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Monday, February 16, 1998
                Did Mossad kill Rabin?
                Israeli journalist says slain PM was victim of a 'deep'
                                    By DICK CHAPMAN
                                        Toronto Sun
                 Yitzhak Rabin was not killed by a fanatical,
                lone gunman as Israel's Shamgar
                Commission has found, claims
                Winnipeg-born investigative reporter Barry
                 In an eerie replay of doubts raised about a
                lone gunman in the 1963 John Kennedy
                assassination, a conspiracy theory is
                emerging over Rabin's 1995 murder.
                 It's been hinted at by some Israeli media,
                and on CNN and NBC news broadcasts in
                the U.S. But Chamish, a freelancer who has
                also written extensively about UFOs, has
                made the investigation of Rabin's murder his
                life's passion.
                 He's compiled medical and ballistics
                reports and eyewitness accounts from Rabin's bodyguards and widow, and
                Israeli police, security agents, surgeons and nurses.
                 Chamish, who lives in Israel with his wife and children, has matched his and
                others' research with the Shamgar version of events and found glaring
                 Chamish shared his ideas with an enthusiastic Toronto audience last week at
                the Canadian Zionist Centre on Marlee Ave.
                 This is what he concludes:
                 "Official" assassin, Yigal Amir, was a fanatical, willing patsy run by an
                Israeli secret service dirty-trickster, Avishai Raviv.
                 In what apparently was to have been a staged, unsuccessful assassination
                bid to rekindle Rabin's flagging popularity, Amir did fire a handgun into
                Rabin's back at close range at a Jerusalem rally on Nov. 4, 1995.
                 But Amir's very public act, caught on "amateur" video by one Ronnie
                Kempler, was a ruse because Amir fired a blank bullet. And he fired just
                one shot, not the alleged three.
                 But the prime minister was indeed murdered in the following moments,
                Chamish says, and the fatal shot to Rabin's chest may have been fired in the
                very hospital operating room where he was miraculously reviving -- despite
                taking a bullet through the upper spine and lung and another through the
                stomach and spleen.
                 The prime minister's limousine got "lost" for 81/2 minutes on what should
                have been a 45-second drive to hospital on clear streets cordoned off by
                police for the rally.
                 Israeli police lab ballistics tests on shell casings found at the scene did not
                match Amir's gun.
                 No blood was seen coming from Rabin at the scene, despite wounds to his
                lung and spleen, and none was found on the ground at the Amir shooting
                 During that meandering drive to hospital by Israeli's most experienced
                prime ministerial chauffeur, Menachem Damti, Chamish suggests Rabin was
                shot twice with real bullets -- two 9mm, hollow-point bullets -- possibly
                from the handgun belonging to his own bodyguard, Yoram Rubin.
                 Rubin's gun disappeared at the hospital and has not been found. Two
                bullets retrieved from Rabin's body went missing for 11 hours. Rubin later
                committed suicide.
                 Chamish says the accounts of all three operating room surgeons who
                attended Rabin, plus those of nurses and police officers, confirm he
                sustained a massive chest wound and massive damage to his spinal cord in
                the lower neck area. Witnesses reported blood gushing from Rabin's chest
                when he entered hospital on a stretcher.
                 But the official Shamgar Commission said those types of wounds did not
                occur. The doctors later fell dumb.
                 "All medical reports had Rabin shot in a completely different manner than
                the Shamgar commission claims," he said. "Amir did not shoot Rabin through
                the chest. He didn't (even) 'shoot' Rabin. That's not a conspiracy theory.
                That's a fact. What is happening here, is deep and is conspiratorial."
                 Chamish also points to a court hearing where Amir blurted out: "If I tell the
                truth, the whole system will collapse. I know enough to destroy this country."
                Amir also shouted at the rally, according to witnesses: "It's nothing ... they're
                blanks. It's a toy gun."
                 A secret service agent testified: "A policeman shouted, 'Calm down.
                They're blanks.' "
                 Israeli policeman Moshe Ephron stated: "The shots didn't sound natural. If
                they were real shots, they should have sounded much louder."
                 Leah Rabin stated her husband did not stagger and fall after apparently
                being shot at close range. "He was standing and looking very well," Leah
                Rabin stated.
                 Rabin's widow also said that she was kept from seeing her husband for a
                full hour and was told then by Israeli's security chief not to worry, that the
                whole thing was staged.
                 The Kempler video shows that when shot by Amir, Rabin at first merely
                turns his head as if distracted by a noise. Then he looks to the front and
                moves forward, bending over. His bodyguard jumps on him and they fall to
                the ground. Seconds later Rabin is hurtled into his limousine.
                 "The driver turned right instead of going straight ahead and they killed him,"
                Chamish charges.
                 But a problem arose at the hospital -- where "Damti the Idiot," as Chamish
                calls him, finally arrived after stopping to pick up a cop "to get directions" --
                Rabin started to revive.
                 That's when the perpetrators panicked and shot him in the chest, theorizes
                Chamish. An Israeli magazine, he says, has reported 17 nurses at that
                hospital later got death threats.
                 There are other curious factors:
                 The amateur videographer keeps panning back and forth between Amir and
                Rabin, as if something is expected.
                 Yet Kempler's tape didn't surface publicly until two months after the
                murder. All that leads Chamish to believe it's all the work of the Shabak,
                Israel's renowned Mossad.
                 But if so, the Mossad blundered, he claims.
                 Amir's left arm holding the gun appears to be about six feet long. And when
                Amir re-enacted the crime in public for the court, he used his right hand to
                hold the gun.
                 "The Shabak ... superimposed the picture and they're so dumb, they didn't
                even get the hand right," Chamish said.
                 Like JFK's "lone" assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, Amir also had spent
                years in the Soviet Union. Israeli spymaster Raviv controlled the
                "psychopath" Amir, Chamish says.
                 To convert a staged assassination attempt into a real hit required a top
                Israeli official's orders, Chamish says. He won't say whom he strongly
                suspects, but hints it was quite possibly from within Rabin's own party.
                 "In my opinion the order came from the U.S. ... Israeli leadership is not
                independent. It's been corrupted deeply," Chamish told the Zionist Centre
                 "We are murdering our own ... This has got to be solved and we've got to
                cleanse ourselves and start brand new.
                 "My country has sunk into such criminality. We've got a cancer ... If we
                don't take a broom and sweep out every politician from the Knesset, we are
                going to be destroyed," Chamish said.