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Hybrid Stereo Adapter

Add an MP3/CD player to the Prius!

What it does

It provides a microcontroller to connect a Jensen MP3510 or Jensen MP3310 CD/MP3 player to the Toyota Prius' audio system. (It also works with the Jensen MP5010 CD/MP3 player) This gives you the ability to play audio CDs or CDRs/CDRWs containing MP3 files in your car. This can give you access to over 200 songs (more than 10 hours) on a single disc that's available at your fingertips! The original Prius stereo continues to provide the same radio and tape functions exactly as it always has. The Jensen stereo is controlled by the dashboard buttons as well as the touch screen. The audio signal is sent through the Prius stereo so it uses the existing speakers. Read about how to operate the controls.

How much is it?

You can now buy the complete system, including a Jensen MP3510 with the Hybrid Stereo Adapter for only $315 plus $14 shipping and handling. This comes with everything you need to start playing MP3 discs in your Prius now. The Adapter comes pre-wired to the Jensen harness so there is no soldering required -- the installation is easier than ever! The same kit with a Jensen MP3310 is only $305 plus $14 shipping. The MP3310 does not come with a hand-held remote, does not have a detachable face, its auxilary stereo input uses RCA jacks on the rear of the unit, and has a silver color with red display; otherwise it has the same great CD/MP3 functionality.  Maryland residents add 5% sales tax. I can ship to foreign destinations, but the shipping charge varies with destination; please e-mail me before ordering outside the continental United States.

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Jensen MP3510 with Hybrid Adapter

Jensen MP3310 with Hybrid Adapter
Unless you specify VHS tape, you'll get a Video CD-R for your installation video (most DVD players play VCD).IN STOCK NOW!

Still have questions? Check out the FAQ or see the technical information page. See a storyboard of how to install it.

For other shipping or payment options or questions about the product, e-mail me:
Here is some more information about me.

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