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Did You Notice?

Standard Galactic Alphabet

When the slugs landed on Gnosticus IV, they brought more with them than just poisonous slime puddles. They also brought with them the Standard Galactic Alphabet, a system of writing that has become common throughout much of the galaxy. Thus, in every episode, there will be at least one sign written in this strange alphabet. If you find it, and click on it, it will switch to the English translation.
Hidden Quirks

Within each episode are a number of hidden quirks. Here are some of the ones you may have missed:

Episode 1

While the blue bird is talking about his lunch, look on the wall behind him. You'll see a chalk drawing of a tic-tac-toe game.
On the opening scene, when the skypest flies by, look closely at Miragia (the dome-shaped building). It disappears, just like it does in the computer game.
Burger blooper: the burgers on the barbecue are small enough to eat, and yet big enough to cover King Lick's crown... oops!

Episode 2

The map that King Lick points to is the world map from Commander Keen 4.
Duke Mushroom says twice that his solution for dealing with the slugs is to "Nuke 'em!". This is a reference to another video game series, "Duke Nukem".
Look very closely at one of the trees just before the licks attack. On it you will see "C.K. + P.L." with a heart around it. A true fan of the video game shouldn't have any trouble decoding it. :)
The foot that comes out to the tune of "2001: A Space Odyssey" was not just some weird idea I had. It's based on the fact that in one level of Commander Keen 4, if you gather twelve inchworms together, they make a foot. (Get it? Twelve inches make a foot? Ha ha.) As an added bonus with the foot, when it squishes those other characters, the sound effect is nearly identical to the sound effect of the foot in the opening sequence to Monty Python's Flying Circus.
The inchworm with the wig and coat on is a parody of Anne Robinson, host of "The Weakest Link" a game show that has since gone defunct. Of course, in this case, King Lick is "the weakest LICK".
That little star that appears when King Lick shoots into the sky is based something that happens near the end of almost every episode of Pokemon. (I was going to have King Lick say "Looks like I'm blasting off again!", but that wouldn't have made any sense.)
Last, but not least, those two arachnuts at the very end are based on those two old guys from the Muppet Show. Bonus points if you remember what their names are (highlight the area after the colon to find out): "Statler and Waldorf"