steve crognale (scrape-a-delic)

steve.  gotham. three a.m.

insect alter ego: “leafcutter ant”

other aliases include: glitch-o-matic, kid crevice.

self-description: "that black stuff underneath your fingernails."

favorite catch phrase: "buzz buzz in the eardrum..."

steven g. crognale spends his time between Syracuse and NYC. with a guitar strapped firmly on his back, he worships at the altar of Cage and Stockhausen. he is the resident "noise terrorist, indie boy, and static guard," as he puts it. simply put, he specializes in anything that makes your ears bleed. chainsaws running on steel for 20 minutes? yep, he's got that.

i love steven. our conversations about music get downright existential. he's been threatening to put together a mix tape someday. should that day come, you will all be warned in advance...and sent a complimentary pair of earplugs. mr. crognale would also like you to know that he purposely buys CDs that sound like they're skipping just to get on his friends' nerves. when he dies, he wants to be buried with his custom made gold nameplate which reads "syntax error: file not found."

"to escape noise is to deny the backbone and building block of not only music, but of everyday life as we know it. buzz buzz, scrape scrape, repeat." - sgc.

steven was last seen trying to achieve zen in a wall of pink noise.

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