The Brotherhood Of The Bomb
Record label: Matador
Format: 2xLP/CD
Release date: 25 September 2001

SCARIEST HIP-HOP RECORD EVER. Ai-ight, it's not just hip-hop, but still…that's as straight as I can put it, son. I don't think I'd want to run into Kevin Martin and Justin Broaderick in a dark alley - if they can do this much damage in the studio, what happens when they start throwing blows? Y'all thought the Bomb Squad was overkill? Think again. TA's beats trudge uphill in molasses laced with arsenic during hailstorm conditions. If you're left standing, it's only because you were smart enough to put on your distortion-protective suit before you left the house. If that weren't enough, Martin and Broaderick bring in the finest forward-thinking MCs out there today: Rubberoom, Anti-Pop Consortium, El-P, Vast Aire, Sonic Sum, Dälek, and Toastie Taylor. At times, it sounds like total conflict between frustrated voices and rhythmic chaos, at other times you know it's a perfect blend. A perfect, cathartic, switched-on television and scalding hot bath blend. Part hip-hop, part industrial, part metal, part noise…it's not a head nodder, it's a HEAD BANGER. STRAIGHT UP ILL.

{vic feedle}

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