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Rare RollerCoaster Resources

This site tries to bring you lots of rare rollercoaster resources that I have found around the internet and that people have sent to me. This site will be updating regularly with more resources as I find them/as they are sent to me. Below is a list of the current resources that is up for download:

Last Updated: 2nd April

NOTE: I highly recommend that you right click on the download links and 'Save Target As...'

B&M Brochure I was lucky enough to get some B&M brochures today. You can view pictures of them here. Enjoy.

Intamin Rocket Coaster Prototype Pictures of the prototype Intamin Rocket Coaster built at their test center in Germany File Type: both .jpg

Click here to download pic 1 (214 kb)
Click here to download pic 2 (140 kb)
Rating: 4/5. Shows a lot of interesting things for the prototype. The motor looks huge. Its also interesting to see that they originally used 2 rail track originally for the launch. Is it just a coincidence the track is Xcelerator colors? 
EPCOT 2007 Shows the planned Disney developments for EPCOT over the next 4/5 years File Type: .gif

Click here to download (93kb)
Rating: 4/5. If you know the park well, could be an interesting view.

Rock 'n' Roller Coaster Blueprints Original blueprints for Rock 'n' Rollercoaster, a Vekoma LSM Bowl coaster File Type: all .jpg

Click here to download plan1 (14kb)
Click here to download plan 2 (18kb)
Click here to download plan 3 (19kb)
Click here to download plan 4 (16kb)

Rating: 5/5. Shows excellently some of the blueprints that ride manufacturers work from. 

Proposed Heide Park Tera Coaster Plans Plans of the Tera coaster that was proposed for Heide Park, but was refused planning permission. File Type: .jpg

Click here to download (20 kb)

Rating: 3/5. Not a very detailed plan but shows the basic layout of the never-to-be coaster.

Dodonpa Video A video of the S&S Power launched coaster includes POV view, outside view of the launch and other parts of the ride. File Type: .mpeg

Click here to download (475 kb)
Rating: 5/5. Shows many great angles of the ride which I would love in my back garden!

Arrow Suspended Coaster Prototype Video

This video shows the prototype Arrow Suspended coaster model and full scale prototype. The model is very interesting as it shows a corkscrew so the long standing rumour that Arrow tried to put inversions on their suspended coasters can now be laid to rest. The full scale prototype is also interesting as it has a POV and all the track is unbanked so you can tell what it would have been like to go on the original Arrow Suspended coaster, The Bat. You can also see that Arrow were experimenting with different track types at this stage.

File Type: .wmv

Click here to download (744kb, Zipped)

Rating: 5/5. An essential download for any coaster enthusiast.

Arrow 4D Coaster Prototype Video

Originally found on the Arrow website FTP when it was accidentally left open by the webmaster, this video shows the prototype of the 4D coaster that was set up at the Arrow testing plant. The video shows a small stretch of track with the train making its way over it and doing a full seat rotation in the process.

File Type: .mpeg

Click here to download (375kb)

Rating: 4/5. Doesn't really show much, but its still a nice download. 

Dive Machine Patent Plans When the patent was made for the original B&M Dive Machine to be placed at Alton Towers, It had a much different layout to Oblivion (the B&M Dive Machine that was built at Alton Towers). These plans show this figure-of-8 layout complete with a water splash. File Type: All .jpg

Click here to download plan 1 (80kb)

Click here to download plan 2 (83kb)

Click here to download plan 3 (93 kb)
Rating: 4/5. If you have been on Oblivion then you will find this very interesting, but if you haven't then its still worth a look to see B&Ms original ideas.

Mindbender Crash This picture shows the aftermath of a crash on 'Mindbender', a Schwarkopf multi-looper coaster at Galaxyland Amusement Park in Canada. It is believed that one of the wheel assemblies sheered off which resulted in the front car of the train hitting a loop support which you can see in the picture. 
WARNING: this picture does show a dead body covered up by a sheet, so it may not be suitable for everyone to see.
File Type: .jpg

Click here to download (46kb)
Rating: 2/5. Not something a park would normally let you see, but you still can't really see much as the picture is taken from a long distance.

Perilous Plunge Crash Shows a boat on Perilous Plunge at Knotts Berry Farm after it seems to of hit a corner with too much speed and so its gone up the bank. File Type: .jpg

Click here to download (22kb)
Rating: 2/5. More of an amusing picture than anything.

Schwarkopf Suspended Coaster Cars

Never built, this picture shows Schwarkopf Suspended Coaster cars. They kinda look like Arrow Hyper coaster trains but suspended! 

File Type: .jpg

Click here to download (93kb)

Rating: 4/5. An interesting picture to see something that was never built.

ArrowBATic Trains

Another coaster that hasn't been built...yet. These pictures show the trains for Arrows insane mouse ride which is capable of vertical drops, inversions and is inverted!

File Type: all .jpg

Click here to download (31kb)

Click here to download (24kb)

Click here to download (17kb)

Rating: 4/5. These pictures show loads about the trains including wheel assemblies and restraints. Highly recommend download.

New Universal Park, Europe

A concept drawing for a Universal park that may be constructed in Europe, probably Germany. I know little about this project so if anyone has any details then please let me know! The center piece of the park is King Kong climbing a massive skyscraper with a roller coaster going through his hand. Looks impressive!

File Type: .jpg

Click here to download (100kb)

Rating: 4/5. Although it is hard to see details of the park, it is very interesting to see some of Universal's ideas which may make their way over to Europe one day.

Fabio on Apollo's Chariot

During Media Day for this B&M Speed coaster, America supermodel Fabio had an experience he will never forget when a pigeon flew into his face!

File Type: .jpg

Click here to download (20kb)

Rating: 6/5. Worth it just to laugh at him!
Click here for a link to the full story.

Ribena Rumba Rapids Entrance Concept Drawing

A concept drawing showing the entrance to Ribena Rumba Rapids at Thorpe Park. Its good to see as you can tell how they try to make their drawings into reality.

File Type: .jpg

Click here to download (17kb)

Rating: 3/4. Good download as you can see how Tussauds change pictures into reality.

The Original Jubilee Odyssey

We were originally told that Jubilee Odyssey, the custom Vekoma SLC at Fantasy Island was going to be 260ft tall, reach speeds of 100mph and lots of other impressive stats. However, the coaster turned out to be nothing like that. This very small picture shows original drawings of what Jubilee Odyssey would have looked like if something hadn't gone wrong with the project. (Make up your own mind as to why this never came about)

File Type: .jpg

Click here to download (5kb)

Rating: 1/5. So small that you can't make out any details at all, but if you are a fan of the ride then it might be worth a little look just to see what could have been.

Got any rare rollercoaster resources that you would like to send to this site? You can email small files to or my MSN name is if you have a large file (over 1MB) that you would like to send me. Thanks!

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