Radio Control

RadioCtl controls selected ICOM, KENWOOD, AOR, BEARCAT and RADIOSHACK radios from your Computer.

All versions are full featured (NOT crippled) and can run even if a radio is not attached.

Current radios supported:
ICOM (most models)
KENWOOD (most models including TH-F6A)
BEARCAT 895xlt/245xlt
OPTO equipped RadioShack Radios

The price for registration of the software is $25.00 (US).

Contact the author Lydia Rosa via e-mail for problems and suggestions.

* Full package download *
RADWIN92.ZIP RadioCtl for Windows 95/98/NT/2000. Version 0.92 updated 07/02/02

* Manual Install Package *
RADMAN92.ZIP RadioCtl manual install package. Version 0.92 updated 07/02/02

* Beta update *
RADBETA.ZIP RadioCtl beta update. Must install full package first.

Information/special notices on current release(s)

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