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A TASTE OF SERENDEPITY........................................................................


      Robyn Brown                       


Robyn was born in Wellington, New Zealand in 1970. She was al all-rounder through her schooling years. In her sixth form year she had obtained prerequisite entry levels into tertiary education and started 3 years of study to obtain her National Certificate in Business Studies (NCB) in 1990. During this time she embarked on an amateur athletics career, moving to Auckland to train with national and international athletes and to be trained by the top New Zealand coaches. 

Robyn achieved national recognition in long jump, triple jump and the 100m.  She also competed at international level and trialled for the 1990 Commonwealth Games, but missed the qualifying distance. By this time Robyn had started her career as a sales representative and decided to pursue business advancement in lew of training full time to maintain an athletics career.

In 1994 Robyn was contracted to Sydney for 1 year as a sales executive and due to her success in the role secured her place working in Sydney, being offered employment with #m in 1997. It was here that she was promoted to a National Product Specialist and Marketing role for a $5 million division. In that time she worked closely with 3M's head office in Minnesota and secured one of #m's Top 6 Global Partners, McDonalds in Australia.

Robyn has spent the majority of her working career in sales oriented roles. Her career has encapsulated a wide number of industries including, electrical wholesale, government supply, food service, and healthcare. During the last decade Robyn has conducted business within a variety of enterprises ranging from small businesses  through multi-nationals, dealing with cleaners through to CEO's.

A significant personal trauma in 1995, when she fractured her neck, altered the direction of her life was taking. A series of non-tangible events lead her up to seek answers to questions "out side of the square" The fragility of life took on a whole new meaning, particularly when in hospital unsure of whether she would be paralysed or even live.

Robyn still succeeded in businesses, while beginning experiential learning at a self-development level. The more involved at the higher end of the business spectrum the greater her feeling that we were living in a world of unnecessary stresses and des-ease, caused by societal views of success, rather than quality of life. Robyn began studying Metaphysics, which lead to Parapsychology, then Spiritual Healing to discover her own balance. It was through this stage that she truly appreciated the synchronicity of life and how capable we all are of achieving far more than we currently believe. Robyn had a desire to assist those who hadn't found their own answer yet-as to what their life path was about-but were wanting to do so. Serendipity for Robyn was a way of facilitating this.
Robyn developed a real taste to create her own business, which embraces elements of business that she agrees with, while dispelling those she doesn't. Hence the conception of A Taste of Serendipity, A Taste of Serendipity is about living in the moment, about embracing the moment, and about enjoying the money. About rediscovering applying ancient healing practices into our every day life to compliment modern living. About obtaining and maintaining your own balance to create the attitude to manifest your heart's true desires. To enjoy "life's happy accidents": and allow ourselves to expand our awareness of self to extend into a far more balanced holistic approach to living.

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