Tales of Life and Love inspired by Disney's Rescue Rangers


Hi, all. As I'm sure you've noticed, there hasn't been any new Ranger fic on my page since the mid 90's. Life's been very busy... I graduated high school, attended and graduated college, received my decade-of-participation certificate and a Unicorn Award from the Minnesota Renaissance Festival, survived several romances, and finally found my soulmate. Through all of this, I kept writing and have now been published. If you'd like to see what I've been up to, come visit me at:

Although my writing style has grown considerably since my Ranger days, if you like the Mooncrystal tales, chances are you'll like the Faire-Folk novels too.

Peace, blessings, and be well. And never forget to love.



Nothing Sweet About Sorrow

Shadows Between the Pages


Rites of Passage

Catch a Rainbow

Culinary Disaster

(Culinary Disaster in Latvian: plaintext or "cool" type with bold and cursive)

Believe in the Magick (unfinished - not posted)

Final Curtain

Small Problem (unfinished - not posted)

Hour for Darkness


Colors of Love

Rainbow's Gold

Little Ranger Blue

Thoughts from the author on the Mooncrystal stories

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