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BP Bio

Left: Fred Mascherino - Guitar, Vocals

Middle: Clint Stelfox - Bass Guitar, Piano

Right: Will Noon - Drums, Backing Vocals

Breaking Pangaea, everyones favorite Philly rock trio, played it's first show in January of 2000, opening for Silent Majority and The Movielife. At the age of 18, William Noon (the first!) moved from Long Island, NY, for the lights and glitter of Philidelphia to attend school and pursue music. Will had previous experience with the band Long Distance Runner back in NY. At a show in a crowded basement, Will met a member of a band called Brody. That member was Fred Mascherino. Will, wanting to start a band, contacted Fred and it was on, but nothing happened until Fred brought in friend Clint Stelfox on bass and the supercontinent known as Breaking Pangaea was formed. After a few months of rehersals and local shows, they recorded their freshman effort, "Take Apart The Words," in September of 2000 on Undecided Records. They toured and promoted the EP for a year before going back into the studio to record they're full length debut, "Cannon To A Whipser," again on Undecided Records. Cannon... was recorded at Phase Studios in College Park, Maryland, with Mike Fanuelle at the helms. The release has been promoted in magazines and such and made it to #23 on the College Music Chart. What will the future hole for this mighty trio? An opening slot for Def Leppard? Only time will tell....

Individual bio pictures by Matthew William Rubin. To see more,Click Here!