vic feedle (son of holla holla)

hands-free celly (ghetto fab variety) former “Net head” of the group. used to run a segment called HEADZ UP! (which may or may not make an appearance in BOTH SIDES) its start was more dance music-oriented, but soon changed its focus to cool Web sites. also responsible for some of the most memorable opening rants in ON THE VERGE.

other aliases include: umar hassan-CHOP! and negrocles.

favorite phrase: “nice kiss your momma with that mouth?”

three essential ingredients in life: pimp rag, tootsie pop, and a cane.

insect alter ego: "praying mantis, motherf**ker, what else?"

self-description: “the missing link. the father of the coyote spotted in central park a few years back. an honorary Analog Brother and the illegitimate son of Pretty Tony. human shrink wrap. head judge of the Lisa Nicole Carson Look-Alike Contest. a student of Black Elvis and Screaming Jay Hawkins. CEO of Just Buggin’ Enterprises.”

bold, brash, and brilliant, he models himself after Kool Keith and the left rev. mc d., a.k.a. Eugene McDaniels (check the sampling credits on Beastie Boys’ “Get It Together”). kid lives in a cardboard box for all i know – every time i see him, he’s always on his way somewhere. and we never make plans to meet, but always end up meeting someplace. i guess that’s the way it’s meant to work.

and what, pray tell, was vic’s life-long mission back in 1999?

“ find the original Page Three photo prints of DJ Rap. i don’t know who’d have them, though. that’s half of the reason i got on the ‘Net in the first place. i’ve been squirreling away a nice piece of pocket change for those prints. I WILL PAY TOP DOLLAR. end communication.”

his life mission has changed since then. i certainly hope so, anyway...

NOTE: that guy with the "hands-free" cell phone - that ain't vic. but he got the hook-up, don't he?

vic's rants
2.24.02 - number three
7.5.01 - DAIN-JUH!!!
2.7.01 - when you laugh...
12.6.00 - the good, the bad, and the just plain horrific
2.3.00 - 2000 black

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