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ACCUSED of SHOOTING a SHOTGUN with a SCOPE at this PUNK KID, by a CORRUPT COP "Tpr Matthew Sweet"

STOP and STARE, his personality disorder
A family of personality disorders, always stop and stare at people

These two always stop what they are doing and stare, a disgusting bad habit taught to them by their parents that do the same thing. These scum people make no effort to mind their own business.

Every day, a disgusting garbage fire, and THEY KNOW that their smoke goes toward me


These pricks burn all their garbage, food, plastic, whatever and every day. Notice the black smoke, paper doesn't do that, notice the shoe in the fire. I reported them to DEP and after that these scumbags have constantly harassed me, and this punk Jacob June wants to be the hero to his family by doing the most disgusting things to me that he can think of.

After I took a plea deal for REFUSING TO BE SUBSERVIENT TO DISRESPECTFUL PRICKS, I filed a complaint against trooper Sweet with internal affairs. I also bought a video security system from Harbor Freight and installed it, because if I had to do community service, my neighbors would know it, and they'd be hanging around my house. Only 10 days later, I was outside cleaning up branches, cut the grass, and sawed up a big tree, and when I went to the mailbox to get my mail, a trooper Edwards comes up behind me. I asked him "what's this all about", he says "what happened here today?" I said "nothing, what are you talking about", he says "what happened here between you and Jacob June", I said "nothing, I don't have anything to do with those people". He goes on to to tell me that Jacob June was accusing me of riding my ATV with a gun, on his property. I told him that I wouldn't ride my ATV on their property when mine is nice and clean and theirs is a pig sty and there is no way in anyway. He asked if I heard any shooting and I said there are shots all the time in the country. I figured what he's getting at, ATV on hs property, gun, and shots fired, so I started bitching at him saying that tpr Sweet has something to do with this setup. He gets mad and says "I'm not going to stand here and listen to this", and he puts his hand on his gun. I said "listen to what", as I looked around to see if there were any witnesses. He says "I not going to stand here and listen to you bad mouth the people I work with." I told him that I was cleaning up all day and I'd show him, so he starts following me back to my house. On the way back, I show him the highway cone on my survey stake and tell him that this punk kid threw the cone into my road and tried to pull the stake, about 4 months before. He decides to not follow me back and goes over to June's house. 45 minutes later, he has the punk fill out a victim/witness statement, and the punk uses the cone as the place I was allegedly standing when I had this make believe shotgun.


October 8, the next day, I get a call at 6:00AM telling me that I have to come outside, that I'm being arrested again by Tpr Sweet. I thought Sweet had a bunch of his corrupt cops to beat the hell out of me, that they wanted to do this in the dark. I stayed inside until I sent out emails to my brother and my attorney. When I went outside I was taken down by 18 cops. I heard one in the background say "Trooper Sweet wasn't driving your truck". When I heard that, I knew this was payback for filing a complaint with internal affairs against him. It was 2 SERT teams plus 6 cops. Trooper Sweet had a "failed gunshot residue test" planned for me and they took me to the police station to do that. Judge McRae set my bail at $200K with a detainer, meaning even if I paid my bail, I can't leave the prison. I made the mistake of using the same attorney that I had the first time, turns out that he is good friends with Tpr Sweet. He comes to the prison and asks me what my defense is this time. I told him that If I shot a shotgun "head on" at him, he would have been hit, also if he had his motorcycle running and a helmet on, he wouldn't be able to hear shot BB's hit the ground. October 12, we go to the preliminary trial, when the punk gets up to testify, now he's saying that I didn't shoot right at him but off to the side, now his bike isn't running, and instead of "hearing" the shot land, he "saw" leaves scatter. I could see that he was making things up as he went along, so I had my attorney ask him if there was a scope on this shotgun, and when he did, the kid said yes. The Kid had changed 11 things in his testimony from what was in the police report and probable cause, plus he added a scope which was ridiculous, they do not make hardware to mount a scope on a shotgun. I was expecting to go home because of all the inconsistancies. But when my attorney does his closing arguement, he says "when my client fired the gun, he didn't shoot right at the kid", trying to get a felony aggrivated assault dropped. I later asked him "what the hell", he says "don't worry, it's just strategy". Yeah, strategy, strategy to force a trial so he can make lots of money. When the DA asked Sweet if he got the clothes that I was wearing, he says "No we did not, I believe we got them in a previous search". That was a ridiculous statement, and I wrote it down to use against him as incompetance. Also my attorney asked Sweet if the results came back from the labs yet, and he says "no, that's the labs". I was expecting to go home. But now to go back to prison for another 474 days.

