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(above is a picture of the band at Jays house. Before we left for the show. July 7th)

  • July-18th: yo yo. I got in this morning at 3:30 from Massachuetes(or however you spell it).The show was alot of fun. I will have some pictures of it up real soon. A band called the flaming tsunamis played, man, they were awesome, a buncha high school kids, but they could rock. The kids in MASS. were really cool. If your from MASS. gimmie a screen name is Nofx1229.

    • July-9th-01: Hey, i just got in from buffalo this mornging at 2. Our show wasnt the best, but it was alot of fun. We tried getting into canada, but it didnt work. Long story, if u want it, email me. anyway, theres some pictures. So check em out.

    • May 28th-01: Thanks for everyone who came to the show on saturday @ sam goody, there was a great turnout, we played pretty good and had a lot of fun. Make sure to come to the june 9th show at Ground Zero in Bellmore. We're playing with some good friends, The Schematics and Whats Your Problem Brian