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Much later on in time, the original galactic empires from Master of Orion had diminished and dwindled.  By this time, 3 new races had emerged, and many of the old ones were ready to seek out galactic dominance once again.  Here are the 13 races in contention during the era of Master of Orion II: Battle at Antares:


The Alkari

The Bulrathi

The Darloks

The Gnolams

The Elerians

The Humans

The Klackons

The Meklars

The Mrrshan

The Psilons

The Sakkra

The Silicoids

The Trilarians










The AlkariThe Alkari slowly changed over the centuries into a reptilian race, probably due to Orion interference in their development.  These same Orions ruled the Alkari homeworld as a colony for awhile, and when they disappeared they left behind ancient artifacts which aided the Alkari in their research.  The Alkari were ruled by a dictatorship.  They still possessed the best flying and piloting skills in the galaxy.  They were relatively peaceful, but they were also highly honorable soldiers that did not back down from a fight.  The enemies of the Alkari were the Darloks and Mrrshan, and to a lesser extent the Klackons.  They respected the reptilian Sakkra (probably due to the Alkari reptilian changes), and were quite friendly to the Elerians and Trilarians. 

Home System: Altair

Emperors: Ariel, Tavua Preet, Voreet Zry, Heggira, Saguaro Ty, Tak Tochno, Peerik Kree, Karaaw

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The BulrathiThe Bulrathi experienced little change after all this time, except that their ecological focus began to disappear. Their homeworld was high-gravity, which sustained their reputation for physical strength and toughness. A Bulrathi soldier could survive twice the damage that would destroy other life forms.  Their soldiers were still extremely gifted at ground combat, and they also became more adept at space attacks as well.  The Bulrathi were thought of as being aggressive and bold, willing to attack if their opponents were weak or unready.  Their government was a dictatorship.  Bulrathi leaders were friendly towards the Elerians, but they did not trust Darloks or Meklars.

Home System: Ursa

Emperors:  Grorvog, Mazurek, Monch, Krorvog, Uzor, Balrokzor, Trebakka, Smurch.

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The DarloksThe reputation of the Darlok race grew somewhat better over time; no longer were they considered the galaxy's ultimate enemy.  That title belongs to the Antarans now.  Darloks seem to have changed in appearance as well, although with shapeshifters you never really know.  Not only were they still the best spies, but they also found a secret method to hide all of their space vessels from any scanners.  Only the Elerian galaxy-watchers could detect them.  As one would expect, the leader of these secretive people was a dictator.  Darlok emperors were often hostile to others, and easily angered.  The Darloks respected the more "evil" races: Gnolams, Meklars, and Silicoids.  They did not like the Bulrathi, and they despised the Alkari. 

Home System: Nazin

Emperors:  Darquan, Ember, Graymoran, Morfane, Mysvaleer, Narzina, Shador, Vale

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The EleriansA newer race, this humanoid group was elf- or fairy-like.  They were a feudal matriarchy, in which only females (the warrior caste) could join the military.  Elerian mental powers were beyond compare; their males in the philosopher caste could detect everything taking place in the galaxy, from the biggest fleet to the most distant tiny planet.  The females also had some strong telepathic powers.  Every ship that was at least a cruiser in size had a powerful telepath who could mind-control an entire planet, eliminating the need for ground troops.  The ship leaders could also see slightly into the future, giving noticeable attack and defense advantages.  They could even take mental control of a captured ship and use it in the same battle against its former fleet.  Their only seeming weakness was their weak government, in which the local rulers had considerable influence over their planets.  The rulers' forces made ship construction quick, but technological advancement was only about half of what might be expected.  Science was not a high priority to the planetary rulers, so this inefficiency was a definite problem for the Elerian empresses.  Usually, the Elerians were aggressive militarily, and would only aid the races to which they were already favorably disposed.  These races were the Alkari, Bulrathi, and Mrrshan (the Elerians apparently respected combat strength and skill).  The Psilons and Silicoids were disliked by the Elerians, and the Gnolams were their mortal enemies.  

Home System:  Draconis

Empresses:  Berylia, Ellowyn, Erethia, Grewind, Yarasi, Fireblade, Laurel, Myranmar. 