Roger McRae does my arraignment and violates the PA constitution by approving a crime with no evidence except the accusation and setting my bail at $200K for a crime that there is no evidence of happening


Miele destroys my vidoes
What the video should look like
WILLIAM MIELE gets his computer expert to convert these videos which are .264 and some viewers need a CODEC to view them. I believe he intentionally fucked these up so I wouldn't have any evidence of the truth.

I told my attorney that I had this security camera system, and I think I might have set off a Polish cannon that I keep on the porch to scare the deer out of my garden. He had to get into my house before it was written over with new videos. He couldn't find the disk, so I told him to buy a new one if he had to just to get the disk. But NO, the guy he hired got a free junk program from the internet that just didn't do a good job of converting the videos to be viewable on a computer. Miele tells me that I have nothing. I suspected the punk heard the Polish cannon and made up his lie from that. It's obvious that Tpr Sweet had told this family to listen for gunshots coming from my house, since I can no longer own any guns. It was a setup.

I HAD to SHARE A CELL WITH this BIPOLAR NUT who BROKE A COUPLE OF MY RIBS BECAUSE I LAUGHED WHEN SOMEONE WAS MAKING FUN of HIM And don't think I can sue for that, people think you deserve the punishment that other inmates dish out



The original time was written as being 1445, but the following day, Tpr Sweet spotted my security cameras and knew that I would have videos for an alibi, so he has Jacob June change his times to either 3:00PM or 3:15PM and of course they say around that time just to get away with any time they wish. All of Tpr Sweet's arrests, everything is around that time, that location, in that direction, near, close, approximate, that area, nothing is exact with his corrupt arrests.

FROM MY SECURITY CAMERA#1--SHOWS ME SETTING OFF A POLISH CANNON AT 14:49:33, which is 4 minutes 33 seconds after the SAID TIME
Actual Polish cannon crime

I believe this punk called the police and actually told them that I fired a gun from my house through 940' of woods at him. And I also that since I pissed off Tpr Edwards by bad mouthing his boyfriend, Tpr Sweet, that he started telling the punk what to change in his story, "pretending that he saw me raise a shotgun and shoot at him". When a trooper hands a person a witness/victim form, they tell them to write down everything they saw, the kid did not write that he heard shot land, it was the idea of Tpr Sweet.

Sweet points to camera

DA Erik Linhardt gets the judge to order me "not to go home", because the cops know I would have videos, "in my favor".

This is the punk's statement---He stated that I stood at the EDGE OF MY LAND

Also, Tpr Edwards indicated in his report that I showed him the cone and told him the kid was messing with it and it HAPPENED TO BE THE AREA WHERE I ALLEGEDLY STOOD
At the Preliminary trial, Tpr Sweet says that Jacob June alleges that I stood where he believes that Tpr Edwards marked it. The ribbon in the tree was put there a couple months prior by CGG Veritas, a gas exploration company, this area was marked for a sensor to be stuck in the ground.

On the satellite view, you can see where I fired a Polish cannon, and 940' away is where Jacob June was with his bike. You cannot see through the woods or through his shed.

What is a Polish Cannon==

My attorney George Lepley Jr. did not present any of my evidence to the court. He spent all of 10 minutes of asking me about my case just a couple days before. He researched nothing and wouldn't make an effort to get things such as: Jacob June's diciplinary record from school, after all he was kicked out of public school after the 8th grade. WHY?

Tpr Sweet takes pictures of the INSIDE of my house to be used against me in court, violating Pa.R.E.#403

Tpr Sweet and his goons search my house for anything they can try and use against me on future corrupt arrests. He takes pictures of my poor housekeeping skills and uses them against me in court. WHAT DOES THE APPEARANCE OF THE INSIDE OF MY HOUSE HAVE TO DO WITH THIS? They show these pictures to the pretentious, prissy, rich bastards in the jury to try and get a guilty for being a slob. I'm a retired electronics technician and my house is full of electronic junk, because it is my hobby. I tried to get my attorney George Lepley Jr. to stop it and he wouldn't. It violated RULES OF EVIDENCE #403, if its probative value is substantially outweighed by a danger of one or more of the following: unfair prejudice, confusing the issues, misleading the jury, undue delay, wasting time, or needlessly presenting cumulative evidence.

