**** J ****
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**** K ****
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Klein, John - Letter in AMAZING STORIES magazine., Sept. 1945, pp. 167-168: The writer's 'dreams' or 'racial memories' of an underground 'city' beneath the surface of an ancient Pacific 'continent' called Lemuria (which according to legend sank in similar fashion as Atlantis, some of the residents known as the Naga-mayas allegedly taking refuge within large caverns inside Mt. Shasta, California). Mr. Klein also describes his dreams/visions of a race of 12 ft. tall human giants who supposedly lived in and utilized these caverns beneath this now-sunken continent.
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**** L ****
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Leslie, Sir John (1766-1832) - THE NATURAL PHILOSOPHY: This famous Scottish mathematician and physicist theorized -
based on his calculations - that the earth was hollow, containing possibly two central miniature "binary suns" - one which he called "Pluto" and the other "Prosperina" in it's interior. Leslie was the fourth known theorist to advance the idea of a hollow earth, succeeding Cotton Mather, Sir Edmund Halley, and Leonard Euler... and preceding later theorists such as John Cleaves Symmes, William Reed, Marshal B. Gardner, and Raymond W. Bernard.
Levesque, Mary (See: Martin, Mary & Davis, Mary)
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   --- PHANTOM PHENOMENA: THE CATTLE SURGEONS. Article in the NEW ATLANTEAN JOURNAL., Spring (1980?). References to  the Inner Earth.
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   --- UNDERGROUND UFO BASE SUSPECTED BY OFFICIALS IN WASHINGTON., Article in THE HOLLOW HASSLE newsletter., Vol 2, No. 2: A UFO base suspected to lie under the Yakima Indian Reservation, SE of Tacoma, Washington.
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Lissner, Ivan - THE SILENT PAST (translated to English): Refers to the BOOK OF HENOCK, which  describes an underground chamber in the land of Canaan: "The subterranean building that he constructed in the land of Canaan in the bowels of the mountain, with the help of his son Mathuslalth, was in imitation of the nine vaults..." Also refers to large subterranean buildings (or 'groundscrapers') on the Grand Canary island.
Lloyd, John  Uri - ETIDORHPA, OR THE END OF THE EARTH., Reprinted by Health Research in an expanded edition., 518 pp., Condensed version by Palmer Publications, Amherst, WI.: This unusual book related the underground journey made by "I am the Man", a member of a secret  order of Masons. Some suspect that this may have been Capt. William Morgan who disappeared after printing an expository work on Freemasonry, and who some believe was murdered by a dark Masonic cult. Whether or not Morgan was "the man", the subject of the book ETIDORHPA - under the guidance of a peculiar being - leads him into the interior of the earth, through a hidden cave in Livingston county, Kentucky., and they eventually reach the hollow interior of the planet, or the "Inner Sphere", some 800 miles under the outer surface of the earth.  The legends of "Aphrodite" apparently had some significance in the inner world, since "Etidorhpa" is "Aphrodite" spelled backwards. (Also see: Walton, Bruce)
LOS ANGELES HERALD EXAMINER., March 25, 1982: Article concerning Russian preparations for construction of a 'Terra-jet' engine to bore 62-125 miles deep into the Earth. (Reprinted in OUTER SPACE PEOPLE AND INNER EARTH PEOPLE, by William L. Blessing)
LOST BOOKS OF THE BIBLE - Apparently a collection of legends concerning Adam and Eve, yet not written by the original couple themselves. The "Book of Adam and Eve" (first ten chapters) refers\s to the earth's interior. The "Second Book of Adam and Eve", 1:1-9, refers to Adam, who was said to have dwelt beneath the eastern border of the Garden of Eden... "And God commanded him to dwell there in a cave in a rock - the Cave of Treasures below the garden.:
LOST PYRAMIDS, THE - Article in FATE magazine, January 1956., pp. 6-7: The 7 great pyramids of Shensi Province, China, the largest being twice the size of the Great Pyramid at Gizeh, Egypt. According to R.C. "Doc" Anderson, these pyramids contain an entrance point to a large tunnel system (Also see: R.C. "Doc" Anderson's account in Warren Smith's bok, THIS HOLLOW EARTH; Also: Ross, John C.)
Louise, Virginia  - NIGHT-SIDE OF GOLD., Budget Book Mfg. Co., San Diego, CA., 1978: Refers to Bigfoot or Sasquatch, which the author believes inhabits a cavern system stretching down through the state of California, through which large subterranean rivers flow. (Also see: Flynn, George)
Lovecraft, Howard P. - THE HORROR IN THE MUSEUM., Arkham House Publishers., Sand City, WI; The Collegiate Press., Menasha, WI; Chapt. 19., pp. 305-372: Contains a reportedly fictitious story by Zealia Bishop, titled THE MOUND, concerning a strange Spanish manuscript discovered in a mound near Binger, Oklahoma, in 1928. Describes a journey made by a Spaniard, 'Panfile  de Zamacona y Nunez', to the subterranean world of 'Xinaian' (pronounced "K'n-yan"). Essentially the same story appeared in THE SHAVER MYSTERY AND THE INNER EARTH, by Timothy Green Beckley, in the form of an old, reprinted newspaper article. Due to the similarities between the book and the article, there seems to be a connection between the two, but whether the story is based upon actual events or legends is uncertain.
Lovelace, Leland., LOST MINES AND BURIED TREASURES., The Naylor Co., San Antonia, TX., 1956: The discovery by two prospectors of a series of caves in the mountains of southwestern Nevada in which they found "furniture of an immense size, as if built by giants," and dishes made of gold and an imperishable alloy, all bearing evidence of being undisturbed for many centuries.
Lukyanenko, Konstantin - CHAMPIONS OF THE UNDERGROUND KINGDOM., Article in THE MOSCOW NEWS WEEKLY., April 20-27., 1980., No, 15 (#2899): A group of Russian speleologists who spent more then 80 days exploring one of the deepest caves in for former U.S.S.R., called "Snezhnaya Cave" - entered high on the side of a mountain on the shore of the Black Sea. Although they did not reach its' end, they discovered several forms off strange subterranean life forms, including large mushrooms, aquatic life, shrimp, and spiders existing at a great depth.
Lyon, William F. & Sherman, M.L. - THE HOLLOW GLOBE, OR THE WORLD'S AGITATOR AND RECONCILER., Religio-Philosophical Publishing House., Chicago, IL., 1868. Reprinted by HEALTH RESEARCH. A treatise on the physical "hollow" conformation of the earth.
Lytton, Lord Edward Bulwer
   --- THE COMING RACE., Joseph Knight Co. Publishers., Boston, MA; Reprinted by HEALTH RESEARCH: The story of a man's encounter with a subterranean civilization called the "Ana" (or "Vril-ya") during the exploration of a strange shaft which he and fellow miners had broken into. This race possessed a powerful force called "Vril", and near the end of the 3rd Reich of Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler heard of this story and created the "Vril Society", and he and his demon-worshiping inner elite attempted to make contact with malevolent subterranean races in order to gain more occult power.
   --- VRIL: THE POWER OF THE COMING RACE., Rudolph Steiner Duplications., Blauvelt, NY.