**** D ****
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**** E ****
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**** F****
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FATE Magazine
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   --- Sept. 1956. pp. 8-9: Alfred Scadding of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, the sole survivor of the famous 1936 Moose River Mine disaster, confesses to George Bryant of the TORONTO DAILY STAR, that just minutes before the cave-in, he saw strange lights and heard the sounds of "shouting and laughter, as of 'little people' having fun ... like children playing in the distance."
   --- Jan. 1957. p. 10: Report on a 145-foot-deep hole drilled on the property of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Meeks, seven miles from Douglas, Georgia, through which a constant flow of air was mysteriously drawn inward and sounds resembling "something like an underground railway" were heard. Sometimes the sounds were so loud that the Meeks covered the opening with planks so it would not keep them awake at night.
   --- Nov. 1958. p. 71: The mysterious disappearance of two young workers in a coal mine three miles east of Pikeville, Kentucky.
   --- Jan. 1975: An ancient satin-smooth black silo or crescent-shaped shaft, apparently man-made, is discovered within a cave in the Mt. Tetra region of Czechoslovakia.
   --- April, 1979: Underground sanctuaries with connecting passageways near St. Augustin, Columbia, containing the statues of 300 stone giants, stone jaguars guarding underground temple entrances, and stone-lined tunnels. Believed to be an entrance to the Inner Earth, this complex is located at the headwaters of the Rio Magdalena river.
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Firdausi - SHAH NAMEH (THE BOOK OF KINGS); the pre-koranic 'bible' of the Persian nation.  Refers to the epic hero, Rustam, who is said to have entered the heart of the Qaf mountains to vanquish a race of Giants. Also speaks of the legendary abode of the 'Jinns' (Jinnestans), Peries (fairies) and Deevs (giants), who are said to be "dispersed through the earth" as well.
Firestone, Clark - THE COASTS OF ILLUSION; Harper & Bros., New York 1924: The rediscovery of an old lost Russian manuscript in the 1920's which records the journey of the Samoyeds, an old Siberian tribe, to an underground cavern-city.
Fitch, Theodore
   --- "Our Paradise Inside the Earth" - Chapter in THE SUBTERRANEAN WORLD, ed. by Timothy Green Beckley., Gray Barker Books. Biblical evidence for a hollow earth.
Flammonde, Paris - THE AGE OF FLYING SAUCERS; Hawthorne Books, NY. 1971. pp. 135-137: Quotes lengthily from Ray Palmer in FLYING SAUCERS magazine, Dec. 1959, in which he argues his theories about the Hollow Earth and hidden polar openings, including the account of Admiral Byrd's sighting of "lands beyond the pole". On p. 137 we read how Dr. George Marlo invites Gray Barker and several show business celebrities to take a trip by flying saucer to a colony in South America where Dr. Raymond Bernard planned to escape an atomic war and explore tunnel entrances to the Inner Earth (The promised trip was 'cancelled' at the last minute).
FLOATING ISLANDS; Article in FATE magazine, May 1962. pp. 21-22. The discovery of 'floating islands' of ice covered with rocks, earth, plants and even small silt-floored lakes in the Arctic ocean. Evidence suggests that musk oxen, lemmings and other continental animals have roamed these mysterious islands. This may explain such oddities as Peary's report of 'Crocker land' in 1908; a similar report by Dr. Cook in 1908, and the discovery of Takpuk island in the Beaufort Sea, which Eskimos found and photographed in 1931, but which was never seen again.
FLYING ROLL [Journal of the Borderland Sciences Research Foundation - B.S.R.F. Formerly the Borderland Sciences Research Association, directed by Meade Layne later directed by Riley H. Crabb., circa 1945-1946: Some issues contain Inner Earth material.
Flynn, George - SHE'S 80 AND ON THE TRAIL OF BIGFOOT; Article in THE SAN DIEGO UNION., Aug. 17, 1982: Bigfoot investigator Virginia Louise Swanson's theories concerning the origin of Bigfoot in a series of caverns near the Santa Ysabel Indian reservation in California. She believes that these Sasquatch follow an underground river and cavern which stretches down through the state of California. (Also see: Louise, Virginia)
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   --- Vol. 28., pp. 92-93: A cave in the foothills of the Partry mountains, 12 miles east of Westport, Ireland (through which runs  a tributary of the river Aille), and within this cavern strange occurrences have taken place.
FOLLOW ME TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH., Article in OUT OF THIS WORLD magazine., Vol. 33., reprinted in THE HOLLOW HASSLE newsletter, Vol. 1, No. 1: The Hollow Earth Mystery, and several of its early pioneer theorists are mentioned.
Folsom, Franklin - EXPLORING AMERICAN CAVES; pp. 203-204: A strange cave between Fredericksburg and Mason, Texas, called "Kiser Cave" - which, according to reports, pours out a steady stream of carbon dioxide from its mouth for no known reason. Pp. 206-207: The author also speculates that some day archeologists may discover in the U.S. or northern Mexico the entrance to the seven legendary caverns of the Aztecs... caverns far to the north of their territory in pre-Spanish Mexico, which, according to native beliefs, was the place of emergence of the ancestors of the Aztec Indian nation from the ancient subterranean world composed of the seven immense caverns. (see also: Marches, Charles A., & Brinton, D.)
Forman, Harrison - I SEE THE KING OF HELL., Article in HARPER'S magazine.,  Dec.  1934., Reprinted by Flagstaff Press, Inc., NY., Appears also in THE HIDDEN CITY OF CHIHUATLAN, by Charles A. Marches.
Fowler, Raymond E.
   --- THE ANDREASSON AFFAIR., Prentice-Hall, Englewood Cliffs, NJ., 1979: Betty Andreasson's abduction by a UFO and her visit to two subterranean worlds, one red and one green, inhabited by strange creatures, and of her witnessing something that seemed to be the re-birth of an actual (legendary!?) "Phoenix" bird.
   --- THE ANDREASSON AFFAIR, PHASE II., Prentice-Hall, Englewood Cliffs, NJ., 1982: 278 pp., Chapters 6-8: Betty Andreasson's encounter at the age of 12 with a strange "little man" who emerged from a hole in a mountain near Westminster,  England; and of a ride in a UFO - experienced later in life - to a huge cavern in which she saw a strange crystal "museum of time" and underground mountains, valleys, and enormous 'icicles'.
Fox, William S. - GREEK AND ROMAN MYTHOLOGY; p. 143: Several caverns which, according to the ancient Greeks, were entrances leading to the underworld, including the caverns at Tainaron in Lakonia, at Trozien in Argolis, at Ephya in Thesprotia, at Herakleia in Pontos, and Hermione in  Argals.
Freund, Philip - MYTHS OF CREATION; pp. 131-132: Belief of the natives of the Malinowski's Trobriand Islands that their ancestors emerged from a subterranean existence through a cavernous hole called "Obukula" near the island village of  Laba'i.
Frederick, Christof - SECRET NAZI POLAR EXPEDITIONS; Samisdat Publications.