I go to a bail reduction hearing JAN 2012, and DA Erik Linhardt tries to keep my bail at $200K and tells the Judge that my neighbors all fear me and I shouldn't be allowed to return to MY OWN HOUSE !

This corrupt prick did this to keep me from returning to my house because he was informed by Tpr Sweet that I had security cameras and would have evidence to support my actions

Judge Anderson reduces my bail to $100K and orders me not to go near the township where I live and will have to get an ankle monitor

Judge Dudley Anderson went along with Linhardt's request and does what Linhardt wants. The ankle monitor crap makes the county lots of money, another reason, make me spend more money !

My Attorney wants to play their game instead of researching their CORRUPT GSR test

Neither attorney that I had would research this corrupt test that Tpr Sweet did just so he could taint it, so I would get life in prison. The test procedure states that it shouldn't be done after 4 hours, that the results would be not reliable. They did this test on me 18 HOURS AFTER I was accused of firing a gun.

Other states FOLLOW TEST PROCEDURES but PA doesn't -- this from Texas(Department of Public Safety)

Pennsylvania's CORRUPT STATE POLICE like to take advantage of technology to SCREW OVER people they don't like. It's like if they went to a murder scene and want to blame someone that they don't like, they can just say "we found a molecule of his skin at the crime scene", with no proof, and this person gets life in prison or the death penalty because of a lie of a corrupt cop. People in this country need to get a life, put down that remote and quit watching cop shows on TV. The US government gives Hollywood lots of taxpayer money to keep these shows going to brainwash the poeple into thinking that cops are good and perfect. But the truth is that we have become a POLICE STATE.

The University of Utah states that RIFLES and SHOTGUNS may not leave residue

And to finally PROVE that Tpr SWEET TAINTED THIS GUNSHOT RESIDUE TEST is to show that I washed my hands, by washing a grass bag in TIDE(detergent) at least 6 times after the alleged shooting. Gunshot easily washes off and in that 18 hours I would also have washed my hands at least 6 times after going to the bathroom, took a shower, and washed the dishes.



After 249 days in prison, I finally get my jury selection and there appears that I might have a trial. During picking jurors a couple wanted to know how I'm being accused of firing a gun when there is no physical evidence at all. The commonwealth dismissed them. It didn't look good for the commonwealth with this selection, so they put in a continuance, claiming unavailable Tpr Benedict, who did the corrupt Gunshot Residue test. The court knew that they couldn't afford to lose this corrupt arrest and trial, because I'd be suing the state police afterwards, for false arrest and imprisonment.

ILLEGAL CONTINUANCE---it's for 13.5 months--a Lycoming county trick to try and FORCE a PLEA DEAL

I spent enough time in prison to see that they force you to stay longer terms in prison waiting for a trial if you don't except their offer on a plea deal. This continuance was illegal and signed by Judge Butts. You can see that the same person wrote both the dates, it was not a mistake, it was to force a plea.

My attorney, William Miele, wanted me to pay him another $10K, making it $15K to finish the trial. He wanted to hire a retired cop to say that I must have gotten Gunshot Residue from something else. I didn't want anything to do with these tight knit group of corrupt scumbags. They all stick together no matter how corrupt an arrest is. Also my attorney says to me that he is not going to say anything that will make the cops look bad. I had the fact that Tpr Sweet claiming the gunshot residue test was AT THE LABS, when he hadn't even sent it in for another 12 days, and I wanted the court to be aware of that. Also why would this residue be on the palms of my hands and not the backs. If the residue doesn't get on the backs, how could it ever be on the gun? And then my attorney makes a smart remark "just because you hid your gun well, doesn't make you innocent". That pissed me off, now I know why he said I had a gun at the preliminary, I FIRED the ASSHOLE ! He should have done some research on this gunshot residue test, found out why the punk was kicked out of public school, and looked into the childish things that the corrupt cops had against me.

I wrote to 5 more lawyers, and mentioned that my case is mostly about corrupt state police and not of me allegedly firing a gun. I got no responses, no lawyer in this town wanted to say anything to make cops look bad. So I wrote to George Lepley Jr. and left out the part that he would have to go against the cops, he agreed to take my case. But when the trial came, he tells me in the courtroom that he's not going to say anything to make the cops look bad.

