The number of men caught in the family court system in the U.S. is astronomical.  Everyday, fathers are going to family court across the country to fight child custody battles… child support battles.  But are the courts really helping these men?  What effect is this country’s legal system having on the institution of fatherhood and the family?

The present courts systems are out-of-control in adjudicating CHILD SUPPORT ENFORCEMENT.  What you will see here will not only shock you, but it will prove, that these courts are extra-judicially acting completely OUTSIDE THE RULE OF LAW.  They are out-of-control, and nobody and nothing is stopping these madmen.

These courts are bought off, and corrupt; FEMINIZED institutions, which are enslaving, disenfranchising and ruining men (fathers) for the purposes of profit and reward.  If they cannot extort money from the father (usually poor) then; they turn to the taxpayer, and force them to warehouse the poor Father into debtors prisons, without ANY ABILITY TO PAY HEARING AS REQUIRED BY LAW, and force them to pay for the new Debtor's Prisons established by these rogue courts.

The Father has ZERO RIGHTS. None.  His only "right" is to become a slave, with those cruel and diseased people within the system itself saying "You shouldn't have had sex" as if men did not have human rights. (This same claim is NEVER made against the woman, even if she is a Crack Addict prostitute and dropping children off at the hospital under the new "Safe Haven" laws). 

No man can "take care" of the situation in accordance with their own individual interests or determinations.  Instead, he is disenfranchised and made into a slave with ZERO RIGHTS by these fraudulent "Family" courts which are only dedicated to committing Domestic Violence against all Fathers.

NOTICE! --  We are on the front lines of engaging this enemy and attempting to DO SOMETHING.  As such, most of us are in direct jeopardy from confronting this enemy.  Make our efforts successful by GIVING SOMETHING BACK to this cause.  WITH YOUR MONEY THEY WILL NOT DEFEAT US.  Send in $10.00, $50.00 or $100.00 or more, but make the effort to put the money into an envelope and just SEND IT.  As you help us you'll see more and more documentation online here that will be used to defeat our enemy who hunts us all, enslaves us, and disenfranchises us for PROFIT.  (While it ruins and destroys our children under the pretense that they are "helping" them.)   

We are doing a good work here; stand up with us, and support us with your tax deductible donation. SEND IN JUST A MODICUM OF MONEY--AND YOUR COLLECTIVE EFFORT WILL ERADICATE THEM.  

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