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Trebuchet for Windows


Click here to download Trebuchet for Windows Installer.


    Trebuchet for Windows is a special program that calculates the distance a trebuchet will throw based on its counterweight, length of arm, etc.

    This is the installer made for Trebuchet for windows.  Comes with an uninstaller.

Click here to download Trebuchet for Windows

    The download is a .zip file.  In order to open it you will need WinZip installed on your computer.  You can download a free trial version of WinZip by clicking  here.


  1. Application

  2. Application Extension

  3. Installation Instruction HTML file          (click this link after you have downloaded the previous two for instructions)


    If you can't download WinZip and don't understand how to open the files click all of the three links below and save the first two on your computer.  Then click the last link where you will be redirected to another web page where it will tell you how to install this program.