The first thing Lepley did is put in for a continuance that lasted 7 months. I don't know why, he did nothing to research my case. In fact, he came to the prison and spent almost 10 minutes asking me things. When the trial got going, he knew nothing about the corrupt gunshot residue test, nothing about pictures that corrupt Tpr Sweet was alleging that were buckshot marks on a shed, and he had these pictures for 7 months. He was supposed to show me any evidence that the commonwealth was planning to use against me long before the trial and he didn't. $7500 and he's not going to say anything to make the cops look bad, all 5 of them!

My CORRUPT TRIAL---- Judge Dudley Anderson

My trial starts and Lepley starts pointing out the lies that Jacob June has told at the preliminary trial and has now changed things once again. Example: Jacob June said at the preliminary trial that I shot at him and he watched me go back to my house and then WALKED into his house and told his mom----now he says I shot at him and he was SHAKING and RAN into his house and told his mom. But after this got going, I could see that this was to send the message to the COMMONWEALTH that he could win this trial if he wanted to, so he is demanding more of a pay off to throw this trial. It wasn't long before he was working against me.

Tpr Sweet flags rub marks on June's shed and insists they are marks made by buckshot.

See if you can see the rest of the rub that didn't take the paint off.

You have to be a really stupid person to look at these pictures and think these marks were caused by buckshot. They are obviously rub marks from something leaning against it. Buckshot is .30 caliber balls and would dig into the wood, not just chip paint. Also look beneath the chipped spot, you can see continued rubbing on the paint. Then he makes a remark that if it wasn't caused by buckshot, then it was caused by the previous incident, meaning that I fired a .44 magnum a half mile away through woods and hit this shed. For a cop to try and give a person life in prison on a scam like this, he belongs in a Federal pen himself or maybe a cemetary. This is just immoral. This cop is a PIECE OF SHIT !

Tpr Sweet flags this cut in a tree as being hit by buckshot

If you look at the center, you can see that it was cut by a sharp object coming from the right side as the fibers under the bark curve to the left and are cut in the middle. Tpr Sweet claims that it was cut by buckshot(a round ball) coming from the left side. And also it would have come up from the ground only a couple feet from the tree.

They store all this junk next to the shed, and try to say a cut in a tree about a foot off the ground didn't come from moving it.

The immoral DA Aaron Biichle who is the DA for this trial was seen telling the June family what to say when he asks his questions. If these people were going to tell the truth, you don't have to do this. This Jacob June's sister and mother are now being used as witnesses, they did not fill out a witness/victim form at the time of the incident and now a year and a half later, they can say anything they want. Of course they are family and will LIE to to protect their own. The mother originally said she heard nothing and was inside resting. The sister said she heard a bang but saw nothing. But now they both have a different story.

You can see here that the DA gets the sister to lie on the stand---she wasn't even outside.

You can see here that DA Aaron Biichle, corrects mistakes that people make from what was rehearsed. The statements that were planned by the DA must be said, because they are going to go in the Judges Brief to the Superior court if the case is appealed.

The sisters are prissy and almost NEVER LEAVE the PORCH---they consider this as going OUTSIDE

The DA told her just minutes before she got on the stand, what to say and she forgot her lines. She did remember saying that she was really scared and thought someone was shooting at their house. It's obvious that the DA and Tpr Sweet told her to say that. Tpr Edwards originally wrote in his report that the mother didn't hear it inside. Edwards wrote that I was allegedly only 40 yards from the house. Anyone that knows anything about guns will tell you that's ridiculous. A shot fired that close to the house would scare anyone right out of bed. So now we got a shotgun that you can't hear inside a house but Jacob June hears me coming up the road on my ATV, from inside their house. Also a shotgun shooting big balls that won't dig into soft wood siding. Also the sister claims that when she heard the bang it scared her so bad that she ran into the house without looking around first, who does that? They had her say that, because where Jacob June alleges I was standing, her sister should have seen me easily from the porch.


The recommended limit for the Sirchie gunshot residue is 4 hours--but the DA says there is no limit

Why is it that the DA has to lie and cheat to make a conviction? Who elected a scumbag like this? How many other innocent people are in prison because of a prick that can't make a conviction by using FACTS and the TRUTH?

The Commonwealth gets as many state troopers as they can to get on the stand and tell lies about me, and you have to believe them, they would never lie. BULLSHIT !

I told this prick that I never left my property, and look at the transcripts how he turns that around. The picture shows that he obviously works close with Tpr Sweet and will lie for him.

