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-in no particular order-

Go There

I've come to this place again
I want to show you what I see
I want to see you in heaven
Cause living for Him makes me so happy

But when it all comes down I want you to know
Put your trust in Him and see the love He'll show
Don't wait another minute it could be too late
I tell you this now so I'll see you at the gate

I know you're looking
I know you thirst
You don't have to change to go there first
This life I live full of highs and lows
Is still for Him who set my heart aglow

So come along for the ride it's totally free
I think that this might be what you need
Drop your assumptions and keep an open mind
And I'll show you a sight for the blind


I'm blowin through these years I'm going way too fast
And I need to rewind these moments cause these moments won't last
I remember the times when I played in the sandbox
Or looked at the sky and thought deep thoughts
I'll bring it all back now I will not grow up
Like a child forever I can't get enough

I don't always know which way I'm goin
Who is on my side or which way the wind is blowin
I've seen a lot I've ridden the clouds
Oh sweet moment of inspiration I'm gonna let it out now

Then comes the time I shook the world
I layed my dumb brown eyes on my very first girl
Little did I know I was in for a ride
And if I didn't slow down I was sure I would die

You ain't gonna stop me you got me goin now
I've got my eyes on the prize my hand to the plow
I may not see to the end of my road
But for now I'm jumpin in and here we go


You are the one I dream of
I've waited here for you
You are my all you are my love
I cannot live without you

Don't leave me here but if you do
Come back to this place and I'll not have moved
I've waited here for you all my life
I'll love you forever and for you I would die

One More Night

Streams of consciousness and broken up phrases
All mixed up in unfamiliar places
We're the scream before the fight
It's madness for sure and I'll be here all night

So what's this life about and why am I here now
It's difficult for me to see where the answers can be found
So come on in we'll shoot the breeze and go for a ride
We'll never want to leave this place again

What are you gonna make in all the empty spaces
And when will resolving cadence find you
Will you sit around and wait for warm embraces
Or can you be yourself and stay cool too

One more night one more chord
One more chance open up the door
Lives and circumstances change from day to day
Don't deny tonight don't push love away

Playing with Fire

I think it's time for a day off
I'll put down the math and go up to the loft
No one really wants to do homework
And I need to climb out of this miry mirk

So I sit here not knowing what to do
I could smile or I could cry for all that I've been through
I love You just the same from now til then
I live for You do I need a reason

This world takes me and breaks me apart
Sometimes I sit for hours alone in the dark
Sometimes I walk down the street
And my heart breaks at everything I see

What do I see what can I learn
Who was I to know I was about to get burned

Other days I'm out to win
And you can't hold me down from my ambition
I love you just like you love me
And we all sing out in perfect harmony

Song Seven

So you think you've got it all figured out
You've conquered all the walls of fear and doubt
But your cloak and dagger schemes
Will never work for me

Cause I can look into Your eyes
And I can see it's no surprise
That I'm not half the man that You are or that You'd want me to be
Now I see that freedom's never free

Sometimes I long for liberation
But what I deserve is excommunication
Then I realize with a fire in my eyes
That often there can be no explanation

Someday when we all fly away
No longer will there be any gray
It's black as night or white as light
So I give my life enlisted in this fight

Eloquence is Bliss

This is for the millionaire livin the high life
Had two kids lost his cool and divorced his wife
Pose for the camera you could be next in line
You never know if you'll uncover that gold mine

You can do all the right things
You can say all the right words
It all comes down to this:
Eloquence is bliss

This is for the ambitious kid who got straight A's
Worked real hard at his job to get the big raise
Dont look now life is gone just like that
Quit saying the big words and be who you really are

I choose to let my silence speak
We forget how blessed are the meek
I won't give in to life's desires
Cause in my heart there burns a fire


These thoughts now consume me
And i don't know where to run
The arrow pierces through me
And what i thought i had i now have none

The current is strong
And i can't hold on
I need something more than this lonely world can offer
Something that will never be gone

So i reach for Your hand for i know that You will be there
You would not turn from me now
And You pick me up and wipe the fear from my life
And place me back on dry ground

I'm ready to fly even if i die
The ground i claim no more
You pick me up into the sky
Above the clouds we soar

Hope in the Dark

You are the one i love but sometimes i run
Sometimes i hide from You
You are who i dream of but sometimes i run
And You always see me through

When i call out Your name
I look to the skies and there You still remain
You are my only hope in the dark
And when my worlds crashin' You'll not be far

I hear You whisper my name
And all of my life You have remained the same
Who am I to run after You
For i can't keep up im such a fool

In the midst of this cruel world
I hear Your call and i will respond to You
When my darkest hour comes ill keep my head up
Cause i find my hope in You

Hundred Percent

You say i'm too good for you
You say you'll never live up to me
I know that you're not a fool
But i've got somethin you don't see

I'm not perfect and i'm not a hundred percent
I'm a portrait of grace working to be translucent
I'm a work of Him not worthy of the prize
But listen to me cause i'll help you in life

When you say i cant i keep on goin'
When you say i dont i keep on rollin'
When you say let's go i'm all there too
When you say oh no im there to see you through

The road can be smooth the road can be rough
I'll pick you up when you dont have enough
I want to be always there for you
But i'm really only a fraction of what He can do

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