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Just to fill you in on our current situation. DECAY is, sadly no more. We have a new name 'Violent Asylum' and we have a new 4 track CD which we've finished mixing and mastering and it sounds amazing and will be available very soon. We also have a new website: On the topic of new members, we have tried experimenting with some new ideas and have looked at getting additional member(s) to pull it off live, however we decided that its best not to try and fix what isn't broken. We have started to layer in more instrumental elements on the new CD but that's where it stays - on the new CD! We wont be getting a live keyboard player third guitarist or second singer, violent asylum is still the 5 of us but with new material, a new CD, management and a totally new approach to this. Check back soon for news of our new CD, gigs and our re-launch party.