downtempo don (blissbient)

a glimpse into don's soul (we've checked...) self-description: “bystander supreme. the human version of cellophane. a honorary member of The Invisibles. currently starring as Pedestrian #2 in a full-length feature called LIFE.”

insect alter ego: “grasshopper”

for the longest time, don wanted absolutely nothing to do with the information superhighway. didn't know squat about the Internet and would occasionally send me reviews via e-mail through a friend. he does that himself now - one of his New Year's resolutions, i guess. but he still won't conversate through that medium - "too impersonal," he says. so every now and then i'll get a scrawly hand-written letter by snail mail.

needless to say, the boy's a recluse...even more so than i used to be. still, he has the most genuine personality of any human being that i have ever met. originally from Missouri, don represents the truth. and as his "downtempo" moniker might suggest, he is into slower beats - dub, hip-hop, jazz, etc. (although, he hasn't shied away from other rhythms in his reviews for the VERGE.)

i first met him while kicking around Dutchess County a few years back and immediately took him under my wing. while very private, he's not at all defensive. i tend to be rather protective of him when i don't have to be. don's a lovable head with a warm spirit. most of all, he's one of the few people that i know that can make the connection between hearing music and listening to it. well on his way to achieving the title of blissed-out sensei...

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