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Yep, sorry about the layout. This was the fastest way for me to get everything up. Mean Maelona and Chrystian, the happy couple. Congrads you two.


Gavyn, the first of my favorite bitches.

Trajan, the second of my favorite bitches.

Poshly makeing me look about Dwarf hight. Heh.

GM Rottcloar

It is I!

Me taking a picture of Caeila taking a picture of me. That's Dseth in the back and GM Rodrego caught between us.

Trajan obviously telling me something highly important.

GM Jaedran

Taleek about to be attacked by a pair of boobs.

Chrystian about to yell at me.

Trajan and Paschein

GM Rinae and Gavyn

Taleek and I.

Taleek and I once again.

GM Sashera and I.