Tpr Dean Benedict gets on the stand and tells how he did his corrupt gunshot residue test 18 hours after, but doesn't mention the 4 hour limit. He did all 4 samples on my right hand and should have done 2 on each hand. He tells the court that he put them in the package and sealed it with the tape. They were lying on the counter with the caps off when I left the room, but you have to believe him, he's a state trooper, they would never lie.

Susan Atwood, the forensics supervisor testified that there was gunshot residue on both palms of my hands, she says just 1 tiny particle on each hand. She also didn't mention the Sirchie test procedure of 4 hours being the maxim for reliability. Never said anything about shotguns and rifles most likely don't leave residue and didn't mention that it washes off easily.

Tpr Edwards gets on the stand and makes a comment regarding that I said Junes property was a pig sty, he wouldn't say that I told him that I wouldn't be riding my ATV on their property because of that. He also testified that he didn't inform me of what I was being accused of when he was talking with me, and that fits into Sweets plan of saying that when I called my brother I hadn't been informed of what I was being accused of. Tpr Edwards and Tpr Sweet sat down together and planned this 2 DAYS AFTER probable cause was written, as they dated their investigation report as being OCTOBER 9, 2010 , but they had the year wrong. Of course Edwards would lie, he was so mad out by the highway when I was bad mouthing Sweet, I thought he was going to shoot me when he grabbed his gun.

Tpr Sweet gets on the stand and tells his lies, says that I wasn't informed of what I was being accused of, claims rub marks on a shed were caused by buckshot, and if not then, then the previous incident,(meaning his other corrupt arrest). And then he has the court show the pictures of the INSIDE OF MY HOUSE to the jurors. And this was to create "Unfair Prejudice" against me.

A display of Tpr Sweet's hatred for me---making fun of a fence that I keep around my frogs to protect them from predators. CLICK HERE



At the preliminary trial, Jacob June was asked what he did after he was shot at first by the DA, then my attorney, and then his newest lie at the trial.

Asked by the DA
Asked by Defense counsel
And now 3 more
Jacob June was asked how far away that he alleges I was standing
Jacob June was asked if he saw a SCOPE on this shotgun
Jacob June was asked how far away did he see leaves scatter

Jacob June's new lies at the TRIAL

When he doesn't want to get caught lying he just says "I can't remember". An obvious trick taught to him by Tpr Sweet.

I had a list of 12 lies that Jacob June told at the preliminary trial, and when he went to the trial, he added 6 more, my attorney wouldn't listen to me, kept telling me to shut up and he even shoved me when I tried to tell him something. He just didn't want anyone to see that he went to the trial un-prepared. I lost the trial and was found guilty of recklessly endangering another person, simple assault, and the judge takes it on his own to find me guilty of DISORDERLY CONDUCT (in a public place) which my appeals attorney says is a NO NO. The judge sentenced me to 6-24 months time served, 24 months probation, 50 hours community service, and $100 for the disorderly conduct, he also ordered that I get a mental health evaluation. When I went to that, this guy says that I shot at kids on ATV's. I told him that it wasn't kids, they were 35 and 36 years old and knew better, kids would have stopped when I ran out in front of them. Then he starts asking me about women, and I told him I wasn't married and didn't plan on ever getting married and I'm not looking for a relationship at 62 years old. He says to me "I'm recommending that you are a danger to society because you intend to remain a loner, and he writes it down and sends me to my PO. Every day when I turn the scanner on, I hear either ambulance or police calls and someone is referred to as being a "mental patient", now I know where that comes from. Somewhere it is now written, that I'm a mental patient. My next heart attack, the ambulance call will refer to me as being a "mental patient". That all fits in Tpr Sweet's plan, the jealousy because I never got married, had any kids and saved my money so I could retire when I was 44. And don't forget----I DON'T HAVE A WOMAN FORCING ME TO CLEAN THE HOUSE !!!


I tried to appeal this case with no luck, just another waste of another $7500. My attorney fees adds up to $23640, my fines add up to $10620, and the damage to my house when all the pipes froze, broke pipes, fixtures and heating system with cast iron radiators, about $25000. I lose all my guns, knives and reloading equipment, about $3000. So I lose $62260 of my life savings that I needed for my retirement, plus the 482 days I did in prison. All this because of scumbag neighbors want to mess up a small piece of land that I treasured and kept looking nice. And the shrink that did my mental evaluation first asks me "can't you accept the fact that you lost, and now you have to pay"?NO, I CAN NOT !