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The GnolamsThe Gnolam people appeared around the time of the Elerians and Trilarians.  This physically short race from a low-gravity planet was often described as dwarf- or gnome-like.  They possessed an amazing ability to create and horde treasure, and their dictators almost never lacked money.  Gnolams also had strong knowledge of business, resulting in large profits from trade routs and extra food sales.  In addition to all this, Gnolams had amazing luck.  Perhaps this power was their attempt to counter the Elerians mental powers; in any case, space monsters and Antaran fleets almost always ignored Gnolam planets.  Disasters never befell the Gnolams, and unexpected fortune came frequently for them  Their biggest enemy was the Elerian race, followed by the Mrrshan.  They did respect the Darloks and Meklars.  Gnolam leaders were usually peaceful, but could fund a large fleet very quickly when at war.  

Home System:  Gnol

Emperors:  Bortis, Dolgran, Gnorm, Vex, Trorn, Trant, Volm, Navolok

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The HumansHumanity was much the same as it had been throughout the ages; Sol was ruled by a type of democracy, but the leader was still an Emperor.  Nevertheless, the Humans had the greatest personal freedom of all the races, and this resulted in fast research and high incomes (and poor counter-intelligence). Humans had lost their trading skills, or else the other races did not trust them as much as before; the Humans no longer found ways to greatly profit out of their trade agreements. Human diplomats were skilled and well-liked; deals were reached easily and mercenary leaders were common and inexpensive.   The Humans were neutral toward all the other races upon first contact.   Human emperors were often very honorable, and would not forget past wrongs.  They were not to be trifled with. 

Home System:  Sol

Emperors:  Alexander, Strader, Durash IV, Caesar, Bladrov II, Lasitus, Reed, Sargon

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The KlackonsLife on Kholdan was the same for centuries.  The inhabitants were all born to fulfill a certain role or to perform a specific task.  There was no dissension among the Klackons, so rebellion and strife were nonexistent.  This resulted in huge bonuses to their food and industrial production; these bonuses were further enhanced by their Unification government.  Since there were no traitors, there was high security in their empire. They may have been living on a different planet in their system, because their homeworld was much larger than most; their original planet was normal-sized. Although Klackon society seemed flawless, there was one significant weakness: they had trouble conceiving new  technological ideas.  Klackon leaders cared only for their galactic "hive"; the were usually very xenophobic, and did not like dealing with most other alien races. However, the Klackons were favorable towards  the Trilarians, and also liked the Silicoids.  They did not like the Alkari, Mrrshan, and Sakkra races.

Home System:  Kholdan

Emperors:  Ezixl, Virzixl, Ixitixl, K'kalak, Kaviq, Kikitik, Kaxal, Qurtirqul

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The MeklarsThe cybernetic Meklars had gone through some major change by this time.  They previously had enclosed themselves in various exoskeletons; now, parts of the actual creatures were visible.  No one had ever seen an actual Meklar before.  Meklars still focused on factory production; assisted by their powerful new exoskeletons, they could build things quite rapidly. They could also repair their ships during combat. Meklars ate half as much food as the other races, but they also consumed a part of the industry that they created.  Their leaders were dictators, and Meklar leaders were still thought of as erratic and dangerous.  They were friendlier towards the Darloks, Gnolams, and Mrrshan.  They did not like the Trilarians or the Silicoids.

Home System:  Meklon

Emperors:  CZK-21, INT-986, M3-850T, Cog Primus, 911-C4S, THX-1137, QX-537, RSW-242

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The MrrshanFor centuries, the Mrrshan were feared throughout the Milky Way for their skilled gunners.  By this era, they had actually improved on that legacy.  In addition to their attack skills, their ship crews were better trained then all others, and could reach an ultra-elite level.  Their leaders were also capable of reaching unbelievable skill levels through this training.  Each Mrrshan planet was a full military base, housing twice the number of soldiers that the other races usually stationed on their worlds.  They also contained military commanders who coordinated the local fleet activity; this allowed for much larger fleets to be supported.  The Mrrshan were a military dictatorship.  Interestingly, the Mrrshan homeworld changed its name from Fierias to Fieras sometime prior to this era.  Two other big changes also occurred since the earlier days- a large source of neutronium was found, making their homeworld rich, and the traditional matriarchy was replaced by a new line of emperors.  This hostile warrior race still hated their ancient rivals, the Alkari.  They also disliked the Gnolams and  the Klackons.  The Meklars and Trilarians were respected on Fieras, and the Elerians were held in high regard.

