pyramid at Gizeh, said to lead deep into the earth.
MYSTERY OF THE LITTLE GREEN CHILDREN - Article in WEEKEND (British), July 22, 1970: The account of two "green-skinned children" who emerged from a cavern near Banjos, Spain, in August of 1887. (Also see: Drake, W. Raymond; & Wilkins, Harold T.)
**** N ****
Nebel, Long John - THE WAY OUT WORLD., Prentice-Hall., Englewood Cliffs, NJ., 1961: Chapt. 9, pp. 134-140 - "Deros, Devils and Snowmen". A review of the 'Shaver Mystery', including MANTONG, the so-called Shaver alphabet.
Neihardt, John G. - BLACK  ELK  SPEAKS: Refers to a journey to the land of the thunder beings: "...You shall see and have from them my power; and they shall take you to the high and lonely 'center of the earth' that you may see even to the place where the sun continually shines, they shall take you there to understand ... for yours shall be the power of the white giant's wing, the cleansing wing..."
Nelson, Nicholas R. - PARADOX: Dorrance & Co., Cricket Terrace Center, Ardmore, PA: Refers to the Hollow earth and proposes a  point of view rarely explored in literature.
NEW ATLANTEAN JOURNAL, THE - Also see: O'Connell, Joan & Patrick. Article in the Summer, 1980 issue, p. 48: A Mexican, Jose Carmen Garcia, who claimed to have met a man who was taken into a subterranean city inhabited by tall, fair-skinned extraterrestrials beneath an extinct volcano near Irapuato, Mexico, where he was given a formula for growing gigantic vegetables. The man gave the formula to Garcia, who in turn presented it to the Rosicrucian Order in California.
Newell, Neil K. - SEARCH  FOR UTAH'S PRICELESS GOLD HOARD: Article in TREASURE magazine (date uncertain): John H. Koyle's "Dream Mine" which was founded upon his vision of a vast field of gold ore within seven ancient artificial caverns filled with ancient treasures, artifacts, and records from a prehistoric civilization near Spanish Fork, Utah. According to the vision this mine will, at a time of global economic collapse, begin  producing and shortly afterward excavators will break into the seven caverns, and it will eventually become the largest producing gold mine in the world. (Also see: Walton, Bruce - THE DREAM MINE STORY)
NEW WORLDS: See Boyes, Ivan
NEW YORK TIMES, THE - Article in the Sept. 29, 1981 issue, p. 3: Reports on a Russian drilling project at the Kola Peninsula and at Saatly in Azerbaijan, resulting in two unexpected findings. These included the discovery of traces of biological activity of fossil microorganisms at a depth of 22,000 ft., and a dramatic sudden increase of temperature at 33.000 ft., instead of a dropping of temperature as was expected. (See also: McWhirter, Norris &  Malakhov, A.)
Neiman, Lester F. - STRANGE DESERT ICE CAVE., Article in FATE magazine., June, 1972: The "Arnold Ice Cave" 27 miles northwest of Bend, Oregon., in the  Lava River State Park, which had never been fully explored and which contains a continuous river if ice leading into the earth, the cause and origin of which remain unexplained, this being especially puzzling since the cave lies in the middle of a desert.
Norman, Eric (Warren Smith, pseud.)
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   --- UNDER PEOPLE, THE (The Startling Discovery of a Lost World)., Award Books., New York, NY., 1972: Unusual stories and claims about the bizarre inhabitants of the interior of the earth.
NORWOOD REVIEW OF ENGLAND - May 12, 1884: Summarizes the surprising discovery of a 'warm country' in the extreme north, by arctic explorers: "We do not admit that there is ice up to the pole - once inside the great ice barrier, a new world breaks upon the explorer, the climate is mild like that of England, and afterward, balmy as the Greek Isles."
**** O ****
Obruchev, V.A. - PLUTONIA., Moscow, 1224: The romantic account of a voyage into the hollow interior of the earth. Although obviously fiction, the untranslated (at the time) work borrows heavily from 'Hollow Earth' pioneers, along with the writings of Jules Verne and H.G. Wells.
O'Connell, Joan (Editor) & Patrick O'Connell (President) - THE NEW ATLANTEAN JOURNAL., quarterly: Several back issued include articles on the Shaver Mystery, the Hollow Earth, and subterranean cities.
O'Connell, Patrick
   --- LOST CITIES AND ANCIENT SUBTERRANEAN PASSAGES., Article in THE NEW ATLANTEAN JOURNAL., Winter, 1980: Maps designating tunnel and mysterious cavern systems throughout the world.
   --- SACRED CAVES AND LOST CITIES OF THE ANCIENTS., Two-part article in the NEW ATLANTEAN JOURNAL., Summer - Fall, 1981: Tunnels and Lost Cities of Central America, and Strange mines, caverns, tunnels and underground cities built long ago by the ancients.
Oga-Make - TRIBAL MEMORIES OF THE FLYING SAUCERS: Article in FATE magazine., Sept. 1949: Written by a Navaho 'Indian' (native American) who tells of a Paiute tribal legend of a race of beings, the Hav-Mu-Suvs, who  live/lived in a subterranean paradise -- huge caverns containing electromagnetically-induced phosphorescent atmospheric auroral-like illumination -- deep underneath the Panamint Mountains adjacent to Death Valley, California. (Also see: Lee, Bourke - DEATH VALLEY MEN) 
Old Dog Tray (reputedly the pseudonym for Gray Barker) - MIB/HOLLOW EARTH ALERT: A letter circulated to Inner Earth researchers and reprinted in GRAY BARKER'S NEWSLETTER., Gray Barker Books., Dec. 1982., No, 17: Warns of visits by strange representatives promising an expedition to the Hollow Earth. These visitors turn up unexpectedly, driving a car filled with electronic equipment, and according to some may be 'programmed' androids. In a following commentary Barker reprints letters from others visited by these 'representatives', one of whom was put into a hypnotic state by the 'gaze' of one of the 'men'.
Oliver, Frederick Spencer (amanuenais) - See: Phylos, the Thibetan
Osbourne, Harold - SOUTH AMERICAN MYTHOLOGY., p. 119: The belief of the Tupari Indians, who live up the Rio Bronco (or Parima) river in the Mato Grosso region of Brazil, that their forefathers emerged long ago from an underground land, and that many of their ancestors remained inside the earth. These "Kinno" - according to tradition - will one day migrate to the surface of the earth as the Tupari ancestors did long ago, when many of those on the surface have died (of war, disease, cataclysm, etc.); p. 42 also tells of the place of emergence of the ancestors of the Inca Nation, three caves collectively called "Paccari-Tambo" which are believed to be located about 20 miles east of the city of Cuzco, Peru.
Ossendowski, Ferdinand - BEASTS, MEN AND GODS., E.P. Dutton & Co., New York, NY., 1922: Chinese and Mongolian beliefs and stories about the 'Agharti', a race of highly advanced humans who live in a vast subterranean cavern world stretching beneath a large part of Asia, a kingdom ruled and led by a line of long-lived leaders known as 'The King of the World'. (Also see: Roerich, Nicholas)