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After the legendary war between the Orions* and the Antarans, these 10 races began spreading throughout the galaxy, attempting to build their own awesome empires.  Below is a description of all the races from the Master of Orion era.


*These are the actual Orion race; much confusion has come from the fact that later on, the other races of the Orion sector were sometimes collectively called Orions, and a group of Antarans dared to call themselves New Orions.  But this is the race that built Guardian.  Loknar is the only Orion any of us has ever seen.


The Alkari

The Bulrathi

The Darloks

The Humans

The Klackons

The Meklars

The Mrrshan

The Psilons

The Sakkra

The Silicoids










The Alkari These avian soldiers excelled in space combat.  Their ships were usually small and maneuverable, and were quite difficult to hit due to their pilots' amazing skills in 3D motion and natural flight instincts.  Alkari warships usually attacked first in battle.  Propulsion tech was their specialty, but advances in force field knowledge were usually slow in coming.  The Alkari were best described as honorable, somewhat aggressive, and always ready for a fight.  They trusted the Humans, but did not like the Klackons, Darloks, and Sakkra, and they hated the Mrrshan.

Home System: Altair

Emperors: Skylord, Sharpclaw, Redwing, Farseer, Highsoar, Ariel

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The Bulrathi The ursoid Bulrathi were an almost unstoppable in ground combat; when they attacked a planet, the opposing ground forces were often easily overrun, and attacking one of theirs was even more difficult.  Bulrathi fleets preferred large, tough ships.  Bulrathi scientists were usually behind other races in computer quality, but their construction methods and weapons were good.  Usually aggressive, Bulrathi emperors put an unusual emphasis on their ecologies.  Their primary enemies were the Darloks and the Mrrshan; however they trusted the Humans more than other races.

Home System: Ursa

Emperors: Monch, Durpp, Grunk, Bullux, Smurch, Krungo

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The Darloks Darloks were enemies of all other races with the notable exception of the Humans. This occurred because they were a treacherous (some say evil) race of shape-shifting spies. The Darloks were adept at developing new computers, which aided their already deadly spying abilities. Darlok leaders were aggressive, but would try to buy time by signing treaties, waiting until their enemies were off guard to strike. Some people have noticed that these creatures resemble the Nazgul.  

Home System: Nazin

Emperors: Nazgur, Narzina, Morfane, Shador, Darquan, Ssithra

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The Humans A more diplomatic race, the Humans trusted and were trusted by every other alien race. Skilled in deal-making and trading, they also could influence High Council voting in their favor. Human leaders were often very honorable, not easily forgetting past wrongs committed by their adversaries. They were outstanding at developing new force fields, and were also good at planetology and propulsion tech.  In fact, after the Psilons, the Humans were the best scientific race in the galaxy.

Home System: Sol

Emperors: Johann III, Durash IV, Strader, Lasitus, Bladrov II, Alexander

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The Klackons Klackon colonies were highly productive. This insectoid race could work in a very efficient manner to produce whatever the colony (or empire) needed. Xenophobic, somewhat expansionistic, and constantly building and producing, the Klackons made a formidable enemy.  The Klackons preferred smaller ship designs.  Their propulsion systems were rather poor, but their construction methods were outstanding.  The Klackons disliked the Alkari, Darloks, Mrrshan, and Sakkra. They were more receptive to the Humans and Silicoids.

Home System: Kholdan

Emperors: Ixitixl, Kikitik, Klaquan, Kaxal, Kíkalak, Xantak

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The Meklars 

The Meklars were a cybernetic race; their bodies were weak but their exoskeletons gave them incredible computer interface abilities. They were certainly  the best race when it came to controlling and refitting factories.  This resulted in very high planetary production. Meklar leaders were often quite unpredictable, but usually were more concerned with developing their infrastructures than with expansion. The Meklar fleet built large warships with cutting-edge computer systems.  Their development of planetology tech was slow, but new computer abilities came easily to them. Meklars did not like the Darloks and Sakkra, but did trust the Humans and Silicoids.

Home System: Meklon

Emperors: CB-715, QX-537, INT-986, TVC-15, TX-1138, M5-35

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The MrrshanRuthless and fearless, Mrrshan warriors loved nothing more than a good fight. Their hunting reflexes and instincts gave them tremendous accuracy in battle, and they almost always attacked first, even when facing the Alkari.  Typically, the Mrrshan had one of the largest fleets in the galaxy. They were the only race ruled by empresses, who were usually ruthless and warlike.  Their most hated enemies were the Alkari, but they also greatly disliked the Sakkra. In addition, they were on negative terms with the Burathi, Darloks, and Klackons. The only race they did trust was the Humans. Mrrshan technology favored the development of new weapons, but they struggled with construction tech.

Home System: Fierias

Empresses: Jasana, Prrsha, Yalara, Miamar, Shandra, Mirana

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The Psilons The unemotinal Psilons were the most brilliant researchers in the galaxy.  They were equally good at researching all technological areas.  Their colonies produced more research than anyone else, and their scientists thought of more aplications to research than the scientists of other empires.  Psilon leaders tended to be pacifistic, but this was not always the case, and even the more peaceful leaders would fight if threatened.  Their ships would usually be very advanced.  The Psilons were neutral towards most races, but liked the Humans and didnít like the Darloks.

Home System: Mentar

Emperors: Meson, Kelvan, Dynalon, Quark, Zygot, Tachaon

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The Sakkra The Sakkra were a reptilian race. Since they hatched from eggs, their populations grew fast, so they were always looking for new planets to colonize. Ground troops could easily be developed from this high population. Sakkra leaders were fairly aggressive and expansionistic. Planetology was their tech specialty, which aided in developing new planets for their people.  Their enemies include the Alkari, Darloks, Klackons, and Meklars, and especially the Mrrshan. They did like the Humans, however.

Home System: Sssla

Emperors: Guanar, Tyranid, Saurak, Sauron, Hissa, Kryssta

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The Silicoids The Silicoids were crystalline beings.  Their population grew slowly, but pollution and hostile environments did not harm them at all.  This allowed for early colonization of rich, hostile worlds.  The Silicoids were skilled at new computer research, but were poor in all other fields of technology.  Their fleet preferred larger ships.  Silicoid emperors were usually hostile and expansionistic.  They were enemies of the Darloks, but were more favorably disposed towards the Humans, Klackons, and Meklars.

Home System: Cryslon    

Emperors: Igneous, Geode, Sedimen, Crystous, Granid, Carnax

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