cali ginseng (femme dimples)

cali takes in the sunset... insect alter ego: "lightning bug (firefly)"

other aliases include: dora - diva ex machina.

description: house hostess. diva (s)extraordinaire. poster girl for the 21st Century. jessica alba's got nothin' on her...

essential phrase: "no, you can't knock the boots, so don't ask."

firefly: an apt self-description. cali certainly possesses an inner glow. she is originally from San Diego ("missin' that dry heat from back home...been considering walking around with bare-chested males with large fans. actually, it would look better if i were carried, wouldn't it?") and is also the youngest scribe on the team. in addition to that, cali is our resident house diva. when she's not talking my ear off about her Body & Soul excursions, she's usually got some deep or discofied 4/4 thumpers blasting through her headphones. still, she doesn't keep herself closed off from other music; cali has tackled a broad array of sounds in her reviews for the VERGE.

and even though she told us not to mention this, we will anyway: ms. ginseng is astonishingly beautiful. she's forever downplaying her looks, but the entire universe seems to fall at her feet regardless.

"can i just tell you how annoying that is? cause i constantly have to keep wondering who's taking me seriously. do guys even make an attempt to look women in the eye when they speak anymore? there are days that i think i am a magnet for anything that grows out of a petri dish."

our strapping young lad winchester chris, however, is far from spore mold. the rest of us conspired to fix those two up during OTV's infancy, but to no avail. CURSES - FOILED AGAIN...

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