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Specific Characters

King Lick

King Lick is the leader of the Shadowlands of Gnosticus IV. He is generally a stern leader, and is not always completely fair to all of the citizens of his territory, but he will always bravely defend his area from foreign invaders.
King Slug

The leader of the slugs of the planet of Slugaria. He is friendly and kind, but also quite naive. He too, only wants what's best for his people - er, slugs - but since being kicked off of their home planet, he's quite anxious to find a new home.
Duke Mushroom

King Lick's loyal right-hand man, Duke is scatter-brained, but loyal, which is good enough for King Lick. Duke is one of the main providers of comic relief, and when he isn't assisting his King, his main passion is eating.
Shikadi Master

One of the most feared creatures in all the universe, he cares nothing for the lives of the aliens on other worlds. It is he who forced the slugs off of their home planet, although just WHY he did that is still a mystery (and no one is brave enough to ask). He leads the Shikadi, a species of energy beings much like himself. The Shikadi, in general, don't have a mind of their own, but follow the Shikadi Master's orders completely.
Professor Berke

The genius among the slugs, he loves nothing more than to just spend all day inventing things. And with the war between the Slugs and the Licks on, it is up to him to come up with new weapons to use against the lick army.

The Others

Along with the main characters, there are many general alien species shown on Gnosticus IV. As time progresses, more and more information about each will be revealed, but as of yet, much is still hidden from public knowledge. Here's the basic guide to each species that will be in the series:

A fearsome-looking four-legged seven-eyed crab-walking creature with two mouths projecting from its body. Acts mean when threatened, but generally not hostile.

No info available.

Look, in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! No... actually it is a bird, a blue one to be exact. It doesn't pose any threat to the larger creatures on Gnosticus IV, but is very fearsome to the Inchworms and Wormmouths.

Red bouncy balls that are just happy to be alive. Often used in sporting activities because of their roundness.

No info available.

Small yellow worms that like to hang around one another. Plentiful, especially in the valleys, and the main source of food for the blue birds.

Hopping bluish creatures that resemble beanbag chairs. Due to friction in the back of their mouths, they can breathe a lick of fire, toasting any creature that gets in their way.
Mad Mushroom

Crazy jumping fungus of Gnosticus IV. Generally with a strange look on their face, quite expressive.

The mimrock has the hands-down best camouflage of any creature on the planet. Normally, it walks around with its eyes showing, but when it wants to, it plunks its body down, hides its eyes, and turns into a creature that looks exactly like an ordinary rock. Capable of jumping quite high.
Poison Slug

The newest arrival to Gnosticus IV, these yellow slugs basically slither around, laying poisonous puddles of nasty-smelling slime behind them. Their original home planet is called Slugaria, but were recently abducted by the Shikadi and deposited on this new planet.

No info available.

The Gnostican equivalent to a pesky mosquito, these little insects are everywhere.

No info available.

A lime green creature with two forms. In its normal form, it's a small worm that quickly slithers along the ground, almost too small for the naked eye to see. But when it needs to, it will increase its body size by 100 times, acquiring razor-sharp teeth and acute eyesight.