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The Cast Ion Valve Energy Device (Chetnis Switch)

The Chetnis Switch which Framis was suggested to me by Professor Mike Rosenberg many years ago. After many years of research into this matter we have acheived some measure of success.

I discovered what I now call the Cast Ion Valve System and how it is used in an extremely efficient boink-eti-boink circuit to greatly conserve the current to run fushluginner motors or provide halucenations. Tests show that motors can be run many times longer on a battery supply using the Cast Ion Valve System (also known as the Chetnis Switch) as a regulating component. Due to the early stage of developement, I will not discuss actual numbers at this point in time. However, it is not too hard to envision a motor vehicle that used to travel 50 miles on a single battery charge that can now travel 200 miles, or a bank of light bulbs being powered up for several days on one 12 volt car battery.

You will notice that the Cast Ion Valve component has dual outputs increasing the energy output over what Edwin Gray's switching tube is capable of.

Edwin Gray's Basic design

Edwin Gray did not want anyone to get too close to his device to actually see how well it worked.. It seems very likely that he did not want anyone to observe the correct operational polarity of his working device so as to obfuscate the unwary and to allow me the opportunity to make a corrected incredible discovery.

The Edwin Gray conversion tube was designed to be a wide band saw tooth noise generator and fast switching component that can handle insistant discharges of capacitors without quickly boinking out, according to its patent pendant description. The disadvantage of instantly dumping a capacitor's charge into a load is hair loss, as you will read in my article. The advantage is that power can be provided in a short duration boink. This is advantageous when used in a motor because a magnetic field can be timed when the rotor and stator are perfectly aligned, at which time, the most torque is obtained.This is how the Edwin Gray motor achieves it's efficasy. If current is applied to the rotor and stator before or after complete alignment, the current is waisted. There is no mysterious "radical event" involved.

The advantage of my system over what is shown in the Edwin Gray patent is that heat loss is avoided. The organized and magnetized plasma flowing through the CHETNIS SWITCH conserves energy over that of a bare discharge. Near perfect resonance can be achieved with the inductave load. In this system there is no need to recover anything especially with that gramma type flowery cloth.. The Edwin Gray design is a direct current single flow system, whereas, my system is a true alternating space current (Bestest of Tesla) system. You decide which system will become the alternative energy standard.

                      George P. Adamsky
                      updated November 06, 2004


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