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~Fantasy Knight~

Welcome to my Dark World
Vampire Goddess Welcome...This well of course is my website. I have worked on it for a while now off and on.I have work long and hard on my website but doesn't mean much to most people not even to me because I am grounded so I have nothing better to with my time. If ya want or wish what so ever to know more about my you can go to the link on the link "About Fantasy Knight" if there isn't something there that you would like to know or just want to chit chat my AOL name is you can e-mail me or you can Locate Me what ever you want to do is your choice..
Soon I will putting in my movie critical opinion and my mini hockey interactive site but you must uderstand that type of thing takes time which I usually don't have that much time to come online to do this stuff.

Sincerely Fantasy Knight

The new elves page is up and running now. I have uploaded some new pics. The page may take a while to download I am sorry for that but it really is kinda out of my control except for the way I put my page but I like how it is. I might change it later but it is okay for now. The Fairy Page will be up soon hopefully. It all depends on if I feel like staying up late to do it. My internet access run slow during the day so I am only able to do so much. That is all for now more updates soon....

okay I got Faries images up now at first it would not work but now the problem is fixed. If you all find any thing or any links that do now work please feel free to e-mail me and let me know. soon my links page will be up and running

Sweet Revenge

I'm also looking to see what kind of idea everyone has for revenge or pratical pranks. So please e-mail me with you suggestions.
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