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xpkGUI 0.30

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UpdateThe xpkGUI link has been updated. Happy downloading!

This is the xpkGUI 0.30 Guide section of the site. It contains the xpkGUI0.30 guide for beginners. Download xpkGUI0.30 from here.

 Guide to xpkGUI 0.30 for beginners by TGK

First, download it, and put it in your RAW folder (Default C:/Program Files/THQ/WWE RAW). This step is not necessary,but it keeps the files manageble.

Now, you have a mod. How do you get it to work? Read on to find out...

Mods, such as trons, music and intro names do not need xpkGUI. They can simply be copied in place of the file you want to replace  (suppose you got Kane's new intro, "Slow Chemical" in wave (.wav extension) format, you just rename the file with the corresponding filename in the Sound/BGM folder (here the filename will be mu_kane). If needed, better still cut the original file and paste it in another location for backup.

That does it for trons, but for new Wrestlers, Rings & CAW  Mods, you need xpkGUI.

To start, Double click the xpkGUI. This screen is then displayed-

 But before starting modding, I would recommend that you backup all of your files that you want to replace. Though it will take up some space, it is better you do so, for if you ever make a mistake, you have the original files. You can replace the damaged file with the original. Just create a new folder in which you want to keep the files, then use the 'Export all files' option to get them there.

Now, you have a file, which you want to mod. Basically, you'll be replacing another file. So, you have to look for the file you want to replace. Almost all of the time, all the files have the same filename as the one you have to replace, so that is an easy job. Most mods come with 'Readme's which tell you the location of the file.

For this example, we will use the file 'C000_TEX02.DDS'

So first, we click the " " button situated on the bottom right side.

Here, we will get the following box. It is similar to the 'Open' box of the many other programs we have been using like paint and MS-Office products. Just browse to the mod file (the new file, which you want to put in your game) and select open.

Now, you select the location where the original file is located. Firstly, select the xpk file. There are seven files. But since the mod file has DDS extension, it must be in the TEX file. Most of the mods' readmes say where each file is located, but in case it is not, it is upto you to find out where it belongs. Anyway, here we know that it is in the TEX file. So we select the file from the drop down, and click on "load".

After it has loaded, we select the "C000" folder. There,the contents of the folder "C000" are displayed in the Right-window (files) as shown below-

Now we select the file we have to replace (as shown above), click import selected, and if the filesize is correct, our work is completed.

I have tried to make the guide as simple as possible, however, if you seem to have a problem, put up a message in the message board, and I'll try to help you. Registration is required and can be done free of  charge at the board.

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