chloe knuckles (jade blunt)

chloe's rebellious nature started developing early... insect alter ego: "somewhere between an antlion and a yellowjacket..."

biggest musical influences: Riz Maslen (Neotropic), Andrea Parker, and Anne Dudley (The Art of Noise).

other aliases include: mademoiselle WHUP-ASS.

favorite phrase: "estrogen powers, activate!"

second favorite phrase: "no, my first name ain't 'baby,' it's CHLOE. miss knuckles if ya nasty..."

favorite curse: "G.M. Chrysler."

self-description: "the ballbreaker of the group (scrotum scraping will cost extra). warrior and mental (s)hero in a full-length Adidas dress. apprentice to Pam Grier and Michelle Yeoh. puttin' the clamp down on testosterone-fueled nonsense."

chloe's definitely not the one to talk to about the electronic music documentary Modulations - not unless you want a fight on your hands. "how could they NOT talk about women in that film?!? no Riz Maslen or Andrea Parker, no Kemistry & Storm, no Anne Dudley, not even a nod towards DJ Rap. kcuf that - i'm makin' my own film."

i wouldn't put it past her to do so. not like this needs to be said, but for real girl power (that's GRRL power, 'kay?), look no further than chloe. she's been a life-long resident of the Boogie Down Bronx, not too far from my grandmother's crib. due to this fortunate circumstance, chloe's one of the few scribes that i'm in constant contact with.

i figured her for something as nasty as a yellowjacket, but an antlion? WHAT THE HELL'S THAT??? chloe explains: "i remember reading about them in a volume of Charlie Brown's Cyclopedia when i was maybe five or six. it's this weird insect that sets an intricate trap for smaller insects. once it's activated, it kills the captive and sucks the juices out of its body."

YUCK. thankfully, i'm on her good side. in conclusion, chloe signs off with the title of a familiar Renegade Soundwave track: "Women Respond To Bass." what, you didn't know?

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