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Welcome to my Traffic Signals Page!

Traffic Signal Links!

The traffic Signal Museum
Lights To Go!
George Francis' Traffic Lights
Ebay search for -Traffic Signal -
Bortie's traffic lights
Steve's Traffic light Site
Signal Collecting @WVLightning
Mike's Traffic Light Page!
NJ signals
Club Traffic Light
The traffic signal Illustrator! ( run by a different Sean)
The Traffic Signal Control Project
City of Sierra Vista Arizona Traffic Signal Info
Jared's Traffic Light Page!
Marian's Traffic Signals!
Iansignal's Lights
The Old Signalshop
The SignalFan Club
The Scale Products Company (Scale Traffic and Train Signals!)
Alberta Traffic Signal Animations
Horizon Signal Technologies

Justin Thomas Memorial Page.

Click on the IC to go to my schematics page! Click on the Traffic Signal Animation to go to my gallery of signals and signal parts! Click on the link to go to my page: "When bad things happen to traffic signals!" Click HERE to go to "The history of traffic signals!" Click HERE to read about my interest in traffic signals, and how it started. Click HERE to see a collection of interesting Traffic Signal Set-ups!
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