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Creator's Edge

Cool Stuff

Chinese Star-$3.00

Buy 3 get 1 free


Big Game Hunting Kit-$35.00

Comes with black carrying case

Survival Kit-$20.00

Pepper Spray (HUGE)-$30.00

Pepper Spray Pen-$15.00

Confederate Flask-$16.00

Temp.Out of Stock


Cigarette Shaped Butane Lighters-$3.50

Belt Buckle/Paperweight-$13.00

Black Handcuffs-$8.00

Sling Shot-$8.00

Pen Knife-$7.00

Pistol Crossbow-$17.00

Crossbow Arrows-$5.50

Sm. Sharpening Stone-$1.00

Glass Chess Set-$20.00

Dragon Knuckle Paperweight-$15.00

Jaguar Throwing Knives-$10.00

Neck Knife-$10.00

Rubber Band Gun-$4.00


Lip Stick Knife-$11.00

100,000V Stun Gun-$30.00

Leather Whip-$13.00

Witch Dagger-$18.00

AK 47 BB Gun-$20.00

6mm BBs-$2.00

*Must be 18 years of age. By purchasing any and all items on this site, you agree that you are eligible to own said items and are in accordance with all Federal, State and Local laws.

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