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Welcome to the Shadowlands of Gnosticus IV, a generally peaceful planet, abundant with alien life, big and small, living in unity and defending their planet from any foreign invaders who may try to harm them.

But it hasn't always been that way.

Journey back to when the two most influential species on the planet were locked in war, simply trying to survive.

NEWS:It's March 14th, and as promised, Shadowlands Episode II is now available for viewing! Just click on the link below and enjoy!

Episode #1
"Leggo My Yego"
Watch it now!
Episode #2
"The War Is Afoot"
Watch it now!
Episode #3
"????, ????, ?????"
Coming soon
Episode #4
"???? ????????"
Episode #5
Episode #6
Episode #7
"?????? ?? ??? ??????"
Episode #8
"????? ????????"
Episode #9

This Flash animated series is based on the popular sidescrolling video game series "Commander Keen: Goodbye, Galaxy" created by iD software. It is in no way associated with iD software, but is simply a fan creation based on the "Commander Keen" product.

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