winchester chris

i'm so bored with the MDMA... insect alter ego: “caterpillar”

self-description: “dreamy-eyed bloke. fish and chips man. former Warp Records stockholder. graduate of the Handsome Boy Modeling School.”

also responds to the name “yummy face.”

and now, for the question that has been on many a VERGE reader’s brain: is winchester chris really british? sarcastic OTV answer: oh yeah, he’s British, all right...about as British as Adrian Brody’s character in Summer of Sam. but, like Ritchie said in the Spike Lee joint, “it’s all in the a’i’tude.” bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, and boyish charm oozing out of every pore, he travels everywhere with Underworld’s Beaucoup Fish on continuous play (he‘s probably forsaken them for Gatecrasher compilations by now). and at one point, he also could be found spouting on about the brilliance that is Warp Records, which used to be his favorite label imprint. he strikes me as a Bedrock or Ministry of Sound man these days, particularly since Twilo got shut down. used to be that if you ever needed to find him, you could check the middle of that NYC superclub’s humid, sweaty dance floor during Sasha and Digweed’s monthly. no one mourned more than him when locks were put on Twilo’s doors.

he called himself a “caterpillar,” but it didn’t take long for chris to spread his wings and do the butterfly. in early 2000, mad man winchester left the humble confines of the VERGE for the “strike a pose” ego boost of the runway. yep, THAT RIGHT BASTARD DONE WENT AND BECAME A MODEL. so if you’re strolling through Times Square and you catch a glimpse of his smarmy mug looking down at you from some billboard, don’t say we didn’t warn you...

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