Home System:  Fieras

Emperors: Darquan (this was also a Darlok name), Fargul, Marupa, Harrava Ril, Miamar, Parasha Vrrn, Yarrala Hrrsh, Torfang

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The PsilonsOver time, the Psilonic government relocated to a different planet in the Mentar system, a large planet with low gravity.  They never lost their intellects, though; when researching, they would discover all possible applications of a new technology, and their scientists produced vast amounts of research.  The Psilons' research was extremely high, yet their leaders' focus remained rather petty- their government never developed beyond dictatorship because of the quarrelling of certain high-ranking scholars.  The Psilons were a peace-loving people.  Their liked the Trilarians but did not appreciate the Elerians, who rejected knowledge for war and aggression.

Home System:  Mentar

Emperors:  Amios, Dynalon, Erga Uticus, Psiros, Tssha, Menz Agitat, Ekar Orgit, Kelvan

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The SakkraAfter thousands of years of extraordinary population growth, the homeworld of the Sakkra ran out of room.  They presumably moved to a new homeworld, since their original planet was not larger than other races' planets.  Sakkra spies were poor quality, and this was a change from the past.  No one knows why they lost their skills, but some speculate that it was due to their disillusionment with working for a government that allowed their planet become so terribly overcrowded.  The reptilian Sakkra hatched from eggs, and their populations grew amazingly fast.  They were forced to live both above and below ground to find room; this situation resulted in huge planetary populations and also contributed to the defense of their cities.  The Sakkra had a feudal system, in which each planet was ruled by a noble family.  The oaths of loyalty to the emperor forced the local lords' militaries to work together, allowing fast ship building.  However, the rulers tended to discourage hinder research in favor of weaponry, resulting in half the normal amount of scientific work taking place.  The Sakkra farmers were skilled at growing food, which was needed to feed the huge numbers of people.  Sakkra emperors were more aggressive around this time than they had been in the past, and liked to expand at the other races' expense.  They had some respect for the Alkari, who had become reptilian not long before.

Home System:  Sssla

Emperors:  Dactylus, Tyran, Ragazor, Sauron, Seurak, Guanar, Hissa, Sarezaear

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The SilicoidsCryslon had long been the home of perhaps the strangest race in the Milky Way.  Their appearance had greatly changed over time (their number of eyes had greatly decreased) but their general survivability remained.  The Silicoids were silicon-based life-forms, and they were immune to pollution and did not require food to survive.  They could support high populations on all types of planets.  Their populations did grow slowly, though.  In diplomacy, the Silicoids were at a severe disadvantage; they could not make deals beyond war, peace, and surrender.  The Silicoids of earlier eras did not have this communication problem, and it is not known where it came from.  Silicoid leaders were dictators, and were reputed to be highly xenophobic and expansionistic.  The Silicoid race had respect for the Darloks and Klackons (two aggressive races); they did not trust the Elerians or the Meklars.

Home System:  Cryslon

Emperors:  Igneus Maximus, Crystous, Geode, Sedimin, Krakatoa, Quorzom, Vorkronoa, Sandebar 


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The TrilariansThe last of the younger races was the Trilarians.  This group came from an oceanic world and lived in water.  Because of this, ocean and terran planets could support as many people as gaia planets could, and swamp and tundra planets were as good for them as terran was for other races.  High volumes of water apparently made their people flourish.  The Trilarians were similar to the Alkari in their behavior; they had honorable tendencies, and were peaceful enough to coexist with others.  They were a danger when threatened, however, because their ships were faster than others.  This Trans-Dimensional ability supposedly came from the Antarans; the Trilarians claimed that they were the descendants of a lost Antaran colony.  Our evidence seems to indicate that the Antarans indeed had a presence on Trilar and even interfered in Trilarian species development.  Their leader ruled as a dictator.   Trilarian friends included the Alkari and Klackons, and to a lesser degree the Mrrshan and Psilons.  They did not like the Meklars.

Home System:  Trilar

Emperors:  Wavya, Klirr, Everial, Llorian, Cress, Calibar, Aquailis, Oraborus

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